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Victoria Falls Bridge Slide

Victoria Falls is known as the Africa's Adventure Capital, and the historic Victoria Falls Bridge is home to three of the area's most thrilling adrenalin activities - the Bridge Slide, Bridge Swing and Bungee Jumping.

Located at the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, the Victoria Falls Bridge offers a fantastic view if the deep Batoka Gorge, and the raging Zambezi River below. To the north and north-east, you will see a section of the the Victoria Falls and the first rapids below (maybe a few white water rafters as well). To the west, the river goes on between the steep cliff faces, and above the gorge in the distance, you can see the iconic Victoria Falls Hotel.

Victoria Falls bridge activities do not include transfers in the price (except the historic tour and packaged activities), so you can either book a seat on the Bridge Bus / Bungee Bus, or make your own way down to the Victoria Falls Bridge. When you get there, you will check in at the Bridge Cafe where your weight will be recorded. Once you have registered and signed the indemnity form, there's no going back. After that, you will be directed to get fitted and harnessed.

Adrenalin Activities

Tandem Bridge Slide at the Victoria Falls Bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia

Bridge Slide

The mildest of the adrenaline bridge activities, the Bridge Slide is the least terrifying and can be done by any sane person from 6 years old and above. Don't get it twisted - there is a bit of the thrill from zipping across the gorge seeing the Zambezi River below, but unlike the other heart pumping activities, you might find yourself wanting to go again.

After checking in and getting your harnesses strapped in, you take a short walk downstream to the launch site where the slide master will be waiting for you. He will strap you and your harness onto the rig and make sure that everything is nice and secure. Lift your legs and go! You will zip across from the Zambian side of the gorge and stop close to the bridge. It only takes seconds, but it is etched onto your memory.

One of the recovery operators will reel you in, under the bridge. Then you will make your way to the top of the bridge and back to the where the jumper operators are in the middle of the bridge, where your harness will be removed.

Solo Bridge Swing at the Victoria Falls Bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia

If you're not comfortable having your young one go alone, or you just want to share this with someone, you can go tandem on the slide.

The Bridge Swing

This insane activity involves a free-fall from the Victoria Falls Bridge by one or two people at a time. After check-in, you go to the middle of the bridge where the jump operators will give you your safety talk and strap you in.

For the swing, you free-fall for 70 meters before you fly out over the rapids of the Zambezi River, in a big arc. They say if you're really nervous, don't look down - look to the horizon. Feel free to scream. After the rush, enjoy the scenery while you swing in a pendulum in the gorge. The roaring sound of the Falls and the river completes the experience.

You will be mechanically lifted up to where the recovery operator is located below the bridge. After he reels you in, make your way to the top of the bridge and back to the jump point where your harness will be removed.

View from the top - Bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is the most popular of the bridge activities. While it is not the highest in the world, the Victoria Falls bungee is said to be the best. On this activity, only one person at a time can jump.

Here, you free-fall from the bridge for about 4 seconds, with speeds of up to 120km/h! Unlike the bridge swing, the bungee cord is strapped to your ankles, and you go in head first instead of feet first. For more on this awesome activity, visit our bungee jumping page.

Non-Adrenaline Victoria Falls Bridge Activities

Historic Bridge Tour

This tour, while on the Victoria Falls Bridge, is not one of the adrenaline activities, but an entertaining talk and scenic tour. It starts in the small museum next to the Bridge Cafe, and later goes onto the bridge itself. Here, you get to take a close look at the pieces that hold the bridge together. For this tour, there is no need to get your weight checked. Read on about the Victoria Falls Bridge Tour.

What you will need to bring

  • Passport (although you will not require additional visas, you will need to request a bridge pass from the immigration officer at the border)
  • Booking voucher
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • US$ cash or Visa/MasterCard for photos, video and a meal or drinks if you wish to have any in the cafe. Important Information
  • Minimum ages: Bridge slide - 6 years old; Bridge Tour - 10 years old; Bridge swing and bungee jump - 14 years old
  • Transfers are not included for bridge activities, but can be arranged. Otherwise, you can make your own way to the bridge. Transfers are only available if you have booked all three activities on a Big Air package, or in one of the other packages available.
  • Avoid taking valuables with you (except the cash you will need for meals/drinks, or personal purchases)
  • Once you have been registered and have signed the indemnity form, there will be no refunds if you do change your mind.
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Victoria Falls Bridge Slide

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