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Victoria Falls | 12 / 08/ 2022

By Falcon Safaris
Best Time To Visit Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls should be on everyone’s bucket list and there are so many reasons why. It is one of the world’s seven natural wonders, the world’s largest falling curtain of water. Africa’s adrenaline capital, the hub for adventure and diverse culture; do we need to go on? However, with so many opportunities available, it is critical that you go at the Best Time To Visit Victoria Falls. For what you want to experience.

The Best Time To Visit Vic Falls is from February to May, directly after the region’s summer rains. In this time, you’ll see the world’s largest sheet of falling water flowing at its greatest volume.

Victoria Falls is a year-round destination, you can come at any time but you must know. Each season brings something new, a new experience, a new feel and a new thrill. Even when the falls’ water levels are low. You’ll have amazing panoramic views and the chance to see numerous rainbows above and in the middle of the falls.

So what is the best time for Victoria Falls Tour? Well that solely depends on what part of Victoria Falls. You want to experience and this ultimate Victoria Falls Travel Guide will help you in making your decision as it contains  season by season information and tips for the Best Time Of Year To Visit Victoria Falls.

High Water Season (Best Time To Visit Victoria Falls)

Victoria Falls High Water Season

Victoria Falls is generally a hot place; it’s even named one of the hottest places in Zimbabwe and in the region. With all this heat, surely the best way to cool off is visiting the falls during the high water season. The High-Water Season runs from March to May and it occurs just after the rainy season. At this point, the Zambezi River will be full and the falls would have had time to fill up and they will be at full capacity. The view is simply to die for, just imagine the sheer force of water at its greatest tumbling over the falls and plunging into the gorges. They will be at their peak. If you get a chance to see the falls at this time, you’ll be seeing them at their most spectacular.

Try to imagine 5 million litres of water flowing every minute creating a spray of water that extends 35-60 km from the falls themselves — that is how powerful the falls are during this time. Make sure you have proper rain gear if you visit during this period.

The spray from the falls is heavier and more intense than you could ever imagine. You will get completely soaked from head to toe during your rainforest walk by the shower. We’re not talking about a small shower here. The spray is more powerful than a strong shower! The showers are unavoidable, but they make your Victoria Falls Rainforest experience unforgettable. Who else can say, “I stood right in the spray of the Victoria Falls?” During this time of year, the brief sharp thunderstorm can clear, creating an eye-catching sky! So, if you’re ultimate goal is to see the falls in their entirety, now is the time!

Low Water Season (Best Time To Visit Victoria Falls)

Low Water Season Victoria Falls

The Low Water Season runs from August to Mid-November just before the commencement of the rainy season. This season is by far the hottest and this time around it will be very dry and the water levels would have dropped. The falls will be more calm and relaxing during this time. The best thing about this hot and dry season is that the lower water levels allow for water-based Victoria Falls Activities that are not possible during the high season.

This is the ideal time to swim in the appropriately named Devil’s Pool, Africa’s ultimate infinity pool, located on top of the falls and found on the Zambian side of the falls. This natural rock pool is located directly on top of the falls. You can unleash your inner daredevil by leaning over the edge and viewing the falls from an unrivalled vantage point! It’s definitely something to add to your bucket list. This fantastic attraction is only open during the low season, from mid-August to mid-January, so don’t miss out. This is also the time of year to go white water rafting on the mighty and iconic Zambezi River.

This is the season for all you daredevils. But this season isn’t just for thrill seekers only, wildlife enthusiasts, line up! Despite the fact that it is a very hot season, this is the best time for wildlife lovers to discover all the glory of Africa’s wildlife, and where better to do so than with the mighty falls as a backdrop! Because of the low water levels in other areas, wildlife congregates in large numbers to watering holes, making for excellent game viewing opportunities. The vegetation is much thinner, allowing you to see more game on an incredible game drive.

Medium Water Season

Best Time To Visit Victoria Falls

If you are looking for a time that gives you a good combination of both the seasons. Then visit from January to February. This time of the year is the peak of the rainy season, the falls will be filling up (not at full capacity) but at least they will be enough to give you breath-taking views. This season provides refreshing rains and whilst it will be hot it’s also humid and wet. This is the time where you can expect to see medium to high waters which strikes a good balance between the two seasons, high water and low water. This allows for most of the water activities to take place and is considered one of the best times of the year to visit the falls.

The Winter Season

Winter Season Victoria Falls

The Winter Months In Zimbabwe run from June To Early August and the Victoria Falls Temperatures are considerably cooler than and not as scorching as during the summer months. When we say winter, we are not talking about blizzards and snowstorms like in the northern hemisphere, however. It is recommended you bring some warm clothes to avoid the chill of the evenings and early mornings. Compared to the day when it’s hot. For all the extreme heat haters, this could be the Best Time Of Year To Visit Vic Falls for you.

Victoria Falls is a good place to visit at any time of the year. Whatever you are looking for in an African adventure; it is most likely you will find it during Victoria Falls Tours. There are opportunities and a season for everyone. Contact Falcon Safaris today!

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