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Victoria Falls | 15 / 03/ 2023

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Best Time To Visit Victoria Falls

Want to see the most giant sheet of falling water on our planet? Then, one of the Best Time to Visit Victoria Falls is in the month of May. Victoria Falls Tours put on the most glorious show of intensity in May and no matter how many times you see this dramatic performance, it’ll never fail to fascinate! B

Below, we’ll see how you can maximize your tour experience and what wonderful experiences you can have at the Best Time to Visit Victoria Falls – May.

Seeing The Most Powerful Waterfall On Your Victoria Falls Tour In May

Victoria Falls In May

When deciding on the Best Time to Visit Victoria Falls, you should undoubtedly have May on your radar. The seasonal fluctuations of the levels of water in the falls are intense. And, there are almost 20 times the volume of water cascading in May compared to other times of the year.

The reason for the high amount of flowing water is because of the heavy rains that fall upstream in Angola. This causes the water level in the Zambezi River to rise and makes the falls at their most potent and impressive.

The spray from the falls can be truly appreciated on Victoria Falls Tours while you hear the deafening sounds of the water crashing down.

The Beautiful Lunar Rainbow In May

Victoria Falls Lunar Rainbow

One of the major highlights of Victoria Falls Tours is seeing the unique sight of the lunar rainbow. And to see this natural spectacle, May is perfect!

  • During this time the water flows are at their highest, which makes the moon’s light consistently bright.
  • Plus, the skies aren’t too cloudy – so seeing the moonbows is easier and photographic opportunities are plenty.

Falcon’s Tips – The Best Time to Visit Victoria Falls to see the lunar rainbow is between April and July. Thus, a visit in May is highly advised.

A visit during the full moon will also maximize your chances of seeing the lunar rainbow. To capture the best photographs the moon needs to be below 42 degrees.

Best Time To Visit Victoria Falls – May? Yes! A Dreamland Of Lush Greenery

Best Time To Visit Victoria Falls

Want to know why May is considered one of the Best Time to Visit Victoria Falls? We have the answer for you! The landscapes of the falls get completely transformed into a lush green, with flowers in bloom.

  • The clear air also makes for some distinctive sunrises and sunsets.
  • Plus, the possibility of rain brings pleasant cool breezes.

The following table will offer useful clues about the average temperature in Victoria Falls based on each month of the year. And, you will be able to figure out why May is the Best Time to Visit Victoria Falls:

January25°C184 mm
February25157 mm
March2597 mm
April2336 mm
MAY217 mm
June191 mm
July190 mm
August220 mm
September272 mm
October2936 mm
November27102 mm
December25161 mm

Pro Tip – Remember that when it does rain it occurs usually at lunchtime and clears by about 4 pm, so this won’t interfere with your Victoria Falls Activities.

Fewer Crowds Plus Low Accommodation Costs!

A Tour of Victoria Falls in May is great if you want to get a bang for your buck. Most accommodations services offer slashed prices, which means you can even extend your tour and experience the falls in the best possible way. Some accommodations may even offer great deals such as ‘stay four, pay for three’ or discounted longer stays.

Budget Hotels$30 – $50
Mid-Range Hotels$70 – $100
Luxury Hotels$200 – $400
Safari Lodges$400 – $800

Furthermore, in May, there will be significantly fewer crowds around. So, you’ll get to enjoy a more exclusive and personalized Victoria Falls Tour experience.

Experience The Power Of Victoria Falls In May!

If you want to feel the force and might of the falls, then the Best Time to Visit Victoria Falls is during the month of May. But that isn’t the extent of what experiences Victoria Falls offers visitors in May.

Hopefully, you don’t have any uncertainties about When to Visit Victoria Falls. As we have covered in the post, May is a great time to visit the falls for admiring the stunning sceneries and lunar rainbows. Plus, lower costs and fewer crowds go hand in hand.

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