Microlight Flight Over Victoria Falls

Microlight Flight Over Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Microlight Flight

A Microlight flight is an amazing open air open-airxperience over the magnificent Victoria Falls Tour. It is done in a microlight, which is a very small, lightweight, single or double sedouble-seater. Because of the nature of the aircraft, you can go one at a time with your pilot. The Microlight Flight is undoubted, one of the hardest and craziest Things To Do In Victoria Falls.

The microlight is unquestionably the most breath-taking method to capture those picture-perfect panoramic images you've always wanted of the beautiful Victoria Falls in all their splendoursplendor also a fantastic way to observe the formation of the magnificent gorges that are carved down below, as well as the Zambezi River as it flows up to the Falls.

What makes this flight special ?

The aircraft in itself is very special and fascinating. It is a true work of engineering often referred to as a flying washing machine. Microlight flights, in contrast to helicopter or fixed winfixed-wing are entirely open air, providing a somewhat realistic experience of flying naturally. In addition, because microlights are permitted to fly lower over the Victoria Falls than helicopters, you really gese of the power of the Victoria Falls.

Where can you do the Microlight flight ?

This highly sought-after activity is only available in Livingstone, which is on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls. You cannot do the activity if you are staying in Zimbabwe as it is not available, you will have to cross to the other side. Organizing a transfer to Zambia however is not difficult, it may only add a cost if you require a visa entry into Zambia.

Where do the flights take off ?

The Batoka Sky Maramba Aerodrome, located just outside of Livingstone, is where the Victoria Falls microlight takes off; it takes 30 seconds to travel by air to reach the river.

What times can you fly ?

There are two sessions, a morning and an afternoon session. Flights are planned for the morning from 8 am to 9 am and the afternoon from 3 pm to 5 pm. These are the times that the weather is considered suitable for these light aircraft. Flights during the high temperatures of the day are not ideal or available.

Which flight session is better, morning or afternoon ?

Both times are lovely; in the morning, a cool breeze blows, and in the afternoon, as the sun prepares to set, you can see the horizon in all of its splendor. At both times, the Falls offers beautiful views and rainbows form above the spray of the falls. You will also get the opportunity to fly closer to the falls than you would in a helicopter.

Which time of the Year is best to do the Microlight ?

The Microlight is best at any time of the year but however a recommended time for the Microlight is October. Victoria Falls experiences some beautiful weather in October. The ideal day ends with comfortable temperatures, fewer mosquitoes, and just the right amount of dust to produce stunning orange skies.

What are the available flight options ?

The 15-minute flight

For the Microlight flight, you can choose between 2 options, the 15-minute flight and the , 30-minute flight. The 15-minute trip makes multiple circles above the Victoria Falls and a brief flight down the Zambezi River. Both the animals in and around the Zambezi River's banks as well as the rainforest that surrounds the Falls are visible from the flight.

The 30-minute flight

With numerous rounds over the Falls, the 30-minute flight begins similarly to the 15-minute flight; however, it then continues downstream over the Batoka gorges and upstream along the Zambezi River to the Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park. Over the years, the Zambezi River created these spectacular Zigzag canyons out of the basalt rock.

In order To distinctive opportunity for game viewing, the aircraft flies low upstream along the Zambezi and the National Park. During this lengthier flight, wildlife like hippos, crocodiles, giraffes, and elephants are almost always visible.

What you need to know ?

The minimal age for flying is 8, but anyone younger than that as long as they can fit into the harness and at the discretion of the managers can fly. Please note that all kids for this activity have to pay the full rate. There is a maximum passenger weight (100kg). Please get in touch with companies before making a reservation.

For security concerns, cameras are not permitted. However, the pilot controls a camera mounted on a wing, and pictures taken during the flight can be bought at an extra fee. The pilot can take pictures of you with the Falls in the background using the camera installed on the wing, creating a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable portrait for you.

You can ask for specific images, but skilled pilots will typically take pictures of the prettiest spots along the flight path. It's amazing because you're forced to just watch and take in this magnificent spectacle without having to worry about recording it on camera.

Flex-wing micro lighting is great for adventurous types, as it takes you back to those pioneering days of aviation Victoria Falls Tours. It gives you a taste of open-cockpit flying, where you can feel the wind on your face and experience the sensation of flight, which is completely open to the elements.

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A micro light flight at Victoria Fall gives us an incredible bird view of Victoria Fall. You can experience how stunning Victoria Falls looks from above.

A micro flight at Victoria Fall has two options. Visitors can go for 15 minutes flight or they can choose the 30 minutes flight options.

No, there is no risk involved in taking Micro Light Flight’s. The pilots are fully trained and test the flight’s engines and equipment fully before the trip starts.

Livingstone. The Micro light Flight took off from the Livingstone Area, Zambian side. Every morning the Micro light flight takes off at 8 am.

No, there is no special training needed for Micro light flight. You also do not need any experience.

Things that you need to know are the Micro light Flights operates only in the Zambian side. The Micro light Flights does not operate between December and March.

No, due to safety reason camera is not allowed in Micro light Flights. But if you want photographs you can buy after the flight. The pilot operates a wing-mounted camera and the photographs are available for purchase.

12 years. The age limit for Micro light flights is 12 years. Anyone below 12 needs the approval of the pilot.

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