Timing Your Adventure - When Is The Best Time To Visit Victoria Falls?

Victoria Falls | 12 / 04/ 2023

By Falcon Safaris
Best Time To Visit Victoria Falls

If you’re planning a trip to Victoria Falls, timing can be everything. The falls are affected by seasonal changes, and the Best Time To Visit Victoria Falls depends on what you want to see and do. With its thundering waters, misty spray, and breathtaking views, Victoria Falls is a bucket-list destination throughout the year.

However, the Best Time To Visit Victoria Falls is during the dry season runs from August to January. In this post, we’ll explore the different seasons at Victoria Falls and discuss the pros and cons of visiting during each one. Whether you’re interested in seeing the falls at their most dramatic, taking part in adventure activities, or simply enjoying the scenery, we’ll help you determine the best time to plan your Victoria Falls Tour adventure!

High Water Season At Victoria Falls

High Water Season At Victoria Falls

The high-water season is one of the Best Times To Visit Victoria Falls, which runs from around February to May each year. During this time, the Zambezi River is swollen with water from the rainy season, and the falls are at their most impressive.

  • The high-water season is a great time to see the falls at their fullest and most powerful.
  • The water levels can rise up to 500 million litres per minute, and the spray from the falls can be seen from miles away. It of course creates a magnificent mist that creates rainbows and a magical atmosphere. The waterfalls are so impressive that they have been dubbed the “smoke that thunders.”
  • You’ll also need to prepare for some challenges. The spray from the falls can make it difficult to take clear photos, and the paths around the falls can be slippery and wet.

Despite the challenges, the high-water season at Victoria Falls is an experience that you won’t forget. With the falls at their most powerful and majestic, it’s a must-see for anyone heading for a Tour Of Victoria Falls.

Low Water Season At Victoria Falls

Low Water Season At Victoria Falls

The low-water season at Victoria Falls typically runs from around August to January, when the Zambezi River is at its lowest levels. While the falls may not be as full and impressive as during the high-water season, the low-water season offers its own unique and beautiful experience.

  • During the low-water season, the falls are less powerful, but you’ll be able to see the rock formations that make up the falls.
  • This is a great time to take photos and appreciate the geological features of the falls.
  • You’ll also be able to see the Devil’s Pool, a natural infinity pool at the edge of the falls, during the low-water season.
  • The low-water season is also a great time for activities such as white-water rafting, as the lower water levels make for more challenging rapids.
  • You can also take a boat trip to Livingstone Island, where you can see the falls up close and enjoy a delicious lunch.

Though the falls may not be at their most impressive during the low-water season, it offers opportunities for scenic views. And with fewer crowds than during the high-water season, you’ll be able to appreciate the falls in a more peaceful and intimate setting.

Best Time To Visit Victoria Falls At Shoulder Seasons

Shoulder Seasons At Victoria Falls

The shoulder seasons at Victoria Falls are the periods of the year when the water levels are transitioning from low to high, or high to low. These periods typically run from January to February and from June to August.

  • During the shoulder seasons, you can expect to see the falls at a medium level. With enough water flowing to create impressive scenery, but not so much that it obscures the rock formations and pools below. This makes it a great time to take photos and appreciate the full beauty of the falls.
  • The shoulder seasons are also a great time for activities such as bungee jumping, zip-lining, and helicopter tours.
  • With fewer crowds than during the high-water season, you’ll be able to enjoy these activities without having to wait in long lines or compete for space.

The shoulder season offers plenty of opportunities for Victoria Falls Tours adventures while avoiding the crowds and high prices of the peak season.

Seasonal Activities And Events

Victoria Falls offers a range of activities and events throughout the year, each tailored to take advantage of the changing seasons and natural wonders of the area. Here are some examples of seasonal activities and events:

High-water Season (Feb-May)Whitewater RaftingBungee Jumping and ZipliningZambezi River Sunset CruisesBird WatchingZambezi White-Water Festival
Low-water Season (Aug-Jan)Visit Devil’s PoolGuided ToursLivingstone Island TourElephant Back Safaris  Victoria Falls Carnival (December)  
Shoulder Season (Jan-Feb & Jun-Aug)HikingGame DrivesCultural ToursZambezi River Festival (August)Victoria Falls Marathon (July)

Weather Considerations

Weather is an important consideration when visiting Victoria Falls, as it can affect the experience of seeing and enjoying the falls, as well as the suitability of certain activities. Here are some things to consider on Victoria Falls Best Time To Visit regarding the weather in Victoria Falls:

  • During the high-water season, the weather is generally warm with occasional rainfall.
  • During the low-Water Season, the weather is hot and dry, with very little rainfall.
  • During the shoulder seasons, the weather is mild and comfortable, with less rainfall than during the high-water season.

The falls are at a medium level, offering a balance between the high and low-water seasons.

Planning Your Trip To Victoria Falls

Planning Your Trip To vic falls

If you are planning a trip to Victoria Falls, you need to follow some essential tips to ensure a memorable Victoria Falls Tour. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your visit:

  • Decide on the best time to visit: Consider the seasonal activities and events in Victoria Falls, as well as the weather conditions, to determine the best time to visit Victoria Falls.
  • Book accommodations in advance: Victoria Falls is a popular tourist destination, so it’s important to book your accommodations in advance to ensure availability and the best prices.
  • Plan your activities and tours: There are many Victoria Falls Activities and tours available for visitors. So plan ahead to make the most of your time.
  • Obtain necessary travel documents: Depending on your country of origin, you may need a visa to enter Zimbabwe or Zambia, the two countries where Victoria Falls is located. Check the visa requirements and obtain the necessary travel documents before your tour of Victoria Falls.
  • Pack appropriately: The weather in Victoria Falls can be hot and humid. So pack lightweight, breathable clothing and comfortable shoes for walking and hiking while on your Victoria Falls Tour.

Determining The Right Time For Your Victoria Falls Adventure!

Timing your adventure to Victoria Falls is key to experiencing the best the waterfall has to offer. Each season has its unique advantages and disadvantages, whether it’s the chance to see the falls at their most powerful, enjoy water-based activities, or avoid crowds and heat.

By considering your priorities and preferences, and weighing them against the seasonal factors, We at Falcon Safaris can help you plan Victoria Falls Tours that meet your expectations. Whether you choose to visit during the dry season or the wet season, you’re sure to be amazed by the natural wonder that is Victoria Falls with us!

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