Exploring Safaris In Botswana Month By Month- Pick Your Ideal Time To Travel!

Botswana | 27 / 01/ 2023

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Safari in Botswana

The landlocked country of Africa, Botswana is best known for its wilderness and wildlife areas. This country has taken numerous steps to protect its wildlife heritage. Around 40% of its lands are devoted to wildlife protection. Hence, Safari in Botswana is popular among adventure lovers who want to have fantastic safari experiences at any time.

Our Botswana Safari Tours are tailor-made for all adventure enthusiasts who want to enjoy nature’s show. The main attraction of our Botswana Safari Packages includes the trip to the-

  • Scarlet Sand and dunes of the Central Kalahari
  • Land of the Giants-Chobe National Park
  • Salt pans of the Makgadikgadi
  • The ever-changing Inland Okavango Delta
  • The River Valleys of Savuti and Kwai

The Ideal Time To Safari In Botswana

So, is there really any best time to visit Botswana? Honestly, this answer depends on you. Botswana has a lot to offer its visitors throughout the year. You can choose your time to travel to Botswana depending on what you want to see. 

The wilderness and epic landscapes of Botswana have a reputation for not disappointing its visitors regardless of the time of visit.

An Overview Of Botswana – Month By Month

Botswana in January – It rains in the Kalahari

  • Climate- January is hot in Botswana. But the sunny spells are interrupted by frequent heavy downpours.

Days witness long heavy showers and dramatic late afternoon thunderstorms.

  • Chobe National Park is wet and soaked in rain.
  • The Kalahari Desert is full of life after the rains. This is the best time for bird watching.

There is an abundance of migratory birds breeding around the Kalahari Game reserve.

Travel to Botswana in February- Birding, and Photography

  • Climate- Perhaps the rainiest month of the year. There are longer showers and some tracks are closed down for safety.
  • Brilliant canvas for photographers to enhance their photography skills.
  •  Lots of young animals are born during the wet season. They attract predators which gives an awesome game-viewing experience.
  • Migratory Birds are all over Okavango Delta.
  • The Kalahari Desert springs back to life with lush and green grasses. Now, it’s become a grazing paradise for herbivores.
  • The biggest takeaway from Botswana Safari Wildlife is the Zebra migration from the Boteti River to Makgadikgadi and Nxai Pans.

Botswana Safari in March – Grazers make the most of lush grassland

  • Climate- In March, the rains start to slow down. The showers are limited to the afternoon only. Again, the ideal landscape for photographers.
  • Dazzles of Zebra stay in the Kalahari Game Reserve.
  • Elephants forage in the Okavango Delta for ripened marula fruit which means good lion sightings.
  • Nxai Pans are most wonderful at this time with many animals grazing over the lush green grasslands and making the most of abundant surface water.
  • The low water levels are not suitable for Mokoro canoe trips.

Perfect for Game viewingBotswana Safari in April

  • Climate- The days are hot and sunny with cooler nights. So, the travel starts to pick up with moderate temperatures prevailing.
  • The perfect time for Camping Safaris because of the weather conditions.
  • This is the breeding season for antelopes. Males are busy strutting around to impress the females.
  • This is just before the peak season. With increased game viewing and lower accommodation rates, this is a great time to go on a Budget Botswana Safari.
  • As the rains reach the Okavango Delta now, the seasonal water holes in other parts start to dry up now. So, the wildlife around start moving towards more permanent water resources in Moremi game Reserve, Chobe National Park, and Okavango Delta. 

Botswana Travel in May- Perfect time for Safari-goers

  • Climate- May in Botswana is known for clearer skies. It marks the beginning of the dry winter season.

The temperatures are moderate overall. But the nights are cooler, especially in the Kalahari Desert which sees freezing nights.

  • With almost no rainfall around and water holes drying up, the last of the wildlife around Botswana move to more permanent water resources.

The herd of Elephants returns to Chobe National Park and Moremi Game Reserve.

  • Activities The conditions in May offer excellent Wildlife Safaris in Botswana. The main highlights during this time are Quad Bike excursions in Makgadikgadi Pans which are loved by adventure riders.

Other popular activities include River cruises and photographic boating safaris along the Chobe River.

Botswana in June – See rare African Wild dogs

  • Climate- The days are pleasantly warm and sunny and nights are close to freezing. Its’ mid-winter in Botswana with temperatures dropping below zero at the night.
  • The peak season for visitors begins in Botswana. Crowds rise in lodges and campsites. The cost of accommodation is also pricy during this month.
  • There is scarce vegetation across the country owing to no rainfall. This ensures prime game viewing opportunities as lions and elephants seek waterholes.
  • Wildlife assembles in large numbers along Okavango Delta and on waterways of the Savuti Channel and Chobe Linyanti River System.
  • It’s the best time to sight rare African wild dogs who search for dens for their pups. They stay close to their dens to look after their young ones.
  • Activities: These are suitable weather conditions for adventure activities like Hot air ballooning. Mumbura Plains offers balloon rides over the beautiful landscapes of Botswana.

Don’t miss out to go on a hot air balloon ride while going on a Botswana Safari Trip with us.

Botswana in July – Peak of the Peak Season

  • Climate- The days are warmer and evenings are cooler. The dry weather with ample game viewing opportunities makes July a popular month among tourists.

So, book in advance to not miss visiting Botswana during the peak season.

  • It’s the perfect time for family safaris with no rain and few mosquitoes.
  • Despite being the dry season, flood waters begin to rise after being filtered through from the uplands of Angola.
  • The prime month to visit the Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve, and Chobe National Park where abundant wildlife gathers along the water channels.
  • Floodwaters peak in the Okavango Delta and it swells 3 times its size.
  • Activities:

You can enjoy guided walking safaris in Botswana.

It is also the best time to hang out with gangs of Meerkats in Makgadikgadi Pans.

Botswana is famous for Mokoro rides. It’s a unique chance for adventurers to view the game on traditional canoe (Mokoro rides) and boating excursions.

Botswana in August – Okavango Delta is filled with wildlife.

  • Climate- The skies are clear with rising temperatures during the days. The nights are chilly; sometimes the temperature can be freezing below zero degrees.
  • It’s a busy month with peak wildlife viewing at the Okavango Delta.
  • With the thin vegetation around, wildlife can no longer hide behind them. So, big herds of antelope, elephants, and buffalo begin to crowd the banks of rivers.
  • Water levels are highest in the Delta which attracts huge numbers of wildlife to the Delta. Game viewing is best along the waterways.
  • Activities:

This is an excellent time for water-based activities for travellers. Great conditions for canoe trips and Safaris in Botswana.  

The traditional wooden canoes known as Mokoro will give you a ride across the waters of Delta for a never felt Safari experience.

Botswana in September- The best time to spot Big Five in Botswana

  • Climate- Dry and dusty weather with bright sunshine and clear skies. The temperature begins to rise during the day.
  • As September is very dry and hot, vegetation is also scarce. This affects the survival of wildlife.

But, it gets easy to spot the Big Five during this time. They crowd at only some places like The Chobe and Linyanti Rivers where sufficient food and water resources are available.

  • You can spot black-maned lions predating on large herds of springbok, and oryx along the river banks.
  • Likewise, in the plains the prey-predator game is predominant. 
  • Activities- Mokoro rides, Boat excursions, and guided walking safaris are available in the month of September also.

Botswana Safari in October- The hottest month

  • Climate- October is the hottest month in Botswana. As the temperatures are soaring in the day, even the nights are warm too.
  • The Chobe River has got thirsty elephants visiting it after a long search for food and water. You can even witness 300 elephants crossing the Chobe River at a time in front of you. Isn’t that an incredible sight to behold with your naked eyes?
  • Also, the vegetation has wilted down during the hot months and game-viewing is at its easiest.
  • The temperature in Okavango Delta is slightly on the lower side. It is a great time to take stunning pictures of birds in the Delta.
  • During their breeding season, you may also hear the spectacular lilac-breasted rollers flying away across Okavango Delta. The multicolor birds are too beautiful to the sight.

Travel To Botswana in November- welcoming the rains again

  • Climate: The spring shoulder season begins in November. It’s hot throughout the day and the climate is very dry and dusty.
  • The short and heavy showers begin to revive the parched landscape and greenery returns to it.
  • Many herbivores give birth during this period which attracts big predators.
  • The highlights are newly born calves and cubs along with beautiful migratory birds.
  • The prices of Botswana Safari Tours are on the cheaper side.
  • As temperatures drop slightly, it’s common to see well-fed lions chilling in the shade and leopards lounging up on the trees.

Botswana in December- Arrival of Migratory Birds

  • Climate: Mornings are humid and hot. But, frequent thunderstorms in the afternoon lower the temperatures.
  • The burst of rains recovers the vegetation around Botswana.
  • Wildlife viewing is best in the north as the newborn antelopes try to dodge the big lions, leopards, and cheetahs.
  • Best time for bird watchers as migratory birds kingfishers, cuckoos, kites come to Botswana during December.
  • The famous Makgadikgadi zebra migration takes place. This is the second migration of Botswana where the zebras along with wildebeest move to the salt pan to feed on seasonal grasses.

Recommended Time To Visit Botswana

If Botswana has something to offer its visitors throughout the year. Now, an important question pops up here for safari-goers. Which is the best month for Safari in Botswana?

According to our Safari Specialists, the best time to visit Botswana for safari is July to October. This is the time of the year when the weather is reliable. The game viewing is top-notch too. You can avail of the peak season discounts at many camps. The risk of malaria is at its lowest. all, the health of your family you are the priority when coming for Botswana Wildlife Tours.

Our Safari experts have done their bit and planned Botswana Safari Packages for you. Choose your best time to explore Wildlife Safaris In Botswana according to your wishes and we are good to go!

The Botswana Safari Packages offered by us are customizable to suit your requirements and give you a more personalized experience.

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