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Please Note: We ‘cut & paste’ entire emails – we don’t just choose the good parts!
We will be happy to put you in touch with any of the people who have made these comments

January 2010
In response:
·          The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour
·          Very good, no problems.  Service was efficient and fast.  We were well informed and kept up to date by Alison.
·          The transfers you had.
·          Flights in and out of Oddballs were very good.
·          Your stay at Oddballs Camp 
·          Very good.  Guides and management were extremely helpful.
·          Very good value for money.
·          Only area for improvement was the camping – the tents were not up to standard – all of them were not rainproof.  This needs to be looked at by Oddballs management.
We enjoyed the trip.
Jonathan James

January 2010
Firstly let me say the service we recieved from Michelle was absolutly fantastic!! Michelle was an absolute pleasure to deal with and nothing was too much for her to organise before and during our tour!! I will highly recommend her to anyone wanting to book a tour such as ours and will definitely use her again without hesitation!!
The transfers between Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia were all there ready to meet us – all very friendly and helpful. They were very well organised and made it easy to move from one country to the next – helping us through at all the passport controls.
The Victoria Falls Hotel was an eye-opener – the setting of the hotel is absolutly magnificent – but the hotel itself is in dire need of refurbishment!! The management and staff were fantastic and helpful – They were often short of certain items of food and beverages but this is not a reflection of the hotel , but rather the sad state that Zimbabwe is in We never stayed at the Kingdom Hotel but we did visit it – again a beautiful hotel but almost like a ghost town!! We ate supper at the Spur one night – and they couldnt even serve us burgers as they had no mince!! They also never had lettuce, cheese and most of the beverages we asked for – again just the sad state that Zimbabwe is in.
Ntwala Falcon lodge in Namibia is a fantastic 5 star lodge with beautiful accomodation – this was my third visit to the lodge.  The negatives here were that it is an absolute nightmare to visit during the hot summer months as the generator switches off from 11pm – 6am and it becomes almost impossible to have a decent nights sleep as you are literally in a sauna for the night!!
The management of the lodge were also a big dissapointment and the service we got from them is not befitting a lodge of this calibre!! The food was fantastic and all accolades must go to the chefs in the kitchen as well as Robert (one of the staff members) who was so helpful and was probably the only staff member that really served us well!! (Besides the guides who were great with the tiger fishing excursions!!)

Again – a wonderful trip and a BIG thanks to Michelle for organising.

Viv Metz

January 2010
My apologies! I intended to send you feedback and the time just ran away from me.
Cara dealt with our booking and it was a lovely trip. The transfers to and from the airport went very smoothly and the lady that came to fetch us came back to the hotel on the first afternoon and advised and organised some wonderful activities for us. She was really pleasant. On a whole the tour company were extremely reliable and punctual at all times.
The Elephant Hills must have been magnificent in it’s day….it still is – the reception and public areas/gardens/golf course etc are beautiful but the rooms have become a little run down with faulty air conditioners etc….nothing too serious though.
We had a few amusing experiences that could only take place when in Africa such as; there are never enough towels or loungers at the pool (there were only about 8 all together which seemed a bit strange for such a large hotel). Every day the housekeeping staff do a “linen check” in your room as “guests steal the towels and linen”we were told. Every day towels are removed from the bathrooms to be laundered and then it is a major problem to get them replaced. Our towels were replaced at 22.00 one evening after asking for them since noon. I have written to the management of the hotel and suggested that they adopt the policy that so many hotels in Africa and the Middle East do i.e. because of water shortages only towels left on the floor will be washed.
These were all minor things, however, and did not disrupt a lovely holiday.
We had dinner at a few of the other hotels in the area and I would suggest that for a younger client, the Kingdom Hotel would be perfect as it seemed far busier as it is in the middle of the town. The Elephant Hills is fairly remote (however the guest services arranged transport into town very efficiently) and is obviously suited to golfing groups.
The fussier, more upmarket client should definitely stay at the Victoria Falls Hotel…it is magnificent and we had a wonderful meal there.
As a matter of interest, we were told in your travel tips leaflet that only US dollars are accepted. This is not so, and the hotel, restaurants, tour companies and locals were absolutely desperate for Rands.
My only criticism is that our flight to and from the falls was on an AirLink flight, and, while the flight was uneventful and fairly pleasant, in light of the negative publicity regarding Air Link, we were not thrilled to fly with them.
Otherwise, everything was wonderful.
My thanks to Cara and your company,
Kind Regards
Lynne van den Heuvel

January 2010
We had a fabulous time at Oddballs. We were more than happy with the transfers, accommodation. I think we may have been slightly upgraded but we were not privy to any discussion re this – we just became aware that we seemed to be on a different ‘package’ than others – ie we had to pay for our alcohol and others did not – so we presumed that we had been put in the more ‘upmarket’ lodge?

Our guide was very good, helpful and very competent, food was also very good and there was plenty of it. Overall we had a very enjoyable stay and would not hesitate to either recommend it to others or return again if possible.

Felicity Rorke

January 2010
I was very satisfied by my dealings with Falcon-Safari as evidenced by my unsolicited expression of appreciation sent to Cara on our return to the UK.

SERVICE. Responses to our requests and queries were all timely and useful. Even when Cara was away on business the handover to a colleague was effective.

TRANSFERS. Despite being 3 hours late due to problems at Botswana Air the driver was waiting for us at Kasane [although without a placard as stated in your instructions] and the drivers who drove us in both Botswana and Zim. were friendly, helpful and good, safe drivers. There was a bit of confusion at Chobe Safari Lodge about our departure time to Kasane airport but it was easily resolved.

VICTORIA FALLS HOTEL. The hotel, its setting and the service were excellent. The dinner we had in the Livingstone restaurant was mediocre in terms of the food quality and after all the fuss that was made about dress codes there were lots of people there in jeans T-shirts, trainers etc. which is fine but why have a dress code and then allow it to be ignored?  However overall it was a wonderful experience and the staff are first class.

CHOBE SAFARI LODGE. Again the staff are great and the activities we took were brilliant in particular the ‘private’ river boat trip and the visit to the Namibian village.

If any of our friends are planning a trip to the region we will suggest they contact Falcon-Safari to see what you can offer,

Best Regards,
Robert Taylor

January 2010
I was thinking about writing to Clauda with some feedback. I am gald that you wrote me.

The service during the booking was very good, Claudia has been very efficient, responsive, and precise.

The transfers wild Horizon was excellent during the first two trips, although I have to complain about the last one, from Vic Falls Hotel to Livingstone airport. They came to pick us up at 9.15, and our flight was at 1.30! So we arrived at the airport almost four hours before the departure, everything was closed, and I can assure you that Livingstone airport is not such a great place to spend 4 hours of you holiday, especially if you have just left the most amazing spot in this region: the vic falls! so we would have rather stayed at the Vic Falls hotel for a couple of hours more.

The safari Club was very good, nice environment, nice bar, very clean, and efficient, and very close to the aiport, we enjoyed.

The Garden Lodge I would not reccomend it, but I think I would not reccomend Bostwana for doing a safari in general: far too many people, it is much more built compared for example South Luangwa in Zambia, where if you meet another car you are lucky! Chobe is packed with hotels and lodges, some are enormous, with 100+ guests, and it feels as if you were in a club med….

The Victoria Falls Hotel was above any expectation, wonderful place, amazing food, great landscape, staff very very professional, and just walking distance to the falls! Perfect, we could not have stayed in a better place.

Hope these comments are helpful.

Best wishes
Giulia Greco

January 2010
…thank you! My guests and I had a great time.
All the arrangements, transfers, flights and accommodation were fab.
Having the camp to ourselves and being upgraded to Oddballs Enclave was brilliant!

Game was a big scarce but I guess it is that time of the season when things disperse a little.
The guides were good and we really enjoyed our sleep-out even if it was close to the village with barking dogs.

Have a great year.

Marius Swart 

January 2010
I booked for my parents & their friends.
They tell me that all was very good.
You guys were very helpful during the booking stages.

Tumi Mokhothu

January 2010
Many thanks for your e mail, I would be happy to give to feedback following my trip to Victoria Falls.

Firstly, may I say the service provided by your office, particularly Louise Eksteen was exceptional. All information was clear and very informative and gave me every confidence in using Falcon-Safari to arrange my trip.

The transfers both from arrival at Livingstone to Victoria Falls Hotel and then onto the Vic Falls airport on departure were faultless. All the drivers were  friendly and gave us information about the country we were in, the area and the history. We had quite a wait at the border for the Zambian driver to collect us but the driver from Zimbabwe stayed with us the entire time and kept us entertained.

The Victoria Falls Hotel itself was everything we had hoped for and more. I cannot fault it. The staff were professional and very welcoming, all staff we met during our stay seemed genuinely happy to help. We were given a bottle of wine on arrival and a room with an amazing view, which I believe was due to the trip being our honeymoon. I think Louise must have informed the hotel of this, which I thank her for, it was a lovely gesture and very much appreciated. The food at the hotel was very good and our evening spent in the Livingstone Room was perfect. The staff even made me a birthday cake and sang happy birthday, which was so nice.

The Falls themselves were spectacular and had we had more time we would have definitely tried some of the activities on offer. Unfortunately, on this occasion, the time got away from us but we have already decided we will re-visit Victoria Falls in the future and for a longer period so we can experience a lot more of this beautiful area. I can categorically state I will not hesitate to contact Falcon Safari to arrange our next trip.

Many thanks again to Falcon Safari and Louise for making our trip so special.

Kind Regards
Deborah Parkin

January 2010
I was very satisfied with the level of service I received from in the booking process of my trip. I especially appreciated’s patience during the aggravating process of getting my bank to process my electronic funds transfer correctly–it was truly a nightmare.

There was a bit of a snag on the transfer arrangements when I got back to Jo’burg, but that was arranged by Rovos Rail, not Otherwise, the whole Rovos Rail experience was fabulous! I would not change a thing! I greatly appreciated the drop-off before the next-to-last stop, which gave us a chance to burn off some calories on the 5k walk!

Thank you, and all the best in 2010,
Paula Casillas

January 2010
When we returned from South Africa just before Christmas I promised Mandy I would send her a feed back from our trip to Botswana, and as I have not got around to do so yet, your request, Melissa was very timely.

As to the service we received from your company during the booking period including advice on which camps and areas to visit was – as usual – absolutely fantastic. We couldn’t ask for anybody better than Mandy to take care of everything from A to Z, this year as well as last year.

The transfers, both in Joburg and Botswana went as clockwork all the way.

The Mondior Concorde was fine and for one night, just another hotel. As we arrived at 7 in the morning we had the problem that we could only get the room after 3pm in the afternoon as they claimed they had been full the night before and guests were only checking out at the time we arrived, so they had to clean the rooms etc. After a bit of “discussion” etc. with the front office manager, a room magically appeared within half an hour which we spend anyway having some breakfast – so it worked out.

On the return from Botswana we got in to the hotel in the afternoon and there was no problem at all.

As for the camps, Lagoon and Lebala was our own choice ( we were in Kwando’s Little Kwara and Songwe Village last year ) and Savuti Safari Lodge was Mandy’s recommendation.

In general they were all 3 very good and we were absolutely satisfied with everything. A difference we noticed this year as well as last year, the food in Kwando’s camp – although good and enough – is not quite up to the standard of the other camps we have been staying in. Both POM POM and Muthenje last year and Savuti Safari Lodge this year comes out top as far as the food is concerned. Actually too good, it is difficult not to gain a few kg’s from eating too much and having too little exercise. A Gym in some of those places would be great ! It is not a complaint about Kwando’s camps, just a comparison. It may reflect a little the way the camps are managed, Kwando’s camps are a little more “locally” managed whereas the other camps a bit more “international” in there management.

But we enjoyed all the camps and the guides and trekkers were perfect in all 3. Great guys and very knowledgeable.

Where Lagoon and Lebala came out tops compared to Savuti is the off-road driving during the game drives, compared to the on-road restriction inside the National Park in Savuti. This is very understandable, however the off-road driving gives you a complete different possibility to follow the animals when necessary. We saw that in Lebala where we early one morning was following 3 Cheetahs on an early morning kill of a Wildebeest calf, stayed with them for a good hour and a half, witnessed a Hyena attacking the 3 Cheetahs and take over the meal and finish it, while the Cheetahs were staying around to observe what was happening. It was absolutely amazing and was totally off-road.

A similar experience in Savuti where we were following to female lions on a rather long walk back to where they had left 4 3-week old cubs overnight. We could follow them as long as they walked on the roads or near the roads, which they fortunately did for a long time, but when they got to the cubs that was may be about 100 meters from the road, where we couldn’t follow them. Fortunately there was a young Botswana film-maker, Brad Bestellink staying at the Savuti Safari Lodge and he was extremely nice in radioing our jeep when he found the lions and later, as he had an off-road permit for filming, he sat just next to the lions and their cubs filming them and came out to show us the film immediately after. He also called us with a Leopard with a 9 month old cub where we spend 3 hours just sitting and watching them both on the ground and in a big tree where they had pulled an Impala up the day before.

But without Brad’s help, Savuti would probably have been a bit disappointing in respect of wildlife – may be because of the time of the year. As it turned out, it was fantastic but I guess we were extremely lucky. We were lucky as well with the weather ! We had 18 game drives and on the last we had a light drizzle for about 10 minutes, that was all the rain we had. Most afternoons the rains were around in several places but we were lucky not to get into any of them.

My only – small – complaint is the following. In the information material we received from Mandy, Savuti is highlighted as a location with one of the larger prides of Lions which are regularly killing the elephants. It used to be, granted, but according to the guides that is no longer the case. Probably due to the drying out of the Savuti Channel, the area could no longer support that large group of lions which have split up in a number of much smaller groups, over a much larger area,like the 2 females we saw on their own, and these individual smaller prides are not really powerful enough to hunt the elephants. I had been looking forward to hopefully see that big pride of lions, so it was a bit disappointing to realize they are not there anymore, but as they say……… can’t win them all, right ? But may be you should change that bit of information for future clients.

The good news is though that the water seems to come back into the Savuti Channel after 30 years following last years unusual heavy rainfalls. It used to be around 40 km away from the Savuti Safari Lodge, this year it had come within 4 km from the lodge, so if that will be a permanent change, then the animals will hopefully also start to return ?

Brad Bestellink, I mentioned above, is working for a Durban based film company called Earth-Touch. You should visit their website they are doing some spectacular nature filming from Botswana which should be interesting for your business.

I guess that is a summary of our experiences, we had a great time and not least thanks to Mandy’s ( and her colleagues ? ) help to put together another wonderful arrangement.

Best regards
Susy and Mogens

January 2010
I’m back to Brazil and writing to thank you very much about all arrangements you did on my trip. Everything went absolutely perfect and me and my group were very happy with the tour.

Since Johannesburg, with Natasha, everyone involved was very friendly with me and my group.

The people on Victoria Falls, Edina (the guide) and Calvim (the driver) from Falcon Safaris, were very friendly and professional. They are very good people. Keep them working with you, you will not regret.

Everybody at Muchenje Lodge were fantastic as well. Please, if you contact them, don’t forget to thank again JJ, Presley, Lips and the entire members of the team. They were so nice with us.

Regarding your concern, I am 100% satisfied with the items listed by you. I would like to thank all people involved on planning my tour, they were absolutely fantastic. An special thanks to:

– Patricia, from Falcon-Safari
– Edna and Calvim, from Victoria Falls
– J.J., Presley and Lips, from Muchenje Lodge

As I wrote to Patricia before, it did worth every dollar spent.

I would like to wish you a Merry Xmas (delayed) and a very happy New Year.

Thanks a lot again.
Luiz Certo 

December 2009
Dear Elize,

First of all, apologies for not getting back to you earlier with a feedback on our trip to Botswana. I was simply very busy.

The whole trip was very well organized. All transfers (by air and road) were o.k., in time and with friendly personnel. On our flight with Delta Bush Pilots, Frank was our pilot for 5 out of 6 flights. It felt like seeing a friend again. First half of November was a good time to travel as most of the tourists already left and the wheather was still stable. At the beginning of November, it was hot, so I would not recommend for older people of people with some health issues.

Very nice camp with friendly people. Our 3 night trip by mokoro was wonderful. We saw lots of animals close by (hippos, elephants, zebras, all kind of antelopes). Our guide did a good job in finding the right relation between bushwalks, mokoro trails and time to relax. We ate a lot of fresh fish from the river something I did not expect.

Fly-in Camps: 
We had the same crew in camp 1 and 3 and we were the only guests. For camp 2 (Khwai), we joined another crew which went the other direction and we were together with a Swiss couple (same age as us). The accomodation is basic, but the crew does everything to make it pleasant. In Xaxanka, we saw most animals (big herds). Savute was very dry, so the animals were gone. It was good that there was a shift in the crew mid-term as communication was getting more difficult after a while.

Chobe Lodge: 
The lodge itself is nice, but also quite busy. All activites were o.k., some staff seemed tired, as it was getting towards the end of season.

Thorntree River Lodge in Zambia:
Excellent lodge, good cook and very friendly people. We joined the ‘Lion Encounter’ project next door for a lion walk which was a fabulous experience.

We enjoyed our trip very much. It was an indiviudal experience and this is exactly what we wanted. Thanks for the perfect organization. I will contact you again for our next Africa trip – likely in 2011.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Iris Frings 

December 2009
Susy and I have just returned from yet another wonderful holiday in Botswana and South Africa and I just wanted to let you know that everything went absolutely perfect from the first pick-up in Johannesburg airport until we returned the rental car in Cape Town. In addition to all the rest you had arranged very well I also realised that you had taken care of the weather during the entire holiday. Apart from a 5 min drizzle during our last game drive in Savuti, the weather was perfect and not another drop of rain. Well done.   I shall send you a bit more feet-back at a later date but as we have both our sons back from London for Christmas with wife and girlfriend, respectively the place is a bit busy – and at times noisy – right now. But that is great.   I wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and once again – Thanks for a great arrangement.
With best regards
Susy and Mogens Henningsen

December 2009
The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour. 
Excellent – prompt and efficient
Your stay at Bay Lodge 
Nice place but we thought was over priced especially as no sea view. Good service and rooms but expensive.
Your stay at Ocean Eleven Guesthouse 
Loved the hotel, location, rooms and excellent value
Your stay at Klein Genot 
Fantastic – loved everything
Your stay at Ambassador Hotel 
Excellent location, good rooms, good pool area, excellent food – overall very happy

December 2009
We had a great experience with the process that Louise took in preparing for our Safari trip and we were very satisfied with the hospitality and knowledge from the Kapama River Lodge, which made this a memerable experience of a lifetime!!

I would use Falcon-Safari again if the opportunity arised!!

Ranell Simmons

December 2009
The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour.
Mandy was excellent as usual. The person waiting for us at the airport was very nice and we really felt she did her best for us, also she showed our way to Villa Moringa.

Your stay at Villa Moringa Nice.

Your stay at Wolwedans Dune Lodge Very nice accomodation, food and staff

Your stay at Sossusvlei Desert Lodge Excellent accomodations, food was very good.

Your stay at The Safari Hotel We wouldn’t go back, the room was old-fashioned, the restaurant we had dinner wasn’t nice, was just OK.
Gilda Follietti

December 2009
I willingly give my feedback – in the order of your request:-

·         Excellent – Mandy as ever delivered!
·         It was great to see a face we knew (from Travellers Friend) when we arrived. The transfer to Fed Air was smooth and leaving our extra baggage with them was a masterstroke. The only hiccup on transfers was the flight from Phinda to Tonga; the small ‘plane we were on developed a mechanical problem at Phinda and the other Fed Air ‘plane there could not be refuelled because of the high temperature! The Phinda people reacted immediately and provided an air conditioned vehicle for a road transfer very promptly. It was a long journey but these things can happen – how they are dealt with is the issue, and the action taken was exemplary; particularly as when I came to settle my account at Tonga there was a credit of ZAR820 “from head office”. I didn’t argue!
·         Tonga was a new experience; the accommodation was wonderful and the atmosphere totally relaxing. The only downside (which everyone mentions) is getting there; even without our added problem, it is remote. Kevin and Bev are delightful people and we would return just to see them again. They run Tonga with real TLC.
·         At Rhino Post we had super accommodation and a young but charming Guide – Charl. We saw everything we wanted to including a rhino charge on the vehicle which had Charl apprehensive for a moment, I’m sure. Wouldn’t have missed that for the world. The only problem we had was with dinner; the food was not particularly good and generally cold when it arrived. Oddly brunch and afternoon tea (especially) were fine. I suspect there is a weak chef coupled with a distant kitchen. I discussed this with the management team which partly acknowledged the problem. To be frank, I suspect that compared to the TLC style of management at Tonga, the Rhino Lodge style is more autocratic and it comes through to the guests!  In summary, we would probably look for somewhere else which is a pity because we enjoyed our time there but food is important to us.
·         La Residence – well what can one say? Simply magnificent!
·         The Marine – accommodation excellent but food disappointing.
·         The Vineyard – our fifth time there and they always deliver in their own style. I’m slightly anxious that they are adding another 32 rooms; they will certainly be stretched to provide the same service levels, I expect.

All in all another super vacation and we thank you all for making it so.
Chris Bull

December 2009
We had a great time and my experience with Falcon Safari was smooth and professional.  Regarding the points you mentioned:

– The service from Claudia was great.  She did a good job of determining what I was looking for in terms of budget, experience, etc. and recommending great options.
– The transfers went smoothly.
– The stay at Oddballs Camp was great.  The staff was very friendly and the guides were knowledgeable.  The shared areas of the camp were very nice / relaxing and had amazing views of wildlife.

There are two small negatives I’d note:
– Although our stay at Oddballs was excellent, we were the only guests at the time (out of a capacity of 30+) and therefore, had the whole place to ourselves.  If there were 20 or so people staying there, I don’t think the experience would have been nearly as good as there wouldn’t be as much room to spread out and relax.
– The Oddballs safari is a walking safari and although this was a very nice experience, it would have been good to have some further information around the pros / cons of walking vs. driving safaris.  I think the ideal would be one day of walking and one day of driving.

Hope this helps.
Jake Doty

December 2009
Thank you for your e-mail.

My wife and I had a fantastic time at The Elephant Sanctuary.

Cara handled our reservations at Falcon-Safari and was fantastic. She contacted me when she said she would, pre-arranged my wife’s dietary requirements with the Sanctuary and made the entire process of booking effortless. I will definitely contact Falcon-safari and Cara for our next trip.

The Sanctuary was fantastic. It really is a once in a lifetime experience. The Staff and service are exceptional and many others could learn a thing or two from them. I truly cannot fault a thing. We were treated like royalty and had staff attending to our every need, always with a smile and respectful politeness.

I would certainly recommend Falcon-Safari as a holiday planner and The Elephant Sanctuary as a place to visit.

Kind regards
Craig Richardson

December 2009
Thankyou for organising the trip. It was great !

I’ve written a blog

But to specifically answer your questions.

1. All that was organised by Falcon worked like clockwork. Very good. Very impressed. Except the fax machine at the accountant’s desk which didn’t seem to work very well.
2. If I have any complaint at all it was one very minor point that it was not clear from the itinery whether or not we would be met coming back from Maun to Jo’burg. We didn’t find anyone so we assumed not !
3. Itinery overall was very good though, especially bits on preparation and tips.
4. Kingdom Ok…..large, clean, efficient. Too big, though compared to all the others. We have lunch at In-da-belly which looked like it was more interesting. Zimbabwe in general very expensive. I think 1 whole day is enough.
5. Elephant Valley Lodge. Excellent. Its location is not an issue. Very well run. The best guide of the trip – Dan – was from there.
6. Oddballs. Good. Fantastic welcome, extremely friendly. Interesting just to walk – less game but more involved. Our guide Kitso was very interesting but not the most charming of people (not that he was rude or unfriendly)
7. Kwara. Excellent. Overall our favourite. The fact they can drive off path and in the night was a big plus.

A very good mix: vic falls, great; chobe – lots of game; oddballs – walking very different; kwara – best overall.

And good to do all that in that order. I would certainly recommend exactly the same itinery with one fewer day in Zim plus a different hotel.

Thanks again – I would be happy to give further references on request. You are welcome to use any of the above or the blog in your marketing material.

Joel Turnbull 

December 2009
Level of satisfaction from 1 to 5.

1º The relation with Alison= 5
2º Transfers all=5
3º Stay at Xakanaxa Camp =5
4º Stay at Muchenje Safari Lodge =3 (Explanation: All staff attention were superb, but the meals on the boat were really bad, and fairly uncomfortable, we had sawed much more better conditions in many other boats around us.
The laundry service, we had to wash ours underpants (not  important), the service are doing by hand, incomprehensible with electrical power the hole day ).

On General we had missed to much in both Camps a good barbecue, from the famous Botswana cows.

Yours  sincerely.
Florencio Gozalez

December 2009
Thank you for your below message and my apologies for not having replied any sooner, but I only got back home to Copenhagen last night.

Regarding the service that I received during the booking process, I must say that it was truly professional and that the whole process went smoothly without any hickups. As for our stay at Flamingo Bay, well, it was nothing short of perfect! The accomodation, the surroundings, the food, the available activities were all top-notch, but what deserves the highest praise was the level of service that we received from the staff – absolutely impecable! Flamingo Bay is without doubt a serious contender for my eventual honeymoon and I have already recommended it to my friends in Mozambique and South Africa.

I hope the above information is useful. Once again, many thanks for providing us with an unforgettable experience.

Best regards,
Peder Frismark

November 2009
We had a great time in Namibia! There was a person waiting for us at the airport with all the travel documents, including a map with routes marked accordingly to our itinerary! She also offered herself to show us our way to Villa Moringa Guest House!

Wolwedans and Sossuvlei Desert lodges were unbelievable, staff, meals and accommodations equally perfect.

We found really difficult to get used to a standard room at the Safari Hotel after leaving Sossuvlei only 5 hours before… Federico really regretted having asked for a not fancy hotel!

Walking on the red dunes was something that we really wanted to do, thank you for helping with the itinerary!

Best regards,
Gilda and Federico Follietti

November 2009
We had a great holiday!

Mandy was a delight to work with and the trip she put together was wonderful – 3 very different and interesting places.   All terrific !

Our only criticism – and it is minor – is that the transfers at Chobe Safari Lodge were awkward.   We were not picked up at the airport until we called the lodge and it was difficult getting information about our departure.    I suspect they are simply more used to larger groups and it certainly all worked out.   It helped when we tried to stop thinking like Canadians – and we enjoyed  the days at the lodge itself.   The food, river cruises, game drives and our trip to Victoria Falls were all very well done.

The smaller lodges,  Savuti  and Pom Pom,  were simply perfect.

We would, unhesitatingly, recommend Falcon Safari and want to thank you – especially Mandy – for such a good plan.

With best regards,
Linda Taylor 

November 2009
I wish to express my deepest thanks for the perfect organization of my journey. The recommended itinerary was perfectly selected with a tailor made approach to time available. The camps in Botswana  were an ideal combination of luxury and access to wildlife, the logistics of transport – to the minute and according to plan, the guides selection was made with carful consideration, in particular I admired Andy Rice invaluable and in depth guidance – he was punctual, helpful, knowledgeable and caring.

Following the route that you sketched I felt save and in goods hands.

Mandy – well done. I appreciate you personal touch and interpersonal communication skills.

Best regards
Krzysztof Pawlisz

November 2009
All documents and vouchers were safely delivered and the ‘Meet and Greet service was great. We transferred to the Safari Lodge with no trouble whatsoever and our onward journey went without hitch. We left our baggae in the Office and were assured of security etc until our return.

The safari club was adequate and we had a restful night and enjoyed the meal they provided in the evening and the transfer to the JNB airport for the flight to Maun.

You are aware that out our transfer via Delta air from Maun to to Kwai River Lodge was somewhat lengthy and uncomfortable and as a result of my email to Mandy was satisfactorily resolved.

Our stay at Kwai River was superb. A lot of luxury and food and drink and hospitality and could not be faulted.

The treansfer from  Kwai River to Kwara went without hitch and our stay at Kwara was the highlight of the trip. The camp itself had changed a bit since our last visit  in as much as ther seemed to be lacking a bit of ‘’upgarde or repair’’ and gave the impression it was a bit tired looking. That said the game viewing and the general atmosphere was superb and the staff were extremely friendly and helpful.

We saw a wide variety of game and our guide and tracker were truly first calss. The transfer to Xakanaxa was a different experience which we would highly recommend to anyone, the trip by boat revealed elephant, hippo and birdlife we would not have otherwise seen. The game viewing was astounding witnessing a leopard kill in the afternoon.

Finally our transfer back to Maun was uneventful and we eventually arrived back at the Safari Lodge  in Johannesberg.

On arrival we found our luggage had been  taken from a secure office the day after we left and placed in the internet room which was open to everyone entering the hotel.  Guests , staff, visitors,  gardeners and casual drivers all had access to our luggage for a week and as a consequence we had money stolen. The Safari club showed no remorse and no interest in helping us obtain a statement for our insurers.

As a result of sending several e-mails with no response, I am returning to Joberg on business in a few weeks and I shall be inviting the police to investigate. I will not recommend this establishment to anyone and have posted a blog on the world cup site as well as the tourist sites pointing out their security.

Notwithstanding the foregoing and In conclusion we had a very good trip and would certainly return to Falcon Safari to organise our next visit to Southern Africa which we hope will be next year.



November 2009
we really enjoyed the service we received from Falcon Safari:
-during the booking process Mandy was very flexible, helpful and quick in giving feedback
-transfers were excellent without any incidents
Safari Club was ok for us, excellent breakfast!
-André is an excellent guide we can absolutely recommend for a tour in Johannesbourg
Xakanaka Camp – excellent camp with professional service, good food, good game views.
Mapula Lodge – excellent food, !!excellent game views!!, unique landscape, service is good although overall management is missing
-We did not like the Beach Hotel too much -old furniture, no escalator…

In total we were very satisfied with your service and would recommend it.
Gertrud Schoenthaler

Novemeber 2009
The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour. Excellent, would definitely use you again should i need to.

The transfers you had.  Fine, arrived promptly,vehicles clean and drivers friendly.

Your stay at Kapama Lodge  – beautiful place would definitelty visit again, service was fantastic and greatvalue. Would go back tomorrow if i could.

Your stay at Nkorho Bush Lodge  – ok, owner Karen very friendly and helpful but a few complaints re other staff. Internet was not working and prices were 200 ZAR per hour which is crazy! Also were advised that items could be charged at reception and then advised that we would have to buy a charger instead as they had lost theirs – not great service! Also game drives were poor, our driver Jacques was rude and lacked knowledge, i did advise the manager of this and she had a word with him but he did not apologise but ignored us for the rest of the trip. Lodge is pretty and best only when it is sunny, unfortunately we had rain, but great views over waterhole. Limited area for game drives and after 2drives you travelled the sames routes every drive, would have liked a lodge with bigger area to explore.
Kimberley O’Callaghan

November 2009
Everything works properly. I really enjoyed my vacation J

From 0 to 5:

The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour. 4
The transfers you had. 4
Your stay at Elephant Valley Lodge 4
Your stay at The Kingdom Hotel 3,5

Pablo Serrano

November 2009
Hi! We had a great time in Botswana and our trip was more than we ever expected!!!!

1. And i’d like to say a big THANK YOU to Patricia who organized this trip for us!!! She was super patient and organized when returning my many emails inquiring this trip!! She gave me multiple options and also upon hearing bad feedback from lodges we agreed on, she offers to change to better choice for accommodation!!!

2. I think the only other staff i have met with is the meet & greet person we had @ the airport. The whole process was fine, we were picked up at the airport and then walked to the check in counter for our transfer flight to vic falls. he was very helpful!

3. The Victoria Falls Hotel was fine too! breakfast and the room were good. we were v. happy with this hotel. the place was clean, quiet enough and food was good.
however, upon arrival and picked up, we were immediately ‘being sold’ to join different tours! we were very satisfied with the sundowner cruise. however, the tour we joined (booked before our arrivals, the devils cataract tour) was canceled and we had to join another one – a walk around the falls. our assumption was that not enough people join the tour, and we were told there’s not boat that day, without an explanation! the walk was very enjoyable nonetheless.
unfortunately. there was a delayed in our returning from this morning walk but we had a little bit of difficulties pushing back the check out time. it would be better if this was organized upon our changes of morning tour.

4. there were some misunderstanding with our transfer from vic falls to the muchenje lodge. the main reason was the our morning hike was delayed and the timetable was pushed back for 1.5 hrs. we had to sit at the border for half an hour to meet with our transfer from the border to kasane airport!

5. our stay at Muchenje Lodge was excellent!!!!!!!!!!! we love it there, it was comfortable, there is a ceiling fan, the food is good and the guides and drives were very professional! the lodge was clean and well-decorated and even had wifi and phone-reception! we’ll definitely recommend this lodge.

6. for our stay in the meno-a-kwena camp, it was a bit of a disappointment. firstly it’s because we encountered heavy wind and rain during our stay. upon our arrival, we were told that we will have no activity that day. no explanation again though our itinerary clearly said afternoon activity. we assumed it was because of the wind and rain. we only had a 1.5 hr walk the next morning because it started to rain lightly again.
because we were sort-of stranded at camp, we got to really check it out. we like how the camp is authentic to african safari-tent, it was beautiful on our first night when it stopped raining. however, there were a few problems we had, the tent was a bit too low for my husband’s height, 6 feet (ave. men height) and he couldn’t stand up straight inside. we were also not very happy with the hygiene of the beds, i had a dozen bites on my arms when i left! breakfast and lunch were not very appetizing as well. one more thing, we understand that laundry was done by hands at this camp and it was difficult to have our clothes dried with the heavy rain. but we had to ask for our clothes back on the morning we left and our damp clothes were left in our tent, without explanation again.  and we did feel like the guide was a bit of ‘just talk’ person. and used the rain as an excuse. he complained that his pants and boots were still wet that evening because of our walk (with only very light rain that we didn’t mind having our cameras out the whole time)……

7. kwara camp was most definitely the highlight of our trip! we are 100% happy with this place!!!! the staff are friendly, the tent is spacious, high enough, and best of all VERY CLEAN> they also burn mosquito incense at night. the guide and trekker system for the drives worked perfectly well because we saw 15 different lions,  3 cheetahs ,  6 wild-dogs and many more during 6 drives there. food is by far the BEST especially breakfast!!

generally more pictures shown online about these accommodations are highly recommended!

Elaine Ho

November 2009
Hi there,
I would like to tell you that booking with Falcon was very efficient.  We had no problems.
We were met in Kasarne, promptly and transferred to Ichobezi Safari boat.  This was a trip of a life time and such magic. The service on the boat was great, the food good and the people who manned the boat were first class.
I have already mentioned to friends that if they have anything special to celebrate this is the way to go.
Thanking you,
Veronica and Perry Feldman

November 2009
We had a completely fabulous time!!  Overall couldn’t fault it one bit. We’re definitely glad we did the walking safari not the 10 day drive in a bus one, Oddball’s camp was great, our guide was brilliant etc.

I’ll answer your questions directly

The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour. 

Two things here.  Firstly the way you got us in was brilliant.  We were looking to book our holiday over the internet, and there’s so many options for Africa in general so no idea who or where to book.  However we got to your website with the link ‘send us an email with the subject line being “Please design me an Itinerary including the Okavango Delta” ‘ and it was so brilliant and succinct we gave it a go.  And ended up booking  through you.  Great marketing.
Second thing was that Michelle (sorry Michelle!) was a bit random, we had some mistaken vouchers, mistaken quotes etc.  In the end she came through with the goods, no problems etc, so no reall issue!  But we did head off to Africa feeling just a *little* bit concerned that one of the bits of our Botswana trip was not going to play out perfectly.  However it did, perfectly and so must give thanks to Michelle for booking it all and having it go off without a hitch

The transfers you had. 

Great.  Was met at the airport(s) and shepherded through, possibly unnecessary but welcome nonetheless.  All transfers worked brilliantly.  The flight into the delta was great.

Your stay at Oddballs Camp

Unbelievable.  Great camp, great staff, great food etc.  Nothing to say here but what a bloody fantastic trip! Thanks very much!

Phill Convery 

November 2009

November 2009
The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour.

Very friendly service, Louise was lovely person to work with.

The transfers you had. Good, transfer back to the airport from the Lodge was exceptionally good – fabulous, friendly driver.

Your stay at Chitwa Chitwa Game Lodge In terms of expectations of the lodge, it was was a beautiful setting, perfect honeymoon setting, the management and most of the hosts were great – some put a dampner on the experience – but there are always personality clashes I’m sure.  Food was good, most service excellent, management were terrific and we had a lucky trip and saw lots of the wildlife.

Your stay at Metcourt Laurel Hotel We were booked into a smoking twin room, which was not good at all  we had to wait to see management and they wouldn’t call I-Safari to sort it out, but they did upgrade us to a doublenon-smoking room which was good and were friendly there too.   It was a basic hotel that met basic requirements for one night, fine.

Thanks for arranging,
Louise Robinson 🙂

November 2009
We’ve just returned from Africa and can’t believe how amazing Oddballs’ Camp was! Thank you so much for organising the best five days we’ve had. The flight in, accommodation, camping, guide (Cox was brilliant) and scenery were out of this world and we want to go back! Hearing hippos outside our tent, spotting giraffes and sidestepping elephants is something we’ll never forget.

Have a great week and thanks for everything,
Hejira and Phill Convery

November 2009
The service we received from Falcon Safaris was very good.  We were very happy with our short stay in Cape Town and would like to especially thank Louise Eksteen for her excellent level of service and professionalism.  She clearly has an excellent understanding of exactly what her clients requirements are and both my wife and I were very impressed with her suggestions and advice regarding our trip.

We will definitely be recommending Falcon Safaris and in particular Louise Eksteen to all of our friends and family when they are planning a trip to Southern Africa.

The Ambassador Hotel has an excellent location and we were very happy with our sea view!  The only small problem with the hotel was the size of the bathroom sink which was very small!  Otherwise this was an excellent hotel and we would definitely stay there again.

Best wishes
Valji Varia

October 2009
I am more than happy to give some feedback.

1.       Ali was an absolute star in assisting us arrange our honeymoon to Xakanaxa Camp, she went out of her way to make our dream honeymoon come true – so please extend a very big thanks to her.

2.       Transfers were awesome, Delta air were extremely professional and Stefan’s flight back was memorable .

3.       The team at Xakanaxa were extremely friendly and professional, Lettie our host made us feel so welcome and Metsi was an exceptional guide always going out of his way to ensure that we had a memorable experience and great sightings and his numerous stories are legendary.

Laurence Hillman 

October 2009
1. Service and organization from Falcon Safari was good (e.g., Claudia).  We would book with you again in the future or recommend you to others.

2. Meno A Kweno was great.  Tents and staff and guides all super.  David the owner being around showed he cared and in the service provided.

3. Muchenje was fantastic.  Cabin and staff and guides all super.  The manager and the owners being around showed they cared and was evident in the service provided.

4. Mapula was a let down.  Guides did their best (game drives only, however there is no “full range of water activities” or walks on offer as was advertised).  The cabin was filthy (black filth coating on the floor – 5 steps in light colored socks and they were black on the bottom), and Jane the lady running the place was not in control (she could not get the lights in our neighbours cabin sorted, food was not as good as at the other places), they seemed to run out of bottles of water, etc.  You shloud not advertise or book Mapula in same itinerary as Meno a Kweno or Muchenje or you risk customers being disappointed.  We would have called you to rebook us for the ramaining days of our stay there except there was no telephone service.  A real let down.

5. Metacourt was OK (tiny room but we were just there for the overnight stay).

6. Transfers were all perfectly coordinated.

Except for Mapula, good job.

Dan Pichler 

October 2009
we are back from our trip
it was great, and we did not encountered even a single problem
okavango pom pom camp: great camp, great activities (fishing, safari) only mokoro was a bit boring , more for elderly people
Elephant valley lodge: good if you have the view on the waterhole, as we had. the waterhole was rather empty but it was still possible to see animals, we had great game drive and cruises.
Victoria Falls Hotel: great hotel, super value! people from zimbabwe extremely nice, impressive falls, and the rafting was gorgeous! only minor problem we had is that we queued one hour and a half at the zimbabwe border
safari club in JHB: great for the price, we had a wonderful room. a bit noisy however => good only for one night
casa rex: great staff, lovely location, great view, not the best location however for the people willed to benefit from the beach. we went deep sea fishing and we saw all kinds of sharks, turtles, even a dugong and a whale shark!
benguerra lodge: just as perfect as it is expansive, was a super great end to our trip. incredible beaches, staff (i could have stayed 10 years in this hotel)
NB: during our whole trip we had FANTASTIC food, great transfers
it was a great trip, very well organized, thank you very much Mandy! i ll definitely recommend you.
hope to talk to you soon!

Arnaud Laigre de Grainville 

October 2009
The deal with Mandy, was great, very fast and adaptable. The transfers were correct. About the Hotels:

1. Safari Club: very nice and confortable. The only thing was the noise of the airplains.
2. Kingdom Hotel: very nice and confortable also. We really apreciate being so close to the Vic´Falls.
3. Elephant Valley Lodge: very nice, a little bit hot during the day inside the tent, and great to see the free animals near by you living in the lagune. The games were also fantastic.
4. Xakanaxa Fly Camp: the real Botswana animal experience. The guide MAX was realy nice, efficient, kind and professional.
5. Pom Pom Camp:the most luxury staying. Very friendly camp managers. We felt like living at home. No so amazing games as in Moremi and also Chobe, but beatifull landscapes.

The trip had offered more than we espected. We want to come back again to Africa.

Many thanks.
Best regards.

Daniel & Elisa Llamas.

October 2009
Thank you for your email. I was going to email you myself to tell you what a fantastic time we had in the Okavango Delta and how great the staff was.
From the beginning Falcon-safari was a great company to book through. My main contact has been Claudia and she has been excellent at answering my millions of questions. Everytime I sent a new question she responded almost immediately. She really put me at ease especially since we were booking from Canada and its not always so easy to book from so far away. She was always very professional, personable and helpful.
Our transfers were totally smooth. We were met right off the plane by a representative of Delta Air who saw us through the entire process until we were on the plane to Oddballs. The transfer back was equally as smooth.
The staff at Oddballs was fantastic. Joyce was so welcoming and helpful. She made our stay really great. The entire staff was really great. The food, housekeeping/maintenance and ambiance were all fantastic.
We were met right off the plane by our guide Papeo. He took care of us for our entire stay: both at the camp and while we were on the bush trail. He was really terrific…incredibly knowledgable in regards to birds, trees and animals of the area as well as very safe. He was always concerned for our safety and comfort and did a great job of cooking too!
I would definately book with Falcon Safari again and have already recommended you to numerous people who are interested in travelling in Botswana.
Thank you so much for such an amazing adventure.
Elizabeth Ekroth

October 2009
I would unhesitatingly use your concern for future business. There was not a single hitch with any part of the schedule, and everything was smoothly executed. The initial research and booking process was well handled by your staff, and I was met with efficiency and cordiality.
We loved all the accommodation; all the camps;virtually all phpects.
If I have one comment, it would be this. The fees for Botswana camps are high. We were surprised to find that Xakanaka was as empty as it was, especially because we had had so much difficulty in booking the dates we had wanted in the first place. Then we discovered that our companions at the camp had easily secured accommodation at very short notice. Why had the “foreigners”had so much difficulty getting accommodation when we booked more than  a year in advance? If there is one thing that would prevent me from returning to that part of the world, it is the expense attached to the experience. I would seek similar satisfaction with a greater “value factor”, especially in these economic times.
Your staff and representatives were professional and wonderful from beginning to end. Of course, the camps were a total delight. Everyone bent over backwards to ensure enchanting experiences.
Thank you….Jon Brian Greis

October 2009
We would like to thank you for arranging our wonderful holiday to Mozambique; it definitely was a special way for Mike to spend his big birthday. All logistics worked well [with exception of Nuarro] All lodges exceeded our expectations {except Nuarro}. Mike had 2 birthday cakes {Nuarro and Lugenda ] and a special lobster dinner at Ibo .A quick summary of our stay is as follows

Long Bumpy flight made memorable when the pilot Dave flew the last 30 mins at low level up the river so we could see elephant, hippo and water buck. We had a great welcome and hospitality from Carri and Andrew. Tent was great, though the elephants came very, very close especially at night.   Food good, best breakfasts of the trip.  Nick the guide was fantastic and we saw a lot more animals than the expectations he set.  Yes they are skittish but we must have seen nearly 200 elephant and over a hundred buffalo. We saw lots of sable as well as the rare Lichtenstein hartebeest and Niassa wildebeest. Unfortunately we saw no cats but enjoyed tracking the animals on foot.

Good flight over the Falcons. Very friendly welcome from Lizanne and John. The food was excellent, especially our secluded special lobster dinner in the gardens. Falcon was a fascinating place to look around and we enjoyed the historical tour and the bird watching.  The trips to the spit for lunch and snorkelling where memorable   We felt like honeymooners in the honey moon suite, but wished the aircon stayed on all night rather than switching of at 11pm.

Paradise.  Vanni and his team looked after us well, all staff very friendly and always willing to help. They laughed at my Swahili but that added to the fun. Food was great and it’s the only place in the world that we have shared a lobster as a bar snack with our pre dinner drinks.   Room and facilities great. One day when it was windy on the room side of the Falcon they put up a private Gazebo on the sheltered side so we didn’t melt or burn in the sun. Steve was great as well. Snorkelling good but they seemed unable to deal with the tide times to allow us to go out fishing by boat

I will send a separate note on Nuarro and I recommend that Falcon safaris send someone to see the place before you recommend

Once again Mandy thanks for all your help and patience in providing our special holiday

Kind regards
Mike and Marcia Rodgers

October 2009
The service we received from Falcon Safari was once again faultless. It is the third time we have used you and we always turn to you when booking a safari holiday as the knowledge and response are far superior to any other company that we have liaised with. Louise did a great job. She came up with suggestions exactly along the lines that we were looking for and was able to give info and advice on the lodges and follow up on availability for revised dates when we could not get flights at our end.

We recommended Falcon Safari to other guests at Kambaku and Arathusa as they said they would check you out on their next safari.

The transfers were all on time and courteous, no problems at all.

Comfortable chalets
Good food (buffet style)
Good game drives with a knowledgeable ranger
There were typically only 6 people on the drives, so only 2 people per row of seats, which was nice, as you get a better view that way.
Good game walk
The staff were all very friendly
Nice bar and pool area for relaxing
They made a birthday cake on someone’s birthday – a nice touch.

Very comfortable chalets with HUGE bathrooms.
Good food – table service – always with 2 choices for the evening meal.
Good game drives – knowledgeable ranger
Friendly staff
Nice bar and pool area for relaxing
Great views over the water hole – there was frequent activity there
They also made a birthday cake on someone’s birthday!

Comfortable chalets with a rustic feel; the chalets were well spaced out; large private decks.
Very good food, probably the best of the 3 camps – table service.
Good game drives – knowledgeable ranger
There were generally only 6 people per vehicle. They said they try to never put more than 6 guests in a vehicle and more than 6 typically only happens due to the timing of change over of guests.
Exceptionally friendly staff
Nice bar and pool area for relaxing; the photo’s in the album in the lounge are amazing!
Views over the river
Another birthday cake for someone!

All 3 camps were very good and I would happily visit any of them again. We thoroughly enjoyed the game drives at all of them. Kambaku was the only one at which we saw the Big 5. Arathusa was very good for leopards; we saw a cheetah, which was fantastic; no lions. Pondoro was very good for lions (no leopards). I realise that game drives vary from day to day and there is no guarantee as to what you will see, but this is just a brief summary of our sightings.

Nicola London 

October 2009
I’m happy to provide feedback on our trip. Here you go:

 We loved working with Claudia. Over the 13 months that we worked on the trip together, Claudia was helpful, timely in responses, knowledgeable and very helpful. We will recommend her to friends & family for planning their africa trip.
Transfers: We only had one or two transfers but they were on-time and helpful with the process.
Ngala: We absolutely loved Ngala, we will all hope to return some day! We felt so at home at the camp, loved the staff and especially loved our tracker and guide (Dyke & Zoop). The food was especially good here.
Sandibe: Traveling to Bostwana is such a unique experience and we loved every minute of it. Sandibe is a special place with a warm, welcoming and wonderful staff.
Metcourt: A perfect hotel to stay at in JNB if for a short period of time like us. The breakfast buffet is awesome! Comfortable rooms and fast internet service in the business center!
Glen Beach: Despite our missing our first night here due to the property manager, we loved the apartment, the view was amazing, had all the amenities a family needs and you can’t beat the location! Best in Cape Town.

April Schleede

October 2009
Thanks for getting in touch.  We were very happy with the Falcon Safaris service.

We loved Oddballs – our guide Kitso was great  as was the manager Joyce.

Transfers worked well as well and it was good that we had a late transfer out of Oddballs so we could enjoy it for longer.  Patricia was also very helpful and patient with our enquiries so all in all we were very happy.

Thank you and please pass on our thanks!
Kind regards
Nikki McAllen

October 2009
Our thanks to you and the Falcon-Safari staff for organizing this trip for us.  The trip was extremely well put together and we would especially like to thank Mandy for the excellent job she did.  Having completed the trip, we can now appreciate the planning required to make sure that everything goes smoothly.  A single slip and one could end up stranded on a remote airstrip in the middle of the bush.

The transfers went very smoothly.  We would like to especially mention Natasha, who met us on arrival at Johannesburg airport and who was extremely nice and helpful. The other transfers went very well also, although we felt that we were brought far too early to Kasane airport for our flight to the Chobe air strip.  The three hours we spent here would have been much better spent at Victoria Falls.

The Zambezi Sun Resort hotel is conveniently located, but is otherwise average.  The food is below average.

We loved Savuti Camp.  The tents were lovely, the most elegant, well equpped and thoughtfully designed of our trip.  We understand the camp was rebuilt three years ago. The views from the decks was exceptional because of the flooding of the Savuti channel; we saw a great many hippos and elephants in the channel.  The game drives were very good also, and the guide was savvy about photography.  The staff in general was friendly and helpful.  We would definitely consider returning to this camp.

Kwara was our favourite camp, though the lodging at the other camps was much nicer.  The density of animal life was astounding.  The guides/trackers were extremely well-informed, the most knowledgeable we encountered, and very good at tracking.  The food was the best we had on safari.  The staff was good, and we appreciated the fact that they were not forced to dance and perform for us.  If we return to Botswana, we will certainly go back to Kwara.

Sandibe is more luxury-oriented (massages, sherry in the rooms) than game-oriented.  The lodging itself is beautiful and comfortable, though we wondered about the ecological impact of hairdryers.  The camp seems not to have a sufficiency of vehicles or rangers.  The afternoon we arrived, the jeep that was to transport us had broken down and there was no other vehicle we could use for a game drive.  So everyone was forced to go on a very dull boat trip on the delta, with no commentary from the guide.  I understand that boat trips on the delta are a common feature of safaris.  We had taken one at Kwara, where we visited a heronry and also received expert guiding on the flora of the delta.  The boat trip at Sandibe was a waste of time in comparison.  The following day, though, we went on two game drives, one lasting 7.5 hours and other lasting 4 hours.  Our guide had superb tracking skills, and we saw a lot of game.  Part (though not all) of the length of these trips can be explained by the fact that the game-viewing areas are far from the camp.  We are unlikely to return to this camp.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,
Bharat Trehan

October 2009
It is with pleasure that I give a more detailed feedback about my recent tour to Zambia, Botswana and South Africa. I congratulate you for your excellent organization and flexibility to adapt to my demands. For my future African tours you will be my preferred operator.

Falcon Safari

1.1 Organization of the tour
Excellent organization, with helpful advices, answers to my questions always valuable and rapid. Good and useful information and advices about the tour and the things that we must not forget.

1.2 Transfers
Everyone was there, at the right time. Very nice people, very professional and always with a smile.

Zambezi Sun Hotel
Good hotel in a beautiful ground area but, at the time I was there, the only available restaurant for dinner was small for the number of customers. Nice personnel.

Muchenji Safari Lodge
Warming and very well located, with beautiful views. Good accommodations. Good choice of activities, with excellent guides and vehicles. Good food.

Camp Okuti
Very warming personnel, good tent accommodations (but must be very cold in the winter nights), beautiful place. Excellent cuisine.

Walmont Hotel
Good hotel, providing no-cost transfer from / to airport.

Michaelangelo Hotel
Good hotel and nice personnel.

Best Regards.
Luciano S. P. Costa

October 2009
We are back , we wanted to thank you , every thing was just perfect and so well organised, we had a wonderful holiday, even beter than we expected, we saw a lot of game and the weather was very nice. Certainly we had the best experience at Moremi, facilities were very basic but it was so real and exciting, also the guide at Moremi was very profesional and friendly. We have no complains , thank you again, we will recomend you for future ocasions,  Wish you the best.
Daniel Llamas 

October 2009
We enjoyed a lot our hollidays and all  your arrangements were perfect …. Congratulations …. You made a excelent job …. If I return toBotswana , for sure i will contact you again !

Take care

Best regards
Francisco Gomes 

October 2009
The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour.     EXCELLENT
The transfers you had.        WHY A 20 SEATER BUS FOR 4 PEOPLE??? THE BUS WAS A BIT OLD AND RICKERTY
Howard Walker

October 2009
Despite our two little issues with Avis and Glen Beach villas – our entire trip was a HUGE success and we owe you a BIG thank you!! Everything from the detailed itinerary, the meet & greets and down to the experience at working with you was amazing and we are truly thankful for your help with our family trip. I will definitely pass the good word on to Dorothy as well. Please let me know if there’s a survey or anything I can fill out for a recommendation for you!

I must say, Ngala and Sandibe have to be the BEST camps out there! But I guess everyone says that about their safari experience…we just loved every minute of it.

Thanks again and please let me know if I can ever be of any help to you!

April Schleede & Family

October 2009
I send you my feedback (quickly)
The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour. 
Very good: always quick replies to my email, and always very nice. Good advices for this tour.
The transfers you had.
Everythings were all right
Your stay at Maun Lodge 
This is not a real ‘lodge’ but a hotel. Just a good hotel for transit. Simple rooms. Good restaurant.
Your stay at Delta Camp 
Beautiful camp. Staff very nice. Perfect
Your stay at Chobe Safari Lodge 
According to me, it’s also more a hotel than a lodge. Good restaurant, good rooms, nice staff, beautiful view. But too much people! This is a very big hotel.

Thanks and regards,
Vincent Guy 

October 2009
We had a fantastic time, with the holiday overall exceeding our expectations.

All of the accommodation was of the highest standard including the food and hospitality which we could not fault. In particular, we were upgraded to an executive Suite at Oliver’s Lodge, and were given the master suite at Monwana Lodge.

Monwana Lodge in particular was a highlight for us, with a great Ranger and Tracker, plus the overall ambience and peace of the location.

As we had a number of transport and accommodation links we had expected there might have been a problem at one point, but the whole trip went off without a hitch, including the internal flight transfers.

We would both like to thank Cara for her choice of accommodation, but also her overall advice on the makeup of the holiday allowing us to maximise what we wanted to cover without feeling that we were travelling to excess e.g. the overnight stop at Stonecutters was lovely enabling us to cover the Blyde Canyon route fresh the following day.

We will certainly recommend your company to anyone we speak to who is looking to make a trip to South Africa.

Belinda and Paul Eden

October 2009
I would like to congratulate your company for the excellent organization of my African tour. Everything was perfect, the contact persons were always there at the right time and the hotels and lodges you recommend were superb. Thanks very much.

Best regards.
Luciano S. P. Costa

October 2009
Per your request, below is our feedback.  Thank you!

The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour.

Very positive.  Claudia was very flexible and accommodating.  I felt like she listened to what we were looking for and tried her best to find accommodations that fit our age, lifestyle and budget.
The transfers you had. 
Botswana Air – As expected.
Bush Flights –
 We had a pilot named Frank foor all but one of our flights.  Frank was very personable and accommodated my air sickness.  I do think better/stricter guidance needs to be given to travelers related to their luggage.  We abided by the rules but most of the passengers that traveled with us did not which could have posed some serious issues.
Bots/Zambia Border – I think the process forr crossing the border between Botswana and Zambia should have been described/explained better in our itinerary materials.  It was very unclear that we would drive to the border and go through Botswana customs with one person, cross the river with another person, go through Zambia customs with another person, and then be driven to our lodge by yet another person.  All in all we got there fine and it went smoothly but not knowing what we were about to go through and being transferred from one person to the next was a bit unnerving.
Zambia/Johannesburg – We were recommended onnly 2 hours between our flight from Zambia to Johannesburg and Johannesburg to Cape Town.  I would strongly suggest a minimum of 3 hours as we almost missed our flight.  (The same goes for Cape Town to Johannesburg  and Johannesburg to Atlanta, we were recommended a 3 hour layover.  I would strongly recommending 4 hours as we did miss our flight on the way home though it was in part due to a weather delay.)
Your stay at Delta Camp 
Accommodations  – It was fun to stay in a tree house but I was glad we only did it for two nights.  Also, after the first night the hot water and electricity did not work properly.
Staff – Very friendly.
Food – Considering we were in the bush we weere quite impressed though I did get sick.
Game – Very disappointing.  We saw impala, red lechwe, elephants and hippos.
Guide – Very disappointing.  He barely spoke to us, he didn’t tell us what was going on and we felt like we went to the same place four times in arrow.  I think we would have been more understanding about the lack of game if he explained what was going on.  He also didn’t have a watch or binoculars so he kept using ours.  It also didnt appear like our lodge was in contact with other lodges … at the other locations they all shared info on where the animals were.
Your stay at Xakanaxa Fly Camp
Accommodations  – Not for me but my husband did enjoy sleeping in a tent.  The vehicle we had was also very old and got stuck multiple times.  Our Guide constantly complained about the vehicle.  We also seemed to be very far from the other lodges so we spent a lot of time traveling to and from camp.
Staff – Not much interaction.
Food – Very disappointing.  Over cookedd and uneatable.  Except they did surprise me with a birthday cake which was very very sweet.
Game – Under the circumstances (see Guide), great.  We saw a wider variety of different animals.
Guide – Extremely disorganized, never on timme (no watch), always complained about the vehicle and found most of the animals thanks to other guides/luck. We spent an entire day driving back/forth to the airport to find out about our flights (thankfully we drove by some cool animals), we also wasted time stopping by a lodge for ice to find out the ice machine was broken, we were never woken up when we were suppose to be, and the guide didn’t have his own binoculars so he constantly used ours.  
Your stay at Savute Elephant Camp 
Accommodations  – Despite the pool being down for renovations and the noise associated with it (wish we would have known in advance) the accommodations were amazing (almost too nice for being on safari).
Staff – Very friendly and very accommodating
Food – Very good, though for a 5 star lodge I thought the service in the restaurant would have been better.  Amongst other things (not serving right to left, taking my plate before my husband was finished, etc), we always had to ask for water and drink refills, even when sitting with the staff!
Game – Not a ton of density (except for elephants of course) but what we did see was amazing … cheetah, leopard, buffalo, jackal, etc.
Guide – Amazing!  Gerald was by far the best guide we had.  Soo much knowledge and he worked well with the other guides to find what we wanted to see.  He was also a very good tracker and explained what he was doing.
Your stay at Chundukwa River Lodge
Accommodations  – Better than expected, their website doesn’t do a very good job of showing off how nice this place really is.
Staff – Very friendly and helpful with pickiing out things to do
Food – Average, except for the lentil soup wwhich was amazing!
Activities – (1) sunset cruise = average, (2) museum and tour falls = good, but our full day guide wasn’t very friendly, (3) village tour = great, very insightful
Your stay at 138 Marine Guesthouse 
Accommodations  – Very nice
Staff – Friendly but a bit frazzled, recommeendations where very touristy
Food – Very good
Your stay at Auberge Clermont Guesthouse
Accommodations  – Nice
Staff – Pleasant but not overly friendly (except for the owners)
Food – Very good

Thank you,
Christie Segura 

October 2009
You have no idea how much I enjoyed the two days at Kwara.  My guides were General and KB, and two nicer and more knowledgeable people could not be found.  Fortunately I was in a party of four with three young people from Europe, who also did not want to waste a minute having a siesta, so we packed many activities into our days and late into the night.  Service was excellent, as was the food, and the accommodation was perfect.  I have already recommended Falcon Safari to many people and also Kwara Camp.  The camp shop was well stocked and inviting.

What is so beautiful about the camps is that they are not permanent.  They are hard to spot from the air, and if the concession changes and they are removed, the bush will recover instantly.  It’s extraordinary how luxurious they are, given that every single thing has to be flown in in small planes.

Every dawn and night I had three young male elephants practically brushing past my tent, and one night a leopard hunting impala through camp.  I love elephants, and saw many – enough to satisfy even me. We tracked and found a family of six cheetahs, found the hunting dogs, mating lions, birds of every kind, and some rare and lovely animals like a serval, three honey badgers, and many many other things.  The mekoro expedition was enlivened by a brush with a resting crocodile.  The two guides got us out of trouble fast and expertly.  Despite being surrounded by wild things, I never felt at risk, and learned a lot.  We walked one morning, and learned about tracks and plants.  Most of all, the game were trusting of us, so we could get close and simply watch.

The guides are truly stunning.  General speaks 7 languages, for example, and their knowledge of the bush and its ways is remarkable.  At night, spotlighting, they recognize the animals by the shape of their eyes in a second.

We went fishing twice, and I caught an 18 kg catfish on a traditional rod made of a red willow with a fixed line and bait.  Without General, I could not have lifted this monster into the boat.  The other members of the party also caught many fish, but none as big.  I did not take a camera, and that was fine, but did ask a fellow traveler to take a photo of the fish for me.  I’ll pass it along when she sends it.

The Delta flights were also well organized and utterly fascinating.  Driving from the airstrip to camp the first morning I was guided by Steve and Ken, and when I told Steve that the lotus flowers, of which there were many in every water area, were sacred to my beliefs, he stopped and picked one, and then turned it into a lovely necklace for me.  The unhurried pace and gentleness of the people were a blessing.  I unwound from my fast- paced life, and was revived and refreshed.

It was very hard to leave, and I hope the opportunity arises again for me to return, hopefully for a little longer.

Rileys is undergoing renovations, and was very basic and not very well organized.  However, it was okay for the night, and not having internet access for a day was not a major hassle.  The airport transfers were a bit on the steep side:  it’s about a 15 minute drive.  I went out to the University of Botswana Research station in a taxi for Pula 50 each way – a drive of at least half an hour, so 150 per trip in the Riley’s van was a tourist price.

I will be in Botswana again in May and September/October, so please let me know if you have specials during those months.

Thanks to all.  This was the best and most memorable nature experience I have ever had.  This is what our planet was meant to be, a taste of paradise.

Cassandra Perry

October 2009
We were extremely pleased with the service from your company once our tour started. Before we started we had a problem as we paid more than the required deposit and that wasn’t immediately acknowledges and then after we had paid the full amount, several days earlier than necessary, Michelle either didn’t receive notification of our payment or didn’t realise that she had and we had a couple of weeks wondering what had happened and why we were not getting final details.

The transfers were excellent -We were picked up as planned at Chanter’s Lodge by an extremely nice/well educated driver in a new vehicle, the boat was waiting on the Zambezi as was the driver on the other side -and this level of service was typical of the whole trip.

We loved Chobe Safari Lodge -the fact that it was bigger than most lodges was not a concern as it is so specious, there was no feeling of being crowded, there was more food available than we could possibly eat, the drives were excellent (and no more people in a vehicle than in those of the much more exclusive/expensive lodges, loved the proximity to Kasane – we knew we were going to be in more remote places so walking around a town was enjoyable and the distance to the Park not a problem

Loved Pom Pomp – not as great animal viewing as the lions had left the Falcon and the leopards were elusive but we saw lots, loved the scenery and the mokoro ride,  and really appreciated our guide and tracker. Made even nicer as there were only 8 -12 guests while we were there. Also were the only 2 guests on the last day in our vehicle and they personalised a boat/game drive combo for us when we couldn’t decide which to take. Of all the places we stayed this was the one that we felt was “ours” -least sense of being in a resort/hotel. Staff always around to help/answer questions/ just visit. I found there was just too much food -and just had yogurt and fruit plate at brunch

Arathusa -also loved – the staff were not as available as Pom Pom -but neither were we paying the same kind of money  -excellent value -once again \I had to skip meals /have a salad or fruit instead of the main courses which were outstanding but I’m just not used to eating so much. My husband loved the food in all 3 places. Absolutely exceptional game viewing -best leopard sightings of the season according to our Ranger and we believed him. definitely recommend and would go back

We really appreciated having the contact with Falcon Safar and Michelle when our luggage got left behind in Maun and support to get it to Arathusa. We have done a super positive review of the Safari Club hotel on Trip Advisor as we were so impressed -reasonable rate, service etc.

There is nothing we would change -doing the larger lodge first was a good idea. I’d also like to put in a plug for our accommodation in Livingstone, Chanter’s Lodge – for a budget place to stay it would be hard to think of how you can do better -and with the costs of the safari lodges it just makes a longer trip possible.

So – a superb trip- you have our complete recommendation and we let other visitors who asked who we “were with”  know who helped us organize – we really enjoyed not being part of a larger tour and having the sense of independence and yet the security of knowing experts had organized and were there if we needed them

Mary Schmid

October 2009
The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour.– Patricia was great at helping me sort out my itinerary. Especially when it came to coming up with suggestions to get around limited flights and adding people etc.
The transfers you had.- Drivers were great and very knowledgeable about the area etc. On time and very good drivers. I’m always worried about driving in mini buses, but I enjoyed the trip.
Your stay at Moremi Crossing Camp– Moremi Crossing was really nice. Guides were great. Food was good. Everything is new so nothing to complain about. Thoroughly enjoyed the stay.
Your stay at Elephant Valley Lodge– Nice intimate lodge. Again great staff. My only comment is that there is a long drive between the lodge and park on a rough and dusty road. Not something you notice after a few sundowners though… The dining area overlooking the watering hole is really awesome though. Pool is great too. We had the rooms facing the watering hole which was incredible. The rooms facing the pool are missing out though. Three days there would have been enough. We stayed 4, which may have been overkill.
Your stay at Protea Wanderes Hotel– Stay was fine, but Wanderer’s lost the reservations and payment info. The check-in check-out process is a bit disorganized. I had to call Falcon Safaris to sort it out. I only chose it because it is close to my apt. to simplify logistics.
Your stay at Kambaku Lodge– Excellent time at Kambaku. Food is amazing. Guides and trackers were excellent. Owners very nice and made the stay more personal. Not much showed up at the watering hole, but we saw so much during the game drives it didn’t matter. Another small and more intimate lodge. Would definitely go back. American guy runs the place so it was very interesting for my family to talk to him about SA since they came from the US
Your stay at West Lodge– Nice place. Fabulous breakfast. The religious stuff in the rooms was a bit odd. Sherry in the rooms is a nice touch.
Your stay at Waterfront Village Apartments. Apartments were amazing! I can’t wait to go back there. The patio in the 3 bedroom was almost as big as the flat. Also at a reasonable price. Location can’t be beat. The check-in process was a bit time consuming with photos at the security gate etc., which is something I wasn’t in the mood for at midnight, but not a big deal if you are staying for a while.
Everywhere we stayed was fabulous and the organization was excellent. There was a bit of confusion on the Moremi air flights when travelling from Moremi Crossing to Kasane, but that was on the lack of organization on the airline side.
Russell Bunnell 

October 2009
We had an exceptional holiday, thank you.  Below is my feedback
The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour – excellent
The transfers you had – excellent
Your stay at Mfuwe Lodge – very nice, very friendly staff, lovely setting
Your stay at Chindeni Camp – lovely views and very comfortable accommodation.  Great staff, particularly the guide, Peter!
Your stay at Bilimungwe Camp – probably our favourite because of the very active waterhole.  Also very accommodating and friendly staff.  Both Manda and Mike looked after us very well! Accommodation very simple and could do with a bit of a revamp, but camp is beautifully situated and has a lovely bush atmosphere
Your stay at Kapamba Camp – enjoyable, although not so much game around.  Preferred other camps ito game watching during the siesta period.  Very competent and friendly staff, though! Would not recommend more than one night here.
The bush walks were very well guided and hugely informative, as were the game drives.  All staff were well informed and well spoken!
Stephanie Koch

October 2009
Service we received from Michelle was absolutely amazing and as we have used her in the past we will most certainly use her again on our next travels ! We have already forwarded her details to some friends whom want to travel to Zambia/Botswana !

Wild horizons in Zambia and Botswana is to be highly commended on timely transfers and wonderfully friendly staff ! The guides are well informed and nothing was to much to ask or do for us ! Fantastic !

David Livingstone Safari Lodge is out of this world ! They made our stay very memorable and really went out of their way to make us feel welcome and the staff there never walks around without a smile ! So very nice to see ! They made my mom’s birthday a very very special day and one she will never forget !

Chobe Marina was very nice although I have to mention that the staff was not as friendly although this excludes the guides whom were fantastic ! I think they might have been very busy as room servicing only took place late in the afternoons which doesn’t work so well as one mostly come back after morning excursions to rest before late afternoon excursions. Never the less was still very very good !

I hope we will have the opportunity to return again one day as still so much to see and do !

Kind Regards
Anne Marie Viljoen

October 2009

Let us start this “debriefing” e mail by thanking you for all your good efforts in making this about four week tour a complete success.

Our thanks go also to your wonderfull correspondent Nature Friends Safaris in general and to Malory and Nico in particular.

We were welcomed at Windhoek Airport by Mister Nico who gave us loads of additional and useful information. He spent quite some time with us explaining things and answering our questions. A good start!

Here we go:

No comments about Bagatelle, only perhaps a little bid too far from Windhoek after the long flight from Brussels and Frankfurt. But got there in due time for the evening activity.

In Canon Lodge we took several interesting excursions.

The Bahnhof Hotel in Aus is of a good standard but misses that special touch that made the other lodges so outstanding. Aus itself is a complete disaster.

Wolvedans Dune Lodge was the experience! The first night we had diner in their wine cellar where a romantic table for two was reserved for us. And in the the cellar we found a wide selection of good South African wines at reasonable prices.

In Kulala Desert Lodge we joined several excursions. The ranger walked us first to Death Vlei. Sossus Vlei was infested by tourists and as such a disappointment.

The Hansa Hotel with their “reward winning restaurant” was first in class! The place to be at when in Swakopmund! Helpful ladies at the reception who booked a full day activity to Walvis Bay and to … Sandwich Harbour. Ever been there Mister Nico?

No comments about Cape Cross Lodge. We remember the warm welcome at the reception from the local manager. Nice room with an Atlantic Ocean view.

Mister Nico advised us to travel from Cape Cross to Mowani via the C35. A good advice Nico! The C35 looks on the map a little bid suspicious but is in fact a very nice road for a careful driver. In Mowani we took the longer excursion looking for the elephants and our ranger found them! The manager had given us a 50% change. We explored Twijfelfontein and the miserable Organ pipes with our own car. No need for a ranger with a land rover.

Travel between Damaraland and Sesfontein is in a long exercise. But a 4×4 would, as people told us, could not have helped. No need for the 4×4 but the advantage from a bigger car comes from the “high clearance”. Sesfontein is a good standard accommodation with a below standard kitchen and can be used as a really outstanding safari operator. The first day we booked a full day activity visiting two Himba villages near Opuwo. The second day the ranger brought us in a full day excursion to Puros. We followed the Hoanib River looking for lions, elephants and giraffe.

Puros is another big experience! It started with the enthusiastic welcome from Mister Pieter, one of the owners. Interesting excursions, interesting accommodation and a superb kitchen. All that in the middle of nowhere.

The Elephant Lodge transferred us back from Puros to Sesfontein via the direct road. This took more than four hours in a land rover and a driver (Mister James) who was born and raised in the area.

In this debriefing letter we want to revert to travelling to Puros. Obviously off limits for a standard car but also off limits for European drivers not accustomed with a 4×4 and not familiar with the road. As Mister Nico explained us in Windhoek: hopelessly. Not even an army tank would have got us through because we would have got lost in the dry riverbed!

Travelling from Sesfontein to the Ongava Lodge was difficult up to Kamanjab where we joined the tar road.

The Ongave Lodge is an above standard Wilderness Safaris outlet. They supplied everything we could have wished for. Interesting game drives in their own reserve. Etosha itself was full of animals and packed with tourists! You will know the feeling.

Okonija is also an above standard lodge and they also supplied everything we could have wished for.

It was a short drive from Okonjima to the Windhoek Airport and to the car delivery station.

We had booked a car from Europcar ourselves and we had been warned during our trip that we would get cheated.

When delivering the car the attendant (a Mister Beno) barely looked at the car but immediately wanted the check the tyre in the boot. It was completely flat and we are convinced that he knew in advance. We didn’t have to use it but the idea that they send us on the road with a flat tyre is disgusting. It was a rather new car and we showed him that the crick had never used but at no avail. We then understood that we had fallen prey to a mafia. The local manager is an impolite brute and referred to a separate slip of paper they had made us sign outside the rental contract. No need to discuss because they got us in their trap. We were told that Johannesburg would decide.

Waiting in front of the Europcar counter we overheard the missery of just arriving guests who had booked a car and were told there was none. We witnessed the argument between the manger and his assistant manager.

This was a disappointment after a fabulous four week tour through beautiful Namibia where we met friendly and always helpful people. Such practices are a shame for the Namibian Tourist Industry and for Namibia as a whole.

Ali, this was our third visit to Southern Africa and the second with you. As previously already hinted we are considering to come back. Let’s keep in touch.

Johan and Bernaette Rutten 

October 2009
Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, but I am happy to provide some feedback.

Falcon-Safari Service:

I learned of IS through a friend who had booked a trip with them earlier in the year.  As he couldn’t say enough nice things about the agent he worked with (Patricia), I initially tried to email her directly.  I sent her several emails over a period of weeks, but she never responded; I found this to be quite frustrating.  However, once I emailed the more generic email address and was assigned to Alison, my experience couldn’t have been more positive.  Alison was incredibly friendly, professional, and put together an itinerary which was perfect for what we wanted.  She was honest in telling us which of our ideas would be more expensive than the budget we had proposed, and went well above and beyond my expectations in (successfully) advocating on our behalf to have the singles charge at Oddballs waived.  I very much enjoyed my email interactions with her, appreciated her willingness to be a little less formal (which allowed her friendliness and personality to show through), and was very pleased with the way she organized our trip.  I would gladly recommend IS, an in particular Alison, to others.

It was a little unclear when/ where we needed to meet with the Delta Air people in Maun, which was easily resolved by calling the offices the morning of our departure into the Delta.  It would have been helpful (and a little less stressful) though if we knew clearly when our flight was leaving and where we had to meet prior to our arrival in Maun.  Otherwise, the transfers (Maun–> Oddballs and Oddballs–> Maun) were great.  We chose to make our own arrangements to get to/ from Maun to where we were staying in Gaborone.

How can I say enough nice things about Oddballs?  While reputed to be a more ‘budget’ safari, it feels like anything but.  Located in an idyllic part of the Delta, the view from the comfortable couches, chairs, and porch of the main building is as glorious as it is tranquil, and is accentuated by the sounds of nearby hippos, frequent visits from elephants and baboons, numerous graceful birds, and stunning African sunsets.  We slept in beds complete with sheets and blankets in our raised platform tents, and had towels, clean bathrooms, and plenty of hot water.  The food and service were fantastic; I loved the chance to eat with other guests/ staff and the food was easily restaurant-quality.   Our guide, Papio, was simply amazing; he could tell everything about seemingly every animal and bird (and we saw plenty of both) from behavior patterns to migration paths to dietary preferences to scientific names. Beyond professional, he took every opportunity to do his best to ensure that we had the maximum best time possible, never once showing any sign of boredom, frustration, or anything other than positivity and upbeat-ness (pretty impressive considering we spent every waking moment of >2 days with him, and then significant portions of another 3). When we were apologetic about asking him to do things that created more work for him (such as back up in the mokoro so we could take a picture of something or see something more closely), he always just brushed it aside and simply repeated his generous response “I am here for you, and you are here for me”- a beautiful description of what was in truth a business relationship, but in a way that invited equal power and further interaction. He also had an incredible sense of humor, possessed humility in a way that was so much a part of him one might easily overlook it, loved to laugh, joke, and learn, and was just a genuinely good human being. And I never once had even the slightest waver of trust in his ability to keep us safe in the wilderness.  Finally, I loved that Oddballs gave us the chance to do all mokoro and walking safaris; I did several driving and bigger boat safaris later during my stay in Botswana, and the increased frequency with which one sees game when driving simply can’t (in my mind) compare to the feeling of peace, tranquility, and harmony with nature one gets when coming across game on foot or in a mokoro.  I would HIGHLY recommend not only Oddballs, but that anyone going there request Papio as their guide.

Hope this helps!

David Carrier

October 2009
I actually gave the 2 nights at Elephant Valley Lodge to my son and daughter in law as a wedding present, they were honeymooning through Botswana
All they said was magic.
Elize was great with all my bookings as I am in Sudan and answered all my questions and more.She went out of her way for me.
Thanks very much.
Barbara Schroder

October 2009
Everything was perfect! I really enjoyed the ‘Africa on Foot’ experience and would recommend it to others!

Thank you!
Nataliya Novikova

October 2009
enjoyed my stay at Moremi Crossing Camp very much. The staff was very nice and well-trained and the lodge is beautiful. Everything was perfectly organized.
Nontheless I don’t think I would choose this way of experiencing the Okavango Delta again.
There was too much time of just doing nothing and hanging around in the lodge. This was very relaxing but I felt I wasted a lot of precious time.
This is a personal view as I prefer more activities during my holidays, but I am sure that other people come to this place in order to relax.

Thanks again and all the best for Moremi Crossing!

Dietmar Almen

October 2009
We are back home after long but uneventful, even pleasant flights. In our 3 hour stop over on Jo’burg we visited the Air Botswana office and were treated very well and got the maximum refund for our clothes purchases. (And suggested that this info be included in the lost baggage forms we filled in) The person we dealt with was very relieved we were not upset/angry and wanted to know how we were so happy! We ended up hearing about her marital difficulties as she asked us for the secret of our long/happy marriage!

We enjoyed both our road trips in and out of Arathusa -the re routing was unfortunate in that we missed a game drive but the journey from Nelspruit was very scenic. I am sure you will sort out who gets to be paid for the transfer as it wasn’t tambouti and SAS were responsible for the mess. Will the prepaid $$$ be transferred from Tambouti to whoever drove us?- and we also felt very badly afterwards that we had not tipped the young man who drove us -his name was Zani (spelling?) and didn’t work for Tambouti. He must have thought us very tightfisted but we simply were so happy to be at Arathusa -and there was no luggage so the arrival was v fast -and he;d gone before tTor and I looked at each other and felt badly.
Our stay at Arathusa provided us with the best animal viewing of the holiday -we have unbelievable leopard shots, the best sightings in 3 months according to our Ranger as we saw 6 different cats and followed/watched  a mum and 2 cubs as they rested, played and cavorted on the patio of a safari lodge and then posed for us as they groomed/rested first on a rock and then on a termite mound. We would completely recommend Arathusa and didn’t feel it was at all expensive .Everyone there was very happy.

We loved Pom Pom – I think I enjoyed it even more than Tor as I loved the birds/landscape etc and felt the way the camp was organised with its tea/coffee/ drinks/bar/ gave it a homey feeling. We were also lucky they were not full -8 -12 guests while we were there. We received really personalised attention on the third day with our own guide and tracker and a combo boat trip/game drive  -which makes sense as they obviously make more money from us when you factor in the fly in and out costs. We’d definitely go back.

More importantly I wanted to thank you for your help – knowing you were on the ground to help turned out to be an essential cog in the success of our trip – and Corrie’s kindness went far beyond the normal expectations for a hotel manager at The Safari Club.

Please feel free to use us as a reference and we would be happy to provide a comment for your website. If you ever have the opportunity to travel to Canada’s west coast we would be thrilled to host you
Mary Schmid 

September 2009
We spent such a great time!

All the lodges had something special. The staff, the facilities, the food, the decoration, the views, everything was amazing! The room at the Stanley Safari Lodge was unbelievable, we are glad we insisted in going there.

We had the chance to experience different kind of activities, the game drives, the walks in the bush, mokoro trip, different kind of boats, the flights in those light aircrafts, etc, etc. It was a very good idea to go from Kalahari where there were not many animals to see, to the Okavango Delta were the number increased, then to Chobe where we could see huge herds of elephants, baboons, zebras, buffalos, etc; and then change to Victoria Falls where we could make another kind of activities different from the game viewing.

It was very relaxing that we didn’t need to worry about anything, there was always someone waiting for us, assisting us, knowing where he should take us, even the cross border was really easy.

Thank you for putting this itinerary together for us!
Gilda and Federico Follietti

September 2009
The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour. 
During tour very good service.  Louise very available by phone the first day when we needed her.
During the planning process there seemed to be response delays.  After having been in South Africa and attempting to use the internet I realized that this may be related to the limited overseas internet connections available.  I only wish Louise had made me aware that internet was not as reliable for her as it is for me in the USA.  The payment process and confirmation went very smoothly.
The transfers you had.I only had one from the airport in Johannesburg to the hotel and it was without problem.
Your stay at Metcourt Suites Many problems checking in.  The reservation was for the family name of Roberta rather than Allen.  Even though they eventually figured this out they failed to make the correction for our second stay with them.  My sons were in a smoking room and were not moved despite their request (one of my sons has asthma and this was an issue).  I thought we had requested all non smoking accommodations.  The rooms were ok but not up to the standard of the rest of the trip nor up to the level of a different hotel at the same complex used by Patricia for the earlier group.  I would probably not stay in this hotel again.  As above we had problems checking in again when we returned for the last night of the trip.  Both times my husband and I were given a room that was very noisy in the hallway and from the front door which the windows opened onto.  Assistance with the luggage on checkout, I was alone my husband had gone into the city for meetings, was totally absent.  I am also not sure why when I arrived we were booked into a hotel close to the airport rather than in a nicer area of the city.
Your stay at Table Bay Hotel Magnificent. It was our wedding anniversary and at dinner at the  hotel the staff was delightful to us.  We had a terrific view of the Harbor and the mountain.  Except for check in when they did not have a record of the reservation having been prepaid and advised us of the rack rate for the room which rather took us by surprise (though I gave them the voucher and this had been solved by the time we checked out) this was a most perfect visit.
Your stay at Franschhoek Country House Very lovely. Fully recommend.
Your stay at Ocean Eleven Guesthouse We saw the whales from the balcony of our room.  We could not ask for more.  Again a full recommendation.
Your stay at Ocean Art House A quirky sort of place but very nice.  I believe this is the first time your agency has used this guest house ?  The owner/manager was very helpful.  Smaller than the other places we stayed but again very pleasant and we would recommend it.
Your stay at Bloom Estate Beautiful.  Very calm and restful.  I wish we could have stayed there two nights.
Your stay at The Thorntree I was struggling with an upper respiratory illness since Franshoeck.  I was the most ill this night.  We arrived late in the afternoon.  My husband did enjoy his dinner there.  It seemed to be very far out of town and there was nothing special about it not that there was anything wrong with it.  The owner/manager went out of his way to telephone a local doctor and schedule an appointment for me which was very much appreciated.  So we were there only maybe 18 hours.
Your stay at Phantom Forest Lodge Fantastic.  Along with Table Bay Hotel it was the highlight of the trip.  A totally wonderful experience.
Your stay at Emily Moon River Lodge Like Thorntree we arrived late in the afternoon and left very early in the morning.  We were a bit unimpressed with their dinner restaurant. Not sure why we were booked there since we really did not have time to see anything in that area and then we had the very long and early drive so that we were at the airport in Port Elizabeth on time for our flight.  The room itself was very nice.
Roberta Allen

September 2009
The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour.      excellent
The transfers you had.   perfect ;  except return from meno a kwena Camp to maun Airport , 2 hours in a open sightseeing vehicle was very windy
Your stay at The Safari Club SA   perfect
Your stay at Chundukwa River Lodge   perfect
Your stay at Oddballs Camp   perfect
Your stay at Meno A Kwena Tented Camp perfect
All in all it was a perfectly organized itinerary which fully met my expectations.
Thank you very much .
Hannes Kriegleder 

September 2009
Everything having to do with our Rovos Rail trip was excellent. Booking through you was easy and without any issues at all. We loved the experience of the train trip, from meeting Mr. Vos, to disembarking in Pretoria – it was all so very wonderful. We think we might want to do the trip from Dar Salaam one day – after we win the lottery.
Many thanks,
Amy Smith

September 2009
Greatly appreciated all the work you did on our behalf. The credit card authorization process was a bit of a burden, but we understood the need for it. However, when we needed to do it a second time that was a bit much. Thank you for sending the gentleman to the airport to assist. The transfers you had.

All transfers were on time, effiient and courteous.

Your stay at Oddballs Enclave 
Very nice place. I would like to point out that it is the new branch of Oddballs, and by far nicer than the original which only has dome tents. You may recall that I thought drinks were included (beers, wine, etc.). At Enclave they are, at the original they are not. I would definitely say Enclave is a much better option than the original Oddballs.

Your stay at Elephant Valley Lodge 
Loved it, highly professional, good service, fantastic location. Only drawback is the long drives to and from the park (about 30 minutes to park). Other options may be closer, but the environment at EVL is worth it.

Your stay at Waterberry Lodge 
Our least favourite. Nice location on the river, but service is currently being upgraded by the management. Of note we were told in our itinerary that our entrance to the Vic Falls was included. Waterberry did not believe so and we each had to pay $10 at the gate and we were not reimbursed.
John Eberly

September 2009
We were very happy with the service from Elize at your office, our transfers were good and the representative from Meno A Kwena insisted in staying with us at Maun airport until we were checked onto the flight for home, the mobile safari with Africa Calls was very very impressive, a good guide, good transport and very good food.  We were very happy with that service.  We also had a very satifactory stay at Meno A Kwena, including one night camp out in the salt pans, as we requested.  Overall very happy with all phpects.

If I had one small point, it was that the arrangements for forwarding of vouchers was not very clear from the mails at the time of the final payment.  However they did come in time and there was no probelms at all but it was not clear how it was going to happen before the mail came through to us.   That is just a small point and not really a complaint at all.  Elize was very prompt and helpful at all times.

Best regards and thanks

Colm & Louise McKiernan 

September 2009
First I would like to thank Alison for the whole oganisation and the nice contact we had.
Our stay in Namibia, Botswana and Zambia was wonderfull with the leopard to make it complete

The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour. 
The service was perfect thanks to Alison

The transfers you had.
The transfers where perfect, not any comment

Your stay at Chobe Savanna Lodge 
The Savanna Lodge is great, personal service, very good food, beautiful environment and good company

Your stay at Chobe Game Lodge 
Perfectly organised, friendly and professional people, good food and many game drives with many animals including the leopard

Your stay at The Royal Livingstone Hotel 
Stunning hotel, close to the victoria falls, beautifull views on the Zambezi, very good restaurant (not too expensive)

Finally we had a very good time, very well organised.
We think to come back to You next year, maybe march or april.

Edgard Schroyens

September 2009
We were extremely pleased with our 3 days booked at the Khwai Fly Camp with Mock.

He & his staff were excellent in every way & the quality of attention we got could not have been better. great food & wonderful camp site.

could highly recommend it.
Martin Sher

September 2009
Thank you for all your assistance in organising my recent Victoria Falls stay. Everything went smoothly – with the exception of lost luggage which is beyond your control.
I very much enjoyed visiting the Falls and the Township.

I could not help but be amazed by the beauty of the Falls contrasting with the basic existance of the Township residents. I will one day return for a longer stay to have a further look.

All the transfers and hotel arrangements were excellent – thank you again.

James Dudley

September 2009
I really liked our agent she wasn’t pushy like many agents in SA – knowledge and very helpful.
Nathan Rudometkin

September 2009
The service during the booking process was wonderful. Elize was always knowledgeable and helpful, had detailed information for quotes, and very timely in all her responses.
The transfers were easy, no problems there.
Oddballs was exactly what we were looking for! Not too fancy, not pretentious, just nice people in a beautiful setting.  Our guide was excellent! He ensured we saw a lot of animals but were safe.  Our bush camping experience was incredible but not for the faint of heart–highly recommended!

Thanks for everything!
Kristy Deep

September 2009
We just got back from our wonderful trip in Namibia and Botswana. We were very happy with all of your services and of course with our stay at Oddball’s, I can recommend the Enclave very strongly.

Thanks for your AAA service, we will book again with you whenever we come back to Southern Africa (which will probably be soon…)

best regards and thanks again
Christian & Arlette Heim 

September 2009
Everything worked out great. Kapama was excellent. The transfer and guide through Blyde Canyon was great and I even made it for the evening game drive. The only downside, no cheetah or leopard. Next time.

David Teraji 

September 2009
Patricia did a good job organizing our trip.  Our transfers went smoothly, which in the past hasn’t always been the case. On our portion of the trip we didn’t get to do some of the things listed. The Cheetah and wild dog park was great, but would have been nice to know about the cheetah run which is only done on certain days. It would have been amazing to watch, but we missed it by a day. I was not to impressed with the Mondior hotel, but it meet our needs. My sister really liked the Cotswold house.  Our camping safari was amazing and the best part of our trip.  Muchenje lodge was very pleasant and a nice repreave from the tents.  Stanley lodge was amazing and our host was great.  My sister absolutely loved the Elephant Sanctuary. I think my brother had a little problem getting all his arrangements made, but also think they waited until the last minute.
All in all I would recommend your travel agency.
Thanks for a trip of a life time.
Carol Kampen

September 2009
We had a lovely holiday and it all went very well,no problems with flights or transfers. We enjoyed Oddballs and the time in the bush was great. One small issue is that they should now build the BWP200 per person per night Moremi camping fee into the basic price so it does not have to be paid in cash at Oddballs,as in our case we had to draw BWP 1600 in cash to cover this fee, but we had been warned before re this payment but it could now become part of the trip fee paid up front and not an add on.

We are very happy with the service we received from Falcon Safaris and will use them again.
Brian Smith

September 2009
Since we just returned home and are still very tired, I will keep this brief.

Ali was terrific during the booking process.  She quickly and completely answered any questions and sent us updated information as the booking progressed.  And we saved about $3000 over what another company quoted us for the very same trip!

The transfers were fun and exciting.  We loved flying in and out on the little bush planes.

Little Kwara was excellent — we liked everything about it…  great and enthusiastic guide and tracker, fun staff, wonderful game viewing, comfortable room, good viewing from the deck.

Muchenje was very nice and a totally different experience.  At Little Kwara, the delta was beautiful with a huge variety of wildlife, but Chobe has huge amounts of wildlife.  Both places offered different things, and we enjoyed both.

The Zambezi Sun was nice — the grounds are beautiful, and the convenience of the hotel to the falls is great.  But I would recommend to all guests of Zambezi to walk over to the sister hotel next door, the Royal Livingstone, for food — we had drinks out on the river at sunset and breakfast over there, and it was a very nice experience.

Thanks so much for Falcon Safari’s efforts to save us money, get us the best rooms and furnish us with all the information we needed for a good trip to Botswana!
Marilyn Perlman 

September 2009
Our experience with Falcon Safari was terrific overall.  Michelle was very helpful in planning our trip!  I have already passed her name along to the group that we traveled with for the future.  Do you make flight arrangements from the US and Europe as well?  We found Michelle through the Chobe Safari Lodge and she helped us with our inter-Africa flights and accomodations primarily.


The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour — Michelle was really helpful, and we were able to do most of our communication via email (which was nice given the time difference between Johannesburg and Chicago).

The transfers you had — the transfers were great, and very seamless.  All of our drivers and pilots were terrific and very helpful with filling out immigration forms.

Your stay at Pom Pom Camp — the camp was lovely, and the staff at Pom Pom was terrific.  The tents were beatiful, as was the wildlife.  The one thing we would have liked to have called out more clearly in the orientation/information package was the need for winter gear!  That caught us by surprise — looking back, we did see the recommendation, but we didn’t catch it when we packed for the trip and ended up very very cold on our first night safari.

Your stay at Chobe Safari Lodge — very different from Pom Pom, but a good experience nonetheless.  There were two points of confusion for us when we first arrived.  First was about the terrace lunch vs. buffet lunch and what was included in our package (they told us that the package didn’t include the buffet lunch, which didn’t seem to make sense, but it all seemed to work out in the end).  The second was about the activities.  In her itinerary for us, Michelle had described two different boat tours on the Chobe River, but the activities guide said there was only one tour.  We booked only one boat tour in the end and used the other credit towards three land tours.  There was some conflicting information between the activities person, who told us that the 6 am tours were the best for seeing animals, and the guides who told us that typically the animals come out a lttle bit later during the winter since they wait until the sun warms things up a little.

Your stay at Zambezi Sun Resort Hotel — we had a good stay here, though the rooms were smaller than we would have liked if we had been staying more than one night.  You can’t beat the proximity to Victoria Falls, though, and it was great to see the zebras and giraffes on the grounds.

I hope this has been helpful!
Tasha Seitz 

September 2009
Our experience was nothing short of wonderful.  Alison work with us to book exactly what we wanted, and was always available to answer questions, make suggestions, and provide information.  Our journey in Africa was seamless.  Everything was pre-arranged and went according to schedule.  We could not have been cared for any better.  The transfers were on time and the pilots of the planes as personable as the camp staffs and rangers.  Everyone took responsibility for not only our safety, but our enjoyment as well.  All three camps were unique and memorable.  It would be hard to pick a favorite.  We were pampered, and fed beyond belief!  How wonderful!  I will add that we encountered a group of Americans on an A & K tour at Chobe Chilwero and Chief’s Camps, who had paid $12000 more for roughly the same itinerary.  Our arrangements were an incredible bargain.  I gave your contact information yesterday to Tom Rock, who is interested in an African trip, and wanted to know of our experience.  I will certainly continue to recommend your outstanding service.
Nancy Baker

September 2009
Many thanks for your email and the follow up! We just arrived back in to Australia after 7 weeks of camping in Africa on the 9/9 hence the delay in my reply.

1.       Service received from Falcon staff etc.
I dealt with Patricia on our end, and all I can say, is that rarely have I ever received better service from anyone ! Patricia has been absolutely fantastic in every way, nothing has ever been any trouble, she has assisted in so many ways and has really gone way beyond the call of duty with provision of information and assistance before our trip. You have a serious gem on your team in Patricia. Thank you Patricia.

2.       Transfer – fabulous

3.       Stay at Oddballs, just great. Facilities and all staff were fantastic, our guides, Papio and young Aiden were just great, we had lots of fun with them and they were just great to be with.

We cannot thank everyone enough, and yes, your standards more than met with our expectations.
Thank you Falcon Safari, I am so glad I found you on the internet!
Best regards
Heidi Collins, Chris and Steve (from Australia)
Keep up the excellent work

September 2009
We are home from our journey, and I wanted to let you know what a fabulous time it was.  The arrangements were seamless.  Not a glitch!  Thank you so much for helping us and putting together a truly life changing trip.
Nancy Baker

September 2009
The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour: 
VERY SATISFACTORY (It is the 3rd time I am traveling with you. My daughter will also travel with you on the October 4th)
Your stay at Ambassador Hotel   VERY GOOD
Your stay at Arathusa Safari Lodge  VERY  GOOD
Your stay at Tanda Tula         VERY GOOD
Your stay at Metcourt Suites  VERY GOOD
Dolores Villegas

September 2009
Sorry for not getting back the second we landed, just a little crazy taking care of business, back to school, back to life and what not.
The only complaint that I have about the trip is that it wasn’t long enough.
Amazing country, amazing people, and of course amazing wildlife. You felt as though you were truly experiences wild Africa, but totally safe and extremely comfortable. Many thanks for making sure that TK was ourguide. My favorite line of the trip “Only the first time that you get charged by a lion, does your heart pound” I see why you spent so much time there.
The only thing I might change would be  Planet Baboob. A wonderful and interesting place, but a long drive to and from and to and from the salt pans.  On the other hand Willa loved the quads and she
fulfilled a lifelong dream of seeing Meer Cats.(sp)

BTW the transfers in J-Berg both directions were simple. Bags arrived fine and plenty of time.

Thanks so much for an amazing and well-organized adventure.
Sarah J. Jelin 

September 2009
The planning process went smoothly with Louise of Falcon-Safaris.  She was knowledgeable and helpful throughout.

The ground transportation arranged by Louise went off “without a hitch”.  We were met on time by each operator.  Tony, of Ambula Tours, was a delight.  He offered much information about the areas we drove through in response to our questions.  The vehicles were clean and up-to-date.  The gentleman who drove us along the Panorama route was also very good.

Metcourt Hotel:  The check-in desk seemed rather disorganized.  The biggest disappointment was having to walk some distance to the casino area in order to find a restaurant (a big breakfast was served in the hotel.) The room was large and clean though chairs were not comfortable.

Maanar House:  A delightful B&B; clean & well-equipped.  Mark, a co-owner, picked us up at Durban airport.  Since we were there only one night, we were fine.  However, because the B&B is located in the middle of a residential area, you would need a car for a longer stay.

  We were not expecting such a lengthy drive up rutted roads to reach the top of the mountain.  There were beautiful views and the cabins were quite large and luxurious.  It is geared more for the equestrian though we did a game drive there.  Isabella (the owner) has done a beautiful job of designing all the buildings.  The food was outstanding.  It is a perfect place to relax and do nothing if you so choose.

Jackalberry Lodge:  This was a great choice for the price, offering good food, productive game drives, wonderful service and pleasant personnel.  It is not a deluxe lodge but offers all one needs.  We saw a lot of animals and would recommend this property to friends.
Suzanne Price

September 2009
We had a great time and the organisation of transfer, pickup and flight were perfect we had no problem at all even the small airline Zamfari was on the ball with all transfer.
The Safari Club is OK and good value if you do not have to pass any time there. It was ideal for us as we arrived late and left early. If we had to spend more time in Joburg we would stay somewere else.
For all the other lodges and camps please see the attached survey sheet.
We try to be as fair as possible in our rating and we hope that it is usefull to you.
Warmest regards
Jack & Helga Descy

Interactive Management







Lodge Location





















Game drives & walk







Park not too busy







Water activities







Other activities




















Notes: point 1 to 10, 10 being perfect
Chobe Chilwero Lodge:
Management was very poor, they did not present themself
and it was too much to put join 2 table so that we could sit with an other couple
The meal were not of the standard expected for the classification & price
Sussi & Chuma:
The best management and nothink was too much, great mix of activities. The best meals
We would recommend it to anyone
Kapani Lodge:
All OK except that being close to the main gate of Mfuwe the drives are disturbed by
a lot of other vehicules (12 were racing to see the leopard)
On the other hand that was the most prolific game viewing.
Puku Ridge Camp:
All OK, good game viewing but we started to have problem with Tse Tse
Very good due to water activities and that was a timely change after so many drives
We did one drive and the Tse Tse were starting to be a problem
Nanzhila Camp:
The drives were not so good because the animals are very shy, the poaching is still on
The quantity of game that we could see is small due to the vastness of the park.
But the main problem is the Tse Tse it was real bad and we would not recommend
this camp because of it. That is a pity, but maybe in the future it will come good



September 2009
Mandy did our bookings, she was very well informed and responded to my requests immediately, which I must say the other operators were very slow to respond. I will definitely be making use of Mandy for my next excursion which will hopefully be sooner than later. 9 out of 10 for Falcon-safari.
The staff at Kwara were very friendly and accommodating, General staff and Guides were of a high Standard. The camp itself is in need of an upgrade mats and furniture are a bit tired but you cannot fault the cleanliness. 8 out of 10 for Kwara.
Trevor Olsson

September 2009
Both accommodations, –  Elephant Valley Lodge  and Waterberry Lodge were absolutely excellent, also the activities at both venues were superb. The safaris and boat cruises were truly amazing – we saw lots of fantastic wild life and of course the spectacular Victoria Falls. The hospitality at our venues was out of the top drawer, the locals couldn’t do enough for us, and we were not only made to feel very welcome, but also very special as well!!! All the flights worked out really well, also the transfers, in particular from Zambia into Botswana, worked like clockwork. At every destination, whether it was airport, or border there was always someone waiting for us, who saw us through immigration etc with the minimum amount of fuss! Wild Horizons were truly excellent.

Overall, the service we received from Falcon Safari, we mainly dealt with Mandy, was truly superb, any questions or queries were answered immediately, all details were clarified, and any apprehension we may have had was dealt with! Prior to this holiday, we had never heard of Falcon Safari, and only found them when surfing the web. Already we have passed on your name to many people, – so be prepared for an influx of potential customers from the UK!!!!

Our sincere thanks for a truly memorable experience,
Yours Sincerely,
Andy & Val Miller

September 2009
Thank you so much for making our holiday to Vic Falls the most memorable one. The service we received from Falcon – Safari staff  was so excellent.
The booking process was done in very professional way and every booking progress was thoroughly communicated to me.

Wild Horizons is the company that made our stay in Vic falls unforgettable. From the moment they picked us from the Airport till they took us back
when we were coming back home, we enjoyed the touring of the falls, night game drive and the elephant back safari was woooow!

Ever since we came back home I have never stopped talking about riding at the back of an elephant!!!

Vic Falls Hotel gave us a warm welcome and our stay there was home away from home. The service we got from the staff at Vic falls was very

We will without doubt recommend Falcon Safari to anyone who wishes to have a well planned time away from home..

Matlakala and Manenzhe Sekoto 

September 2009
We had been meaning to call you to thank you for organising such a fantastic trip!  We had the most amazing time and the staff at Kwando were just outstanding.  I don’t think we could have imagined the tour going any smoother.  Right from the beginning the transfers and properties surpassed our expectations.  For both of us, our favorite was definitely Kwara, particularly because of the especially warm welcome we received.  Although saying that, the staff at all Kwando camps were gorgeous.  We have been very busy since coming back to Australia but are both still experiencing Botswana withdrawal.

Thank you again for all your work.

Best wishes,
Andrew & Fiona Rootes 

September 2009
Just a note to say how much we enjoyed the holiday that you put together for us. We feel sure it was the right way to do it, a stop off in Jo’berg, safari for 6 nights at Mapula and Muchenjeand then three days at Siankaba to relax. Although having fished, ridden elephants and swum in the devils armchair over Vic falls I’m not sure the last one was relaxing.

The food was very good, the wines excellent and all the lodges superb. We had hardly any delays (Jo’Berg radar went down for 20 minutes) and representatives were always there to help us through. We also found the guides to be unbelievably good, knowledgable and great company.

Thoroughly recommend your company and the lodges and if ever you need a reference then just ask.
Many thanks

Kind Regards,
Paul Needham

September 2009
We just returned from our Africa trip, and We wanted to let you know
that it was fabulous!  Every place was a fantastic adventure.  We
loved all the accommodations, especially Chitwa Chitwa and King’s Camp.
We are already talking about a return trip.  Thanks again for your
great advice and planning.
Leigh and Roger Nofsinger

September 2009
Well we’re back, and WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!! What a fantastic experience! Both accommodations, –  Elephant Valley Lodge  and Waterberry Lodge were absolutely excellent, also the activities at both venues were superb. The safaris and boat cruises were truly amazing – we saw lots of fantastic wild life and of course the spectacular Victoria Falls. The hospitality at our venues was out of the top drawer, the locals couldn’t do enough for us, and we were not only made to feel very welcome, but also very special as well!!! All the flights worked out really well, also the transfers, in particular from Zambia into Botswana, worked like clockwork. At every destination, whether it was airport, or border there was always someone waiting for us, who saw us through immigration etc with the minimum amount of fuss! Wild Horizons were truly excellent.
So finally a really, really big thank you to your very good self for putting the package together, and making all the necessary arrangements, – it could not have been bettered, and after a very emotional 2 weeks working at a Mission Hospital in Mpongwe, Zambia, it was just what was required prior to going back to our day jobs here in the UK.
If ever you, Falcon Safari, or Wild Horizons need any references, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be only too happy to provide them!
Best Regards,
Andy and Val Miller

September 2009
Finally back from a fantastique holiday.  Thank you very much, the organisation was, as usual, impeccable.  Benguerra Lodge was super.  Mandy was very efficient all the way.  No problems whatsoever.

Thank you again
Johanna van Doren 

September 2009
Hi Mandy, I’m so sorry it has taken me so long to write you and thank you for organizing our safari in July. I have spent much too much time looking at and organizing wedding and safari pictures and getting back into the swing of work. Joanna’s wedding was absolutely perfect – Liz did a wonderful job – the settings on  the Falcon above Victoria Falls, for the ceremony and by the Zambezi River for the reception were so beautiful and everyone was so happy and enjoying themselves. We had warthogs at Lokuthula Lodges, hippos on the boatride over to the Falcon, and elephants on the way back.

Everything with the safari went off perfectly too. Joanna and Dennis got the royal treatment at every spot, and of course that rubbed off on us too! We arrived too late at Chobe Safari Lodgefor our boatride, (totally our fault) so they quickly switched things around and we went on a shorter trip into the national park, and did the private boat ride the next morning. I have to say this worked out perfectly – I really liked the park in the afternoon – there weren’t nearly as many vehicles and we saw lots and lots of animals and had a really good guide.. Similarly I would really suggest that whenever possible you book people in for the private boat trip as you did for us. This was much nicer than being on the larger boat, – we could get closer into shore and could stop whereever we wanted to see something interesting. Again there were fewer boats and we had another wonderful guide who was enjoying himself as much as we were. (Also we got to sleep in later…a bonus after our hectic week!)
Meno a Kwena was a favourite with everyone – the setting is spectacular, looking down over the river and the accommodation is luxurious and yet gave the feeling of a tenting safari.  Everyone was very excited that the river was flowing again, and one night the elephants played in the water for hours, and the next day about 40-50 zebras came down to drink. We also saw three white rhinos in  Makgadikgadi  National Park. It would have been lovely to stay a day or two longer so we could have visited the Pans. Next time!
It was such a nice feeling being back at Mapula Lodge – the staff were so welcoming and thoughtful. They provided a surprise “wedding picnic” for lunch one day, and the staff all came one evening to sing and dance and bless the marriage (and the bride’s parents!) The Okavango had had serious flooding – the land  was much wetter than when I was there in January in the rainy season, but there were no torrential thunderstorms this time. Simon was our tracker again and was thrilled to see the pictures of him that I brought from my last trip there. My friend Nancy is an avid birder and got us all into the spirit of the hunt. On our last day we had 92 birds ticked off and our guide was determined to find us 8 more on the way to the airstrip…which he did!
As Nancy said, “it was the trip of a lifetime” for all of us.
Thank you so much for helping it to happen!
All the best.
Mary Kirton

September 2009
thank you very much for your request of feed-back which we had already in mind to send as we had a really positive experience.

First of all let us say that Mandy took care of us from the very beginning in an absolutely professional way: she made us a lot of proposals, she changed them or amended them to cope with our requests and in the end that resulted in a wonderful travel program, which allowed us to experience different natural settings, different kinds of accommodation, and different trip solutions.

All of them have always been marked by an impressive high level of professionality: from the simple tents at Savuti to the luxury Khwai River Lodge, all our guides have been efficient, prepared, welcoming, and absolutely trustworthy. In every place we enjoyed very good food (probably too much!!), we slept in clean beds, we had really great guides who knew exaclty where and when to look for and find the animals.

All the transfers by plane have been on time, the pilots were young but very good.  The moment we had already  a person and a jeep waiting for us and taking us to our accommodation.
At Jo’burg Airport the person waiting for us was there and took care of our extra luggage as agreed upon with Mandy. And we found our luggage exactly where we had asked, at the Safari Club.

Briefly Lodge by Lçodge as you request:

Chobe Safari Lodge : good accommodation, very good price/quality relationship, excellent location on the river front. Just to be picky: maybe a bit smaller boats, a bit less crowded, would make the river safari cruises even more enjoyable.

Savuti Fly Camp: we probably have been lucky, as we were the only guests on the two nights we stayed there. The crew was at our disposal and we can say they pampered us: hot water for the morning wash up with the morning call; excellent food four times a day; and possibly the best guide we had in the whole trip, Mr. Namba. Excellent! Output: it’s the place where we could see the biggest number and variety of  animals in all our Botswana tour.

Oddballs Enclave: very nice accommodation. Recently open (June 2009), we stayed this time again the only two guests for the first night. Very friendly staff, very good food, very nice experience with the mokoro and the walking tours of the Falcons. Enchanting natural scenary.  Again we have been lucky: we had an upgrade at the very las moment from mandy as the other Oddball Camp was full. We visited it and, frankly speaking, was really looking run-down and even a bit dirt.

Khwai River Lodge
: excellent. Absolutely meeting the expectations. Very good staff, very good food. Any request was satisfied in a blink by a smiling person.

The Safari Club SA:  the location is convenient for people just in connection with a day-after flight.  We spent there two nights and it’s quite far from everything except the airport. We had to ask the reception staff for assistance to reach Jo’burg and visit something the day after the arrival. This said, it’s clean and  the staff is kind. It’s really noisy.

Bazaruto Lodge: the Resort is nice, well run, clean and the food is really good. Nonetheless the expectations haven’t been met. let us explain. The Arhipelago is wonderful, but probably still not properly exploited. There is a stron tide phenomenon, preventing people to enjoy of the beach for half day every day. A shuttle service is provided to take people on the other side of the Falcon to be able to swim and snorkel, but then a strict shuttle schedule is adopted and people cannot really enjoy the beach.
Any extra activity is charged and probably the sea passages between the Falcons could be used to swim and snorket and enjoy the sea. Too expensive for what is offered.

We would really appreciate it if you could pass this on to Mandy , expressing her our sincere appreciation for the work done. We will certainly recommend your company as a very knowledgeable tour privider in the Area.
Thank you again
With our best regards,

Barbara Bovi
Fulvio Ortu

September 2009
I have answered your questions below.
Please thank Patricia and rest assured not only will i use Falcon-Safari again, I’ll also recommend the company to others.
Best wishes
Amanda Stuart
The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour. 
They were excellent. Patricia managed to put together all my requests (with the exception she couldn’t get me Ilala Lodge in Vic Falls) and through negotiation at a price I found acceptable. Patricia was particularly good at arranging honeymoon suites and private safari jeeps for our group of 6 for free or at a minimal extra cost.
The transfers you had.
Faultless! Everyone was there to meet us on time at every transfer and all the transfer staff were friendly and professional.
Your stay at Oddballs Camp Excellent. The honeymoon suite was lovely.
Your stay at Xakanaxa Camp Excellent location, facilities, food and service. The one exception was that 2 of my parties request to ‘Do not disturb’ was ignored despite them speaking to the manager
Your stay at Muchenje Safari Lodge Superb! Our favourite lodge due to the amazing service of all staff but particularly Cathy and Rod the managers, Amamzning location and views
Your stay at Ichobezi Houseboats Excellent. So relaxing and accomodating we didn’t even get off the boat to use the towed moter boats.
Your stay at Stanley & Livingstone Hotel Our only disappointment! Patricia chose this because she couldn’t get a response out of Ilala lodge which is in the centre of town and I wish I had waited until she could get a response. The hotel was beautiful in every way and the staff lovely. However, it was 15km out of town and they gave you one free transfer – after that it was $15 per person to go into town with the hotel minibus! The hotel only had a 4 course set dinner menu and there was nothing else to choose from – not only did we not want 4 courses but we didn’t want to pay their prices. Their wine list is also riduclously expensive – $75 was the cheapest bottle on offer!!!!! Because of all this we had to pay the fare to go into town to eat.
Your stay at Zambezi Otter Canoe Trail Excellent. It was 2 of the group’s favourite part of the holiday.

September 2009
Wow! Where to begin!

I was absolutely overwhelmingly impressed with the service I received from the staff at Pom Pom camp! The tour guides and all staff were so extraordinarily friendly (especially Titus and BD!) and the activities were always on time and great fun. The food was exceptional! Both Titus and BD (our guides!) had such a wealth of knowledge regarding the wildlife, plants and birds it was just incredible!

The accommodation was absolutely awesome – i loved the tents and though i am typically germaphobic… the outdoor showers were brilliant. What an experience! And the hot water bottles.. absolutely incredible! my goodness the beds were comfy!

My only suggestion would be to have some sort of activities during the middle of the day when between 11ish and 4pm… perhaps like bingo or something – just in case people get bored.  Perhaps having internet access could be another option. I understand that it is out in the wilderness (and quite romantic!) but for friends traveling together or for families without phone coverage it might still be nice for people to stay in contact and perhaps as a way to fill some of that time in the middle of the day.

Michelle who did our bookings was incredible and extremely accommodating. My only concern was the difficulty in trying to ensure payment was made. We had to get a few different bank account details in order to be able to send through the finances and there appears to be some issue with payment which was a little frustrating!

All in all however my time at Pom Pom was just sensational and I will definitely be back and will be referring others to go there too!

Danielle Dal Cortivo

September 2009
I wanna thank you very much for your kindness. The trip has been great.
Unfortunately we returned home.
South Africa is a wonderful country.
About the service received from the staff, I have nothing to say: very very nice and always ready to answer my questions or concerns.
Transfers did not create problems. As soon as we arrived, we were waited to be brought to the hotel. Along the way, they explained to us the possible excursions and we have been accompanied to the entrance of the falls.
The Victoria Falls Hotel is really good. Unfortunately I could enjoy it only for one night.
Your service has exceeded my expectations. I have never been treated so well.
Definitely refer your agency to friends.
Best regards,
Sergio Cengio

September 2009
we are back from our africatour, that means Namibia and Botswana. Anathing works well and we are very impressed of the step forwards in Namibia. I travelled many times in South Africa and Rhodesia also later in Zimbabwe, for business and also vacation and South Africa wars for many years my favorite country to travel. But now for crimereason i will not go in these region in the next years.
So Namabia and Botswana is a perfect alternativ to go. It wars our second trip and your reservation works perfect.
The transfer in Maun is perfect orginazed and we hav had a wonderfull stay in the Xakanaxa Lodge. The people are very nice and our guide Montshou is very competent and we have had a lot of fun with him. The lodge is absolutly clean and when I have a chance I would select for my next stay in the Okavango region the Lodge again. Montshou brought us to the most impressiv animals including the lepards.

So we are back in the reality,
with best regards
Peter Artzt

September 2009
thank you very much for everything. I spent a fantastic holiday in south africa and everything i organized with you was wonderfull. I will suggest your contact to those who will ask me suggestions for the organization of a travel in your beautiful country.

Please find my comments below:

The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour
Everything was perfect. The organization run smoothly. Your suggestions were really appreciated and helpfull. I always received prompt answers to my emails and questions.
The person who met us at the airport gave us some usefull suggestions and assisted us in the money change and trasnfer to the connecting flight. No problems were experienced.
Your stay at Tudor Hotel 
Perfect. Good hotel, good location, willing staff there. They helped us in organizing our township tour and were always available to answer any questions…
Just one thing: maybe you should specify that this hotel is not in the waterfront area. I understood this thanks to their website so there were no problems as I perfectly new where we were, but most of the italian tourists maybe look for an hotel in a more touristic place so if you have to suggest the Tudor to Italians it is better to let them know where it is located. I really appreciated not to be in the waterfront as we were looking for a less touristic but safe place and it allowed us to experience the real Cape Town life…
Your stay at Braeview House
Perfect. Just near the harbour. Good location to do the whale cruise. The owners were friendly and helped us in booking our cruise even if it was late afternoon.
Your stay at Panorama Lodge 
A little bit far from the center of Knysna. Maybe it is better to specify this when you suggest this place. It has a beautiful panorama view over the lagoon. The house is really nice and the owners and friendly and helpfull. They gave us a lot of suggestions regarding the places to visit and where to go. The room was wonderfull. We felt really at home
Your stay at De Olddrift Guesthouse 
It is 8 kms far from the Addo National park but it is a good location, easy to reach and comfortable. The owners were friendly and the location was really nice.
Your stay at Toadtree Lodge
It is better to warn the tourist about a couple of things:
this lodge is inside a private game reserve so there are no signs of the toadtree lodge but you need to follow the kulemi game park sign to find it.
It is a little too far from the Hluwhluwe-Imfolozi park so it takes about 45 minutes to reach it. On their website they say that they are 18 kms far from the park. It is not true.
You should also mention that the road to reach the kulemi game park is completely dark after the sunset so it is better to arrive there with the light as it is really difficult to find it otherwise. Unfortunately we arrived with the dark and we had some problems in finding the signs
it is far from the village where there is only wimpy to have dinner. you should mention also this point so that tourists can be prepared and buy something to eat before arriving there. It is a self catering so if you are prepared there are no problems
Despite all this, i should say that the location is fantastic and I would suggest it as it is a real experience to have a lodge in the bush with the animals around, no artificial lights outside and only the nature around…
Your stay at Seasands Lodge 
Fantastic. Very helpfull staff. They helped us with the bookings of the hippo and the Zulu village tours. The hotel is a little older than i expected to be a 4 star hotels but it is in a very good location, easy to reach and near the restaurants and all the attractions of the city.
Your stay at Brackenhill 
Fantastic place. Friendly staff. You should mention that it is not in the Ezulwini valley where there are the touristic hotels as most of the italian guides says that this is the only place where to sleep. I prefered to be there to have a less touristic experience. We had dinner at the Brackenhill and it was very good.
Your stay at Bucklers Africa
Really fantastic place! Fantastic view over the river. Near to the Kruger gate. The only thing is that there are not many restaurants in the area so it is better to have a self catering there to decide if you want to have your dinner there or going out. The road to reach it is dirty for 3 kms and completely dark so maybe it is not so comfortable to go out looking for a restaurant…
Your stay at Kwa Mbili Game Lodge 
Very good place. Very friendly people. Good food. Fantastic safaris…
Your stay at Otters Den River Lodge
Beautiful place plunged in nature. I think that it is a good place where to go in winter but not in summer as it should be full of insects because of lots of trees and the river. We had dinner there and it was really good.

I hope my comments could help you…
I thank you very much for your efforts and remain at your disposal if you have any queries…

Best regards
Alessia Marini

September 2009
Thanks for email.
I was VERY nervous sending funds to your bank account in Mauritius. However the service from your company and the Royal Livingstone was 1st class and for sure I will use your company again.

Bob Hepworth

August 2009
Back home now, we want to tell you that we had amazing holidays!!
From start to finish everything was extremely well organized, everything went according to schedule no delays, no disappointments ….fantastic!
The accommodations, different (as expected), all of them with an unique atmosphere, are more than recommendable. The activities in the lodges were attractive and fulfilled our expectations; always excellent and skilful guides (B.G. at Muchenje and Dabe at Meno a Kwena [although he has the tendency to drive a little bit crazy..] among the best; but we were also very happy with the other guides).
The choice of the 4 destinations was excellent, since we could see (although travelling in a relatively small area) different landscapes and environments.
Of course, a lot of animals (most of them at Chobe riverfront and in front of our tent at Meno a Kwena); extremely impressive the Zebra migration in the Kalahari..!; but even more impressive the hospitality and kindness of the people we met. If I would have to single someone out, I would like to mention Mat, the manager of Delta camp!…I almost never experienced such an exceptional, excellent and discreet service!
We never felt insecure neither by walking through VF on our own nor by exploring Livingstone, and also the elephants around our treehouse at Delta camp were a wonderful not at all a scary experience!
The most challenging experience was the flight from Kasane to Delta: very bumpy but enough barf bags available…!
What remains is our wish to repeat such a trip sometime in the future and to thank you for your excellent organization, your willingness to respond to my questions all the time very shortly, for your correct and precise information…..!
I can – and I will do so – highly recommend the services provided by you and Falcon safari.

With my best regards
Alexander M. Hirschl

August 2009
Everything went fine. We were appreciated your services, the transfers as well as the stay at Oddballs. The only minus is that I couldn’t taste the promised fish as a vegetarian… but the vegetarian cooking was excellent.

Best regards
Jean-Luc Niedergang

August 2009
How do we find the right words to describe?

Firstly, The assistance from Patricia was excellent, prompt replies to any requests (even though she was ill at one stage)and all emails were personable and familiar. Her suggestions were spot on and we experienced all we asked for and so much more. This being the case, not at any time during our stay did we need to contact Falcon Safari.
Our adventure was rewarding, educational and unforgettable

Our first night stayover in Jo,burg at The Safari Club was a warm welcome to the continent. The lodge comfortable, great service, the personal transfer to the airport by Michelle very unexpected. What a lovely person.
British Airways to Vic Falls was OK though cramped for a big man like Russ here (and also spoilt by the space & service from Qantas…whom flew us along the edge of the Antartic..big bonus).

Vic falls was Fantastic matched only by the luxury and old world big game hunter feel of the Vic Falls Hotel. Pity about the state of Zimbabwe and the welcome need for the tourism police. Thanks for the Lion Walk Encounter…memories to last forever .
It was good to get amongst it  on our transfer to Kasane across the border into Botswana…what a contrast between the living standards!
Moremi Air’s service was friendly and helpful. Loved each and every transfer. They were always on time to and from the camps, the pilots were great, all had a yarn. Rick couldn’t withhold his glee at the Springboks trouncing the Wallabies a coupla days previous.

Now what can you say about Kwando?
Fantastic..not close
Memorable…of course
Exceeding any expectaions and fulfilling all dreams….this is to say the least
We love these guys. I know we pay them to be our friends and (as Janelle at Nxai Pan says} we pay for their eyes so we are not wanting for anything, But all the staff treated us as family. Each camp has its own personality but the common thread through all the camps was a sense of humour.
This  rubbed off onto the guests making us all feel comfortable, safe and home. Whether there was just the two of us or a full camp we felt “special”, so leaving each camp was always difficult and a little tearful (for Gwen) even though it had only been three or four days.
The individuality of each camp is very pronounced even though the procedures were common throughout. Understandably this will be due to each location and the Wildlife. We asked for Mixed Savannah, the Delta and the Desert and thats definitely what we got.

Lagoon Camp.
Manager     Keone…our brother
Driver   Vundi…the practical joker
Tracker   James….The quiet achiever
Set on a beautiful lake onto which our “tent”** overlooked         **if you can call a king size bed with ensuite a tent

Kwara Camp
Manager – Tsuo – he of the dry wit and wry smile.
Janice – what a softy
Driver- Izzy a fountain of knowledge and a formidable driver
Tracker- Justice what a gentle giant with a smile to match.
Perfect setting overlooking the hippo pool. The messages on the beds a lovely touch.

Nxai Pan
Manager – Janelle – extremely professional with abundance of warmth and charm
– Carlos – great dancer
Driver- Donald – amazing guide and clever man. He was learning from us as much as us from him.
Tracker- PK – our cheeky bushman
and a special mention to T-Bone a level of service second to none..
Unbelievable location at the waterhole – lodge deserves “resort” status.

When leaving J’burg the customs officer asked if we had family in Botswana.  We replied “Not when we arrived, but we do now”

Thanks again for a memorable journey… we will return…

Gwen and Russ Glaves

August 2009
Sorry – been quite busy. Please see my responses below (using a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best).

The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour. 5: Excellent. Responsive, flexible. Willing to listen and work to meet my goals.
Your stay at Shiluvari Lakeside Lodge 
2.5:      OK. A nice lodge, though I’m not sure I’d go there again. Activities didn’t quite live up to expectations, but a nice relaxed setting.
Your stay at Pafuri Camp
5:         Pafuri lodge – Excellent. Louise hadn’t used them before, and I can recommend; would definitely be happy to go back again. The lodge is very well situated and put together with a high standard for both accommodation & the common areas.  Great local wildlife (very high concentration of Nyala & Kudu, elephant especially in the dry season, and leopard).
5:         Pafuri walking trails – Again, very good.  Right level of standard, not too over the top but still very cushy. Good friendly guides.  Good area for walking.
Your stay at Coach House 
3:         Very beautiful setting and accommodation. Not exactly my ‘style’ but nothing against the Coach House.
Your stay at Blyde River Canyon Lodge 
4:         Super. Excellent lodge, friendly and helpful staff, great location. I’d go back again.

Rick Hughes 

August 2009
Happy to answer your questions!

We were met by very cheerful and polite personnel. Very accommodating, wishing to please the guest, etc.

Delta Air:
Great little airline, punctual, accommodating, and the pilots are ever so polite!

Metcourt Laurel Hotel:
The front desk personnel was very nice.  We stayed in a room to the left of the reception area.  The room itself was very large and comfortable.  The location was too noisy however, as we were next to the emergency stairs (all metal and you can hear people running up and down).  We took breakfast at the Metcourt Peerless across the street, and that was very nice.

Because of the noise, we requested that Mandy change us to the Peerless on our way back from Botswana.

Metcourt Peerless Hotel:
Polite and swift check-in.  The hotel is so cheerful and fun. We stayed on the fourth floor, and even though our room faced the road, it was not noisy at all. We slept very well.  The rooms are smallish, but have everything they need. The beds are great!
Breakfast was great.  I think it’s a great choice for a one night stay for outbound guests!

Victoria Falls Hotel:
At journey back in history.  Very polite service, great location!!

Muchenje Safari Lodge:
Their driver was waiting for us when our plane landed, and a very cheerful young men greeted us and drove us to the lodge.  At the lodge we received a very warm welcome from Kathy and JJ.  We found the accommodations to be very comfortable, even though the room itself is a tad small, but the views and setting are so beautiful, that the size of the room became irrelevant.  The rooms and bathroom are spotless, which we appreciated.
My one complaint is that, and I should have mentioned it to Kathy, is that if the guest wishes to have second helpings (as was the case in one dinner), when I went back, all the pots were empty. In my case, I start out with small portions, and invariably go back for seconds.   Other than that, the food is yummy, more like home-cooking.
The staff is lovely, Kathy the manager os quite warm and very good at what she does!
BG our game driver was knowledgeable, but a bit grumpy at times, for my taste… however, our guide at Eagle Falcon who knows him said, “yup, that’s BG, a grumpy man”.
Our drive back to the airport was punctual and the driver made sure that we were in the correct place to fly out to Eagle Falcon.
Thumbs Up for this lodge.

Eagle Falcon Camp:
We were met at the air strip by Matt, the man who was our dedicated guide for the duration of our stay.  When he drove us to the lodge, we were greeted by a group of singing ladies, along with Sarah and Andrew the managers.  Sarah and Andrew are so enthusiastic about their jobs, it was infectious. We learned that they are “relief” managers, but it obvious that they truly enjoy their jobs and made us feel very welcome and happy to be there.
The accommodation are fabulous; what can I say… a huge tent with all kinds of creature comforts, surrounded by nature, and truly the guests lack for nothing.
The food was lovely, we prefer the non-buffet style for dining, and that’s exactly what we got at dinner time.  Breakfasts, high tea, brunches, are all lovely buffets… we ate so much, because everything is so delicious.
The Fish Eagle bar is also fantastic and their bartender Diana has magic hands with those drinks!
Matt our guide, and the others are fantastic. They truly know the Okavango delta like the back of their hands, and we learned a lot from these unpretentious men.  I could have stayed an extra night just to relax and observe nature.
We made friends here that I think we’ll have for the rest of our lives!
An incredibly fabulous stay!

Khwai River Lodge:
We were met by Rodgers, the man who was assigned to us, but sadly, because we wanted to stay with the friends we’ve made at Eagle Falcon, we didn’t experience his hospitality and guiding skills.  OT was our guide for the rest of the stay.
We were greeted by a group of singing ladies and the managers.  We didn’t get an extensive briefing as we did at Eagle Camp because basically the camps operate the similarly.  The managers are very pleasant and polite, but they don’t share the same enthusiasm Sarah and Andrew have.
The accommodations: again, fabulous… no complaints whatsoever!
OT our guide was fantastic, going in search of animals where other guides dare not; he’s truly wonderful!
Food, was buffet style, except for one dinner.  Food is abundant, one does not go hungry here or at the Eagle Falcon Camp.  Three nights would have been ideal!
An incredibly fabulous stay!


To Mandy, our gentle travel organizer… thank you for listening to us, respecting our wishes, and taking our financial requirement into consideration when putting this trip together.  Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!

Falcon-Safari:  My highest compliments to your operation; I have already passed your name around to various friends of ours!

All the best and keep up the great work.

Regina and Jerry Fugate

August 2009
Sorry for delay, but i have only just returned to the USA from my trip to UK.

The trip was amazing! in short! I have been to Africa and also done a safari, so here is how I felt your trip went in comparison.

Mandy : What an incredible lady. Patient, knowledgeable,and full of suggestions and ideas. She has the knack for seeing the big picture and explaining it in detail. She was able to quell any and all of my worries and always made me feel at ease, when I became stressed. Her professionalism was unbeatable. She came with an incredible reputation, which she far exceeded. With three different needs and three different generations embarking on this trip, she wrapped it up perfectly. Mandy I keep my fingers crossed you at sometime get to Dallas!!! I owe you a drink!

Andy of Eco Tours: Cape Town airport guide and tour guide for two days. He appeared to be hand picked for my family! He was very presentable, professional and personable. His respect was unprecedented! He was able to convey many difficult historical and cultural situations with ease! He met all our needs and interests and was very patient while we took numerous photos shoots! We all wanted him to continue on to Kruger with us!

Table Bay Hotel and staff: Our stay at this hotel was wonderful! The elegance and service along with the setting and incredible restaurants were fabulous. We spotted whales, dolphin, cape seals all from our wonderful plate glass windows! The location of the hotel was perfect, we enjoyed many meals along the docks and shopped until we dropped!

Franshoek and Stellenbosh tour: We had a fabulous time on this tour. The vineyards were great choices, the wines Delicious! The information Andy conveyed to us was outstanding. Klein Olifantshoek Guesthouse: Very, very nice. It was elegant, friendly, clean but it was cold! We kept asking them to light the fire in the living room! The meal we ate in the restaurant was superb! Again we enjoyed the attention to detail and the impeccable service. Excellent!   Jo ho. airport guide: Punctual and friendly.

Kruger Park safari, guide Stuart was presentable and polite when he met us on time at the airport. He helped with luggage and introduced us to his mum Hilda (our chef). Stuart was as Nigel put it “slow at times”. It was hard spending so much time with just him. He knew lots of information and had no end of Latin names to tell about. But when it came to conversing the times were laborious and hard. I would often try to break the silences by asking Stuart to explain what you would call a bunch of zebra……a dazzle. Or to explain about the baobab tree. I would ask about a bird and he sometimes became frustrated saying he knew it but couldn’t think of the name. Don’t misinterpret me, he was very nice but I would not recommend him or use him again. Sorry.   The chef Hilda:   We really enjoyed her company, she helped immensely with conversation during meals when Stuart struggled. Her meals were delicious, presentation was of a very high standard and all the extras, coloured napkins, table decorations, hot water bottles and extra treats for my niece were all greatly appreciated. Hilda’s meals were creative, tasty, filling and those desserts were to die for! If it wasn’t a difficult situation I would definitely request her for future travel, but not the mother son team!

My family and I has a fantastic time, thanks to your company, we thank you. I was reluctant to mention too much about Stuart because we always want to look on the positive side. However, I only think it is fair to give you the feedback you asked for.

Nigel, it was a pleasure meeting you again and the meal was awesome. Thank you.   I will now get back to work and fill up my piggy bank again and who knows maybe next time…… the O. Delta or Victoria Falls!   Thank you all so much!   With great appreciation and respect,
Lesley Armstrong

August 2009
The service from Falcon-safari was brilliant – especially from Carien. She even went so far as to call me back after hours to help me with something, as well as offer advice and ideas. She really was fantastic and I have no hesitation in recommending her and Falcon-safari.

The transfers were easy to find, on time and pleasant.

The stay at flamingo bay was equally as good. We had a great time and it really is a breathtaking venue. If I had to have any negative thing to say it would have been that we had the room with the septic tank beneath it, and this was (at times) quite noisy. Especially early in the morning and late in the evening.
Otherwise…all we can say is Wow. It really was the best service either of us have had and the waiting staff are absolute gems.

thanks again,
Marc Samouilhan

August 2009
The trip to Namibia and Botswana was excellent.

The booking service with Elize was great and everything worked smoothly.

The Mamabian self drive tour worked well and pass on our thanks to Namibian Travel Connection.
Chobe Safari Lodge has been upgraded and was much better than our last visit.

The camping with Tamog tours was also good.

Maun Lodge was fine.

Hope this helps.

Please pass on my thanks to Elize.
Guy Darby 

August 2009
I wanted to thank you again for all of your help with our vacation.  We are home now and it was an amazing vacation and everything was wonderful.  We were met when we were supposed to be and cared for all the time.  I can not say enough about Chunduwka lodge. That was a great choice.  The staff was wonderful, the food was great and the scenery fantastic.  The only thing for your information is that all excursion transport is extra except for the falls tour day.  So we combined the falls tour with the micro light flight on one day.  The flight was amazing!  We went to the lion walk the next day and had to pay an extra $30 for the transport and we thought we would go back to the falls to see the moon rainbow but each excursion would be an extra $30 so we just enjoyed the camp instead.  The lodge was part of the “African” experience…it was beautiful.
Our “camping” in Chobe got a little changed around.  There truck with the supplies broke down so they put us up in the lodge for one night….Safari River lodge?  We had to pay for our own lunch but dinner and breakfast were included.  This lodge really made us appreciate Chunduwka!  We tented the next night which was fun.  The guide was a little rushed with taking people to the airport and then picking us up and then having to pack up and go back to Maun the next day but we had a good time and saw lots of game.
Delta Camp was amazing!  Highly recommend.  Staff great, facilities beautiful, ….amazing place.  Could have stayed there a month!  The makoro rides were so restful and relaxing!
Mapula Lodge was nice as well but Delta had the edge.  Delta had better food and service.  At Mapula they placed us in the game drives with other people.  That was fine but I am sure if we had wanted something different as far as a game drive they would have accommodated us.
Looking back we would have like to stay 3 nights at each place just to have a little more time to relax and not be on the run so much but $$$ is always an issue!  We met a lady who also used Falcon Safari and was very pleased with the service.
I can not thank you again for all of your help in arranging this wonderful vacation!
Louise Mitchell 

August 2009
Thanks for your interest.
The first thing I want to thank to Patricia for his help in this trip. We will never forget to Patricia.

The trip has been very nice.

Your stay at The Safari Club SA
Has been good.
Your Private Safari with Delta Rain Safaris 
The best of the trip there has been the guide, Des Pretorius, the best guide that we have had in Africa. Thanks to Des we have seen many animals and  lived intensely Bostwana.
The cook, very very good. We have eaten very well
Your stay at The Royal Livingstone Hotel 
Very good hotel. Perfect to rest.
Your stay at Muchenje Safari Lodge 
Very bad behavior.
We had paid for two days of private vehicle, including the transfer to Kasane.
Well … the first day, the lady ( of the lodge ) told us that the lodge had no car only for us and we had to share a car with four other people.  And the last day, the transfer to Kasane ( who also had paid privately ) what we did with two other people.
We were on vacation and did not want to say anything, but we felt very bad. If the lodge had no car for us alone, had to have given the money that we had paid.
This lodge is not serious and it is incompetent. I do not recommend it to anybody.
We think that they have stolen from us the money and the illusions of doing the safari and the transfer privately.

Please, we have photos of the guide Des Pretorius and we would like sending them to him. Might you give us his e-mail ?.

Thanks for all… escept to for the Muchenje Lodge.

Best regards:
Josep Roca & Marian Lafuente.

August 2009
Lance & I are always happy to provide feedback.  As a business owner, Lance understands how important it is.

Here are our thoughtful responses (see below).  If you have any questions, please let us know.

Leslie Holmes

PS – Thanks again, Michelle was truly outstanding, and we have already highly recommended her to several people who plan to visit Africa within the next few years.

The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour. 
MICHELLE WAS WONDERFUL:  available, quick to respond, knew her products well, coordinated entire safari seamlessly….took ALL the stress out of planning for us & gave us a wonderful honeymoon.
The transfers you had.
EXCELLENT:  we were always amazed that after days without communication, we could pull up to a dirt runway in the middle of nowhere & a pilot was waiting for us (normally a few minutes early).  Very friendly pilots as well.
Your stay at The Safari Club SAVERY NICE:  wonderful to not have to worry about transportation/safety in Joberg & clean/charming accomodations.
Your stay at Oddballs Enclave
THE MOST ENJOYABLE PART OF OUR SAFARI:  Enclave was hands down the best part of our trip & we will certainly go back, and even stay longer.  The service was excellent & VERY FRIENDLY.  Food was OUTSTANDING (and we are certainly food snobs), walking safari was fabulous.  Tents were wonderful with very comfortable bed & great view of the delta & bathroom area was very private, cute & comfortable.
Your Mobile Safari with Africa Calls
MARGINAL:  This was the only part of the trip where we experienced any problems at all.  The first issue was that when we arrived the camp was not yet set up.  As soon as we entered the park we were dropped off for our 2 hr delta cruise, which was enjoyable, but would have been better timed in the middle of our mobile safari, not before it even began.  Additionally, this was during the good evening light & since we were there to take photos & it is hard to find game during good light, we were a little discouraged about this (at best you have 30 minuets in the afternoon with premium light).  But we weren’t going to let such a minor issue bother us.
The camp was very nice & comfortable, considering that we were camping, the food was pretty good (some meals great, some meals just alright, but certainly nothing to complain about – although they should upgrade from instant coffee
We grew to love our guide Tabo & appreciate the other staff, but it was definitely an adjustment coming from Enclave were the service was outstanding.  Although Lance disagrees with me somewhat, straight from the start I felt as if I need to be protecting myself, because I didn’t trust the staff.  It was just a very unsettling feeling from the start.
But as I said, we really enjoyed Tabo, who clearly loves to be in the bush.
We had a lot of fun with his crazy driving style (and he was a good driver), but a few times things got too rough.  Lance banged his knee really bad (as did another guest that joined us later), but more importantly, our very nice camera gear took a BEATING, and we are not quite sure what the service bill will be for several items.
But things got really exciting, when we got stuck in the mud, not once, but twice – BOTH DURING OPTIMAL LIGHT.  This was VERY DISCOURAGING….especially since we had already missed the first evening because of the delta cruise.
To make matters MUCH WORSE, the vehicles aren’t equipped for the muddy conditions in the slightest.  There isn’t even a tow chain or strap & when we were buried in the mud, our guide had to leave us, past sunset, to walk to find a vehicle to help.  The vehicle was not equipped with any communication (radio, cb, walkie-talkie etc), or an inverter to charge our camera batteries – another major issue for us.  The truck was sub-standard and low on fuel – we ran OUT!
I could go on & on about getting stuck in the mud, getting drenched with sheets of mud & destroying some of our camera gear, but I’ll simply attach a few photos that say it all.

Although Falcon Safari could not have anticipated this, nor our guide have avoided it given his vehicle (except to provide his own tow chain, which would have saved him hours of work) –  we certainly felt as though we had not only overpaid, but that we had lost out of several days of a once in a lifetime trip.

The final issue with this company, was that they were completely disorganized.  We were notified that we would be driving with our guide & the staff to Khwai, even though our itinerary said we had a charter plane.  Although we explained this to him several times, and requested to be taken to the airstrip, we were told that we would see game along the 3 hr drive, and that if we took our flight (which he didn’t know whether it existed or not) no one would be on the other end to get us, and we would just be sitting there for the 3 hr drive, plus however long it took to set up camp.  At this point, give all the previous issues, I was now really getting perturbed & was planning on checking into a lodge when we arrived in Khwai.  They were just tragic….if anything bad could happen, they would find it & somehow make it worse.  When we ended up going by the airstrip before beginning our 3 hr drive, I asked Tabo if I could walk down to the airstrip to inquire about our plane to make sure that a pilot wasn’t waiting for us for hours (at this point, understanding that regardless we had no choice but to drive).  They all stared at me as if I was OUT OF MY MIND, and said no, there was no plane for us.  As we were driving out, we were flagged down, and Tabo was told that we had to stay for our flight.  Need I go on?
We went on to meet a guy at the other end – tabo told us we would not see him until dark – we relayed this message to the guy who also thought he would have issues with the road between camps…again huge confusion between all involved.

In the end, we stayed with the group, and things did get better, as there was very little mud to cause any problems.  As a side note, the people that joined us were under the impression that they were on a private mobile safari, but we ended up enjoying each other’s company in the end (we were under the same impression that we were on a solo trip – although we planned so last minute that we may have been mistaken)
Africa Calls is a very unorganized operation that needs to improve before  you recommend them in the future. I dont believe the local staff is totally to blame – although like the captain of the ship they have to take responsibility.  To not have camp set – fuel in the truck – communication – tow equipment is EXTREMELY AMATEUR!  I drive around town in my truck more prepared.
Your stay at Victoria Falls Hotel 
NICE:  the hotel was quite nice & comfortable.  Food at hotel wasn’t good (but again, we are just really picky), but we did enjoy Boma – great to try the different game meats.  The staff, although friendly on the surface, actually lied to us several times & we didn’t trust the staff to even enter our rooms for cleaning service.  Zimbabwe was quite the shock after Botswana, but again, we completely understand that that is par for the course in Africa, and really enjoyed our stay.  A restaurant we enjoyed & I think you could recommend to others is “Mama Africa.”  White water rafting was fun – did we only pay for the half day?  The water was too high, so we missed the crazy rapids, but still quite fun. (staying in vic falls is a matter of picking the prettiest face in the ugly contest)
Your stay at Matetsi
ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL:  the service could not have been better, for any price, anywhere in the world.  Accomodations were ridiculously beautiful.  My jaw dropped when Lance told me the price (I’m the penny-pincher in the family), but Lance says that even given the price he would return – and I certainly won’t complain.  The food was also very good, with beautiful presentation, but surprisingly, not as good as at Enclave.  They did a very sweet “Honeymoon Surprise” for us in the room, with candles, flowers etc – its hard to explain but it was quite elaborate & very beautiful, and I’m sure took quite some time to prepare.  Again, the service here was superb. (flexible and willing to please)

August 2009
We are satisfied with the service received. The service during the booking process and at the beginning of the tour was excellent.

The only issue was the design of the itinerary. It doesn´t make sense for us to spend one night in Okahandja. There is nothing to do there but shopping, and taking into account that our last stop was Windhoek, Okahandja was a day lost in our short tour. We were really upset about that. It would had been better to spend two nights in Erongo.

Anyway we won´t hesitate in orginizing with you our future holidays in the south of Africa.

Fernando Diego..

August 2009
Thanks for the note and we had an absolutely fabulous time at Kings Camp, please see below feedback:

The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour. Excellent, Cara and staff provided an excellent level of service  – this is the second time she has assisted me and both times have been perfect. We will use you guys again.

Your stay at King’s Camp: Kings Camp was fabulous and we had a brilliant stay. The whole family were so sorry to eventually leave. We will be back.


Tony Carlsson

August 2009
Happy to provide the following feedback on our safari trip:

The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour. 

Mandy was very helpful during the booking process, tailoring our itinerary to what we wanted to see and giving helpful advice and recommendations on particular camps.
At Johannesburg we were met by Natasha at arrivals, who was wonderful. She took us straight to check in for transfer flight having first talked us through the rest of our itinerary and giving us useful advice. She made this part of the journey a pleasure.
The transfers you had. 
Transfers all very well handled and organized, especially crossing the border which would have been confusing on our own. Of our air transfers, the Delta Air flight was particularly smooth. Our boat transfer between Xakanaxa and Little Kwara also made an enjoyable change. We had very informative drivers on both our transfers in Zambia.
Your stay at Nxai Pan Camp
Staff could not do enough, although as the only guests staying at that time we obviously had preferential treatment!  The camp manager Dinola, was excellent, spending every meal with us, and the staff provided some excellent traditional singing and dancing before dinner.  They catered very well for vegetarian and the accommodation was to a very high standard. The camp paid a lot of attention to detail and we really enjoyed our stay here.
Guide Theko and tracker Kaizer were very good, clearly explaining the environment and what to see.  Our trips were tailored to what we were interested in.  Not so much game here, but very interesting landscape to contrast with the delta.
Your stay at Xakanaxa Camp
A larger and busier camp and as a result the service wasn’t as personal, but accommodation was very comfortable and camp facilities were excellent. It was pleasing that electricity wasn’t available at night – more authentic. The noise of frogs and hippos at night can make sleep difficult though!!!
Our guide, Water, was very personable and we had excellent game viewing including a leopard and a pride of lions.
Your stay at Little Kwara Camp
Met punctually and had an excellent welcome at camp, with our room being well beyond our expectations.  However this was the most disappointing camp for staff service otherwise and certainly not comparable with the other Kwando camp, Nxai Pan. The vegetarian meal choice was unclear, there was confusion over our day of departure and some other minor issues.
However our guide Hobbs and our tracker were the best and most knowledgeable we experienced out of all the camps and we cannot praise them enough.  Being able to drive off road certainly had its advantages and I cannot believe their ability to spot wildlife after dark with just a spotlight!
So a mixed experience. We really enjoyed the time we spent with Hobbs, with good game viewing (including cheetah and cubs), and were impressed with the camp facilities, but were disappointed with the service in the camp compared to our experience elsewhere.
Your stay at Muchenje Safari Lodge
The most hospitable of all the camps with the managers paying individual attention to all guests – very homely!  Nice rooms with all facilities although a little smaller than others – nowhere to store bags! Fantastic views from lodge and rooms. Game viewing wasn’t as good as our other camps, but a welcoming and enjoyable stay towards the end of our trip.
Your stay at Zambezi Sun Resort Hotel
Was quite a shock returning to a large hotel with hundreds of rooms and guests, and in some ways disappointing i.e. room not ready as we arrived, needed to approach staff around pool for a drink.  But the rooms were well equipped and comfortable and the location couldn’t have been more convenient for the falls, which were stunning. Dining options were a little limited here for Claire as a vegetarian, but fortunately they run a free shuttle service to the Royal Livingstone, where we had an excellent meal.  Breakfast buffet options were very good with an extremely wide choice.

Hope that this feedback is helpful and do let me know if you need any further detail.

Best Regards,
Will Watkinson 

August 2009
We would have to say the level of service was outstanding on all accounts. Patricia organized everything down pat and was able to work out just what we wanted even when we weren’t sure ourselves. What a brilliant travel agent she was.
Our transfers were always on time,  helpful and courteous.
Letaka Safaris was superb on all fronts. Just couldn’t have asked for more.
Loved JJ and Muchenje and our stay at Victoria Falls Hotel was a real highlight. Everywhere we went everything ran to clockwork and we couldn’t fault the service. Australians could learn a thing or two from African tourism. The only thing we didn’t realize was that you couldn’t get money out in Zimbabwe so that would be something you should make fellow travelers aware of. Patricia did say to take some $US in but we thought we’d get more in there. Once there we wanted to go on the helicopter ride and couldn’t put in on our cards and didn’t have enough cash. No big deal.

Best travel experience we’ve ever had. Thankyou

Ted & Jenny Altham

August 2009
To be honest everthing worked perfectly. From our very late booking to getting back to Maun in time for our next flight.

We will be looking for other destinations to visit in Southern Africa over the next couple of months. Do you have any further tour suggestions? We only have the weekends I am afraid, leaving friday evening (flights no earlier than 5:00pm) and either coming back on Sunday evening or early monday mornng.

Jeremy Boote 

August 2009
We, the Horton’s thank you all for arranging our trip and looking after us so well at Elephant Valley Lodge. We really look forward to our trips to you as there is always something new and exciting that we will see on our trips. I would also like to say that you have one very special guide in Dan and his humour and knowledge of Chobe and Botswana can only be a credit to E.V.L. He is a gem and will definitely bring your guests back again.
We will be back again.
Best regards,
Orville Horton

August 2009
Our safari was wonderful – Michelle did a great job.

The transfers were amazing, especially crossing the border at Kazungula.  The drivers even showed us potential box-checking errors and sped us through passport control.

The Safari Club was a nice place to relax and decompress after a long flight.  They hooked us up with Johan, who gave us a wonderful tour of Soweto.

Muchenje Lodge was wonderful – tons of game.  The staff was warm and friendly.  We loved the views from the chalets.

Deception Valley Lodge was also wonderful.  There wasn’t as much game as at Muchenje, but the desert was spectacular and Gerard was so well informed that it was like having a 2-day college course on the Kalahari desert.  The lodge (and the food) were very luxe.  I especially liked sitting on the veranda watching the kudu at the watering hole.

Delta Camp is my new favorite place in the world.  It was beautiful and peaceful.  The mokoro rides through the delta were as relaxing and serene as anything I’ve ever done.  The trip to the village was great – I wish I had realized at the time how well made and well priced the baskets were – I would have bought all my souvenirs there.

Pom Pom Camp was pleasant the first day, but didn’t have as much personality as the other three camps.  The food was good, and we got to see a leopard, but we felt a little pressure from management to do what they wanted us to.  For example, the first morning we wanted to go on a game drive, but they seemed to want us to take a mokoro ride (we had just come from Delta Camp and were mokoro-ed out.  We had a game drive, but felt like we had to insist on it.)  The next morning, on the mokoro ride, we had to stay with 4 or 5 other mokoros and couldn’t have the guide take us off on our own.  It was still pleasant, but nothing like the solitude at Delta Camp.  Worst of all, a very noisy family showed up on our second day.  The children (6 8 and 12) were allowed to run around unsupervised.  They made a lot of noise and drove off all the birds.  We couldn’t understand why management allowed this, even though we weren’t the only ones to mention the noise.  As a matter of fact, we had a hard time finding the managers to complain.  At the other camps, there was always someone around in the common areas.  Not so at Pom Pom.  We got the impression they were hiding out to avoid a confrontation.  Three of the game drive vehicles were big and comfortable and even had little racks for cameras and binoculars, which we thought were very helpful.  But on the last drive, when the camp was full, we were put in a converted pickup truck.  There was nothing to hold onto and very little padding on the seats and terrible suspension.  We looked at everyone else in the big comfortable Toyotas and felt like the poor cousins.

It might be appropriate to warn adults when they are being booked into camps that allow children.

The safari was 95% great.

Here’s a very tiny point.  The tipping guide was very helpful.  We were glad to know what was appropriate.  But at the first camp, we didn’t realize that the custom was to wait until the end of our stay to tip the guides.  It might be worth mentioning in your guide.

Thanks for a wonderful experience.

Linda and David Skeens

August 2009
Absolutely great.  I will definitely be using you as my preferred supplier in Zambia for pilot accommodation.

Thank you once again for wonderful service.

Sam Lombard

August 2009
The service from Falcon Safari has been excellent before our trip and during our trip is not apllicable as we did self drive and only arranged out stay in Oddballs through Falcon Safari. The communication (per email) has been fast and complete and all questions were answered.

The transfer from Maun to oddballs was fine.

Oddballs: we had a wonderful time there. Staff was friendly and helpful and quality good.
Two comment re Oddballs:
– the ablutions are a few and if the camp is quite full there are queus for the toilet and shower (not helped by the combination of shower and toilet).
– The drinking water during our trip away from Oddballs was in half liter plastic bottles. If we had had this information before we would have taken our portable water filter as all these plastic bottles have to be flown in and are in general not a good contribution to the environment, even though I know many might be reused.

Otherwise is was great
Miranda Brouwer

August 2009
Please see feedback below. I would recommend your company to my friends and colleagues 100%

The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour. [Waple, Michael MA SIPC-OFI/3521] The service provide by your staff was first class and I would recommend to anyone. The only issue which as an european was worrying is providing photocopies of credit cards etc… since our bank recommend that we do not provide such details.

The transfers you had. [Waple, Michael MA SIPC-OFI/3521] The transfer was fine, on time and helpful

Your stay at Zambezi Sun Resort Hotel [Waple, Michael MA SIPC-OFI/3521]  Good standard and would recommend for Families.

Your stay at Victoria Falls Hotel [Waple, Michael MA SIPC-OFI/3521] Wonderful Victorian Hotel and I would highly recommend.

Michael Waple

August 2009
I would like to thank you for all the good choices that you made for us in connection with our recent trip to South Africa.  We are back home now and we thought we would give you some feedback.

For the most part everything was nearly perfect.  Your choice of hotels and the arrangements you made were outstanding and we had virtually no hassles at all.  We were very happy with just about everything.

Here are some detailed comments about each item, for you to use to help improve your service.

Greeter at the airport.
We were tired when we arrived and he took care of all of the details of getting us our car, showing us where to go, walking us to the rental car  etc etc.  He was extremely courteous and helpful.

O On Kloof
We absolutely loved this place.  It was perfect in every way.

Budget Car Rental in Capetown.
When we returned the car, charges for an additional driver were added to the bill, although your voucher clearly stated that it was covered.  We showed them this and they removed the extra charge, but typically we would not have requested a copy of the final bill, except that we needed it to get reimbursed.  It was just an accident that we noticed this.

Mercourt Laurel Hotel in Johannesburg

When we arrived we were told that our reservations were at the hotel across the road and not at the Laurel.  While this hotel was also a Mercourt, the room was very small, with no separation between bath/toilet and bed except for a small curtain.  Since we only stayed there one night (less than 12 hours acutally), it really did not matter, and the room was very clean and modern.  The breakfast was also good.  However, when we looked at Trip Advisor on the web, we found lots of similar complaints from other customers, about what appears to be a bait and switch operation, charging rates for the higher end hotel and placement of people into the lower-priced sister hotel across the road.  You should know about this.

Budget car rental

When the man came to deliver the car, charges for the additional driver where again on the bill.  I showed him that this was included in the voucher and he crossed them out, signing next to the line.  We have not yet received the final charges on this bill, so I do not know if they truly have been removed.  It would seem that the default is for Budget to just ignore the terms of your contract with them in regard to the additional driver. You should be sure to alert people to this or get Budget to correct the problem.

Bush Lodge
It was a fantastic place.  We loved it.  However, the directions to it could have been better.  They do not seem to give the most direct route there and they also are confusing in that the dirt road by the wildlife college now turns into a paved road (recently paved) and then there is another dirt road to take after that.  This should be indicated somehow in the directions.  Also this route is NOT the one recommended by the lodge which is shown on the map at this link. As you can see, taking us on the Orpen road to the wildlife college, adds quite a bit, including 12 km of dirt road that is not needed. The D406 is now paved right up to the turn off for Seville (beyond where it says tar road ends here on the map).

Pondoro Lodge
This place was also outstanding.  Given the difference in price between here and Djuma, it seems like a real bargain.  We did feel that the game viewing in Djuma was slightly better, as we had a truly outstanding class 3 guide compared to just a locally qualified guide at Pondoro.  But as far as we can see, Djuma appears to be nearly twice the price of Pondoro.  The setting and accommodation and food at Pondoro were actually better.


This hotel was much nicer than we had expected, given its location in Thohoyandou, which is not exactly a tourist destination.  We found it to be clean and very nice.  They served an outstanding breakfast.

Again, we would like to thank you for outstanding choices and efficiency.  We will be sure to use your services again when we return to South Africa and will recommend Falcon-Safari very highly to all of our friends.

David Rekosh 

August 2009
The service from your staff was excellent. Thank you.
We did not have a problem anywhere. Everything was well organised and ready for us. Thank you for that.

Chobe Safari Lodge was an absolute gem. We had a fantastic stay and I would recommend it to anyone. The service, the staff, the activities, the accommodation, the food, etc. was just fantastic. It definitely is a fantastic experience.

Kind regards
Diana Prinsloo

August 2009
Service received – Excellent
Transfers – Excellent
Royal Livingstone – Excellent

Best Regards;
Lerisia Smit

August 2009
sorry for the late reaction, but I can say that your organisation (especially Louise) did excellent work.
During the booking process, she was very accurate and organised.
The trip also, the transfers, everything was as planned before.
The choice of the logdes was perfekt.
The combination of the activities also.

There was one ‘little’ detail : in the Kafunta River Lodge and also Falcon Bush camp, the barkeepers should be more clear about which  drinks are included  and which not (we asked a few times and didn’t get an explicit answer about ‘imported drinks’ ). So, we had a little surprise at the end of our stay.

But anyway, it was marvellous and we keep a superbe souvenir at our stay in Zambia.
And, I can recommend your organisation to everybody.

Kind regards and thank you for everything,
Grysolle Caroline

August 2009
We are very happy about all. Claudia was a perfect assitant, and answer us about all the questions that we had. the transfers perfect, everything all right. the stay at Royal livingstone and Oddballs was perfect. Chobe safari lodge was the only one place where we weren´t very satisfated with. the room was perfect, but the staff was not very good. they looks like tired all the time, without any interest in be fast and kindly in their job.

thank you very much
Silvia Alburquerque Hita

August 2009
I was incredibly happy and impressed with our experience using Falcon-Safari.  Elize was excellent, thorough, and aways prompt and friendly in her responses.  We had a wonderful trip and will recommend you for sure.  Our transport and transfers were seamless and Oddballs Enclave and Elephant Valley Lodge were excellent.  Thanks again!
Emily Fridlington

August 2009

The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour.

The transfers you had.

Your stay at Tshukudu

Your stay at Balalaika Hotel 

All four categories receive an A+. We could not have been more pleased with the service. Thank you for making this part of our travel relatively stress free.

Warm regards,
Jay and Pat Clark 


August 2009
Mandy was very helpful in making suggestions, arrangements etc to assist our planning. Also very responsive-timely and good answers. All the transfers went smoothly. We enjoyed both Eagle Falcon Lodge and Khwai River Lodge -and the mix in wildlife/scenery by staying a 2 different ones.
We were most pleased with your service. I must admit I breathed a sigh of relief when the Falcon safari rep met us at the Jburg airport-all I had were those email coupons for our $$$, and I had the ever so slight concern it could be a great scam! But I found your service as a registered travel agency, which helped. If I could make any suggestion-and I don’t know how feasible it is-maybe  you could have the airlines and the resorts send receipts or at least some type of confirmation directly to the customer too after you have booked everything. It would be reassuring hearing from them independently to know everything was set (especially since you are an on-line agency). Just a suggestion-but again, Mandy was great and our trip was wonderful.
Thank you,
Barb Gripshover

July 2009
I am happy to respond to your request on feedback of our travel plan plans with .  In fact, never before have I responded to this type of request but as my experience was extremely favorable with your organization, I feel obliged to do so.

Let me explain that this was the first trip I have ever planned via internet so I was a bit skeptical and nervous during the process. Therefore, if ever you had an “anxious”� client – I would probably qualify for a top position.

Service received from staff during the booking process and during the tour. EXCELLENT. It could not have been better. My contact was Mandy Francis-Pope (Director & Reservations Mgr for and she was very efficient, highly informed with sound suggestions, cooperative, patient and understanding – far exceeding my past experience with any other tour representative. She scheduled our stays at Chobe Game Lodge in Botswana and the Royal Livingstone Hotel in Zambia in addition to the transfers. Mandy is a most valuable asset to any organization. Her professional manner was the key decider in my booking our trip with your organization.

 Transfers. EXCELLENT. All transfers were executed smoothly and in a timely manner. The vehicles were in very good condition, clean, and comfortable with the added benefit that all were private transfers. The driver/guides were always on time, professional and very cooperative. Our transfers not only included road transfers but a river crossing between the Zambian and Botswana borders. Though we were traveling alone without a group, we felt very safe during this process as the drivers/guides were very competent.

Chobe Game Lodge.
 EXCELLENT. Good, comfortable, and pleasant facilities with a very helpful and friendly staff. Main strength is the safari experience for they strive to accommodate your wishes whether it is a river cruise or land safari. I definitely recommend Chobe Game Lodge primarily for its distinctive setting. The impact of the landscape with the river and the sheer number of animals is most definitely worth seeing if one is traveling to Africa as it offers a unique difference to other safaris in South Africa.

Stay at the Royal Livingstone Hotel. EXCELLENT. A beautiful hotel worthy of its natural setting. Good service in general though slow food service at the hotel restaurant. Again, if one is traveling to Africa, Victoria Falls are definitely worth seeing more so as the impact and beauty of the falls have been protected by maintaining basically virgin the surrounding areas.

In summary, I would most definitely recommend that my friends contact Mandy for their travel plans to Africa.

Thank you for assisting me in an unforgettable vacation experience!

Aileen H. Silva

July 2009
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  I have nothing but very positive things to say about our trip to Tanzania that was arranged by Claudia.

Claudia did just a fantastic job and I encourage you to guide future clients to Tanzania.  The Asilia Group was very professional.  Let me answer your questions.

The service that we received from Falcon-Safari was better than excellent.  This is the second year that we have used Claudia and we are very happy.  I recognize that Tanzania was a bit new for you and we very much appreciate your attitude of cooperation and help.

We recommended you to at least two other expat families living here in Qatar.  The Bealessio family used you to travel to the Okavango Delta and Victoria Falls (they were very happy) and the Jorgensens have been in touch with you recently.

The transfers all went well.  There was not a single problem.  The bush pilots were confident and professional and the planes were on time and in good working order.  I never felt at risk.

The Arusha Coffee Lodge was top notch.  A bit posh, but in a good way.  They gladly served us dinner even though we arrived late in the evening from the airport.

Olivers Camp provide plenty of privacy and a real feeling of being in the bush.  The Tarangeri Nat Park is very scenic with large herds of elephants, buffalo and zebras.  We saw some unusual nocturnal animals as well.  The camp itself is on a hillside overlooking a small river and we actually watched game from our tent.  They use bucket showers and chemical toilets.  The food and company was good.  Olivers camp provides walking safaris that I would say is ok.

Plantation Lodge is in a scenic place and very posh, but it seemed a bit removed from the surroundings in a sense that it places you away from the surrounding community.  It is perfect for the honeymoon couples and for the upper middle class.  Not so much for the adventurer.  Visiting Ngorongor Crater and Lake Manyara Nat. Park was loads of fun and we had a super guide.

Olakira Camp is exceptional.  There are great views out the front of the tent and the sun rise is special.  The thing that I most remember from this camp is that the cook was one of the best I have had in Africa.  The game viewing in the central Serengeti was probably the best that we’ve had in our trips to Africa.  I highly recommend this place.  The only drawback for some people might be the distance from the camp to the airstrip.  It didn’t bother us and the camp people gave us plenty of time for a short game drive on the way out.  They use bucket showers and have flush toilets.

Sayari Mara Camp is in a class by itself.  We happened to be the first guests in this brand new  permanent camp and it was just something special.  The tents are on wooden platforms and they have sliding Japanese style walls that enable you to actually have rooms within the tent.  The showers were fantastic and they used solar heated water (there was plenty).  The camp hosts were from South Africa and they were some of the most interesting people that I have met.  We were treated very well.  Wildlife moves through the camp at night and it feels very natural.  Game drives in this area are really special.  There were not many other people there and we almost felt like we had the place to ourselves.  Being on the river meant that there are a lot of hippos and crocs.

I hope that his answers your questions.

Thanks again for all of your help.  And I can’t say enough good things about Claudia.

Joe Moser


July 2009
We had a fantastic holiday and the service provided by Mandy were excellent.  Please find below answers to your questions.

Mandy – thank you so much for your excellent services and professionalism, we will certainly refer you to our family and friends.

Kind regards
Liz Smith

The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour. Excellent, Mandy was very attentive and always returned emails promptly
The transfers you had. Excellent – worked like clock work!
Your stay at Idube Game Lodge – Perfect.  Safari, staff and accommodation were excellent
Your stay at Stanley Safari Lodge – Excellent location, attentive staff
Your stay at Villa Argyle – Excellent location despite alarms going off on a regular basis!  Villa had a few defects i.e. water coming in through doors and windows causing puddles, cable didn’t work despite informing staff on a couple of occasions, garage door only worked 50% of the time.
Your stay at La Residence Hotel – A perfect place to end the holiday

July 2009
We had a very nice trip and are very satisfied with the arrangements in general. The transfers were in Zambia were excellent and the hotel stays were all very good.

Impalila we new from before and it maintains it’s high standards.

The Shoebill Camp is very basic but that’s what we wanted for this place and any inconveniences were well compensated for by the staff who were very kind and helpful when Margareta got her back problem.

The Royal Livingstone is of course another category and quite expensive but still I feel we received a lot as well.

The change of plans due to our delay worked out fine through you and with the help of Edmund Farmer and his Kasanka staff. The only small thing I might mention was that I tried to call your 24/7 number a few times and only got to full mailbox ……

All in all a great trip!

Best regards and thanks from Kjell-Ove Hager

July 2009
With pleasure I acknowledge the excellent services rendered by Falcon-Safari. You have been very patient and flexible in supporting and facilitating the tour and in understanding the unexpected payment
difficulties met and eventually overcome.

In particular:

– the process has been outstanding
– transfers have been on time (with a very minor problem in Maun) and
– stay at Falcon Safari Lodge was good and assistance granted for local tours quite effective
– stay at Kubu lodge was really very good and enjoable, with a particular plus on the lodge restaurant, which is also outstanding
(said by an Italian ….).

You may like to advise the latter lodge management to provide some heating during the winter season.

I will definitely recommend anyone I know to be in touch with you first, for any similar service.
Many thanks once again,

Ranieri Guerra (& family)

July 2009
First  I would like to say that the trip was a fantastic experience which will never be forgotten.  An  increditably awesome  journey with amazing sights and sound of Africa.  Falcon Safari did an exceptional job in the designing of our trip.  Mandy was extremely helpful and kept me informed of the progress of our trip.  Always getting back to me with answers to my questions very quickly.

As far as our transfers went, they were perfect.  There was always someone there to meet us  with a sign or our pilot would meet us for our flight. Never any delay or problem with our transfers everything worked very smoothly.

Elephant Valley Lodge was great.  Welcome drink over looking the Discovery Water Hole upon arrival. Tents were extremely comfortable with heated mattresses, nice touch. The food was sensational, the safaris were filled with wildlife, up close and personal. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful.  All in all a wonderful stay.

Our flight to Oddballs was waiting for us. Landed at Oddballs and was welcomed be the manager.  We shown our tents which were very clean and well maintained. Mokoros were an adventure through the reeds of the delta.  Bush walks on the Falcons were amazing. Stalking wildlife on foot is a great experience,  the food was home cooking and delicious. Nice relaxed atmosphere and the Hippos at dinner was the icing on the cake.

The Waterfront Village Apartments were located near table mountain. They were extremely luxurious.  The front desk arranged side trips for us, making it very easy to see what we wanted to see.  The diving with Great White Sharks was definitely a highlight of Capetown.  A great place to stay in Capetown.
Richard Fornadel 

July 2009
We were really impressed with the service and hospitality at all 3 locations.  The personal service we received at Stonecutters was
fantastic.  The room and meals at Elephant Plains were both top notch.
Our only complaint would be with Budget Rental Car.  They are in a temporary location at the airport right now and it is hurting their customer service.  It took quite some time to be helped, and when we
finally were the staff member seemed very distracted with everything else going on around him and didn’t really take time to answer any of our questions about the rental agreement or car.  In fact he could not find copies of the letter to let rental cars cross boarders into Swaziland and so we had to take time out of one of our days to go to the Nelspruit airport to get the letter from that Budget location!
While I’m sure things will be better when they are out of their temporary location, I would not continue to rent from them until they get their act together and settle into a permanent location.

Allen Lindblad

July 2009
Bookings were handled well by Patricia and all transport arrangements were spot on.The transfer couple in Joberg(Andrea and Natasha) were extremely helpful,  very professional , and  punctual.We overnighted at the Safari Club which was more than comfortable in  fact the rooms were just lovely and close to the airport.
The whole safari was absolutely wonderful with the Lower Zambezi being spectacularly beautiful but a little light on for game.However we were there in May and the vegetation was still green and dense.That in itself can also be a positive thing as it was a good contrast to South Laungwa’s drier country.
The great thing about Lower Zam is the varity of activities on offer from fishing to boat cruises,canoeing ,drives and of course the walks which are great for knowledge and also the chance to do some exercise.
We stayed at Old Mondoro which had no power but an incrediably lovely atmosphere.The managers John and Lana could not have done anything more to make our stay more enjojable.Lana is an absolute delight,a perfect hostess and John with his querky sense of humour,and gift for guiding especially on the walks is a joy to be with.We had superb food ,plenty of it and a suprise bush lunch upstream.A beautiful natural camp, totally unpretensious,but I could imagine not everyones cup of tea due to the lack of power, I however loved the place.
Onto Sausage Tree Camp.An upmarket luxury camp with all the trimmings.Beautiful accommadation and our own private butler which was quiet a treat.The guiding was good and the managers Nicky and Allen were professional and very charming.We particularily enjoyed the fly fishing and canoeing.All in all a great camp which we thoroughly enjoyed.
Next we flew to South Laungwa and stayed at Shenton Safaris Kiango then onto the bush camp Mwamba.
Kiango had a different routine from any other camp I’ve been to.Tea and biscuits before a drive or walk until 9.30 ,have a cooked breakfast upon our return and at 12.00 go to a hide for 1 hour ,then lunch, rest until 3.45 afternoon tea then the evening activity.
This would be fine during the drier months when there is plenty of game concentrating onto the diminishing waterholes but at the time of year we were there there was very little activity .So if you elected to stay in camp for the mid day activity you were basically there from 9.30 to 3.45.That is the only negative.The positives are that the Shentons(Derek and Jules) run a very good safari camp and strive to keep everyone happy.On top of that they are a really lovely couple  whose company I thoroughly enjoyed.The guiding was of a very high standard,as was the food and accomodation.A beautiful place to photograph with an “orange” type light and of course an abundance of wildlife.Overwelmingly so and at times your presence amongst all that can be quite humbling.
Mwamba was just gorgeous,a tiny bush camp with loads of character ,wonderful staff (especially Josh) and a varied terrane which made it all so interesting.We loved this camp and would reccomend it to others.
Back to Joberg for our stay at the Grace hotel which had impeccable service, and a lovely old world atmosphere.A fab place to stay whilst in Joberg.
We then travelled out to the Elephant Sanctuary as we had to fill in a night due to inconvenient Qantas flights.It would be a handy place to stay with children to interact with the elephants but after seeing them wild it was quite heartbreaking to see them in captivity and performing like puppets.The facilities were very nice and lovely rooms but would not stay there again as a hate seeing animals performing on que for profit.
One serious concern was the aircraft used by Proflight.The pilot did not do a pre flight inspection of his aircraft and upon looking out upon the engine housing the covers were just twitched down with wire and rust spots were simply painted over with paint.The gold class aircraft was not much better and it was the first time I have said a silent thank you for landing. Also there was a US$8 airport tax each time we departed a airport to travel locally which we did not know about.I fully understand that Proflight has no connection with Falcon-safari but I feel it would be a good exercise to do a check into the actual aircraft used, rather than Proflight stating their safety record.
The above are the only negatives from an otherwise absolutely beautiful memorable safari (yet again) and there is no doubt that another will follow.
Thanking you
Liz Browning
Longreach,Queensland, Australia

July 2009
The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour. (help, advice and service was very good)
Your stay at Elephant Sanctuary (great place, very good welcome, very accommodating and good intro to Camp Jablulani)
Your stay at Kapama Lodge (Could have been good, but cleanliness is very doubtful, Management did not apologised until I made a complaint that they had not!!!! I would not recommend it due to the initial lack of concern from the manager to the problems we had!!)
Your stay at Camp Jabulani (A short drive but a millions miles away! (Service, attitude from all staff was fantastic! very slight down side .. the elephant interaction was less than at the Sanctuary and they need to explain in more detail, i.e. a note in the room, the “Every thing is optional” system.)
Glyn Lewis

July 2009
We had a very enjoyable and relaxing tour and everything went according to plan:

Apart from one reminder that we also wanted to include Vic Falls in our tour, booking went smoothly and feedback was thorough and prompt.

We did not require any service from during the tour – everything worked like clockwork!

All transfers went smoothly, with drivers waiting on our arrival at all the relevant pick-up points.

Pioneer Camp
 was clean and friendly – an excellent place to stop over in Lusaka.

Wildlife Camp suited our needs exactly. Friendly people, very knowledgeable guides, clean, good food, cosy bush camp, going the extra mile to make your stay unforgettable. Highly recommended.

Victoria Falls Hotel
 is a sad site – excellent accommodation, service, food, etc but with hardly any patrons! It felt like we had the whole hotel to ourselves.

Thanks for organising an unforgettable tour for us!

Best regards
JC van der Walt

July 2009
I am very happy to give you feedback….
Claudia was fantastic.  Of all the people we contacted via the internet, she was tireless in coming back to us, working with our budget and suggesting possible options.  She was always prompt, positive and enthusiastic.  That was why we finally booked with Falcon-Safari.  I have emailed Claudia to thank her for her help.

We were met at OR Tambo by Natasha – she was punctual and could not have been more helpful.

Meno a Kwena was most enjoyable, but the game was disappointing due to unseasonal rain in other areas. The tents were stylish but comfortable.

Oddballs was quite basic but good fun and the food was better than at Meno.  (in my opinion).  It was our first trip to the Delta and we loved the setting, had a good guide and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Generally we had a great time, but as fairly well travelled South Africans, we found Botswana to be expensive and generally charming but fairly inefficient.  (Air Botswana was not great, airport staff not great and prices too high)

Stephanie Walker 

July 2009
In response to your inquiry this is to advise that every phpect of our trip including your staff help (Cara) in its planning, the lodges and to some extent the food ( the buffet breakfasts and dinners were by far the best) were all as expected and excellent.
Our Guide, Charles was very knowledgeable and talkative and the beautiful, varied and unique landscapes and scenery and the many animal sightings we observed and photographed were spectacular and as promised.
In Etosha, however, Charles advised us that we would be required to pay for our dinners. This was contrary to the trip itinerary we had paid for.
I have reported this matter to Cara and she has advised that the $900 NAD cost of those nine dinners, which I paid for will be credited back to my Visa credit card account as soon as they appear in that account and
I will be advising you when this has occurred.
Thanks again for a great and memorable experience,
Jim Berger

July 2009
Our trip had been so great, excellent, brillant.
Service, transfers and stay at Xakanaxa Camp were perfect.

Simon Ruby

July 2009
We have had a great trip thank you!!

The service from Falcon safari was excellent – in particular from Cara when booking the trip – she was very helpful. We only booked the morning of our departure to South Africa yet everything was done very smoothly!!

Once there all paperwork was where it should be and transfers to Maun from Joburg and then again by Delta air from Maun to the camp were very smooth. The light aircraft journey from maun into the camp over the Okavango Delta is very special. What a place!!!

Oddballs is a great place. Staff all very friendly and helpful. Food excellent. Very clean and well maintained camp. I would recommend it to anyone!!

Thank you!
Mark Willings

July 2009
We were very pleased indeed with all phpects of the trip. Elize at Falcon-Safari was very helpful, the transfers went smoothly, and the fly-in safari itself was superb. I think we had the best guide in Botswana–Johnny Ramsden. I would recommend this holiday to anyone except the very elderly who might find the travel a little too much.
If I can help with anything else please let me know.
Mary Teague

July 2009
Thank you for your efforts in forwarding the proposed itinerary.  Can I ask for you to give me some suggestions to lower  the cost, but keeping a similar itinerary.  We are happy to have a combination of some nights of luxury and some less so.  Also if we do go ahead with your itinerary, what would be the procedure for booking and making payment from Australia.  For your information my husband is originally from Durban, and the other side of our trip would be 2 weeks in South Africa visiting family in Durban and Cape Town.  We are planning on being away for approx. 4 weeks.

I have to say, we were very impressed with the information you provided.  It was better than any we have received from the agents at home.

Kim Abrahams

July 2009
I will be glad to give you feedback. It can only help us all in our travels. Sorry this has taken so long but we have been in Europe.

1. Service from this was outstanding. Elize Caville-Taylor is always available for any query and will sort anything out at the drop of a hat. She is amazing. The ticketing office was also good.

2. Transfers: these were done by Falcon Safaris and we had Brillian do all our transfers. She was very punctual (always early), a good and careful driver and is a lovely person.

3. Thorntree Lodge was a great pleasure. We had an amazing time there. Accommodation was very comfortable, meals were delicious, activities were greatly enjoyed and were taylor made. The staff were friendly and helpful and we were very fortunate to have stayed at Thorntree Lodge.

4. Our stay at The Royal Livingstone was quite a disappointment after Thorntree Lodge.
–   Firstly, on arrival we asked about Wifi and were told an exorbitant price for the use of it and not told that there was a computer room with free internet access and 8 computers. We had to find this out by trial and error ourselves.
–   We last stayed at The Royal Livingstone 3 weeks after it first opened and it was a peaceful and beautiful place. Now there is helicopter noise from around 8 am till sunset with no break at all and we found this very intrusive. A suggestion is that they come to some agreement with the operators for a peaceful time around lunch time and then a short while before sunset.
–   We found there are less birds in the gardens now and think that the reason is the monkey problem. Instead of shooting the odd monkey to warn the others (this has been proven the only thing to work), they have guards in the gardens using catties to chase the monkeys. This has had an effect on the bird life. There are some birds but not as many varieties as before.
–   The biggest disappointment was the dining room, especially the evening meal. The menu is quite disappointing although I remember some really lovely dishes 8 years ago. Some dishes on the menu today are quite inedible (stringy tough chicken, dry flavorless fish) while other dishes arrived almost cold and had to be sent back. For a hotel of this standard one expects a top restaurant, especially with the prices the dining room is charging.  At lunch we ended up having the same meal each day as it was the one least possible to mess up.

I hope this helps you in your research. I definitely wont be staying at The Royal Livingstone again but would love to return some day to Thorntree Lodge  and possibly also try another of the lodges you use.

Kind regards,
Veronica Jagoe

July 2009
Everything was perfect like always (transfers, hotel, flights, etc). This is the third trip that I arranged with Falcon Safari and it couldn´t have benn better.

My huge congratulations to Carien, my travel assistant from the beginning. She is so professional and I hope to arrange plenty of travel with her.

Warm regards,
Luis Miguel

July 2009
Our African journey was incredible.  Everything went as smooth as can be at all locations.  My comments as follows:
The Zambezi Sun was very comfortable in a superb location with its own gate to the Falls.  A little cheezy, but the prior amenities more than made up
for that (we’re not the Vegas/Sun City types)and we were glad to be there for 2 nights.
The Chobe Safari Lodge far, far exceeded our expectations – it was wonderful blend of lodge and camp.  The Chobe elephants brought tears to my eyes ….
We had 200 at once coming from all angles on our 1st river trip (big boat). In the water, on shore, with another group of 100 coming down the beach. Couldn’t fit them all in my camera lens!  Was also glad you booked the 2 hour private boat – that offered a wonderful private experience.
The bush plane and Gunns Camp were a real treat, esp. since the water levels this year were so high, and glad we were there instead of Pom Pom, since did not need any further 4×4’s as we were headed to Kruger area anyway.  Funny story, the younger gal on the boat is Nadine, she is owner’s daughter and was there with her boyfriend Andy.  As you know, they also own Chobe Safari and Pom Pom.  They were an added treat and most enjoyable to share our experiences.  Nadine made the lily necklace for Erika. They are both currently in the USA on holiday and visiting family.  PHOTO TO FOLLOW …
The Safari Club in Joburg also worked great with the pick-up service and close location – good breakfast, too.
Finally, I was amazed when we crossed the Chobe/Zambezi Rivers into Botswana on our own private boat.  Passing tour groups and all the ferries.  It was a ‘rich & famous’ experience that we were not accustomed.

We would be more than pleased to offer our recommendations to any prospective client of yours. It would be our pleasure.
You’re welcome to use this email, and even refer our email address.

Best of wishes with your ventures.  We will need to discuss Namibia at some juncture, hopefully in the near future!

Bart & Erika Tucker

July 2009
We were very pleased with everything during our stay.  Airport and hotel pickups were exactly as arranged.  We especially like the Zambezi Sun Hotel because of the location to the Falls and visited there often.  Our tour activities were very nice and we really did not experience any problems except the monkeys on our balcony.

Ken Danilson

June 2009
I just spoke to my Client Mr. Julian Viso, and regarding his whole experience he told me that he is very pleased with all the process provided by Falcon Safaris, especially with Michelle, he is very grateful with her for the quick response after his mishaps in Kwa Mbili, but about Kwa Mbili he had no kind words, not just because he had the misfortune of been robbed, but also about all the facilities in Kwa Mbili, and last but not least, about the attitude of the owner, who not only did not performed his duties as a services provider, but he told he was arrogant and not fit to guide tourists in Kruger, not quite qualified to respond to his guest needs, and also to imply that his guest where sloppy or lying about the things that got stolen from their tents.

So after all, I will gladly recommend Falcon Safaris for all my clients needs in the future, but I will not recommend Kwa Mbili ever to a client of mine, people like this should not be in the Hospitality or Tourism service.

Best Regards.
Javier Vazquez F.

June 2009
I received excellent response to all my queries from Claudia.

I can highly recommend Kwetsani, a small friendly camp with having the advantage of a balance of water and land activities. The vehicle was a water cruiser with so much water. We based ourselves only at Kwetsani which proved a good idea, new guests came in but we did not waste time transferring between camps. This is cost effective for Southern Africa visitors.
Mike & Anne & staff friendly and available.

Overall a very good experience.
Kathleen Booth 

June 2009
Otters Den – 10/10

Nkambeni Tented Camp – I don’t think client satisfaction is even a consideration to them.  You are just a number and not a person.

Louise Eksteen was brilliant.

Blackie Swart

June 2009
Service from Michelle at Falcon-Safari and other staff was excellent.
Charter flights were on time and professional.
Pom Pom camp was delightful: very good food, lovely managers, interesting guests. The accommodation was really comfortable, but I do think it’s on the expensive side.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to other guests.
Kind regards
Faye-Marie Cloete

June 2009
Overall excellent tour, thoroughly enjoyed the delta.
The staff at Oddballs were excellent and should be highly commended for their attentiveness and courtesy, nothing was too much trouble. A rarity these days.
The owner/drive from the Xakanaxa Fly Camp and his staff were of equal standing, very very good. An absolute pleasure to have as a guide and highly knowledgeable.
I would without hesitation book another tour with Falcon safari and recommend you to friends without question.

We also had Martin on our tour (one of your directors) but couldn’t keep pace with him in the bar!!

An excellent memorable trip…..thanks to Mandy for her hard work in coming up with a tour that met our exact specs.

I would recommend the use of LOCAL CURRENCY for any expenses in Botswana, they didn’t seem too keen on USD!! (Can’t blame them really!!) Especially for the village.
Brett Richardson
Agreed a super trip . Now the question is do you do Namibia ?
Sarah Snowden

June 2009
We have returned safely from a memorable trip. Everything went smoothly (apart from two rainy days at Oddballs, but I don’t think even you could have done anything about that!).

At first I was a bit nervous about leaving things in someone else’s hands, as with previous trips I have been in control of all arrangements. But I have to admit that never before have my travels been so hassle free. Thank you.

I loved every minute of the holiday (even the rainy days!) This has been my first venture into Africa, and I’m afraid Europe might never see me again. I have been thoroughly bitten by the Africa bug.

Once again thank you for your friendly and professional service. I can assure you that you will again be involved in my next trip!

Kindest regards.
Marie-Louise van Heerden

June 2009

The service from Elize was efficient, prompt and very professional. Our tour was well composed and excellent balanced. It was the second time Elize organised a tour for us. The first was our Namibia tour in 2007. I am impressed how promptly she communicates.

At the Cape Town International Airport we were met and welcomed by Neville your representative. This was a very nice gesture. We were expected and immediately felt comfortable.

Upon arrival at the Livingstone Airport Brillian welcomed us. On our way to the hotel she briefed us about our stay at the falls. She also helped us to arrange a few activities and she accompanied us when we visited a village nearby. She was very helpful and friendly. She represents your company very well.

We had a fulminate start with the thunder of the mighty Victoria Falls and with the exclusive stay in the fabulous Royal Livingstone Hotel.

We were thrilled by the huge amount of elephants we viewed in the Chobe National Park.

At the Mapula camp we were impressed with the possibility to drive off road as the lodge is not in a National Park. In following the footprints, we saw for the first time in all our many Game Park visits leopards and the rare wild dogs.

We shall never forget the huge herd with hundreds of buffalos we saw in the Moremi National Park during our stay at the Xakanaxa camp. And at our last morning here, we witnessed 12 lions killing a buffalo from this herd. It was a sad and a spectacular occurrence.

At the Delta camp we felt our self to be in a different world. The mean of transport was the Mokoro and on our boot trips on the Boro River and on the floodplains we enjoyed the tranquillity and the beauty of the landscape. Some times we were a bit worried about the hippos. The stay here was an nice and appreciated change to the stay at the other camps with the focus on game viewing.

A change of scenery we had again at the Deception Valley Lodge. We were in the dry  Kalahari half Desert, the home of the San People. We shall never forget the tour with the Bushmen showing us how they could live in such a barren land. We were amazed of the efforts Adrian and the tracker Bushman made to see the game. We even saw a leopard kill.

During our tour we were also impressed about the efficiency and reliability of the transfers with the light aircrafts. These flights are very convenient and provide a terrific bird’s eye view of the delta. The pilots are friendly and experienced in there job. The transfers were also well organized. We never had any difficulties and we felt secure.

In all the camps we enjoyed the small and intimate group of people sitting on one big table for supper like a big family. What a pleasure it was meeting and chatting with different people from all over the world, talking about the daily occurrences or exchanging experience made on previous days, in other camps and on previous tours in other countries. This culture one can only experience in lodges or camps of the small size you booked us in. Well chosen.

Level of satisfaction                             Hospita-     Service   Comfort    Food  Game-

                                                           lity                                                        viewing

The Royal Livingstone Hotel                     8              10         9            10        n/a

Muchenje Safari Lodge                           10             10          8             8           9

Mapula Lodge                                        10               9          8             8          10

Xakanaxa Camp                                     9              10        10           10           9

Delta Camp                                          10              10          8            8          n/a

Deception Valley Lodge                          10              10        10            9          10

Rosemarie and Joe Diener

June 2009
If I don’t get this finished in one attempt I will continue later.  The views are representative of all 6 people who travelled.

The service during the booking period was absolutely first class and i have already commented on this to your boss whose name I can’t remeber.  Patricia’s help was outstanding.  the service during the tour was also excellent with several of the couriers mentioning how good the company was.

Transfers were fine.  It was interesting to not know until the evening before leaving the lodges what time we were leaving but obviously the communication between the parties concerned was good because everyone knew what they were doing – even to the lovely lady on the Zambian side of the river crossing who found us among the myriad of people and vehicles that were there!  We used 2 of the airport pick up men (Fred in Johannesburg and Neville in Cape Town) to give us tours during our stay and both worked out well.

Sandton Sun Garden Court was fine, although if I was advising others I would dissuade them from staying in Johannesburg at all – just a city, with less going for it than most.

Shinde was great.  Our 2 day stay was probably too short – there were activities that we could have done but didn’t have time for.  The management and staff were excellent.

Khwai River was also excellent with the exception of the barbecue at which the food left a lot to be desired.  The location was outstanding and they put the six of us in a little “look out” room for one meal which was a nice touch – as well as the very decent champagne they provided!

 had some really great points – the location on the escarpment was beautiful and the animal viewing outstanding.  The day on the pontoon on the Chobe River will long live in the memory.  The rooms though were quite small.  This was quite important to some of our party. The part owner happened to be there when we were and he was quite interesting to talk to.  I told him that Falcon Safari seemed to support him significantly.  I was personally very pleased that Patricia had suggested this lodge in lieu of another we were considering.

However, Patricia’s best advice was Stanley Safari.  I was very concerned when we ventured so far up the hill and terrified when I saw the first gate but delighted when I saw the lodge and the rooms.  The rooms were just great and I think I have almost as many photographs a of those as of elephants.  The manager, a Belgian whose name again escapes me, did a bit of a hard sell on tours and I’m sure we could have done better deals ourselves but everything went like clockwork and that’s worth something.  The food arrangements were terrific – we ate at various locations around the establishment and when we asked for a local African meal it was provided along with tuition and explanation.  This lodge was really a highlight.

In Cape Town the Waterfront Village Apartment was fine, the location excellent but the management atrocious.  It seemed too much trouble for the receptionist to book us in, there were insufficient towels left on the first clean and getting that fixed was a huge problem, the TV instructions were almost non existent and caused some problems.  The owners certainly need to know that their investments are not being treated as they should be.  I could honestly not recommend this accommodation.

Well I guess that’s it.  I am very happy with Falcon Safari and will do all I can to recommend you.  If I am asked for advise on such a tour I will advise people to miss Johannesburg, do Cape Town first and end up at Stanley Safari.  The six of us enjoyed the holiday enormously – I rank it in my top 3 ever (and we’ve done a few).  If we return to Africa we will use you.

Finally, Patricia could not have been more helpful and was pleasure to deal with.


Richie Smythe 

June 2009
We had a superb holiday in Botswana. The booking process was exceptionally good, with Mandy doing sterling work in helping to prepare the itinerary. The lodges and camps offered remarkable levels of comfort and service considering the remoteness of some of the locations, and the staff were incredibly friendly (Kwetsani Camp needs a special mention in this regard). The transfers went well for the most part, especially all the flights; there was one slight hiccup when we were picked up from Stanley’s Safari Lodge earlier than scheduled and the taxi on the Botswanan side of the Chobe River had not arrived, but we were saved by a kindly taxi driver (I think from the same company) who took us to Kasane Airport.

A very well organized holiday, and we would certainly recommend your firm to any of our friends who care to venture into southern Africa.

Best wishes,
David Knighton 

June 2009
Thanks your email of June 1st. My comments on the Tour organised by your company are as follows:

Booking Process.
I dealt with Patricia in Australia for the majority of the booking process. After I had made known our tour interests and requirements I found her to be most helpful and it was she who recommended the three Lodges in Botswana. She was always available either by email or your 0800 ph nos
to discuss issues prior to our departure.


We were collected from our timeshare in Victoria Falls on time by a very pleasant local driver from  Falcon tours who drove us to the border with Botswana. Through no fault of this person no one was there to meet us at the border and take us to Kasane airport. It was only after a number of phones calls that another driver eventuallly arrived after about 45mins. As there was no where to sit and it was very hot this was not a good experience.
The driver from Muchenje Lodge was waiting at Kasane airport to transport us to the Lodge. My only observation here was that he collected us
in  an open game vehicle and it was quite cold sitting in it for 1hour on an open road.
We were transferred from Muchenje Lodge to Kwara Camp by a four seater Cessna plane , the plane was relatively new and the flight was comfortable and went without incident.
The staff from Kwara camp were waiting for the plane and transported to the camp without incident.
The transport from Kwara camp to Xakanaxa Camp was by boat which was quite pleasant .
We were flown from Xakanaxa Camp to Maun in a six seater plane. The plane appeared quite old and has seen better days. En route
we had to stop at another camp to pick up two other people. This involved changing seats which resulted in Winifred being put in the back of the plane in an uncomfortable seat in the full sun, she did not enjoy this experience which made her feel ill from heat and lack of air conditioning.

All three camps provided us with very  excellent and comfortable accomodation with good hosts and generally well presented food and drinks.

Muchenje Lodge
This Lodge was 1hour from Kasane airport the last 12mins over a very corrugated road ( which incidentally was being upgraded and sealed by a Chinese contractor). The camp was  a 12 minute drive from the Chobe National Park and set in a lovely location with each lodge having views
over the Chobe river and flood plain. We greeted on arrival by our hosts , throughout our three nights here we found the whole company very friendly and attentative and we  enjoyed the meals which were taken around a large table with all guests presents. The guides were excellent and went out of their way to  find animals on all drives. This lodge provided the greatest number and variety of drives and was the only one that allowed for interaction with the local community. We visited a small household some distance from the lodge and spoke to the family, we also visited the local primary school and spoke to the headmistress and visited a class, which we found most interesting ( particularily as we had visited a school in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and could make comparisons).
The boat trip on the Chobe river was probably the highlight of these three days and in fact the  whole  week in Botswana. We will always remember having lunch on the river with a large number of elephants drinking nearby. The game drives in Chobe provided us with the greatest number of elephants, giraffes, hippos, baboons and monkeys.and buffalo..

Kwara Camp.
This camp was probably the most “rustic” of the three and was managed by local Botswana people. It had an advantage that it was not in a National Park and therefore the guides could drive off the tracks in search of animals something which was not allowed in the other two.
This was the  first time we saw a pride of lions, and a fleeting glance of wild dogs and hyenas. We also saw two cheetahs and a close up view of a leopard ( not seen at the other two lodges). The numbers of other animals however did not match Chobe.
The “tents” in this camp were located in two areas, the majority had views over a small lagoon which had hippos and bird life and 3/4 others( including ours) were located away from the lagoon with views over a large savannah (slightly disappointing as no wild life was ever seen). Clearly the latter were not as desirable as the lagoon ones and we are not aware if there is a price differential. However the staff were most friendly and obliging and the drives interesting. Because there was no electricity in the accommodation the staff were always ready to charge
cameras and videos in their work rooms.

Xakanaxa Camp

This Camp was probably by a small margin the most upmarket. The hosts were a German couple who were relieving as managers. They were most attentive and quickly dealt with any problems or issues. It bordered a river area which we had arrived by. The Moremi Game reserve was right on the door so driving to and fro was minimal.

Norma Stanhope 

June 2009
We were absolutely delighted with every phpect of our vacation, and I can’t say enough good things about it all.  Everything went smoothly, and everything was truly wonderful.

The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour 

Michelle was extremely helpful and responsive, through many, many emails over the course of our planning and pre-trip prep.

The transfers you had. 
All transfers worked out well, and we always got good service.

Your stay at The Safari Club SA 
Safari Club SA was a perfect place to relax and rest a bit after a long and arduous set of flights.  We were very (VERY) glad we had chosen this over the Metcourt Laurel, and very much enjoyed our time here.

Your stay at Chundukwa River Lodge
Chundukwa was fabulous!  We didn’t want to leave.

Your stay at Chobe Safari Lodge
CSL was beautiful, and we very much enjoyed our activities here.

Your stay at Pom Pom Camp 
Pom Pom was the perfect crescendo for this trip.

Given our time constraints, I wouldn’t have done anything any differently — there were no disappointments, or anything that didn’t quite measure up.  I fully expected that this trip would be fabulous, and it exceeded my expectations.  We loved every minute of it, and all four of us are still very excited about all of our adventures.

My thanks to Falcon-safari, and specifically to Michelle, for making this possible for us!
Lisa Mallahan

June 2009
Service during booking:  Excellent. Mandy did a great job with recommendations and information. At times the templated information is a bit much on email, but it’s OK. If you’re going to change anything, it would be to simplify the way the information is synced with email programs.

Transfers: Excellent. People met us, guided us and gave advice. We hardly had to think at all (a true vacation).

Stanley’s camp was luxurious. It really is high class. One phpects of the trip I didn’t anticipate was being on a tour with others. The group that was with us was overall OK, but a bit frustrated that they were not on a tour on their own, so they made it a bit less enjoyable. A difficult thing to handle. The guides were great, particularly Carter. The Falcon Safari website could be more clear that Mokoro rides are only during a very limited season here. It’s just about all game drives, which should be reflected on the website.

Xakanaxa was a nice contrast to Stanleys. It had a much more at-home atmophere (where at Stanleys you were served, at Xakanaxa you could feel at home and serve yourself apart from meals). It was relativlely laid back, which created a nice atmosphere.

Victoria and Alfred – very nice. Extemely good location. Andy from Eco-Tours was an outstanding guide.

Heidi Eschenbacher

June 2009
With a few words, it was an amazing trip!!!
Mandy organized everything in perfection and I want to thank her very much for that. From the connecting flight from Johannesburg to Livingston, to the last tour back in Johannesburg with Andre. Everybody was very friendly, professional and helpful.
The Chundukwa in Livingston is in a very beautiful location and I had the opportunity to take all these extra activities (helicopter ride, elephant back safari, canoe in Zambezi, visiting the local village etc)
The camp in Savute with Johnny was unbelievable. He is one of the best guides I ever had on a trip. The food was excellent and his company was most enjoyable.
The Oddballs was also fantastic (considering that I had the best room in the lodge with my own bathroom and I didn’t need to sleep on a tent!).
Also the Meno A Kwena is one of the most beautiful decorated lodges I have been and is in an excellent location.
The last day in Johannesburg and the tour with Andre was also very enjoyable. The apartheid museum is amazing. Only for that is worth someone to visit this city. I wish I had more time to spend there.
Please transfer to all people my sincere thanks for a very enjoyable trip. I learned a lot and I enjoyed every moment.

It is totally unfortunate that my friend Maria had to cancel last moment. Fortunately, her health is better now and I hope will do this trip together next time. Maybe in this case we will skip the three nights in the bush (which I should admit where a bit tough!) and we will spend more time in the inner Moremi, which I heard from people that they did it that is magical.

Thank you for everything and best regards,

Spyros  Kollias 

June 2009
Thanks Melissa, we had a fantastic time at Mapula Lodge and would recommend it to anyone, plus the transfers were absolutely fine.

The only place we were disappointed with was Maun Lodge which we thought was very basic, particularly the chalets.  These were definitely not luxurious accommodation and were not within view of the river.  However, I cannot imagine there are many places to stay in Maun so this may be the best of the bunch.

The best advice would have been to stay in Mapula Lodge for another night then just get our connection at the airport – we did not realize the charter flights could be so well timed to meet the international services.

Other than that we were very happy with the service you provided and would definitely recommend you to friends.

Hope that is helpful
Chris Tait

June 2009
The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour. 
Mandy is excellent.  This is the second time I have worked with Mandy and she is simply perfect.  She is QUICK with her responses and SPOT on with her recommendations.  I can not say enough times how great she is and what a wonderful job she does.  I will use her every time from now on when I do any travel in Africa.

The transfers you had.
Transfers were perfect.  No problem at all.  And, the rental car delivery went perfectly as well.
Your stay at Klein Oliphantshoek Guesthouse 
I LOVED the Klein Oliphantshoek Guesthouse.  I can recommend it 100%!  The best place I have stayed in South Africa!  I thought my room was amazing – very cool!  I REALLY liked my room and the view from my room!  The staff there were beyond helpful.  I casually mentioned one morning that I needed my eyebrows waxed.  One of the ladies there, without me asking, called into town, made an appointment for me in the next 15 minutes and came to me with a map to the appointment.  Talk about going above and beyond!  I had one dinner in the new restaurant and I was impressed.  I thought my food was fantastic.  I was lucky enough to get a tour of all of the rooms and I was impressed with the whole B&B.  I will be staying there again my next trip.  And, I would tell my friends to stay there as well.
Your stay at Bartholomeus Klip Farmhouse 
The farmhouse was great.  The staff were perfect and the food was amazing.  I wanted a quiet few days in the country and this was the place to do it!  I can recommend B. Klip to anyone that is looking for a nice quiet time.  Overall, this place was great as well.
Your stay at Waterfront Village Apartments
I chose these apartments and asked Mandy to book them.   I must say I was disappointed.  I thought the front desk staff were rude.  They did not know where my apartment was when we were walking to the apartment when I first got there.  My apartment was dirty when I got there and the whole place has gotten a bit run down, tired, sad.  My apartment was tired, not well decorated, not fantastic.  I like the idea of the apartment.  I like being walking distance from the waterfront shopping and restaurants.  However, I am not sure I will stay here again.  Next time, I will work with Mandy to see if there is another similar option that is nicer now.  Overall, I would not recommend for my friends to stay there, or warn them that the place is tired and run down now.

Overall, once again, Mandy did a great job and I had a vacation that went off without a problem!
THANKS to Mandy!

Lauren Beatty 

June 2009
We had a fabulous time in Botswana, with the flood exceeding all of my expectations, and all our connections worked wonderfully well thanks to your planning. The itinerary certainly proved to give us a wide range of habitats for the wildlife.

Thank you for all your help,
David Knighton 

June 2009
What a fantastic trip!  Our last few trips have been to China and Alaska which we thought were great, but this one tops both.

And as Carole keeps pointing out, the logistics were superb.  Like clockwork, whenever we went to a little airport you had a local guy there to make sure all went well.  The icing on the cake was at the end; we arrived at OR Tambo earlier than scheduled, but, no problem, the guy from Safari Club was already there with our luggage that he had stored for us (we were already planning: who do we call, how do we make a call, we’ll have to get some Rands to make the call, etc, because we were sure our luggage would not meet be there to meet us).

All the guides, the drivers, the side trips you lined up for us – very well done, exquisitely managed.  The fact that all the planned connections proceeded with absolutely no hitches made a great trip all the more pleasant and hassle-free.

We can’t thank you enough for all the work you’ve done in setting up our adventure.  The planning and execution could not have been better!

Stan & Carole Kosciuk

Feedback responses as below – please advise if you want anything else on this.
Terry and Kathy Milliken

The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour:
We went to 3 different tour companies to get quotes for packages based around a rough plan we had for our trip.  We selected Falcon-Safari based on several factors, but primarily because of the prompt and informative responses we had to our queries from Claudia.
We were met at Joburg airport and given some additional airline tickets and shown the correct check-in desk for our transfer flight, and the many subsequent interchanges between lodges, transit companies, flights etc all went extremely smoothly with no delays at any stage.
We have already recommended your company to others as we were delighted both with the trip and the organization.  We will certainly contact you again if we have the opportunity to embark on a similar trip in the future.

The transfers you had.
As above

Your stay at Chundukwa River Lodge 
Very relaxing spot in great setting well outside bustle of Livingstone.  Small lodge with only 5 chalets built on stilts over Zambesi River.  Good place to start trip and get over long international flights.  Only regret was that we had not booked for 3 nights instead of 2.
Whilst there we:
·         went on sunset cruise (relaxing)
·         took a helicopter ride over the Falls (very good)
·         went on Falls walk (very impressive)
·         went on walk through local village with member of village who worked at Lodge.  This was really interesting as we were only tourists there (limited to people staying at Chundukwa Lodge only), and were not asked to buy anything.  Only requirement was to take lots of photos of kids who appeared from everywhere and took great delight at seeing the photos played back to them.
If we had stayed another day we would probably gone to see white rhinos, and perhaps done a bungy jump.

Your stay at Muchenje Safari Lodge 
Fairly luxurious lodge set on a hill overlooking Chobe River and plains.  Lots of elephants – some in quite large groups (up to about 50 in one group we saw).  Went on 2 drives a day and were able to get close to elephants, giraffes, buffalo, baboons, hippos, but we did not see many cats at this location.  Guides were excellent.
3 nights was just about the right time for this stay.

Your stay at Xakanaxa Camp 
Our favorite of the three locations and much more laid back than at Muchenje.  Very different landscape than at Chobe with less trees and more open areas.  Not nearly as many elephants or giraffes, but appears to be more cats.
Went on 2 drives a day and a boat trip on the Delta.  Whilst there we saw a pride of 12 lions tracking a huge herd of buffalo and an eventual kill.  Again, the guides were excellent.
Again 3 nights was about the right length of stay.

Your stay at Mondior Concorde Hotel
Good modern hotel close to airport and set in a complex with lots of casinos and restaurants.  Ideal for one night transit (which is what we had), but would not want to stay there much longer.

June 2009
We had another amazing holiday in South Africa – thank you so much again for all of your help! Everything went according to plan apart from the hiccup with the transfer from Isinkwe to Phinda but after you spoke to them they did do a lovely private dinner for us on our deck for our last evening and also gave us a bottle of wine as we were leaving to apologise.
We loved Exeter River Lodge, the rooms aren’t quite as secluded as our lovely room at Leadwood but still very luxurious and a great view of the river. We were in room 5 which was lovely and had a great view of the weir, the only thing I would say is that with the trees in front of it, the deck was in shade for most of the day so not so good for sunbathing! We really liked their new policy of having afternoon tea when you meet up for game drive instead of lunch and the main lodge area was lovely.
The best thing about River lodge for us was our ranger Ryan – he was brilliant, a really lovely guy with a great sense of humour and such passion for his job. We had many incredible game drives – we saw wild dogs hunting, lions mating, leopards stalking each other and a baby lion cub among many other wonderful sightings and we always had a lot of fun and laughter along the way as well. We were very sad to leave!
Our room, number 4, at Phinda Vlei was lovely, very secluded (we loved the fact the rooms are only connected by a sandy track through the forest and you cannot see any other rooms from yours) with amazing views over the vlei and a great (sunny!) deck and very large (not too cold!) pool. We had lovely relaxing days spent out there watching the wildlife on the vlei, the highlight of which definitely was the day we had an elephant come to drink from our pool! We sat on the deck just across the pool from him while he drank for about 15 min – an amazing experience and definitely a highlight of the holiday! The only problem with Vlei lodge was they are rebuilding the whole main building which I hadn’t heard anything about beforehand. They had set up a tent and outside chairs and tables for the evening which was actually very nice and felt like being properly out in the bush but we did notice the service was not quite up to Exeter’s standards (laundry was very rarely same day, room service for meals very slow at times, housekeeping often still in our room on return from morning game drive) and we thought maybe they are struggling a little without the full services of the main building. Also there was some noise of the building work during the day which wasn’t ideal when relaxing on your deck. In fact three couples left and moved to Forest Lodge while we were there because of it; we didn’t think it was that bad. Our ranger Richard was another very good guide and a lovely guy. On the whole the wildlife wasn’t quite as good as Exeter but we did see quite a few animals we had never seen before including the beautiful cheetah and incredibly a very rare aardvark which Mark was delighted about! Phinda is a very beautiful reserve as well and we loved the diversity of the habitats – we particularly liked the open grassland area in the north and the mountains and crater area around Zuka, so totally different from the Sabi Sands. We went on the river cruise and did canoeing on the river both of which we enjoyed immensely.
While we were at River Lodge we were hoping to catch up with Keri and Mac at Leadwood lodge but unfortunately they were away on leave. It would have been great to meet up and thank them again for such a marvellous introduction to safari and getting us totally hooked! They are lovely people and Mac is such a fantastic ranger – everyone at Exeter and Phinda knew of and had huge respect for Mac! I was wondering if you had an email address or any way of getting in touch with them at Leadwood Lodge? I have had an idea I wanted to ask them about. Mac does these wonderful sketch drawings of animals he showed us last year and he says he sometimes sells them. We were talking about them with Richard at Phinda (who knows Mac and Keri very well) and Mark was saying how much he loved them. I thought I would try to get in touch with Mac and ask if he has any he would be willing to sell at the moment and try to get one as a first wedding anniversary present for Mark. I have looked on the &Beyond website but I cannot find any email addresses and I tried emailing the general address to ask if they could put me in touch with Keri or Mac but have got no reply. So if you could help at all, that would be brilliant!

Best wishes,
Alex Blake

June 2009

We had a great time howbeit only for a short period of time.

The transfers went well the service was great and Kapama River Lodge was fantastic.

I hope to go again for a longer period of time

Mark Smith

June 2009
we just came back today from our trip through southern africa.
we enjoyed the stay at oddball’s camp, the staff was very friendly and good humoured. we had very good food, the tents and the facilities were very clean.
also the communication with Falcon-safari worked very well.
we are happy!

thank you very much, eva
Eva Scheidegger

June 2009
Since the trip was most wonderful, I’m glad to respond to your survey:
the service from your staff was very good, especially for the booking period as we often changed our plans but Mandy did her utmost to keep us satisfied; do let her know, please!

the transfer with the airplane was quite exiting and wonderful; one small remark though: before our transfer from Chobe safari lodge we had a morningdrive and when we
arrived back at the hotel we were told that we had to leave immediately to the airport; after all, we had a very quick breakfast and packed our stuff in a hurry!

 Chobe safari lodge was a nice place to stay, although a bit too big and busy but that is a personal appreciation, of course; apart from the quick departure – as explained above – the service was very good

Mapula lodge was perfectly suited to our to our wishes and far above expectations: cosy place, most wonderful and friendly people, what more can one wish! The whole staff deserve our congratulations

After all, it was a maevellous holiday and we enjoyed it very much: thanks to all of you who contributed to this!

Greetings from crowded Belgium,
Marcel & Diane Daelman


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