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The Bamba Tram is an exquisite train ride, described as one of the most beautiful tram rides in the world. Tram Trips Victoria Falls takes you on a unique game drive on the rail. The morning Victoria Falls Tours take you to the iconic Victoria Falls Bridge and the Livingstone Museum as well as the knife edge. The afternoon ride will go deep into the bush to the Jafuta area.

The operators of the hop-on hop-off Bamba Bus took over the operation after the previous Tram Trips were discontinued, and they launched the Bamba Tram in April 2022. They have made a few additional options for you to choose from in addition to the conventional bridge runs.

How many trips are done ?

The Bamba Tram does only 3 trips, the sunrise bridge run, the breakfast bridge run and the sunset bridge run.

Sunrise Bridge Run

Duration: 2 hours

  • The Sunrise trip departs at 6:15am by the Three Monkeys Restaurant and can only be organized for a minimum of 6 passengers.
  • This trip takes you to through the Zambezi National Park on its way to the Victoria Falls Bridge. This gives you a chance to see wildlife which is a plus to the Victoria Falls Tours.
  • You will get to the Zambian side and get to the knife edge and see spectacular views from that side before being served light snacks and warm beverages are served.
  • The highlight of this trip seeing the beautiful sunrise by the Victoria Falls Bridge.
Morning Bridge Run

Duration: 2 hours

  • This typical trip of the day departs from the tram stop at 8:30am.
  • It takes the same route as the sunrise trip going through the Zambezi National Park and onto the bridge.
  • There is a very big chance to see more of the wildlife that roams through the area as the tram meanders through the national park.
  • Elephant, buffalo, waterbuck, or bushbuck are the most common animals seen around this time.
  • The tram keeps traveling in the direction of the border, passing the border checkpoint on its way to the Victoria Falls Bridge.
  • The train and bridge museum are easily accessible from the bridge, and the journey includes an enlightening discussion about the history of the region's railway and bridge.
  • On the bridge itself, there are small refreshments available. The tram will transport you back to Three Monkeys after the experience.
Sunset Bridge Run
  • This excursion departs at 4:30 pm and takes you into the unexplored African wilderness in the opposite direction from the sunrise and morning trips.
  • The track travels in a south-westerly direction and eventually goes parallel to the Masuwe River, which forms the eastern boundary of Chamabondo Park (the southern section of the Zambezi National Park).
  • This lets you see more animals.
  • Although the journey is longer, there are more opportunities to see wildlife along the way.
  • After riding out in the African bush surroundings for a few kilometres, you will stop at the Jafuta Siding and take in the beautiful scenery.
  • You will be served cool refreshments cocktails and light snacks as you enjoy the views of the African sunset in the bush.
  • As the sky begins to dramatically change colors welcoming a starry night, you will head back and arrive at the station shortly after sunset.
The Bamba Tram Dinner with the Stars
  • The Bamba Tram Dinner with the stars gives an opportunity to do the most on your tram trip.
  • This Victoria Falls Activity starts with a safari run that takes you into the wilderness all the way up to the Jafuta Siding.
  • The ride will take about 40 minutes or longer depending on the wildlife that you are going to see. Here, you will be seated and served by a local chef.
  • Enjoy a 3-course meal in a romantic lantern lit environment.
  • You will enjoy freshly prepared dinner under the starry night listening to the sounds that come alive in the bush at night. After dinner, the tram will take you back and along the way you will get to see nocturnal animals using a red filter spotlight.

What To Bring On The Trips ?

  • The morning trips and the late dinner can be a bit cold. It's recommended to pack a jacket or a light fleece.
  • Being out in the bush will require you to pack insect and mosquito repellent.
  • Don't forget to pack your cameras and binoculars as you explore the area.
  • Hats & Sunglasses are the necessary items to add on your Victoria Falls Packing List.

What You Need To Know ?

  • The Victoria Falls Activity does not include transfers to and from your Hotel, but they can be arranged upon request.
  • Light refreshments are included in all the trips.
  • Children below 3 go for free and those below 12 pay the half price.
  • You do not need a visa or a passport especially when crossing to go to the bridge.
  • Passengers are not allowed to stand while the tram is moving and for safety, the side rails will be closed.
  • The departure times will depend on the season. For the morning trips in winter, you will leave a bit later when it's warmer and in summer you will leave earlier when its cooler. In the evenings, you will leave earlier in winter.

The Bamba Tram is a beautiful experience altogether and from all their 4 trips you have to at least try once. A Victoria Falls experience is never the same without the Bamba Tram.


Duration: 4 hrs including transfer times

Weather: Weather permitting – the rain season is normally from November to April.

Things to Bring: Binoculars, Cameras, Sunscreen · Mosquito repellent · Hiking/running shoes

Where: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

When: All year round

What to Wear: Comfortable attire that provides sun protection. Warm clothing in winter (April to August).


Minimum Age Ages 3 years­‐ exceptions can be made for private vehicle hire. No maximum age. We confir a safari with a minimum of two people.

Fitness Level No Fitness Requirement

Qualifications Not Applicable

Guests or Spectators No spectators allowed

Certification None Required

Experience Level None Experience

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You can experience Tram Trips at Victoria Falls. The Tram is being built to reflect the 18th -century classic era. The Tram starts at Victoria Falls railway station.

The 21 seated Tram will take you on a romantic journey where you can watch the wildlife of National Parks. Like a time travel, you will feel the 18th- century vibe while sitting in your own comfort.

2 hours. The Tram Trip at Victoria Falls lasts for 2 hours. The trip starts at 4:45 in the afternoon and ends at 6:45.

Stream Train Trip includes the pick and drop service. A guide will be always there with you throughout the trip.

Victoria Falls station. The Tram Trip starts at Victoria Falls trip. The whole last for 2 hours which starts at 16:45 and ends at 16:45.

The other information that you need to know -

  • The Tram trip is wheelchair accessible.
  • The Tram does not operate on Thursdays.
  • Your passport information will require while booking.

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