From Wildlife To Waterfalls - Exploring The Rich Diversity Of Victoria Falls Tours

Victoria Falls | 29 / 03/ 2023

By Falcon Safaris
Victoria Falls Tours

Let us take you along on a terrific journey of the smoke that thunders! This is the journey of a Victoria Falls Tours that encompasses both wildlife and waterfalls. The surrounding national parks of Victoria Falls are the perfect place to marvel at the rich biodiversity.

This blog will take into consideration what sort of experiences Victoria Falls Tours offers. We’ll start with wildlife as the main focus and move on to a range of Victoria Falls Activities and top things off with the thundering falls themselves and the surrounding scenic gorges.

Wildlife Safari Adventures On Victoria Falls Tours

Not many people know this, but Victoria Falls is a great destination for wildlife enthusiasts. For a diverse wildlife experience, both Zimbabwe and Zambia side has major attractions. This includes Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe and Zambezi National park in Zambia.

The big five can be seen in the Zimbabwean side on game drives. While Zambezi National Park is renowned for its great concentration of antelopes and other herbivores. The following is a list of what animals you can see on a Safari in Victoria Falls and the best locations for a sighting:

ElephantsHighHwange National Park, Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, and Zambezi National Park
LionsHighHwange National Park
Cape BuffaloesHighAlong the Zambezi River
Black RhinosLowLivingstone Private Game Reserve
LeopardsLowZambezi National Park
Different species of AntelopesHighHwange National Park, Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, and Zambezi National Park
African Wild DogsMarginally lowZambezi National Park

Apart from the varied wildlife, a Victoria Falls Tour will also allow the opportunity to spot several species of birds. The best place for seeing these high-flying avians is Zambezi National Park and the Victoria Falls Rainforest.

Helicopter Tours And Microlight Flights – Soaring Above The Falls!

Both of these aerial Victoria Falls Activities are the perfect pick for adventurous folks and adrenaline junkies. Be shell-shocked at the wondrous views of the falls, gorges, and the Zambezi River from above.

  • While on Victoria Falls Helicopter Tours, you’ll be able to take in the beauty of the whole panorama and the spectacle of enormous sheets of water thundering below.
  • Learn more about how this Victoria Falls Activity can enhance your overall tour experience here –

Whereas, Microlight Tours offers a fully open-air experience. This in turn means an authentic flying adventure plus flying over the falls’ stunning surroundings. This was just a peek into the experience, go more in-depth here:

River-Based Adventures On Victoria Falls Tours

The Zambezi River is a haven for adventure seekers and nature lovers. You can explore the river’s rapids on a white-water rafting adventure. Or take a leisurely canoe ride to discover the river’s flora and fauna.

For a more relaxing experience, sunset cruises on the Zambezi River offer a chance to enjoy a scenic view of the river and its surroundings while sipping down sundowners.

White Water Rafting– Battling the grade 3 rapids of the mighty Zambezi River – The perfect dose for adrenaline junkies
Canoe Rides– Seeing animals along the banks of the Zambezi River – Plethora of bird species, which will be a treat for birdwatching enthusiasts
Sunset Cruises– Sightings of resident hippos, crocodiles, elephants, giraffes, and much more – Offers the perfect photographic opportunities

Victoria Falls Tours – Go On A Journey Into The Past!

Victoria Falls Tours offers a glimpse into the rich history and culture that’s certainly worth exploring. From the indigenous tribes that have lived in the area for centuries to the colonial era and the early explorers who first discovered the falls, there are many stories to discover.

A visit to the Victoria Falls Bridge, for example, offers a glimpse into the region’s railway history, while a visit to the Livingstone Museum provides an understanding of the history and culture of the people in the region.

Chasing Waterfalls – The Surrounding Falls And Gorges Of Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is not the only waterfall in the area. There are many other falls and gorges to explore in the region, each with its unique charm.

  • Some of the most popular ones include the Devil’s Pool, the Knife Edge Bridge, and the Victoria Falls Gorge Swing.
  • These activities offer a chance to get up close and personal with the falls and are sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

The Magic Of Night – Experiencing The Nocturnal Wildlife And Activities Around Victoria Falls!

Victoria Falls Night Game Drive

Have you ever thought about what Victoria Falls Tours has in store for you at night? The region comes alive at night, with a variety of nocturnal wildlife and activities to explore.

Night drives, for example, offer a chance to see nocturnal animals such as hyenas, leopards, and bush babies. There are also night markets, cultural performances, and bonfire events that offer a chance to connect with the local culture and traditions. Did you think we forgot the distinctive experience of the lunar rainbow tour in Victoria Falls? We certainly did not!

From Chasing Waterfalls To Tracking Wildlife – The Victoria Falls Tours!

Well then, hopefully, you’ve followed along with this post and have discovered that the Falls themselves aren’t the major draw of Victoria Falls Tours.

Yes, everyone is surprised at first that there are so many fun Activities to do in Victoria Falls, but you aren’t the only one. So, stand in awe at the rich diversity and take part in a whole range of adventures on a Tour of Victoria Falls – from wildlife to waterfalls that is!

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