Things To Do In Botswana

Things To Do In Botswana


Things To Do

Botswana is without a doubt one of the most spectacular wilderness areas on the planet. The variety of its landscapes affords itself to a wide range of activities suitable for almost anyone with an interest in the outdoors. Whether it's your first or fifth visit to Botswana, there's always something new Things To Do In Botswana.

Choosing what to see and do in Botswana is difficult because safari is almost everywhere you look in this country! However, it is our responsibility as Falcon Safaris to assist you in making decisions and tailor-make an unforgettable Botswana Safari for you, your friends, and family. We've compiled a list of Botswana's must-see attractions.

Top Things To See In Botswana

Things To Do In Botswana

Botswana has some of the most beautiful landscapes in Southern Africa and deciding where to go on safari can be pretty tough. This travel guide gives you an insight on some of the top attractions that you have to visit in Botswana.

Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is one of the world’s largest inland deltas. It is formed where the Okavango River meets the Kalahari Desert. It is referred to as “the river that never finds the sea”, since the water in the delta is not emptied into the sea. The delta attracts wildlife in large numbers from herds of elephants, wild dogs, lions and cheetahs. To get a good view of these animals, you can opt for a safari in a dugout canoe, or hop in a classic game drive. If you are a little more active then you can get up close and personal with wildlife on a walking safari.

Moremi Game Reserve

The Moremi Game Reserve is a small reserve but still one of the best destinations in Botswana. Its small size allows you to see a variety of animals as they are more or less in one place. It shares its borders with Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta. This makes it easier to combine all three in one trip. It’s best for viewing game and seeing migrations. The ecosystem in Moremi is home to all the major natural species in the region.

Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park is the third largest national park in Botswana but one of the most visited parks in the country. It is famous for its huge elephant population hence its other name; the land of the giants. The Park has three wildlife areas, Chobe Riverfront, Linyanti Marshes and Savuti. Chobe has campgrounds for self-drivers, tented camps as well as luxury fly-in lodges. One of its biggest advantages is that it is the most accessible to the town of Kasane.

Central Kalahari Game Reserve

This remarkable location features remoteness, silent desert, and the sounds of lions roaring at night. It is roughly the size of Denmark and one of the largest protected areas in Africa, though much of it is inaccessible. This is a big-sky country, with black-maned Kalahari lions, a full complement of predators, and a wonderful sense of isolation. Springboks, bat-eared foxes, lions, leopards, cheetahs, jackals, and brown hyenas are also common. Within the park, there are only two permanent lodging options. Birds abound, with larger species such as ostriches and kori bustards (the world's heaviest flying bird) among them.

Makgadikgadi Pans National Park

The Makgadikgadi Pans National Park is a large salt pan covering an area of 3,900 kilometres. This makes it one of the largest salt pans in the world. It is located right in the middle of the Savanna in the north-eastern part of Botswana. The area has low rainfall and the famous Boteti River of the area rarely flows to capacity. It however has a few grasslands and everlasting pools that attract a lot of animals to the area. Common animals to see here are the waterbuck, birds, bushbuck and hippos.

Top Things To Do In Botswana

Things To Do In Botswana

Are you looking for things to do in Botswana? Then consider this your lucky day because there is so much you can do and we have listed a few options that we think you should try out.

Experience Game Drives

Botswana game drives never cease to capture the fascinated attention of travellers. The country itself is a wildlife paradise brimming with adventure at every corner. The guides are friendly, informative and have so much knowledge about the game and the environment. Generally most parks and reserves have incredible game viewing opportunities but we recommend you try Chobe National Park for the large herds of elephants and The Moremi Game reserve for an up close experience with Africa’s predators.

Spot Rare Animals

Botswana is unique because it has some of the rarest animals that you can find in Africa. Going on a safari in Botswana is special because you get to see these animals that half the people travelling to Southern Africa won’t get even a glimpse of. In the semi desert areas like the Kalahari you will find one of the most beautiful and stylish looking antelope in Africa, the orxy. In those desert areas you will also come across some rare shy desert animals, the aardvark, aardwolf, bat eared fox, brown hyena and meerkats.

Up in the northern part of the country antelopes like the sable and the waterbuck can be found, which are not so common in this region. The Okavango Delta offers some of the best views of the rarest antelope species, the leaping red lechwe and the shy sitatunga. Spotting the sitatunga on a regular day should be considered pure luck as it is so much harder than spotting a leopard. Also keep an eye for wild cats, they are very common in Botswana in the Savuti and Linyati areas.

Go Bird-Watching

Many clients claim they are "not into birds" prior to going on a Botswana safari. This is up until they are met with the thrilling challenge of spotting birds in the distant trees. The most fun birds to spot are the Pel's fishing owl, the kori bustard or the fish eagle as it takes off and glides into the sky.

For good bird-watching opportunities you should visit in the summer time between November and March. This is when the migrating birds arrive and join the resident birds and fill up the savannah. The most common birds you will see are the pied kingfishers, oxpeckers, black egrets, carmine bee-eaters; and ground hornbills, the inspiration for Zazu from The Lion King. Bird-watching is ideal for photography and relaxation.

Meet The San Bushmen

If you want to learn about the world’s oldest culture then why don’t you meet the San? The San are the first nations of Southern Africa and are indigenous hunter-gatherer groups. They mastered this difficult terrain around 20 000 years ago, honing their survival skills through generations. Today, you can learn about everything from medicinal plants to folklore about how elk got their long horns or how the world came to be. Join the San on guided walking adventures to learn about their unique culture, incredible tracking and hunting abilities, and extraordinary knowledge of medicinal and poisonous plants.

Aquatic Safaris In The Delta

You have to experience a lovely aquatic safari in the delta at least once during your visit to Botswana. Nothing beats this ultimate relaxation ride (mokoro ride) on a light and environmentally friendly fibreglass canoe. A mokoro ride is one of the most peaceful experiences you'll ever have: you'll be poled along quietly while your guide points out beautiful lilies, tiny painted reed frogs, and goliath herons.

Don't worry about hippos: the polar gently taps the side of the mokoro to warn them that humans are approaching! It's the Okavango Delta's iconic game viewing vehicle,' allowing you to get closer to the animals in 'the Venice safari.' When approaching water-adapted wildlife such as sitatunga antelope, hippo, crocodiles, and elephants, your guide will turn off the engines, but power boating allows you to travel further away from your lodge and see more remote areas of the Delta.

Hot Air Balloon Safari Over The Delta

There is nothing more unique and exciting than going on a hot air balloon over some of the most beautiful landscapes in Botswana. Not only is it thrilling but it gives a bird’s eye view of the pristine wilderness areas.

Sunset Cruise

The Chobe River, located in Chobe National Park to the north, is frequently where safaris to Botswana end. And what a grand finale! A sunset cruise is a traditional way to end the day, as you can see fish eagles, crocs, hippos, a plethora of birds, and even water monitors from the boat. The unique angles for wildlife photography that boat-based game viewing provides is an added benefit. The crossing of elephant families from one bank to another, however, is always a show stopper. The leader crosses patiently, feeling for submerged rocks and logs, testing the depth of the water, and essentially choosing the safest route.

Track The Big 5

The Big 5 tops the list of what to see on a safari in Botswana. There’s a good chance you’ll spot all of them, especially in Moremi, Chobe and the Okavango Delta. The Rhino however is under great threat, but innovative conservation programmes have been put in place to help the animals live another day.

Stay At Top Lodges & Camps

Get an opportunity to stay in Botswana’s luxury lodges and camps. Botswana offers breath-taking views, whether in the Savuti marsh, the Chobe floodplain, or the Okavango Delta. Despite the fact that most of the country is fairly flat, the sky appears higher and bluer. The clouds are more intense, and the sunshine more life-giving. Bring your wide-angle lens to capture Botswana's breath-taking scenery.

Meet the Meerkats

Despite their cute and cuddly appearance, meerkats are fearless suricates with an incredible social structure and lookout system. Because they are fearless, they quickly become accustomed to humans and, in fact, begin to use us as convenient lookout posts! One of the best family-friendly things to do in Botswana is to visit the Kalahari, where meerkats prefer drier, sandy conditions for burrowing.

Places To Eat And Drink In Botswana

Some of the best restaurants and bars are located in the major towns and cities. In rural villages and less developed areas food is generally traditional, a maize-based porridge (pap) with some stew. These are common sources of protein for the locals. Most of the safari lodges and camps serve international-style dishes.

  • Pap: The main local staple, a stiff maize porridge.
  • Seswaa: Botswana's national dish is seswaa, a meat stew with onions and peppers served with pap.
  • Kalahari Truffles: These are the desert mushroom with a rich earthy flavour.
  • Mopane Worms: Large, protein-rich grubs served as a side or snack, boiled, grilled, or deep-fried.
  • Morogo: Wild spinach that is commonly served as a side dish with pap and stews.
  • Vetkoek: A deep-fried dough ball that resembles a savoury doughnut and is frequently served with curried mince.
  • Serobe: Cooked intestines from a goat, sheep, or cow; trotters are sometimes included.

There is so much to do in Botswana and the list is endless. There is always something for everyone, from those that love adventure to those that want to relax. Botswana is definitely the place to go for more unique activities.

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