About Durban

Durban is a city on the east coast of South Africa and is known for being home to one of the country’s busiest ports. As the largest city in KwaZulu-Natal, it is characterized by a hot tropical climate and miles of magnificent beaches.

It is a place where cultures and histories collide, creating a vibrant assortment of experiences. From sun-kissed sands to thrilling safaris, Durban Tours is your ticket to discovering the South African experience.

The city combines the best of nature and urban development, offering sandy beaches and historic places to see everything and anything in between.

Relax by the beach, explore the local culture, enjoy souvenirs, or take part in a safari drive, everything is possible in Durban.

Durban Tours & Safaris

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Best time to visit

Discovering Durban between May and September is a traveller’s delight, as the weather is at its best - sunny, dry, and comfortably warm. This is the Best Time to Visit Durban as the city buzzes with activities and festivals, including the International Film Festival in July and the Good Food and Wine Show. While summer months bring heat, humidity, and rain, winter offers the ideal conditions for enjoying Durban's beaches, tours, and events, providing an enriching travel experience.


Durban is a paradise for those who love nature and animals. A long time ago, this city in KwaZulu-Natal started creating spaces like zoos and parks, where it kept big animals such as lions and even a polar bear. Nowadays, places like the Umgeni River Bird Park and uShaka Marine World are where you can see a wide variety of animals. With its rich variety of 297 types of mammals, 849 bird species, and thousands of plants, Durban is a must-visit for anyone interested in exploring the wonders of wildlife on South Africa Safari Tours.

What To Experience

Travel Guide For Durban

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Durban Map And Geography

Durban is an important city in South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal province and is celebrated for its scenic location along the Indian Ocean.

This city is spread over 2,292 square kilometres and features a landscape of rolling hills with a backdrop of the Drakensberg Mountains.

Its geography includes lush subtropical forests, deep ravines with creeks, and diverse ecosystems from moist savannas to grasslands.

Durban enjoys a mild climate, with warm, breezy summers and mild winters, making it an attractive destination year-round. Despite its susceptibility to summer storms, the city's climate and natural beauty make it a prime spot for visitors and locals alike.

Durban Weather And Climate

 Durban has an inviting subtropical climate. It is a city that shines all year round, making it a fantastic spot for South Africa Trips. Every season in Durban has its special vibe, offering something unique for every visitor. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect weather-wise during your Durban Travel:

November to April - The Wet Summer Months:

  • Expect the city to be warm, with temperatures ranging between 20°C and 28°C.
  • This might be the quieter tourist season, but don't let that stop you. There's plenty to do indoors, from exploring museums to catching a show.
  • Also, you'll see some rain and possibly a thunderstorm or two. They can make Durban Tours a bit tricky but also bring the landscape to life.

September to October - The Beautiful Transition:

  • Spring steps in, gently warming the city and coaxing out vibrant flowers everywhere, perfect for those looking for Durban Tours.
  • As the crowds haven't arrived yet. It makes it the perfect time to wander the city's attractions or venture into the wildlife reserves without the hustle.

May to August - The Glorious Dry Winter:

  • These months are a dream for visitors, with clear skies and temperatures that range from a cool 16°C to a warm 25°C, ideal for South Africa Tours.
  • The weather is just right for a mix of activities - think beach volleyball, surfing, or even a relaxed outdoor festival.

In Durban, the weather plays along with your plans, offering warm, sunny days and cool, comfortable nights. So, irrespective of whether you're here to soak in the summer sun or enjoy the mild winter, Durban wraps you in a climate that's just right for adventure, relaxation, and exploration.

How To Get To Durban?

Travelling to Durban is hassle-free, all thanks to a range of convenient options for visitors from near and far. Here’s your guide on how to arrive in this vibrant city:

By Air:

  • Fly into King Shaka International Airport, Durban's main airport, which welcomes a variety of airlines including British Airways and Emirates.
  • For those coming from afar, direct flights are available from places like Mauritius and Dubai.

Once you land, you can easily reach the city centre with a quick taxi ride or by hopping on a shuttle bus.

By Bus:

  • Durban is well-connected by bus to other cities in South Africa and neighbouring countries like Mozambique and Swaziland.
  • There’s a wide selection of bus companies to choose from, making it easy for both locals and tourists to find a convenient ride.

By Train:

  • A direct train from Johannesburg to Durban is available, making train travel a viable option.
  • While you can’t get a direct train from Cape Town, you can connect through Johannesburg.
  • For shorter distances, commuter trains serve the local area but expect them to be quite full.

By Boat:

  • The city also welcomes travellers arriving by sea, including those on cruise ships.
  • Shuttle services are available for easy transfer to other coastal spots from Durban.

No matter if you’re flying in for a memorable Durban Safari or exploring the city’s culture and beaches by bus or train, Getting to Durban couldn’t be easier.

Things to Do in Durban

Discovering Durban is all about diving into a world where nature's beauty meets vibrant city life. This place is perfect for anyone looking for an unforgettable safari experience. Below are some of the Top Things to Do in Durban for travellers to engage on South Africa Tours:

  • Lesotho 4x4 Trip: Start with a fun drive from Durban up into Lesotho's mountains. You'll get to see the lovely city of Pietermaritzburg along the way.
  • Animal Watching and Culture: Spend a day on a Durban Day Tour that takes you to see animals in the wild and ends with a visit to the PheZulu Cultural Village to learn about Zulu life.
  • City Wonders: Take a full-day tour around Durban. Check out the beautiful Botanical Garden, stroll through the Golden Mile, and wander around the markets. Don't miss the iconic Moses Mabhida Stadium.
  • Gondola Rides: For something calm and cosy, float through Durban's canals on a gondola. It's great for couples or families looking for a unique view of the city.
  • Night Fun: Explore Durban's lively night scene with a tour that hops between the city's coolest bars and clubs.
  • Step Back in Time: Visit the West Street Mosque to catch a glimpse of history, or take a trip to the Battle of Isandlwana battlefields for a dose of the past.

In Durban, adventures and discoveries never end. It’s a city that invites you with open arms, offering a blend of city vibes and natural beauty. Start planning your South Africa Trip to this lively city for a journey filled with memorable moments.

Food and Drink

In Durban, your taste buds are in for a treat! This city, a hotspot for South African Safari enthusiasts, also boasts a culinary scene that's as diverse as its landscapes. From the streets of Durban to the safari lodges, the flavours are unforgettable.

Feast on Durban's Delights:

  • Bunny Chow

Taste Durban's signature dish, the bunny chow. It's a simple, yet delicious hollowed-out loaf of bread filled with spicy curry. Whether mutton or chicken, every bite tells a story of Durban's culinary heritage.

  • Fusion Cuisine

With the largest Indian population outside of India, Durban shines with its South African-Indian fusion dishes. The blend of spices and flavours here is something you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Afro’s Chicken

Starting from a bright yellow container on the Golden Mile, Afro's Chicken has become a citywide favourite. Their juicy chicken and laid-back vibe make it a must-visit.

  • Craft Beverages

Durban takes its drinks seriously, whether it's craft gin, beer, or cocktails in a jazz bar. The city’s craft beverage scene is vibrant, inviting you to unwind and enjoy.

Exploring Durban's food and drink landscape is a journey through flavours, cultures, and traditions. From the hearty bunny chow to the sophisticated sips of craft gin, every meal and drink in Durban is a celebration. Get ready to savour the taste of Durban on South Africa Tours!

Durban Beaches

Durban is a place where the sun always shines and the beaches are as welcoming as the people. This city offers a range of beaches along the famous Golden Mile. It’s a slice of paradise for anyone who loves the ocean, whether you’re here to surf, swim, or just soak up the sun.

Beaches You Can't-Miss:

  • South Beach: Great for families and beginners in surfing. Right by uShaka Marine World, it's a fun day out with easy access to snacks and drinks.
  • North Beach: This is where the action is, especially during holidays. If you’re into more adventurous water activities, this is your spot.
  • New Pier / Dairy Beach: A surfer’s haven. It gets busy, but the waves are worth it.
  • Bay of Plenty: Chill here for sunbathing or join the early birds watching local fishermen at work.

And if you're up for exploring beyond Durban, places like Margate, Ramsgate, and Umhlanga Rocks offer beautiful beaches with a different vibe, just a short drive away.

No matter if you're looking for a lively Durban Day Tour or a peaceful spot as part of your South Africa Safari Trip, Durban’s beaches have it all. They perfectly mix city life with beach relaxation, making Durban a top South African Destination for beach lovers.

Best Month to Visit Durban

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Durban in January

January in Durban is warm and muggy, with temperatures averaging at 25.1 °C. Nights might cool down to 17 °C, while days can heat up to 33 °C. Rainfall is frequent, with 120 mm spread over 11 days, but you'll still enjoy around 6 hours of sunshine daily. The sea is inviting at 26 °C, perfect for Durban Day Tours by the beach.

Durban in February

February, the peak of summer, brings the highest temperatures of the year to Durban, averaging 25.5 °C. The sea temperature reaches a warm 26.5 °C, ideal for swimming. Despite being the wettest month with 130 mm of rain over 9 days, there are about 6.5 hours of sunshine each day, making it a good time for outdoor activities.

Durban in March

March in Durban remains hot and humid, with an average temperature of 24.5 °C. Nights are cooler at 16 °C, and days can reach up to 32.5 °C. Expect 115 mm of rainfall across 9 days, but with 6.5 hours of sunshine daily, there’s plenty of time to explore the outdoors and enjoy the warm 26.5 °C sea.

Durban in April

April sees Durban transitioning, with an average temperature of 22.5 °C. Nights can get cool, dropping to around 13 °C. Rainfall decreases to 90 mm over 7 days, and the city enjoys 7 hours of sunshine daily. The sea remains warm at 25.5 °C, making it a pleasant time for Travel Durban South Africa.

Durban in May

May in Durban is warm, with daytime temperatures reaching up to 30.5 °C and cooling down to 9 °C at night. Rainfall is moderate at 60 mm over 4 days, and the city sees 7 hours of sunshine daily. The sea temperature is comfortable at 24.5 °C, ideal for visiting the beaches.

Durban in June

June brings cooler temperatures, averaging 17.9 °C, with a notable difference between day and night. The coldest nights can reach 6 °C, while days might warm up to 30.5 °C. Rain is minimal, making it great for South Africa Tours with 7.5 hours of sunshine each day and the sea temperature at 23 °C.

Durban in July

July, the coldest month, still offers mild weather with an average temperature of 17.4 °C. Days can warm up to 30 °C, perfect for exploring. Rainfall is scarce, and with 7.5 hours of sunshine, outdoor activities are enjoyable. The sea, at 22.5 °C, might be cool for some swimmers.

Durban in August

August in Durban marks the return of warmer weather, averaging 18.7 °C. Days can reach up to 31 °C, making beach visits and Durban Travel appealing. With only 40 mm of rain over 4 days and 7 hours of sunshine daily, it’s a great time to explore the city and its surroundings.

Durban in September

September sees temperatures averaging at 20.0 °C, with potential highs of 30.5 °C, offering a warm backdrop for visiting attractions. Rainfall picks up slightly, but with 6 hours of daily sunshine and a sea temperature of 22 °C, it remains a good time for outdoor activities.

Durban in October

October’s weather is warm, averaging 21.0 °C, with nights cooling down to around 12.5 °C. Expect 85 mm of rain over 10 days, but with 5.5 hours of sunshine, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy Durban Tours Packages. The sea temperature is moderately warm, making beach visits enjoyable.

Durban in November

November in Durban is warm with an average temperature of 22.4 °C. Rainfall increases to 120 mm over 11 days, but with 5.5 hours of sunshine daily, outdoor adventures and beach visits are still inviting. The sea temperature is comfortable at 23.5 °C, perfect for water activities.

Durban in December

December offers warm to hot conditions, averaging 23.9 °C, with nights cooler at around 15 °C. It's a wet month with 125 mm of rain, but with 6 hours of sunshine each day, the warm sea at 25 °C is inviting for holidaymakers and those looking for South Africa Safari Trip experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Durban is most famously known for its stunning beaches, and vibrant cultural scene, and also is the busiest port in South Africa. This city is a hub for South African Tours that explore its scenic coastline, rich history, and delicious culinary offerings, making it an exciting destination in Africa.

Durban is a worthwhile destination for anyone interested in exploring South African Destinations. With its warm subtropical climate, inviting beaches, and diverse cultures, Durban offers a unique blend of experiences for tourists, including adventure sports, wildlife viewing, and cultural festivals.

Durban is the third largest city in South Africa and the largest city in the KwaZulu-Natal province. Known for its beautiful Golden Mile beachfront, Durban also boasts a rich mix of cultures and a famous culinary scene, particularly known for its Indian cuisine. The city is a key part of South Africa Tours, attracting visitors from around the globe.

People love Durban for its sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and vibrant multicultural atmosphere. The city offers a range of activities, from surfing on its famous beaches to exploring its rich history and culture. Durban's friendly atmosphere and diverse attractions make it a beloved spot for both Durban Travel and relaxation.

The Best Time to Visit Durban is during the cooler, drier months from May to September. During this period, the weather is pleasant for beach activities and exploring the city. It's an ideal time for South African safari enthusiasts to enjoy outdoor adventures without the intense heat and humidity of summer.

Yes, Durban offers a variety of wildlife tours, including visits to nature reserves and safaris nearby. These tours allow you to witness South Africa's diverse wildlife in natural habitats. Durban Tours Packages often include options for guided safaris, bird watching, and conservation projects, catering to all levels of adventure seekers.

Durban is famous for its culinary diversity, offering a mix of African, Indian, and colonial influences. A must-try is the Durban curry which reflects the city's Indian heritage. Many Durban Day Tours include stops at local eateries where you can savour Bunny Chow, seafood, and traditional Zulu dishes, providing a feast for the senses.

Durban is rich in cultural and historical sites, from the historic Battlefields to the vibrant township of Umlazi. Visiting the Moses Mabhida Stadium, the Durban Botanic Gardens, and the Phansi Museum can enhance your Travel Durban South Africa experience, offering insights into the city's past and present cultural landscape.

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