Best Time To Visit Botswana

Best Time To Visit Botswana


Best Time To Visit

When is the best time to visit Botswana? The Best Time To Visit Botswana is during the dry season between May and October. This is a frequently asked question, and the answer is often complicated as it depends on various factors, such as your hobbies, the precise location you wish to visit, and the purpose of your trip.

Many African nations have a prime season when the weather, animals, and scenery all come together to make for the ideal safari, but Botswana is unique in that you can travel there pretty much any time of the year if you know where to go. Every season has its own attractions, and some months also offer the extra benefit of affordable hotel rates!

Month By Month Guide To Visiting Botswana

Best Time To Visit Botswana

Botswana in January

If you visit Botswana In January, you'll experience the summer's sweltering heat and precipitation. The Kalahari is especially oppressive. However, there is a lot of greenery and the potential to view young animals as well as a profusion of migratory birds. According to Bruce Taylor, a guide and the founder of our partner Sunway Safaris, "the beauty of the rains in Botswana is that they're typically late afternoon thunderstorms that come thundering through then pass on." You can still experience beautiful bright days.

January in Botswana

February in Botswana

  • Green rainy season
  • Newborn animals and migratory birds
  • Southern Africa overland road trips
  • Often rainiest month
  • Wildlife with young and zebra migration
  • Great for Southern Africa road trips

Botswana in February

February is often the wettest month of the year in Botswana. Long-lasting showers cause certain tracks to be blocked or closed. The clouds do, however, make for stunningly moody settings for photographers. It gets a little cooler when it rains. There are so many young animals, and the migratory birds will be in the Okavango Delta at this time. The annual zebra migration from the Boteti River to the Makgadikgadi and Nxai pans is also must-see during this time

Botswana in March

With temperatures in the 30°C range and cooling at night, the heat gradually decreases from the peak of summer in March. Although rainstorms are mostly limited to afternoon showers that clean the air, March in Botswana can be damp. In the Okavango Delta, elephants show in to pick up fruit that has fallen to the ground, but the water level may be too low for mokoro canoe rides. March is a popular time for insects and mosquitoes, so be sure you reapply your protection and bring long sleeves and long pants.

March in Botswana

April in Botswana

  • Green rainy season finishing
  • Excellent bird watching
  • Explore Southern Africa
  • Camping safaris
  • Increased wildlife viewings
  • Cheaper shoulder season

Botswana in April

In April, Botswana sees a little increase in tourism. As the days get dryer and sunnier, Botswana Safaris especially Camping Safaris grow more and more popular. Although they can drop by half at night and remain constant at around 30°C, temperatures tend to be chilly in the morning when observing wildlife. You'll observe more land animals like rhinos especially if the rains decrease. The green scenery and sunshine in the month of April are great for photographers seeking bright light.

Botswana in May

The dry season officially begins in May, when the skies are clear, and the temperatures are mild. Be prepared for some sub-zero nights; Botswana in May can be dry and bitterly cold at night, especially in the Kalahari. Elephants return to the national parks of Chobe and Moremi. As a result of the Okavango Delta's slow water flow, the north-west will have fuller rivers than the south-east, and wildlife follows the flow of the water. This is a perfect moment to add Mozambique, Namibia, and Victoria Falls to your vacation.

May in Botswana

June in Botswana

  • Start of dry season
  • Okavango Delta wildlife perks up
  • Peaceful lodges and campsites
  • Peak season begins
  • Sunny with cold nights
  • African wild dogs, lions and elephants

Botswana in June

The number of visitors keeps increasing in June. Lodges and campsites can become quite crowded. In June, Botswana's nights are generally chilly, but they are extremely worse in the Kalahari Desert. Morning game drives wherever you will be are going to be cold, daytimes, however, are a little warmer and game viewing increases as animals seek out waterholes.

Botswana in July

The Best Time To Visit Botswana is in July because of the country's cooler, drier climate, incredible game sightings, and school breaks. In July, there are a variety of Botswana Safaris available, including camping and family-friendly lodgings as well as opulent fly-in excursions. Just keep in mind to make reservations far in advance to secure a space. In the Okavango Delta, elephants, big cats, birds, and mokoro canoe excursions traverse the rising water levels while congregating around ever-shrinking waterholes.

July in Botswana

August in Botswana

  • Most popular month
  • Family adventures
  • Coolest month, but dry and sunny
  • Busy month
  • Rising temperatures
  • Peak wildlife viewing at the Okavango Delta

Botswana in August

August visitors to Botswana are unaffected by the country's increasingly hot days and chilly evenings. To secure a space at a lodge or campsite during this busy month, make reservations well in advance. August is the month with the highest water levels in the Okavango Delta, and many animals are drawn to the area. This is a very good time for canoe trips and safaris. August is also a good time to combine your Botswana Travel with other countries in Southern Africa.

Botswana in September

September in Botswana is dry, hot, and dusty, with few opportunities for bird watching as well as fewer mosquitoes and less vegetation. Despite this, September is frequently regarded as the finest month to travel to Botswana in order to see large animals like black-manned lions and hippos. There is minimal foliage to obscure breath-taking views, and wildlife congregates around rivers and waterholes that have been reduced in size. As winter draws to a close, the evenings begin to warm up and there are sporadic afternoon thunderstorms.

September in Botswana

October in Botswana

  • Camping safaris
  • Fantastic wildlife viewing
  • Hot, generally dry weather
  • Hottest month (too hot for some)
  • Great for elephants and hippos
  • Cooler in the Okavango Delta

Botswana in October

The hottest month is October, when temperatures in northern Botswana can reach 40°C (and even higher) and the cloudless sky offers little relief from the sun. Evenings are comfortable. The Okavango Delta, thanks to the full waterways, has more bearable temperatures. Large elephant herds gather around the few remaining waterholes in October. October is also a good month to see hippos soaking in the water avoiding the scorching heat.

Botswana in November

In Botswana, spring arrived in November. While there will be more rain as a result, it won't be much. Look high for leopards; they'll be lounging over tree branches during the hot (35°C–40°C) days to escape the heat. Though it doesn't always begin in November, Botswana's rainy season frequently begins in that month. However, when the clouds do appear, the rain revives the grasses for the antelope to graze on throughout the calving season. Big cats are scavenging where there are young antelopes. As more water becomes accessible, elephants and hippos disperse throughout Botswana.

November in Botswana

December in Botswana

  • Cheaper prices
  • Baby antelopes and hunting lions
  • Usually the beginning of rainy season
  • Rainy green season
  • Excellent wildlife viewing in the north
  • Explore Southern Africa

Botswana in December

In December, Botswana also offers fantastic opportunities for wildlife viewing in the north, where migratory birds are returning, and predators are stalking young antelope. Mornings that are hot and muggy lead to cooling afternoon thunderstorms. The time is good for photographers who wish to capture the blooming flora and the skies.

Season By Season Guide To Visiting Botswana

Best Time To Visit Botswana

Green Season (Rainy Season)

The green season is considered the Best Time Of Year To Visit Botswana. This is the time from December to March due to the increased vegetation that makes it difficult to spot animals. Animals like lions are lazy and tend to sleep all day under shrubs and bushes, some animals like the antelope are camouflaged and makes it hard for them to be seen. The green season however is good mainly if you are interested in birds which are wonderful during this time.

The Kalahari habitat is an exception to this norm, as game viewing is actually more fruitful from December to March, when game concentrates on the wide plains and around pans. The Kalahari is extremely severe during the dry season, especially from July to October, and game is widely spread.

High Season (Dry season)

May through October are mild daytime months with generally agreeable average temperatures. Large herds of animals congregate near waterholes and rivers at this time of year, which is said to be the greatest time to visit because there is less vegetation, and it is easier to view wildlife. For these reasons, July to October is Botswana's busiest season. Although most visitors arrive at this time, the parks still feel relatively empty.

However, the idea of Best Time To Visit Botswana is typically results from concern over the weather. African weather patterns are becoming more unpredictable as a result of global warming; we are seeing catastrophic droughts when it should be raining and downpours in the middle of deserts.


Central Kalahari

Chobe National Park


Makgadikgadi Pans


Okavango Delta

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How Long Should You Stay On A Botswana Safaris ?

For the ultimate Botswana Safaris we think that five to ten days is the ideal amount of time to fully enjoy and experience what the country has to offer. A brief visit of about 2 days might be overall expensive when we include flights and other expenses. The more days you spend the more you get to see, do and the more you appreciate. The advantage is, it allows you to visit more than one Game Park or reserve. It allows you to even see other nearby places as well.

You can plan your safari and include a three-night stay in the Chobe area, followed by five days of exploring the Okavango Delta or even squeeze in some time to go to Moremi Game Reserve. Some visitors can spend less time in Botswana and combine their safari with visits to neighbouring countries like Namibia, South Africa, or Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

Botswana is a beautiful country to explore and enjoy the wonders of Africa, let us be your guide as Falcon Safaris to your best adventure yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

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May to October is considered the best season to visit Botswana. Due to a large number of visitors not is considered peak season. During this time the less rainfall and the cloud-free sky make the game viewing experience exceptional.

The best month for a safari in Botswana is from May to October. This is the best time for a game drive and others adventures activities. Low rainfall and cloud-free sky increase the visibility rate and malaria free.

In Botswana, May to October is considered the peak or high season. This is the busiest season in Botswana due to the large number of tourists.

September and October are the best months to visit the Okavango Delta. During these months, the delta is filled with flood water. Thus it attracts a lot of animals to its banks. Visitors can also enjoy a mokoro ride here in Okavango Delta.

May to October is the best time of the year on a safari in Botswana. May to October is also the high season in Botswana due to the high number of visitors.

October to April is considered the rainy season in Botswana and the wettest months are January and February. Although the game viewing is not exactly at its peak season, still there are plenty of wild animals that can be seen.

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