About Johannesburg

Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa, will strike you with its urban dimension and natural gems – a city you must visit to believe.

Established in 1886, it is named the city of gold due to the discovery of the valuable metal and has blossomed into a dynamic city filled with arts, culture, and history.

At night, Johannesburg truly comes to life with its many coffee shops and high-end diners. Johannesburg Tours will be nothing short of a dream for the shopaholics with its dozens of shopping centres and markets that will suit every taste and offer souvenirs for all price ranges.

All in all, this city captures the attention of travel enthusiasts with its dynamic mix of modernity and tradition when set against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty.

Best time to visit

The Best Times to Visit Johannesburg are March to May and September to November when you'll enjoy mild weather, fewer crowds, and lower prices. With Johannesburg in the Southern Hemisphere, winter spans from June to August and summer from December to February. These shoulder seasons offer the perfect balance for Johannesburg Travel, combining pleasant weather with affordable travel options, making it an ideal period for exploring the city's vibrant life and natural beauty.Top of Form


Johannesburg is your gateway to incredible wildlife experiences. Just outside the city, Lion Park offers close encounters with lions, cheetahs, and hyenas. Nearby, the Cradle of Humankind combines natural beauty with a peek into ancient history. The city’s green spaces are a haven for bird watchers, offering a variety of species. Adventure seekers will find the nearby reserves like Pilanesberg and Mabula ideal for spotting elephants, lions, and leopards in the wild. This city represents an amazing mix of urban living with nature's wonders, inviting everyone to discover its rich Johannesburg Wildlife.

What To Experience

Travel Guide For Johannesburg

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Johannesburg Map And Geography

Johannesburg is South Africa's big city in the Gauteng province, playing a key role in the country's economy.

  • It sits on a high area called the Highveld and cuts across a range of hills known as the Witwatersrand.
  • These hills separate the water flowing into two different oceans. The city started growing in 1886 when gold was found, making it a place full of contrasts today.
  • You'll see both modern buildings and makeshift homes, areas with lots of learning next to places struggling with education and wealth next to poverty.
  • The gold mines, once busy in the 1970s, are now quiet. Johannesburg keeps changing and growing.
  • The city is found at the coordinates 26°12′16″S 28°2′44″E.

For a closer look, you can find detailed Johannesburg Map sources online, which show more about the city's layout and important spots.

Getting To Johannesburg

Getting to Johannesburg, a bustling hub in South Africa, is easy, no matter where you're coming from.

Flying into Johannesburg

O.R. Tambo International Airport is around 13 miles from downtown. It connects globally, offering a gateway to this vibrant city. From there, the Gautrain can whisk you to Sandton for about R165, with easy transfers to the city. For those preferring a ride, licensed taxis with meters are ready outside.

Lanseria Airport, about 25 miles away, caters to domestic and some international flights, serving budget travellers.

Taking the Train

Shosholoza Meyl trains connect Johannesburg with other major South African cities. For faster travel, Gautrain offers a quick link to Pretoria at R46, while Metrorail is more budget-friendly for local commutes.


Johannesburg is well-connected by highways to major South African cities and neighbouring countries. Key routes include the N1, N3, N4, and N14, making road trips a viable option.

By Bus

Buses like Greyhound and Magic Bus operate from Park Station, the city's main bus hub. It's a bustling area, so plan some extra time to navigate.

For those planning Johannesburg Travel, these modes of transport simplify the transportation options. With a range of options to suit any traveller, beginning your Johannesburg adventure has never been easier.

Getting Around Johannesburg

In Johannesburg, getting around is a breeze with several options at your disposal. The quickest route from the airport to downtown is the Gautrain, dodging the city's notorious traffic. If you're staying at a hotel, ask about their shuttle service. Taxis and rental cars are also readily available for more personal travel plans.

  • Public Transport Improvements: The city's transport is getting better every day. The Gautrain and Rea Vaya bus systems are favourites among locals, but driving remains popular for many.
  • Driving Around: With so much to see, driving is a common choice. Just be mindful of aggressive driving habits and keep your belongings hidden to avoid theft. Car rental options abound at the airport.
  • Walking: For those who prefer to explore on foot, areas like Melville and the Maboneng Precinct offer a safe and lively atmosphere.

For trips outside the city, especially to remote parks or hidden gems, having a car is important. Johannesburg's roads connect you to every adventure, making travel flexible and accessible for everyone.Top of Form

Johannesburg Weather And Climate

Johannesburg's weather is a mix of mild winters and warm, rain-speckled summers. Elevated on a plateau, the city enjoys a subtropical climate that's softened by its altitude, making for pleasant conditions year-round.

  • Summer Season: The peak time to explore, though expect rains and plan due to the high demand for Johannesburg Travel
  • Monsoon Season: Coinciding with summer, November through February sees the most rain. Brief afternoon showers are common, so an umbrella is a must-have.
  • Winter Season: Offers a cooler, dry escape with fewer visitors, perfect for those on a budget looking for an authentic Johannesburg Tour experience without the crowds or rain.

Overall, Johannesburg’s climate is comfortably balanced, with average temperatures swinging from a cool 10°C in winter to a warm 21°C in the summer months.

Irrespective of whether you’re here to catch the city’s sunny winters or to enjoy the summer rains, Johannesburg’s weather complements its vibrant street life and lush outdoors, making it a year-round destination for travellers.

Culture And Customs Of Johannesburg

Johannesburg is a city of mixed cultures. Here visitors find themselves in a vibrant world where many traditions are present. Below are some tips that you can adapt to enjoy the city respectfully.

  • Ask Before Snapping Photos: It's polite to ask locals before taking their pictures or stepping into their homes.
  • Friendly Locals: People here love to chat, sharing the latest news or their skills in local crafts. Just remember to be kind and show respect for their way of life.
  • City of Style: Johannesburg values sophistication; it's more about what you have. While the city leans towards a modern European fashion sense, you might still spot traditional outfits in its outskirts.
  • Navigating Customs: Avoid criticizing local ways or showing unhappiness with their rules. Dress smart but casually, and steer clear of military-style outfits.

As you explore Johannesburg, you'll see it's a place constantly evolving, moving beyond its past towards a brighter future. Community efforts revive old areas with fresh energy and street art, especially in places like Maboneng and Braamfontein

Things To Do In Johannesburg

Johannesburg is South Africa’s biggest city and it is full of life and stories. For anyone looking to see the city’s true colours, here are some Top Things to Do in Johannesburg.

Start with a visit to the Apartheid Museum to understand the country’s past. Don’t miss the South African National Museum of Military History for a peek into the nation’s defence history.

  • Join a hop-on hop-off tour to see the city's sights at your own pace.
  • The Cradle of Humankind & Sterkfontein Caves are must-visits for history buffs.
  • The Johannesburg Zoo offers fun for the whole family.
  • Constitution Hill tells stories of the journey to democracy.
  • Enjoy a peaceful day at the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens.
  • Maboneng Precinct is the place for art lovers and foodies alike.
  • Experience the excitement of Gold Reef City and its gold mining history.
  • Visit the Neighbourgoods Market for local food and unique souvenirs.

Johannesburg is a city filled with diverse attractions and experiences, catering to history enthusiasts, art lovers, families, and adventurers alike. Explore at your own pace and discover the rich experiences that Johannesburg has to offer.

Best Month to Visit Johannesburg

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January in Johannesburg

Experience the warmth of Johannesburg in January with average temperatures of 20.4°C. This is the peak of summer when the city basks in 8 hours of daily sunshine and enjoys high temperatures up to 26.3°C. While it's generally warm, afternoons can bring about thunderstorms, marking the month with the highest rainfall of 125mm over 14 days. It's a vibrant time for Johannesburg Tours, perfect for exploring the outdoors when the sun is out.

February in Johannesburg

February in Johannesburg means warm days with an average temperature of 20.3°C and up to 8 hours of sunshine. The city experiences about 90mm of rainfall over 10 days, typically as short, refreshing thunderstorms. This pleasant weather is perfect for exploring the vibrant streets or venturing into the natural beauty surrounding the city, making Johannesburg Travel delightful.

March in Johannesburg

In March, Johannesburg transitions into autumn with an average temperature of around 19.1°C. With approximately 90mm of rainfall across 11 days, the city experiences occasional afternoon thunderstorms. This month is great for Johannesburg Travel, allowing visitors to enjoy the outdoors and the city’s cultural offerings in milder weather.

April in Johannesburg

April in Johannesburg sees a further dip in temperatures to an average of 16.4°C, with rainfall reducing to about 50mm over 8 days. The cooler, drier days are ideal for exploring Johannesburg's rich history and vibrant street life, making it a perfect time for Johannesburg Tours.

May in Johannesburg

May marks the onset of winter in Johannesburg with average temperatures dropping to 13.7°C. Rainfall is minimal, making it an excellent time for Johannesburg Safari Tours as the weather is conducive to outdoor adventures and wildlife viewing without the summer crowds.

June in Johannesburg

June brings colder days with average temperatures around 11°C and very little rainfall. Clear, sunny days make it an opportune time for Johannesburg Day Tours, especially for those looking to explore the outdoors and the city’s winter beauty.

July in Johannesburg

Johannesburg in July experiences its coldest weather with an average temperature of 10.7°C and scarce rainfall. This month offers perfect conditions for Johannesburg South Africa Tours, allowing visitors to enjoy winter activities and sunny afternoons.

August in Johannesburg

In August, temperatures in Johannesburg start to climb, averaging 13.4°C. The weather remains dry, making it a great month for exploring Johannesburg's natural landscapes and wildlife, enhancing the Johannesburg Travel experience.

September in Johannesburg

Spring arrives in Johannesburg in September with average temperatures rising to 17°C and a slight increase in rainfall. This period is ideal for Johannesburg Tours, with the city coming alive with blooming flowers and vibrant green spaces.

October in Johannesburg

October sees warmer temperatures averaging 18.7°C and the return of the rains, totalling 75mm over 9 days. It's a fantastic time for Day Tours from Johannesburg, offering a mix of sunny days and refreshing showers, perfect for exploring the city’s outdoor attractions.

November in Johannesburg

With average temperatures of 19.2°C and notable rainfall, November in Johannesburg is lively and green. It’s a prime time for Johannesburg Safari Tours, offering rich wildlife experiences and lush landscapes before the peak summer season.

December in Johannesburg

December in Johannesburg is warm and festive, with temperatures averaging 20.1°C. Despite up to 105mm of rainfall, the summer brings vibrant energy to the city, making it a wonderful time for Johannesburg South Africa Tours and holiday celebrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, exploring Johannesburg is a great idea. It’s a city where history meets modern life, offering a mix of engaging museums, lively markets, and green spaces. It's also a starting point for safaris and Johannesburg Wildlife adventures, making it an exciting destination.

Johannesburg is known as the heart of South Africa's gold mining industry, giving it the nickname "City of Gold." It's also famous for its role in the country's apartheid history and is a hub for arts, culture, and Johannesburg Tours, showcasing its vibrant life.

Johannesburg's popularity comes from its lively mix of cultural history, shopping, dining, and outdoor adventures. Whether you're interested in its apartheid past or its modern Johannesburg Day Tours, there's always something to discover.

Five interesting facts about Johannesburg include its status as the world’s biggest city not built by a water source, its rich gold mining history, its large urban forest, its deep gold mines, and its importance in ending apartheid, all of which you can explore on Johannesburg Safari Tours.

Before heading to Johannesburg, remember it's a city of contrast and diversity. Safety is key, so stay informed and cautious. Enjoy the local food, culture, and history, and don’t miss out on the natural beauty just outside the city on Johannesburg South Africa Tours.

To spend a day in Johannesburg, start with the historical sites like the Apartheid Museum, meet the lions up close at a wildlife park, and explore artsy neighbourhoods like Maboneng. It’s a chance to see the city's historical and modern sides in one day, perfect for a Day Tour from Johannesburg.

Visit Johannesburg to dive into its mix of history, arts, and lively streets. It’s a gateway to South Africa's natural wonders and a place where you can witness the country's journey through South Africa Tours that begin here.

Johannesburg got its nickname, the Golden City, from its gold mining roots. It quickly grew from a small settlement to a major city after gold was discovered, an exciting tale often covered in Johannesburg Tour packages.

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