About Masvingo

Masvingo is a small and busy centre in the Masvingo Province of Zimbabwe. Previously it was known as Fort Victoria and briefly, Nyanda.

The town sits close to Great Zimbabwe, a national monument from which the country takes its name. The ruins at Great Zimbabwe are fascinating and timeless. The quality of the buildings in this place is astonishing and there is nothing like it in the entire continent.

The town is a commercial centre for cattle ranching and agriculture, located on the road to Harare. Also, gold and asbestos mining are seen in this area. Visiting this individually or as a combination guarantees the most outstanding Zimbabwe Safari experience.


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Best time to visit

The Best Time To Visit Masvingo is truly any month of the year, offering warm temperatures and minimal rain. Particularly, September through December stand out as the warmest months, perfect for exploring. While the weather is consistently pleasant, the dry months of June to September also offer great conditions for sightseeing. With highs reaching 30°C in October and the cooler days in July at 21°C, Masvingo welcomes visitors with its inviting climate year-round, making every visit a delightful experience.


Masvingo boasts the tranquil Kyle Recreational Park, where visitors can enjoy a variety of animals and beautiful views of the dam during low water seasons. This spot is perfect for anyone who loves nature, offering activities like walking, game viewing, and bird watching. With its rich Masvingo Wildlife and peaceful surroundings, it’s an ideal destination for those looking to explore the natural world.

What To Experience

Travel Guide For Masvingo

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Geographical Area & Map of Masvingo

Masvingo is the capital of Masvingo Province in Zimbabwe. It is located near great Zimbabwe and Lake Mutirikwi and lies on the Mucheke River.

Masvingo is situated around 292 kilometres south of Harare. The City is divided into 5 suburbs including:

  • Mucheke
  • Rujeko
  • Rhodene
  • Target Kopje
  • Eastvale

Shagashe Game Park and an Italian memorial church which were built during the Second World War are located near Masvingo.

Best time to visit Masvingo

This is a very common question that comes to every traveller’s mind before visiting Masvingo, Zimbabwe. So, Masvingo has good weather conditions all year round.

  • Overall, the warmest month between September to December is probably an ideal time.
  • Masvingo has a dry season between July to October.
  • The winter months are between June and July.
  • And the wet season runs between January and December.

In Best Time To Visit Masvingo you can see the average weather per month, the monthly temperature, and when precipitation in Masvingo.

How to get to Masvingo

We will help you to find the closest airport to the city of Masvingo. Through this, you can figure out the easiest way to get to Masvingo.

By Air- The nearest major airport is Harare International Airport (HRE). This airport has international and domestic flights from Harare, Zimbabwe, and is 306 km from the centre of Masvingo.

Another major airport is Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport (BUQ), which has international and domestic flights from Bulawayo and is 417 km from Masvingo.

By Road- After arriving at the nearest Harare airport, you will book a car or bus to transfer to Masvingo. If you have planned your Zimbabwe Safari Packages before your travel, your tour operator will take care of your transportation from the airport.

Main Attractions in Masvingo

Great Zimbabwe National Monument:

Located near the town of Masvingo, Great Zimbabwe is a cluster of stone ruins. It stretches an area of nearly 722 hectares.

A monument after which the country is named must be on the wish list to explore while on your Safari To Zimbabwe. The Great Zimbabwe national monuments are located in the northern part of the province near Masvingo City.

The monument is artistically very unique and its gigantic walls and tower still stand strong. It is an imposing structure that looks mysterious and is a silent viewer of the forgotten civilization of the Shona.

Manyuchi Dam:

Built on the Mwenezi River, Manyuchi Dam is one of the most impressive picnic spots for locales as well as tourists. Its importance however has decreased slightly among the locals because of the difficulties to reach the dam as the roads washed away.

However, tourists still visit here regularly by hiring a four-wheel drive. Apart from enjoying spectacular views of the sunset over Lake Manyuchi, tourists also engage in fishing in the lake. The Dam rises to a height of 25 m and is a major source of irrigation and power generation.

Chipinda Pools:

The campsite at Chipinda Pools has multiple sites at one spot with flowing water, a braai place. It has access to shared ablution blocks with hot water and flushing toilets.

The closer-by tented camp at Chipinda Pools is now well established. Tents are fully furnished and attached with a small en-suite bathroom. There are also secure kitchen units that have a small gas stove and a movable freezer.

South Gonarezhou National Park:

Gonarezhou National Park in south-eastern Zimbabwe, situated in a relatively remote corner of Masvingo Province. Its large size, bumpy terrain, and remote location make it an ideal tourist place.

Covering an area of 5,053 square kilometres. Gonarezhou is the country’s second-largest national park after Hwange. Basically, Gonarezhou is a Shona name meaning The Place of Elephants.

Lake Kyle Recreational Park:

Lake Kyle which is now known as Lake Mutirikwi located in south-eastern Zimbabwe, southeast of Masvingo. It’s a belief that it has been named Lake Kyle, from the Kyle farm.

The park is home to an abundance of wildlife, including the three members of the Big Five- white rhino, buffalo and leopard. Here the accommodations are clean and have scenic views over the lake.

Things to do in Masvingo

Great Zimbabwe Ruins Day Tour from Bulawayo:

Great Zimbabwe National Monument is located in Masvingo, Zimbabwe. Visit this cluster of stone ruins while on your Zimbabwe Safari.

  • You can learn about the ancient cultures and structures within Zimbabwe and trading mechanisms in southern Africa.
  • Visit the local art and craft market, and sample some chibuku, our native opaque beer made from millet and maize.

White rhino tracking on foot:

When you are travelling in Masvingo in Zimbabwe, don’t miss the chance of tracking the endangered rhinos on foot in Lake Mutirikwi Park. This is located close to Great Zimbabwe Ruins.

It’s a great experience to walk in the African bush with an armed ranger in search of the rare member of the Big Five.

Explore Kyle Recreational Park:

Kyle Recreational Park is 16 900 hectares in extent and of the total Park area, 9 300 hectares is covered by the lake (Lake Mutirikwi) at the full supply level. The dam and the Park were established in the same year1960.

  • The Park is home to more than 25 species of wild mammals that you can sight on your Zimbabwe Tour.
  • Some commonly seen animals include buffalo, common duiker, eland, impala, kudu, reedbuck, warthog, waterbuck, wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, and so on.
  • You can also spot some of the rare species including ant bear, bushbuck, bush pig, klipspringer, sable, and steenbuck.

Bulawayo Tour:

The Bulawayo Tour gives you the first-hand experience to meet and learn about the daily life of the local Zimbabweans.

  • We would suggest visiting the Bulawayo Railway Museum and learning how our old railway system started during the colonial period.
  • This is a great chance to close sightings and inspect the old Colonial Buildings of Zimbabwe which are still in use.
  • Major areas which you should visit are Makokoba Township, Nesbit Castle, Renkin Bus Terminus, City Hall, Natural History Museum, and Local Central Markets.

Explore the colourful city of Masvingo!

Hopefully, you have got ideas about the Masvingo Tour while going for Zimbabwe Safari. So what are you waiting for? Chat with an expert to plan your memorable Masvingo Tour!

best month to Visit Masvingo

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Masvingo in January

January is warm, with daytime temperatures reaching up to 29°C and nights cooling down to 17°C. It's also one of Masvingo's rainy months, with an average rainfall of 9.52cm. This makes January an interesting time for those who enjoy the lush, green scenery and don't mind a bit of rain during their Masvingo Safari Tours.

Masvingo in February

February remains warm, with highs of 28°C and lows of 17°C. Like January, it's a rainy month, receiving about 8.91cm of rainfall. The weather conditions provide a unique backdrop for exploring Masvingo.

Masvingo in March

March continues to be warm, with temperatures ranging from 16°C at night to 28°C during the day. It's slightly less rainy than the preceding months, with rainfall averaging 5.71cm. This gradual decrease in rain offers comfortable conditions for outdoor activities.

Masvingo in April

April sees a decrease in rainfall to 2.21cm, making it one of the clearer months with daytime temperatures around 26°C and night temperatures dropping to 13°C. This month is considered one of the best times to visit, offering ideal conditions for Masvingo Safari Tours amidst blooming landscapes.

Masvingo in May

May brings even drier weather, with minimal rainfall (0.53cm) and temperatures ranging from 9°C at night to 25°C during the day. The pleasant climate and low chance of rain make May an optimal month for exploring Masvingo's natural beauty.

Masvingo in June

June offers the coolest daytime temperatures, around 22°C, and chilly nights at 6°C, with very little rain (0.58cm). This pleasant weather makes June an excellent month for visitors seeking comfortable Masvingo Safari Tours, enjoying the serene landscapes without the heat.

Masvingo in July

Like June, July has cool days (22°C) and cold nights (6°C), with minimal rainfall (0.6cm). This month is perfect for those who prefer cooler temperatures and quiet, peaceful Zimbabwe Safaris, making it another Best Time To Visit Masvingo For Wildlife viewing and nature walks.

Masvingo in August

August sees temperatures start to warm up again, reaching 25°C during the day and 8°C at night, with very little rain (0.52cm). The mild weather and scarce rainfall make August a great month for experiencing the outdoors and wildlife.

Masvingo in September

September's temperatures increase to 28°C by day and 12°C by night. The climate remains dry and pleasant, providing excellent conditions for wildlife observation and exploration, highlighting September as a top choice for those planning Masvingo Safari trips.

Masvingo in October

October is hot, with temperatures peaking at 29°C during the day and 15°C at night. Despite the heat, clear weather and minimal rainfall (1.59cm) make it a fantastic month for outdoor adventures and safaris, offering vibrant wildlife sightings for Masvingo Safari Tours enthusiasts.

Masvingo in November

November is the peak of the hot season, with the highest temperatures averaging 30°C and nights at 16°C. It's also a rainy month, receiving about 6.21cm of rainfall, signalling the start of the wet season but still offering memorable moments for Zimbabwe Safari explorers.

Masvingo in December

December combines warmth (29°C days, 17°C nights) with the highest rainfall (10.56cm), wrapping up the year with lush landscapes and rich wildlife activity. While it's one of the rainier months, it remains a beautiful time for those looking to experience the dynamic nature of Masvingo Safari Tours.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Masvingo is renowned for its rich history and natural beauty, most notably the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, an ancient city that stands as a demonstration to Zimbabwe's cultural heritage. It's also known for its stunning landscapes and wildlife, making it a fascinating Zimbabwe Destinations for history buffs and nature lovers.

While Masvingo offers a variety of wildlife experiences, seeing the Big Five might be challenging within the province itself. However, nearby wildlife sanctuaries and national parks offer opportunities for wildlife viewing, including some members of the Big Five.

Top attractions in Masvingo include the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, Lake Mutirikwi, and Kyle Recreational Park. These sites offer a mix of historical, cultural, and natural explorations suitable for all ages.

Yes, Masvingo is suitable for family vacations, offering educational and recreational activities that cater to both adults and children. From exploring ancient ruins to enjoying the great outdoors, there's something for every family member on Masvingo Safari

Masvingo is accessible by road from major cities in Zimbabwe. There are also bus services available. For international visitors, flying into Harare or Bulawayo and then taking a road trip to Masvingo is a common route.

Masvingo offers a range of Zimbabwe Accommodation options, from luxury lodges and hotels to budget-friendly guesthouses and campsites. Many are located near the main attractions, providing convenient access for visitors.

Yes, there are guided tours available, especially for the Great Zimbabwe Ruins and other key attractions. These tours offer insightful information about the historical and cultural significance of the sites, enhancing the visitor experience.

Activities in Masvingo include exploring the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, wildlife viewing at Kyle Recreational Park, boating on Lake Mutirikwi, and hiking in the surrounding natural reserves. Bird watching and cultural tours are also popular.

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