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Zimbabwe is a rewarding destination to visit with warm and comfortable temperatures most of the time of the year. The average temperatures between 21°C to 35°C (69°F to 95°F) make it a year-round Zimbabwe Safari treasure for wildlife enthusiasts. However, opting for the Best Time To Visit Zimbabwe depends on the kind of Zimbabwe Safari Activities you love to enjoy.

Zimbabwe Safari is best visited between July and October when the wildlife game is amazing to watch. The natural water sources dry up and the animals are found to congregate around the lakes and man-made water sources. Between May and September, Victoria Falls is the most impressive to explore.’

Tourism season In Zimbabwe

Generally, there are three tourism seasons in Zimbabwe that you should know about before planning your Zimbabwe Safari Packages.

  • Cool Dry season-May to August.
  • Hot Dry season-September to Mid-November.
  • Rainy Season- Mid-November to April.

The hot dry season which runs between September to Mid-November increases temperatures to around 104°F during the daytime. So, if you never mind the heat and humidity, wildlife viewing is excellent during this time.

The animals are found gathering around the water sources creating a spectacular Zimbabwe Wildlife viewing.

The rainy season between Mid-November to April is not an ideal time for game viewing. There is a refreshing and cooling effect you will see during the wet months. Everywhere looks green and the flowers bloom.

Safari Facts

Dry/High Season

Wet/Low Season





Cool/dry and occasionally some humidity

Hot and sudden rain

Wildlife Views

Spotting animals is at its best

A bit hard to spot the animals

Bird watching

Can’t see many migrant birds

Best time for bird watching

Nature views

Dry landscapes with no natural beauty

Lush greenery everywhere with amazing nature


Safari destinations are found more crowded

You will enjoy more intimate time with less crowd


Less availability of accommodations

Many accommodations are found quiet and easy to available

Safari Cost

Highest Safari Cost

Lowest safari Cost

The climate Guide for Zimbabwe Safari

Zimbabwe offers a pretty good temperate-to-tropical climate throughout the year. However, some significant variations can be noticed by the influence of the topography and seasons of the country.

In Zimbabwe, there are three climate regions-

  • The Central Highveld Plateau which is covered most of the country and usually tempered.
  • The Eastern Highland Plateau is quite cooler with high rainfall.
  • Low-lying regions are generally warm year-round and hot in summer. For example - Hwange National Park, the Upper Zambezi, and Gonarezhou.

Month-by-Month Guide for safaris in Zimbabwe

  • In Zimbabwe, January comes under the rainy season and wildlife is harder to spot during this time.
  • But the lush vegetables and greenery nature make it an excellent time for photographic safaris.
  • But as it is a rainy month, some of the lodges and camps can be found closed.
  • This is the low season for visiting Victoria Falls.

Pro Tips: January is the best time for bird-watching in Zimbabwe.

  • February is considered the low season in Zimbabwe. Because high rainfall can ruin your wildlife safari.
  • The greenery and lush vegetables make wildlife spotting hard.
  • But this is a great time for bird watching.
  • The Zambezi River is found at its high water level which means Victoria Falls is in its full flow. So, you can see its magical views.

Pro Tips: The high water level of the Zambezi River makes Victoria Falls an amazing sight to watch.

  • The weather remains warm and humid in March with afternoon thundershowers.
  • This is not a great time for wildlife viewing.
  • As the water level is balanced, exploring Victoria Falls can be good during this time.
  • You can see the gorges which surround Victoria Falls and also the famous spray rainbows.

Pro Tips: You can visit Victoria Falls for its amazing spectacles.

  • If you visit Zimbabwe in April, you can find less rain and relatively cool weather.
  • The air feels fresh and you should bring many layers of clothes as it can be unpredictable weather.
  • Many lodges and safari camps start to reopen during this time.

Pro Tips: April is the last peak month for spotting migratory birds. So, you can go on a birding safari during this time.

  • May is the peak season for a safari in zimbabwe. So, wildlife viewing is at its best at this time.
  • You can see Victoria Falls still at its high water level during this month.
  • As this is the high season, you can find the national parks very crowded. So, it’s better to book your Zimbabwe Safari earlier.

Pro Tips: you can take a helicopter flight over the dramatic Victoria Falls.

  • June is considered the dry month making it the Best Time For Zimbabwe Safari Tour.
  • During this time natural waterholes dry up and animals congregate around the rest of the few water sources. It creates the opportunity for the best animal viewing during this month.
  • You can also go Rhino trekking at Motobo Hills and explore giant herds of elephants in Hwange National Park.

Pro Tips: Go for a safari in the Matapos wildlife sanctuary.

  • July is also a peak month for the Safari To Zimbabwe.
  • The weather is quite amazing during the daytime while the night feels colder.
  • You need to pack some extra layers of clothes as the weather drops suddenly at night and also you can feel cold during the early game drive.
  • As this is the peak season, wildlife spotting is excellent and also you can opt for a canoe safari which can be best done during this month.

Pro Tips: Go for a canoe safari in Mana pools National Park to spot the rewarding wildlife.

  • During August, the weather is good, the days are sunny, and hardly any clouds in the sky.
  • As August is the major month in the dry season, wildlife viewing is excellent during this time.
  • Many lodges and safari camps are found quite busy. So, it’s better to book far in advance.
  • You can go on a safari to Hwange National Park. There, you can see herds of elephants as well as other animals like cheetahs, lions, and leopards from a close distance.

Pro Tips: August is also the best time to go white-water rafting at Victoria Falls.

  • In September, the daytime temperature slowly begins to rise and you can feel the humidity.
  • During September, the annual game count in Hwange National Park takes place which is a big event in Zimbabwe.
  • You can visit the tea country of the eastern Highlands.
  • The game viewing is good during this month.

Pro Tips: you can go for a safari in Hwange National Park to see the annual game count.

  • October is the hottest month of the year and the days begin to warm up.
  • The dry winter season comes to an end but the wildlife viewing is still good during this month.
  • This is the best time to spot the large elephant herds as they are found gathering around the water sources.

Pro Tips: Visit the Old First of Masvingo and go to the nearby Kyle Game Resort to spot its white rhinos.

  • November is the beginning of the rainy season and the climate is so unpredictable this time.
  • National Parks and Game Reserves are found calm during this month as wildlife viewing can be hampered due to the rain.
  • But this is the best time for bird watching because many migratory birds arrive with the rain.

Pro Tips: visit and explore Bulawayo city and its nearby attractions.

  • December is the rainy month of the year. Everywhere looks green with lush landscapes.
  • This is an ideal time for birding enthusiasts and photographers.
  • During this period, many lodges are less visited making you spend some more intimate time with less crowd.

Pro Tips: Go for a birding Safari In Zimbabwe and explore the spectacular capital city of Harare.

Best time to visit major National Parks in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is the most famous safari destination in the whole of Africa. It offers year-round wildlife safari but the best can happen during the dry season.

This is the peak season for excellent game viewing as well as experiencing the best of Zimbabwe Safari.

The largest national park Hwange is best to visit during September and October. You can see the large elephant spectacles at a glance.

Mana Pools National Park is best visited between June and October when the weather is normal and comfortable to witness the wildlife.

If you head on a photographic safari to Victoria Falls, you can opt for between May to December.

The wet season is excellent for birding safari but wildlife spotting can be hard during this time.

Wildlife Conservation in Zimbabwe

Elephants and rhinos in Zimbabwe are mostly prone to poaching because of their very valuable horns.

The rhino horns are sold at $65 thousand per kilogram. The elephant tusks are made from ivory which is sold for up to $689 per kilogram.

Because of this, these animals suffer a risk of poaching leading to a reduction in their numbers. If this is not solved these animals will be extinct in the next 10 years.

Zimbabwe has put in place measures to protect these animals such as the Imire Rhino and wildlife conservation trust which aims at educating the community on the negative impacts of poaching.

Below is a list of organizations that are fighting for animal conservation.

  • Vic falls anti-poaching unit in Victoria falls
  • Painted dog conservation in Hwange
  • Kariba animal welfare fund trust in Kariba

Best time for wildlife

July to October is the best time to witness the Zimbabwe Wildlife. Basically, these are the dry months, and animals are found gathering around the water sources. This allows excellent game viewing.

At this time of the year, you can visit Hwange National Park for rewarding game viewing. Here, man-made water sources help the resident animals to fulfil their necessity for water. These water sources attract a large number of elephants along with other animals during the dry season.

The months between November and March are the best time for Bird watching in Zimbabwe.

Best time to visit Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is one of the most famous and major tourist attractions on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. There are three types of climates you can feel in Victoria Falls.

  • The warm and rainy season- runs between November and March.
  • The cool and dry season- runs between April and the beginning of August.
  • The warm dry season- runs between mid-august to October.

The best time to visit Victoria Falls is between April and May when Victoria Falls is at its best.

The waterfalls overflow in the long rainy season (between December to February) and between May to September, there is hardly any rain. But September is a great time to explore the striking gorges and rocky geology with slow water flows.

In the cool dry season, the night temperature drops an average of below 10ºC.

Best time for Water sports

There are some water-based activities that most visitors like to do in the Zambezi River.

  • Whitewater rafting and kayaking are very famous activities to do during the cold months from August to January.
  • Rafting is restricted to the lower run of rapids, 11-23 numbers during the high water level (January-March and May-July).
  • After the heavy rainy days, between March and April, these activities are allowed to do while the water level drops down.
  • Some Water-based activities like canoeing and boating can be done throughout the year in Kariba and Zambezi Valley. But these are excellent to do during the hot summer.

Note: The above dates completely depend on the rainfall pattern of the specific areas, so can vary accordingly.

Interesting Facts about Wildlife in Zimbabwe

  • Elephants are herbivores. They can drink up to 50 gallons of water per day. They can eat for up to 22 hours a day.
  • Lions are carnivores. They can eat up to 40 kilograms of meat per meal. The colour of the lion’s mane shows how old the lion is.
  • Baboons can travel up to 4 miles a day.
  • Male Buffalos can weigh up to 800 kilograms. Buffalos are grazers and eat mostly grass.
  • A zebra can sleep whilst standing.

What our safari expert says about this beautiful country

The director of Falcon Safaris, Hamilton Mandizvidza who is also a safari expert answers all questions about the country and its glory. He says, “I am so emotionally connected with this amazing country, and that’s why may be a little biased about it. I would love to see this country restore its rich glory and do great in the development of tourism. Because tourism provides the main source of the economy of the country, it helps many local Zimbabweans to become self-depended. It also helps in the improvements of education and healthcare in Zimbabwe.”

Choose your timing to experience the glory of Zimbabwe!

The amazingly beautiful country of Zimbabwe is defined by its rich wildlife and epic culture which attracts many travelers each year. But picking the Best Time To Visit Zimbabwe completely depends on the choice of activities you desire to do.

We provide an upgraded Safari In Zimbabwe and offer the best African safari experience to our guests. Our Safari experts are well-poised to suggest the best accommodation and guide to help you do some magic in this beautiful country.

Go and explore the magic of Zimbabwe and don’t forget to let us know about your dream safari!

Frequently Asked Questions

We Think You’ll Love

Zimbabwe is famed for its rewarding national parks such as Hwange famous for its large elephant herds.

The small-sized Motobo is located in the Motobo Hills. The rarely-seen rhinoceros is the main attraction of the Motobo Hills.

The Mana Pools National Park is perfect for canoe and exploring the riverways with hippos and other animals gathering around.

Victoria Falls is undoubtedly the best to explore in Zimbabwe. The locals of Zimbabwe are incredibly warm and friendly people.

The Eastern Highlands are full of stunning mountain towns, tea plantations, and waterfalls that offer a wide range of activities. Hopefully, these are enough to keep you busy in this amazing land of Africa.

In Zimbabwe, there are several scheduled flights connecting to Harare, Bulawayo, Hwange, Victoria Falls, and other destinations. The chartered flights are connected to the major national parks and tourist attractions.

For small and private groups as well as for larger group transportation, comfortable motor vehicles are also available.

Zimbabwe has introduced some currencies which are acceptable in this country such as the Zimbabwean Dollar, US Dollars, and South African Rand.

You can bring some cash and don’t forget to bring an ATM and credit card also.

When you are traveling somewhere, you need to know some local languages of that place. It will help you by communicating with others.

So, while you are visiting Zimbabwe, you should also know its languages. There are three official languages in Zimbabwe- Shona, English, and Ndebele.

If you want to know more about Zimbabwe, you can follow the Zimbabwe International travel information page.

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