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Victoria Falls

Historical Bridge Tour

The iconic Historical Bridge Tour Victoria Falls is one of the most important landmarks to provide the best activity in Southern Africa. It connects the two neighbouring countries of Zimbabwe and Zambia. It is such a beautiful Victoria Falls site and holds so much value. Over the years, the bridge has paved way for so many things in like trade, commerce and recently has led to an advancement in tourism.

The Bridge Tour Highlights ?

  • You will be picked up from your hotel or lodge and you will pass through customs and immigration to get to the Victoria Falls Bridge.
  • The trip begins with an educational presentation about the history of the bridge
  • After, you must don a full body harness and receive instructions on how to safely attach and detach yourselves to the safety cables when on the bridge.
  • Walk across the bridge, appreciating the views of the Zambezi River below, the gorges around and the Victoria Falls
  • Get the unique opportunity to walk on the exact catwalks used in the original construction of the Bridge and feel what the engineers felt during that
  • Get a glimpse of Victorian engineering by exploring the area beneath the famous Victoria Falls Bridge.
  • The Victoria Falls Tour allows you to see the Victoria Falls from every aspect.
  • Learn about the bridge's lengthy colonial past and how, after it was finished, it brought together Zambia and Zimbabwe.
  • Witness the adrenalin junkies as they attempt the daring bungee jump and glide across the bridge slide.

History of the bridge

The construction of the Victoria Falls Bridge commenced in 1904 and was finished in 1905. Cecil John Rhodes had envisioned a path from the Cape to Cairo, but he was tragically unable to see it. He wanted passengers as they pass by to see the fall and be able to feel their spray.

The bridge is a true work of engineering and at the time it was built, it was the tallest bridge in the world. The bridge is 198 meters long and has a main arch that spans 156.50 meters at a height of 128 meters. It is made of steel, and it supports a road, a railroad, and a footpath.

The bridge connects Zambia and Zimbabwe which connects the Northern and Southern Rhodesia via the only rail connection and one of just three roads.

Who can do the Bridge Tour ?

The Historical Bridge Tour Victoria Falls is a fantastic activity for families that is full of theater, information, and adventure set against the magnificent Victoria Falls as a backdrop. To do the activity, you must at least be ten years old. Children from the ages of 10 to 17 years old are considered adults and they pay the full price.

Are there any fitness requirements ?

Although the walk is not particularly demanding, a general level of fitness is expected.

How long is the tour ?

It takes an hour for the full tour and presentation. Including hotel transfers and passing through customs and immigration office it takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.

What the activity includes ?

A fun presentation, a trip down the catwalks, plus transportation from your accommodation to and from the bridge.

What to bring ?

A raincoat during the rainy season, a camera, comfortable clothing and shoes, a hat and sunscreen in the summer, a jersey in the cold, and your passport (although no visa is required). Do not bring anything that you might not need including any valuables to avoid things from falling over.

What you need to know ?

Tasty burgers, a refreshing beverage, and relief from the sweltering sun are available at the on-site thatched Bridge Cafe and Bar.

You can enjoy watching those who are more daring jump off the bridge while doing a bungee, bridge slide, or bridge swing as it looks out over the magnificent Zambezi gorge. There is a store with a variety of clothing and memorabilia to prove your accomplishment, of course.

There are two trips planned every day, with pick-up times about at 10:00 and 14:00. Every trip includes complimentary transportation to and from all of Victoria Falls' top lodges and hotels.

The Bridge is regarded as "No Mans Land," therefore it is neither an entry nor an exit from the country, and as a result, it has no bearing on the status of your entry visa.

The Historical Bridge Tour Victoria Falls is definitely a must do Activity In Victoria Falls and it is worth the tour. You will appreciate the rich history connected with the bridge as well as enjoy unique views of the surroundings in the Zambezi Valley.

Quick Facts

Connecting the two towns, Livingstone in Zambia and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, the Victoria Falls Bridge was the dream of one man, Cecil John Rhodes, where his vision was for Africa to be connected from Cape-to-Cairo with a continuous railway. The legend is that he instructed engineers to “build a bridge across the Zambezi where the trains, as they pass, will catch the spray of the Falls”. When you think that this construction began in the turn of the century, in 1903 it really is awe-inspiring.


Bungee Jump: From the Victoria Falls bridge into the gorge below. This jump is 111 meters high.

Bridge Swing: Free-fall for close to 70m before flying out over the rapids below. Tandem swings are available

Bridge Slide: Enjoy a bridge slide (zip line) over the Batoka Gorge. Tandem slides are available.

Bridge Tour: This tour, while on the Victoria Falls Bridge, is not one of the adrenaline activities, but an entertaining talk and scenic tour.

Inclusions And Exclusions

Inclusions Transfers

Exclusions Transfers

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Victoria Fall Bridge. The Historical Tour Begins from Victoria Fall. The Historical Bridge Tour takes you on a journey where you can learn how Victoria Fall Bridge became an engineering marvel.

$87. The Historical Bridge Tour cost around $87 per person. The 100 years Victoria Fall Bridge is a resemblance of colonial history that every visitor should know.

You will be picked up from your lodges or hotels where you will be transferred to Victoria Fall Bridge. After your registration process is completed your Historical Bridge Tour will be started.

Sturdy shoes. As you are going on 100 years old bridge wear comfortable clothes. Do not forget to bring your passport and booking voucher.

12 years. The minimum age requirement for Historical Bridge Tour is 12 years. Children under 12 years have to pay half of the price.

Historical Bridge Tour includes your Victoria Fall guided tour and your transfer from and to your hotels. One thing to be noted here is that it does not include your national park entrance fee.

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