Eastern Highlands

Eastern Highlands

About Eastern Highlands

The Eastern Highlands, otherwise known as the Manica Highlands are a group the mountain ranges from Zimbabwe and Mozambique border.

They extend to the northern and southern parts for approximately 300 kilometres from Zimbabwe to Mozambique Manicaland. They consist of areas such as Vumba, Mutare, Chimanimani, Nyanga, and Honde valley. This is one of the best Places To Visit In Zimbabwe that you can discover on a Zimbabwe Safari.

Eastern Highlands TOURS AND SAFARIS

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Best time to visit

The Best Time to Visit the Eastern Highlands is between April and July. During these months, the weather is pleasant, allowing for a clear exploration of the scenic beauty, despite occasional plantation fires that may cause a hazy sky. It's important to note that the summer rains from November to March make some roads tricky to navigate. Additionally, if you're keen on birdwatching, the period from November to April offers a vibrant birding experience, making it a great time for nature enthusiasts to visit.


The Eastern Highlands in Zimbabwe are a natural paradise, filled with unique animals like blue monkeys, fruit bats, and hornbills. This area, known for its stunning mountains and activities in nature, is rich in different kinds of Zimbabwe Wildlife living in its green forests and grassy areas. Even though it faces threats from human activities, it remains an important and beautiful ecological spot.

What To Experience

Travel Guide For Eastern Highlands

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Facts of Eastern Highlands

The Eastern Highlands is a mountainous region located in eastern Zimbabwe, known for its stunning landscapes, diverse flora and fauna, and pleasant climate. Here are some Eastern Highlands Facts:

  • They stretch from Zimbabwe to Mozambique.
  • The highest waterfall in Zimbabwe is found in the eastern highlands
  • The eastern highlands are home to Zimbabwe’s oldest national park.
  • Has over a hundred bird species.

Climate and Weather

The Highlands experience a different climate than the central part of Zimbabwe. The highlands receive more rainfall, low clouds, and heavy mist and dew. This is because the moisture moves inland from the Indian Ocean.

When to go to the Eastern Highlands

The hot wet season lasts from the end of October to the end of April. This is where Zimbabwe experiences rains and when there is a lot of green. It is the perfect time to visit the eastern highlands as there will be perfect green views. And, it is the Best Time To Visit Zimbabwe if you want to get a scenic view of the Eastern Highlands.

Visitor numbers are low during this season and there are massive discounts offered. Zimbabwe Safari Cost is based upon this, so one need to consder. For people that would want to travel on a budget, this is the perfect season to travel.

How to reach the Eastern Highlands

Generally, there are two options to reach the Eastern Highlands.

  • One is from Harare, the capital town of Zimbabwe. The distance between these two destinations is 295 k (approx. 4 hours’ drive). On this route, you will be driving through the beautiful Birchenough Bridge.
  • The second one is you can travel from Bvumba via Melsetter directly to the Gonarezhou National Park. This route is a little longer compared to the first one. It is 362 km and will take you more than 6 to 7 hours to drive.

If you have enough time on your hand you can take this route otherwise the first option is highly recommended.

Holidays to the Eastern Highlands

Nyanga National Park 7-day tour

Nyanga National is in the north of the eastern highlands in Zimbabwe. The park contains beautiful hills and rivers.

People can go hiking and for nature photography. The views are just majestic. There are beautiful waterfalls in Nyanga.

Mutare 14-day holiday

This is the most populated city in the Manicaland province. This city is surrounded by beautiful valleys and mountains. It is also known as (Kumakomoyo) in Shona meaning where mountains are.

Eastern Highlands Highlights

Tea plantations of the Nyanga range

The Nyanga range is popular for having tea plantations. This is where the local tea such as Tanganda is grown in Zimbabwe. These rich plantations bring out one of the best tea in Zimbabwe that is also exported to other countries. This has helped in improving the economy of Zimbabwe.

Coffee plantations of the Bvumba range

The Bvumba range is popular for coffee plantations. This is where our local coffee such as breakfast coffee is grown in Zimbabwe. These rich plantations bring out one of the best coffees in Zimbabwe that are also exported to other countries. This has helped in improving the economy of Zimbabwe.

Chimanimani Mountains

Chimanimani is popular for hiking and site seeing. This place is part of the eastern highlands. It has beautiful terrains and views. The mountains are dressed in colourful vegetation that is breathtaking.

Take a Zimbabwe Safari Tours of the eastern highlands and enjoy these majestic views. Hiking is very popular in Chimanimani and is worth trying.

Places to visit in the Eastern Highlands

Nyanga National Park

Nyanga National is in the north of the eastern highlands in Zimbabwe. The park contains beautiful hills and rivers.

People can go hiking and for nature photography. The views are just majestic. There are beautiful waterfalls in Nyanga.


This is the most populated city in the Manicaland province. This city is surrounded by beautiful valleys and mountains. It is also known as (Kumakomoyo) in Shona meaning where mountains are.

Vumba Mountains

Visit the Vumba botanical gardens where people can have perfect scenic views.

Leopard rock

Visit the Leopard Rock Golf and country club where they can recreate playing golf, sightseeing, and picnics.

The Honde Valley

The honed valley is a beautiful destination found in the eastern highlands. It is home to several bird species and has beautiful views.

Wildlife at Eastern Highlands

The Eastern Highlands is famous for being home to two rare animals that are very hard to find outside these highlands. One of them is the blue duiker and samango monkeys. Some diverse species of squirrels such as sun squirrels and red squirrels can be seen here.

Leopards are spotted throughout the region. But if you are lucky enough you can also spot buffalo, hyenas, and lions.

In all over Zimbabwe, more than 400 species of bird are found. And most of them migrate here in the months of October to April.

Best places to stay in the Eastern Highlands

Forest hills resorts

Forest hills resort is located among the Vumba Mountains. These mountains are known as mountains of mist (bvumba) in Shona. It is one of the most affordable Zimbabwe Accommodations .

Trout beck Resort Nyanga

It is located 34 km from Rhodes Nyanga National Park. Trout beck Resort offers accommodation with a cafeteria, free reserved parking, an outdoor swimming pool and a tavern. It also has a kitchen and playground for kids.

Christmas pass hotel

This is a hotel located soon after the Christmas pass in mutare.it allows guest to have perfect views of the mountains and hills.it has self-catering facilities as well as Wi-Fi and a swimming pool.

Activities in Eastern Highlights

Trout Fishing

This is one of the activities one can do in Nyanga. You get to relax and learn how to fish in the beautiful rivers. Trout fish is the most popular fish in Nyanga.


This is a recreational Things To Do In Zimbabwe popular in the eastern highlands because of the terrains and is usually done at lodges and other golf clubs such as leopard rock.


Just like Golf, Bowling is also a recreational activity that is very popular in the eastern highlands. It can be done by all age groups.

Horse riding

This is a safari activity done in Nyanga national park. It is mostly done by adventurous people. Horse riding can be done as you go for game viewing and get to enjoy both activities at once.

The Zimbabwe Safari Tours cannot be completed with all the above adventure activities.


The endless mountain ranges, rolling mists, beautiful forest areas, and stunning waterfalls make the Eastern Highlands the best-kept secret of Zimbabwe Safaris. No matter whether you love birding or fishing or love participating in outdoor activities like hiking, camping, or abseiling this place kept something for everyone.

best month to Visit Eastern Highlands

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Eastern Highlands in January

January in the Eastern Highlands is warmly enveloped in the rain for half the month, with temperatures cosy in the low 70s F (low 20s C). It’s a time when the greenery thrives, offering a lush landscape for visitors.

Eastern Highlands in February

Warm with a mix of sun and rain, February's climate, averaging in the low 70s F (low 20s C), keeps the highlands vibrant and full of life, inviting explorers to its moist beauty.

Eastern Highlands in March

March presents the perfect climate with less rainfall and temperatures stabilizing in the low 70s F (low 20s C). The reduced showers make it an ideal month for experiencing the outdoors.

Eastern Highlands in April

The air in April is warm with a gentle coolness, as temperatures hover in the high 60s F (low 20s C). Rainfall decreases, making way for clearer skies and comfortable exploration.

Eastern Highlands in May

Dry with a hint of occasional rain, May offers a break from the humidity, with temperatures in the low 60s F (high 10s C), ideal for visitors seeking comfortable adventure.

Eastern Highlands in June

June’s crisp air is marked by minimal rainfall, with temperatures pleasantly in the high 50s F (mid-10s C). This cooler, drier month is perfect for hiking and outdoor activities.

Eastern Highlands in July

With the same cool and dry conditions as June, July’s high 50s F (mid-10s C) temperatures make for a refreshing outdoor experience amidst the highlands’ serene landscapes.

Eastern Highlands in August

August continues the trend of dry weather, occasional rain, and comfortable low 60s F (high 10s C) temperatures, offering a pleasant climate for exploration and adventure.

Eastern Highlands in September

The highlands warm up in September with temperatures in the high 60s F (low 20s C) and little rain, creating ideal conditions for enjoying the great outdoors.

Eastern Highlands in October

October delights with perfect temperatures in the low 70s F (low 20s C) and some rainy days, offering a balanced climate for visitors to explore the natural beauty.

Eastern Highlands in November

With comfortable temperatures in the low 70s F (low 20s C) and less rainfall, November is a prime time for bird watching and enjoying the lush, vibrant landscapes.

Eastern Highlands in December

December brings warm temperatures in the low 70s F (low 20s C) and rain on half the days, wrapping up the year with a mix of sunshine and showers. It is perfect for enjoying the greenery on Zimbabwe Safaris.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe is a breathtaking mountainous region located along the Zimbabwe and Mozambique border. It's known for its majestic mountains and scenic beauty, offering visitors a glimpse into nature's splendid diversity.

The Eastern Highlands comprises three main sections: the northern Nyanga Highlands, the central Bvumba Mountains, and the southern Chimanimani Mountains. Each area offers unique landscapes and experiences for visitors.

Famous for its natural wonders, the Eastern Highlands boasts lush valleys, towering mountains, and diverse activities like hiking and fishing. Its picturesque landscapes provide a perfect backdrop for outdoor adventures.

Stretching over 300 kilometres, the Eastern Highlands runs through Zimbabwe's Manicaland Province and into Mozambique's Manica Province, showcasing the area's extensive natural beauty.

Although not mainly known for safaris, the Eastern Highlands is home to varied wildlife, including blue monkeys, fruit bats, and hornbills, all thriving within its dense forests and grasslands.

The Best Time to Visit Eastern Highlands is from April to July for clear skies and comfortable weather, making it ideal for exploring the region's natural beauty and engaging in outdoor activities.

Yes, Eastern Highlands Tours are available and provide guided experiences through this spectacular region, offering insights into its unique landscapes, wildlife, and cultural heritage.

The Eastern Highlands Zimbabwe offers a variety of accommodations, ranging from luxurious lodges to cosy guesthouses, ensuring visitors have a comfortable stay amidst the natural beauty of the highlands.

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