Devil's Swim Victoria Falls

Devil's Swim Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Devil's Swim

Victoria Falls may be well known for being one of nature’s finest gems but surely the renowned Devils Pool has in addition, garnished it more recognition all over the world. Described as the most exhilarating and possibly dangerous swimming sensation ever, the Devil’s Swim has become one of the most popular tourist attractions. Daredevils, adventure enthusiasts and those filled with curiosity have come to see this pool for themselves.

Victoria Falls is a stunning spectacle however you view it from any side & devil’s Pool is one of the best activity place to enjoy the adventure!

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What is the Devil’s Pool ?

The Devil’s Pool is a pool of tranquil water that was naturally formed right on the edge of the Victoria Falls. It was carved into the rocks by water erosion over a long period of time and is held in position by a narrow strip of rock just by the edge of the waterfall.

The pool grants people the opportunity to swim right to the edge of the waterfall and feel the raging white waters as they flow from the waterfall all the way down. The experience on its own is death defying and without a doubt, one of the most terrifying yet exciting things you’ll ever do in the world. It gives you a breath-taking experience and gives you a totally unique view of the fall during Victoria Falls Tour.

Where is the Devil’s Pool and how do you get there ?

The Devil’s pool is located on the Zambezi River right on the edge of the Victoria Falls. It is on the Zambian side of the falls adjacent to Livingstone Island, the famous island where David Livingstone himself first discovered the falls. If you are in Zimbabwe, you can still book for the activity in Zimbabwe but you will have to cross to the Zambian side for your swim.

What to expect during the Devil’s Pool experience ?

Your Devils Swim Experience will begin on the banks of the Zambezi River in Livingstone, Zambia. Here you will first head to the famous Livingstone Island. Once you reach the Island, you will be welcomed by the staff with a popular traditional Mahewu energy drink which is made from maize meal. You will also meet your tour leaders, learn what to expect, and hear a safety talk.

From there, they will take you to the westernmost edge of the island's fall, where David Livingstone first saw this marvel of nature. Those who want to swim at Devil’s Pool Travel to the river with the guides after taking some time to explore the area.

A maximum of 6 people per group can visit the pool at a time and will be in the pool for about 15 to 20 minutes before exiting to allow another group in. You will have your guides with you and they will advise on safety within the pool as well.

What else is there to see at Devils Pool ?

The journey by boat to Livingstone Island is via an untamed section of the Zambezi that is surrounded by dense tropical woods. There is some wildlife around, with hippos and crocodiles standing out, but you might also see elephants or buffaloes coming to drink. The river is home to a diverse range of herons, egrets, waders, and ducks, as well as the beautiful African fish eagle.

Can You Visit Devil’s Pool from the Zimbabwe Side?

Although physically you have to do the activity in Zambia there is no issue! You can reserve a spot on a day trip to Livingstone Island and Devil's Pool through any travel agency or lodging facility on the Zimbabwean side of Victoria Falls. Organizing transportation to the launch site in Zambia is also a good idea. The majority of travellers to Zambia need a visa, which can be obtained at the border upon arrival. Remember to pack your passport and leave early.

The Best time to Visit the Devils Pool ?

This Victoria Falls Activity is seasonal and is only available in the low water season. Only seasonal boat trips to Livingstone Island provide access to Devil's Pool. These are in operation from June to December for seven months each year with access being most certain in October and November when the flow is at its lowest.

But keep in mind that seasonal levels change from year to year depending on how much and when it rained upstream. Tourists are not allowed in the pool when the flow is too high, which often happens between January 1 and sometime in August.

What you should know about the Devils Pool ?

Drinks, a lunch, guides, and towels are all included in tours to Livingstone Island and Devil's Pool. Visitors should bring their own swimwear and clothing (shorts, a t-shirt, and flip-flops are acceptable). Other necessities include sunblock, sunglasses, and a sunhat, especially for later departures.

Binoculars may be useful for birdwatchers to get a close-up look of the abundant riverine birdlife (as well as the occasional crocodile or hippo).

Is it safe to swim in the Devils Pool ?

Basically, yes. Although there have been a few minor mishaps on the treacherous rocks, no fatalities on any scheduled tours have actually occurred. There is no major chance of getting swept over Victoria Falls, provided you don't wilfully seek to do so. If you follow the guide's instructions, you won't get hurt during the quick swim.

In regards to the animals, the hippos and crocs that lurk in the Zambezi upstream of the waterfall you don’t have to worry. Generally speaking, though, these animals are too intelligent to approach the waterfall and the guides will carefully inspect the water for any animals before letting visitors in.

The Devil’s Pool has a real adrenaline high and people who have experienced it Love it! Once back on Livingstone Island you will be treated to either breakfast, lunch or snacks depending the time of day you have gone.

Your boat then whisks you back to the mainland at the launch site. A Magical experience Devil’s Swim!

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On the Zambian side, the devil pool is located on the Zambian side. It is a natural pool on the edge of Victoria Pool.

Definitely yes, it is absolutely safe to swim in Devil’s Pool. There have been no incidents so far. The guides are fully trained, they know how to keep the visitors safe. We urge you to always follow their instructions.

From 9 am to 3:30 pm, this is the best time of the day to swim in the Devil Pool. The heat of the day will make your swimming experience more relaxing.

No, any reasonably fit person can go for Devil Swim. You just need how to swim. A trained instructor will be there with you.

12 years, the minimum age limit for a Devil Swim is 12 years. We recommend you follow the guidance of trained instructors.

Use synthetic fleece socks to keep your feet warm. Wool socks are also helpful when you are rafting. A warm feel will make you more comfortable while rafting.

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