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Victoria Falls

Walking Tour

Come along and take part in our Victoria Falls Walking Tour and get close to the amazing sight of Mosi-oa-Tunya, the Smoke that Thunders. This tour takes you directly to the world's most magnificent waterfall, where history and nature meet.

Starting just a short walk from your lodge, you'll witness the majestic falls, learn about David Livingstone's historic 1855 visit, and maybe even see exotic wildlife right in their habitat.

Our Victoria Falls Tours are crafted to ensure you explore the beauty and historical depth of this incredible location easily and thoroughly, making every moment of your visit truly memorable.

Places to Visit on Victoria Falls Walking Tours

Exploring Victoria Falls on foot is an adventure like no other. Here are three key spots you won't want to miss on your Victoria Falls Walking Tours:

Victoria Falls National Park Walk

Wander through trails surrounded by the lush rainforest that flourishes on the mist from the falls. You'll see the falls from different angles, feeling the spray and hearing the roar up close.

This path is also great for spotting wildlife, including monkeys, baboons, and colourful birds, making every step an encounter with nature.

Victoria Falls Historical Bridge Walking Tour

This Victoria Falls Walking Tour takes you over the iconic bridge connecting Zimbabwe and Zambia. It’s more than a walk, but a journey through history and engineering marvels.

Along the way, you'll see local wildlife, visit the craft market for unique souvenirs, and enjoy stunning views of the gorge and the Zambezi River below.

Victoria Falls Town

A leisurely stroll through Victoria Falls Town offers insights into its rich history and culture. From bustling craft markets filled with artisan crafts to historic buildings that tell the story of this remarkable place, this tour connects you with the heart of the town.

These tours, part of our Victoria Falls Walking Tour Packages, are designed to give you a full experience of Victoria Falls' beauty, history, and culture in a simple, enjoyable way.

Mapping Out The Falls And Track

Victoria Falls Walking Tour

The following Victoria Falls Walking Tour Map outlines all the spots along the walk where you can pause to enjoy views of the falls.

As outlined in the Victoria Falls Walking Tour Map, here's a guide to the essential stops you'll encounter on your walking tour of Victoria Falls:

  • Devil's Cataract & Livingstone's Statue - Celebrate the legacy of Dr. David Livingstone, recognized as the first European to document Victoria Falls on November 16, 1855.
  • The "Chain Walk" - A descent into the gorge offers unparalleled views of Devil's Cataract and Cataract Island.
  • From Devil's Cataract to Main Falls - Traverse a genuine rainforest, alive with diverse bird species and lush vegetation, extending up to viewpoint eleven.
  • Viewpoint 6 - Ideal for morning views of Devil's Cataract, with Livingstone's statue prominently displayed above the falls.
  • Viewpoint 7 - Offers unparalleled views of the Main Falls, where the river's base is visible from the viewpoint's corner.
  • Main Falls - Experiences a veil of spray obscuring views when the river is at its fullest.
  • Spanning Main Falls to Horseshoe Falls - This section allows for sightings of Livingstone Island and Horseshoe Falls.
  • Viewpoint 11 - Catch glimpses of Livingstone Island and Rainbow Falls, where Livingstone himself first viewed the falls.
  • Rainbow Falls - Stands as the tallest point of the falls, providing a memorable vista.
  • Danger Point - Named for its proximity to the cliff's edge, offering views of the Eastern Cataract in Zambia.
  • Boiling Pot - Look into the swirling, tumultuous waters below.
  • Bridge Viewpoint - Offers a view of the Victoria Falls Bridge, a connector between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

With our Victoria Falls Walking Tour Packages, we make sure you see all the key spots, providing a full and enriching experience of Victoria Falls.

Don’t Miss These Points While Walking

Out of all the picturesque spots outlined on the Victoria Falls Walking Tour Map, Falcon Safaris experts highly recommend a few standout viewpoints for the most striking vistas:

  • The initial viewpoint, Devil's Cataract & Livingstone's Statue, is where the cascade's power is most felt. It is perfect for those seeking the essence of the falls.
  • Mid-trail lookouts, such as Viewpoints 4 and 5, offer varied angles and exceptional opportunities for Victoria Falls photos.
  • The fifteenth vantage point, Danger Point, presents expansive views across the falls while capturing its grandeur.

These select spots are favoured for their unparalleled perspectives and photographic potential, ensuring visitors with Victoria Falls Walking Tour Packages experience the grandeur of this natural wonder in full.

Let Us Show You Victoria Falls

At Falcon Safaris, we present you a spectrum of Victoria Falls Walking Tour experiences, seamlessly tailored to fit your itinerary.

Half-Day Victoria Falls Walking Tour

Our guided half-day Victoria Falls Walking Tour is a journey into the heart of the falls. Highlights include:

  • Wander through the misty rainforest that flourishes from the waterfall's spray.
  • Experience local culture at the African market and the Livingstone Museum.
  • Savour a relaxing tea in nature's grandeur.
  • Enjoy the ease of included Tour of Victoria Falls, to and fro airport transfers, and raincoats.

Victoria Falls Walking Tour En Route

For guests transitioning through, our en-route tour provides a brief, yet fulfilling adventure:

  • A condensed, expert-led walking tour offering the essence of Victoria Falls.
  • All logistics, including to and fro Victoria Falls Airport Transfers, are arranged for you.

Our team wishes to ensure every moment of your visit is filled with awe and ease, from the thundering cascades to the tranquil wildlife parks. So, join us for the Best Victoria Falls Walking Tour experience.

Tours and Prices:

We aim to make your visit smooth and memorable at Falcon Safaris. The Victoria Falls Walking Tour Cost starts at a reasonable price. Adults pay USD 30 to enter the falls, and for kids, it's just USD 15.

Our Victoria Falls Walking Tour packages, starting around $30, include transportation and guidance from our experts. If you need a precise price or want to customize your tour, our team is ready to help you plan the perfect trip to Victoria Falls. Just reach out to us.

Safety Along The Victoria Falls Walk

Top of FormWhen you join our Victoria Falls Walking Tour, staying safe is easy. Just keep within the marked paths.

  • The park has simple barriers to stop visitors from getting too close to the edge.
  • It's important not to go past these barriers because the ground can be slippery and steep.

Our Victoria Falls Guides will help you enjoy the best views safely. We make sure you see Victoria Falls' stunning spots without any worries. Therefore, we aim to design our tours to be safe and fun, giving you a great experience at Victoria Falls.

Our top tips for Walking

For a great Victoria Falls Walking Tour, here are some easy tips.

  • Keep your phone and camera dry by putting them in waterproof bags.
  • You'll need just a little cash and your passport if you're going over the bridge.
  • Moreover, we give out rain jackets on our Victoria Falls Tours, but if you're going alone, don't forget to bring one.

Hope, these tips help you enjoy the falls without worrying about getting wet or losing your stuff. Let's make your walk around Victoria Falls fun and hassle-free.

Lastly A Brief History Of The Falls

After exploring every corner of the majestic falls with our Victoria Falls Walking Tour, it's clear this adventure blends the thrill of nature with rich historical insights.

From the rumbling cascades of the Falls to the serene beauty of its surrounding landscapes, our Victoria Falls Tours offer an intimate encounter with one of the world's most spectacular natural wonders.

Falcon Safaris invites you to join us on this journey, where each step uncovers a new story. Ready for an adventure that stitches together the wonders of nature with the threads of history? Reach out to Falcon Safaris and let us guide you through the stunning landscape of Victoria Falls.

Frequently Asked Questions

We Think You’ll Love

The best Victoria Falls Walking Tour offers an immersive exploration of the falls, combining close-up views, historical insights, and natural beauty. This guided experience is the top way to witness Victoria Falls in all its glory.

The length of the walk around Victoria Falls is approximately 1.7 kilometres (just over 1 mile), which usually takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to complete on a Victoria Falls Walking Tour, including stops at various viewpoints.

Yes, you can walk across the Victoria Falls Bridge as part of a Victoria Falls Walking Tour from Zimbabwe. This iconic bridge offers unmatched views of the gorge and the falls, creating a memorable experience.

Direct walking to the bottom of Victoria Falls isn't typically accessible for safety reasons, but Victoria Falls Walking Tour Packages often include a visit to the Boiling Pot for a unique view from the gorge's base.

A Victoria Falls Walking Tour is an expert-led exploration that takes you along the falls' edge, through rainforests, and past historic sites, providing a comprehensive experience of this natural wonder.

On a Victoria Falls Walking Tour, expect stunning views of the falls from various vantage points, encounters with local wildlife, and visits to significant cultural landmarks, making for an unforgettable journey around one of the world's most spectacular waterfalls.

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