Victoria Falls White Water Rafting – Ride The Wild Waves

Victoria Falls | 25 / 09/ 2023

By Falcon Safaris
White Water Rafting Victoria Falls

For all the adrenaline seekers out there and those hungry for adventure have you ever tried White Water Rafting Victoria Falls? If you haven’t, it’s about time you get drenched. Of all Victoria Falls excursions, this activity allows you to navigate the tumultuous waters of the lower Zambezi River below the Falls and once you do it, trust me you will want to go again!

Many people have actually agreed and consider the white water rafting on the Zambezi River to be one of the best in the entire world. You descend a whooping 25 rapids that are below the force of Victoria Falls and it gets harder as you go but at the same time, the sense of thrill gets stronger and stronger.

The rapids fall under grade 5 and in case you have no clue, the grades are from 1 to 6 with grade 6 rapid being the highest so you can imagine that 5 is more or less the same. This is what adds to the thrill and excitement of the activity. With expert guides going along with you, even a beginner with little to no expertise can join in on the excitement of a Trip To Victoria Falls.

What to expect

Victoria Falls Activities

The rapids begin gradually before becoming increasingly challenging as the thrill increases. You will start your dramatic white water rafting adventure in the “boiling pot” directly beneath Victoria Falls. You will make your way through infamous rapids with names like “The Overland Truck-eater,” “The Mother,” “Gnashing Jaws of Death,” and the day’s final grade 5 rapid, “Oblivion.” The names already give you a small glimpse of what to expect.

Aside from the adventure, you will most definitely appreciate the landscape and the view from below the falls, a view not many get to see first-hand. As you raft along the gorge you will be admiring the changes in the landscape and can even be lucky to spot wildlife while at it too.

The biggest benefit you will get from this Victoria Falls activity is the enduring memories that will live with you forever and the sense of accomplishment that you feel for putting yourself up to the challenge and conquering it.

Please Note

  • River rapids are no respecter of items and personal belongings. You will need to strap your things firmly onto you if you decide to take anything with you.
  • You will need a band to keep your sunglasses on your head as well as strap-on sandals or trainers for rafting. A karabiner for securing your water bottle to the boat, a cap worn beneath your helmet to block the sun.
  • Waterproof sunscreen is helpful.
  • You should wear lightweight clothing or swimwear because you will get completely soaked.
  • You should also consider obtaining some baseline fitness since rafting demands a fair amount of paddling and hiking.

Safety & Health

White Water Rafting Victoria Falls

Although jumping into turbulent waves on an inflatable sounds risky, it truly isn’t because you will be travelling with qualified experts. Both operators from Zimbabwe and Zambia are true professionals and will handle you with the utmost care.

In the case that your raft tips over and you end up in the water, your safety vest will keep you floating even if you aren’t able to swim. A rescue boat and mini kayaks will be right behind you and will come to grab you before you go floating the rest of the Zambezi and will get you back on your raft, continuing the rest of the activity.

Conquer the Rapids with Victoria Falls White Water Rafting

Victoria Falls White Water Rafting is one of the best Victoria Falls activities and it offers that once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is one of the few activities that shows you the true power and force of the falls. It will most definitely get your blood rushing and your adrenaline high as well as get you wet, A perfect way to cool off in the dry hot summers of Victoria Falls.

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