Tour Of Victoria Falls

Tour Of Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Tour Of The Falls

Victoria Falls are one of the biggest and main tourist attractions in Southern Africa. People travel from all over the world to feast their eyes upon the largest sheet of falling water ever seen. The look, sound, and feeling of the falls are all mesmerizing and so is the humble realization that this is, in fact, Nature's Supreme Masterpiece. No picture can even come close to capturing the truth... Nothing can prepare you for the shock of seeing something for the first time.

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Zambia

Victoria Falls forms the border line between two countries, Zambia and Zimbabwe. This gives you the incredible opportunity to view the falls from either country or both.

You can also choose whether you want to go alone or opt for a guided tour of the Falls.

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

If you want to visit Victoria Falls Tours and be in awe of its magnificence, you must travel to Zimbabwe. 75% of the falls are on this side, which also boasts 16 distinct viewing sites, including the main falls, which provide stunning views all year long.

The falls on this side never dry up, whether it's the dry season or the hottest part of the summer. On the Zimbabwean side, several hotels are close to the town and the falls' entrance, making travel simpler and more affordable from one place to another. You can walk to the Falls yourself and back to town within a matter of minutes.

The Zimbabwean side of the Falls is where you will find the famous David Livingstone Statue overlooking the Falls.

Victoria Falls in Zambia

The Zambian side of Victoria Falls is definitely to go if you want to fully experience the falls. The falls from this side can get you thoroughly soaked by the spray as this side gets you extremely close to the waterfall compared to Zimbabwe. Even though just 25% of the falls are on this side, visiting during the wettest part of the year will give you twice the experience.

Depending on the water levels, the falls on this side may totally during the dry season, making this the ideal time to open the very popular Devil’s Pool and Livingstone Island. The only side that provides access to the stunning Livingstone Island, where David Livingstone first laid eyes, is the Zambian side. So as much as you won’t see a lot of the Falls during this time, you will have an opportunity to try out the Devil’s Pool.

Victoria Falls from Both sides

To fully experience the Falls and appreciate all of it, you need to try and visit both sides. Each side is unique and offers something different from the other and hence the need to see both sides. Experiencing both sides has now been made easier with the introduction of the KAZA Uni-visa that allows crossing between the two countries as well as Botswana.

Best time to visit Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is generally a good place to visit all year round but for some, the Best time to visit Victoria Falls depends on what they want to experience. During the high-water season, from February to May, the views of the falls are to die for. During this time, the water levels are at their highest and the volume of water creates a thundering smoke that rises and can be seen from kilometers away.

In the low water season, the views are still impressive but may have dried up in some parts of Zambia. This is however the perfect opportunity to try out activities like rafting and the very famous Devil’s Pool on the Zambian side of the fall.

For 3 days only every month when there is a full moon, Victoria Falls grants you the opportunity to see the lunar Rainbow. This is a natural phenomenon that only happens in two places only in the world. If you visit during this time you will get to see it and also get the chance to go into the rainforest at night.

The following items are required for your trip

  • A waterproof camera
  • Entrance costs to national parks, $30 in Ziare mbabwe and $20 in Zambia
  • You can either bring your own raincor rent one.
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen
  • Sunglasses and a hat
  • Comfy slip-resistant footwear
  • Winter gear that is warm


For a guided Victoria Falls Tour and 50% of the National Parks fees, children ages 3 to 11 pay 50% of the adult rate. The park is free to enter for children under three.

Children under 6 enter the park free of charge, and children aged 6 to 16 pay 50% of the adult entrance ticket.

A dreamlike and otherworldly night experience anticipates the people who are sufficiently fortunate to design their Victoria Falls outings to concur with the full moon. For three evenings every month (one on one or the other side of the real full moon date), the Rainforest is open for a sensational lunar rainbow - an intriguing normal peculiarity (otherwise called a moon bow moonbow bow or white rainbow) delivered by the moon as opposed to the sun (a sun based rainbow).


Duration: 2 hours

Where: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Weather: Weather permitting

Things to Bring: Clients are advised to bring the following with: · Comfortable attire that provides sun protection · Sunscreen · Mosquito repellent

When All year round

High Water- Rafting: Approximate Dates: 25th Dec – 10th August

What to Wear: Clients are advised to wear the following: · Comfortable attire that provides sun protection · Hiking/running shoes · Warm clothing in winter (April to August)

Inclusions And Exclusions

InclusionsA Tour of the Victoria Falls, transfers (from / to hotels in Victoria Falls) and rain coats.

Exclusions* National Park Fee Entrance Fees * Items of a personal nature.


Minimum Age 2 years

Fitness Level No Fitness Requirement

Qualifications Not Applicable

Minimum Height:0.0 m

Maximum Weight 0.0 kg

Maximum Height:0.0 m

Certification None Required

Experience Level None Experience

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Tour of falls is a spectacular journey of Seeing Victoria Fall from close. On Tour of Falls, you will witness why Victoria Fall is called Smoke that Thunders.

The Tour of Falls lasts for 2 hours. The Tours of Falls is truly an amazing experience that takes you close to the falls. The Tour of Falls begins with visiting the rainforests.

February to September are the best months to go for Tours of Falls. If you go early you can catch the sunrise which looks stunning from Victoria Falls. The best time to visit the spectacular Victoria Falls is from February to May.

Yes, if you really want to feel what the incredible Victoria Falls looks like then the Tour of Falls is the best way out. You can literally feel why the Victoria Fall has named Smoke that Thunders.

Wear raincoats, hats, gloves, scarves, and shoes as you will be very close to Victoria Fall, it is easy to get the sparkle of water of falls.

6 years. The minimum age restriction for Tour of Falls is 6 years. All children between 6 to 12 years have to pay half of the cost. The Tour of the falls lasts for 2 hours.

On a Tour of Falls, we suggest you carry hiking shoes, waterproof bags for cameras. Do not forget to take raincoats with you.

The full day trip cost you around $23. It includes your pick and drop service from hotels and raincoats (in case you forgot). The Tours of Falls lasts 2 hours.

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