Lunar Rainbow In Victoria Falls – Witness A Moonbow!

Victoria Falls | 23 / 08/ 2023

By Falcon Safaris
Victoria Falls Lunar Rainbow

Victoria Falls Tours offers a unique and enchanting spectacle – the elusive Victoria Falls Lunar Rainbow, also known as the Moonbow. This mystical phenomenon occurs when the moon’s light refracts and creates a colourful arc amidst the splendour of the falls.

Digging into the science behind this captivating display, we explore the best time to witness it, the ideal viewing locations, and how to make the most of this nighttime Victoria Falls Activity.

Understanding The Science Behind The Magic

Lunar Rainbow Victoria Falls

The Lunar Rainbow, also known as the Moonbow is created when light refracts through the water particles in the air. Though, instead of the sun being the light source it is now the moon.

  • Only when the moon is full and the skies are clear is when enough light reflected to create Lunar Rainbows.
  • The refracted light within the water droplets separates into different colours, creating a beautiful arc that is a rare sight to behold.

Why you should know this – Understanding the science behind this natural wonder adds to the appreciation of the magic that unfolds in the night sky during this Victoria Falls Activity.

The Ideal Time – Moon Phases And Best Lunar Rainbow Viewing

The ideal conditions for witnessing this Victoria Falls Attraction are during the full moon when the moon is at its brightest. Additionally, the sky must be clear of clouds, allowing the moonlight to illuminate the falls and form a clear and vibrant arc.

The following representation specifies the different times of the year (months) and the corresponding moon phases for witnessing the Lunar Rainbow, Victoria Falls:

JanuaryWaxing Gibbous to Full MoonJanuary offers several days of bright moonlight, ideal for experiencing the Lunar Rainbow.
FebruaryFull MoonFebruary’s full moon provides a single day with optimal moonlight for Moonbow viewing.
MarchFull MoonAnother chance to witness the Moonbow during the full moon phase in the month of March.
AprilWaxing Gibbous to Full MoonAs the moon approaches fullness, April offers good opportunities for Lunar Rainbow sightings.
MayFull MoonMay’s full moon presents another excellent chance to witness the enchanting Moonbow phenomenon.
JuneFull MoonExperience the captivating Lunar Rainbow amidst the winter landscape during June’s full moon.
JulyWaxing Gibbous to Full MoonJuly offers multiple days of increasing moonlight, creating magical night scenes at Victoria Falls.
AugustFull MoonWitness the Lunar Rainbow during the peak of winter when August’s full moon illuminates the falls.
SeptemberFull MoonAnother opportunity to experience the Moonbow in all its splendour during September’s full moon.
OctoberWaxing Gibbous to Full MoonOctober’s moon phases offer several days of increasing moonlight for Lunar Rainbow enthusiasts.
NovemberFull MoonEnjoy the captivating spectacle of the Moonbow under November’s bright full moon.
DecemberFull MoonCelebrate the end of the year with the enchanting Lunar Rainbow during December’s full moon.
Falcon’s Insight – It is essential to plan your visit to Victoria Falls around the full moon phase to maximize your chances of experiencing this rare phenomenon in all its glory.

Nighttime Adventures – Arriving At The Falls After Dark

Victoria Falls Activities after Dark introduce a sense of mystery and excitement to the adventure. As the sun sets and darkness envelops the landscape, the roaring sound of the falls becomes more pronounced, heightening the anticipation of witnessing the Lunar Rainbow.

A Victoria Falls Guided Tour at night creates a thrilling atmosphere that enhances the overall experience. Being surrounded by the sounds of the wilderness and feeling the spray of the falls in the moonlit night sets the stage for a truly magical encounter.

Prime Viewing Locations – Where To Witness The Lunar Rainbow

The following are the best vantage points for seeing the Lunar Rainbow during Victoria Falls Day Trips:

Zimbabwe Side – Eastern CataractPositioned on the Zimbabwe side, the eastern cataract offers a close and immersive experience.Proximity to the falls for an up-close encounter.
Knife-Edge BridgeSuspended over the Batoka Gorge, the Knife-Edge Bridge provides a unique vantage point.A distinct perspective capturing the Moonbow’s arc.
Lookout TreePerched atop a giant Baobab tree, the Lookout Tree offers a breathtaking view of the falls.Elevated position for an expansive view of the Moonbow.
Rainforest Walking TrailsSeveral walking trails within the rainforest offer different viewpoints of Victoria Falls.Various perspectives and angles of the Moonbow.

Lunar Events in 2023:

May 6 – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

August 1 – Super Full Moon

August 31 – Blue Moon (the second full moon in a month)

October 28 to 29 – Partial Lunar Eclipse

Other Moonlight Activities – Enhancing Your Night Experience

Victoria Falls Activity

While the Lunar Rainbow steals the spotlight, there are plenty of other Things to Do at Victoria Falls. Taking a nighttime safari in the surrounding national parks allows you to encounter nocturnal wildlife, such as the elusive leopard and the curious hyena.

Additionally, enjoying a delightful dinner under the stars while listening to the distant roar of the falls offers a serene way to end the day.

The Nighttime Magic Of Victoria Falls

As the moon rises and casts its glow upon the majestic Victoria Falls, the Lunar Rainbow emerges, proof of the wondrous beauty of nature. Understanding the science behind this celestial display adds to the enchantment, while carefully timing your visit and choosing the perfect location ensures a mesmerizing experience.

Book your nighttime getaway to the falls by selecting one of our tailor-made Victoria Falls Tour Packages.

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