Botswana Safari Cost

Botswana Safari Cost


Safari Cost

The Average Botswana Safari Cost ranges from $250 per day for basic camping to over $2,500 per day for ultra-luxury accommodations. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Basic camping: $250 (private), $200 (group) per day.
  • Budget accommodations: $250 (private), $225 (group) per day.
  • Mid-range stays $600 (private), $450 (group) per day.
  • Luxury experiences: $1,200 (private), $1,000 (group) per day.
  • Ultra-luxury: from $2,500 per day for private tours.

Our Botswana Safari Tours cater to various budgets, offering everything from simple camping to lavish stays. Their prices are influenced by several factors, including travel season and accommodation type. Also, we want to remind you that Botswana is comparatively expensive, compared to other safari destinations in Africa. Keeping that in mind, let’s explore the various aspects of Botswana Safari Prices below.

Botswana Park Entrance Fees

Botswana Safari Cost

The Botswana Park Entrance Fees are essential to planning your adventure, as they directly impact your overall Botswana Safari Cost. These fees contribute to the conservation efforts and maintenance of the parks and vary depending on the visitor’s residency status.

Below, we have arranged a detailed breakdown of the Botswana Park Entrance Fees. We have covered the most sought-after destinations like Moremi, and Chobe, as well as other parks such as the Makgadikgadi, Nxai Pans, and the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR).



SADC Resident

Botswana Citizen

Adults (18 years and older)

BWP 270

BWP 205

BWP 30

Camping (excl accommodation)

BWP 60

BWP 45

BWP 20

Per Vehicle per day (<35oo Kg)

BWP 115


BWP 30



SADC Resident

Botswana Citizen

Adults (18 years and older)

BWP 190

BWP 145

BWP 20

Camping (excl accommodation)

BWP 40

BWP 30

BWP 15

Per Vehicle per day (35ooKg)

BWP 75

BWP 20

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Children under the age of 8 years enjoy free entrance, while those between 8 and 18 years receive a 50% discount, making the safari experience more accessible for families.

These park fees not only ensure the preservation of these majestic parks but also enhance the quality of your Botswana Safari experience. They allow you to explore the breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife that Botswana has to offer.

Botswana Safari Cost by Destination

The Botswana Safari Cost varies significantly by destination, reflecting the uniqueness of each park and the variety of experiences they offer.

Ranging from the beautiful water courses in the Okavango Delta to the vast area covering the Kalahari Desert, the price required for your safari tour will depend on the destinations you decide to visit. 

Below is a breakdown of average safari costs by some of the popular Botswana Tourist Destinations, offering a glimpse into the range of options available.


Average Price From

Tour Duration


Chobe National Park


3 days

Chobe National Park Safari

$3,600 To $4,400

7 days

Safari Chobe, Okavango, Moremi

Central Kalahari


3 days

Central Kalahari Safari


8 days

Central Kalahari, Okavango, And Maun

Okavango Delta


6 days

Kasane, Chobe, Moremi, And Okavango Safari


5 days

Okavango Delta Safari & Chobe

Moremi Game


9 days



Moremi, Okavango, Chobe

6 days

Moremi Game Reserve Safari, Okavango, Khwai

Makgadikgadi Safari


13 days

Makgadikgadi Safari, Okavango & Chobe


6 days

Makgadikgadi Pans & Other Safari Destinations

Maun Safari


12 days

Maun To Victoria Falls Safari

Makgadikgadi Safari


6 days

Maun To Victoria Falls Safari

The above table highlights the variety of safari experiences you can enjoy in various Botswana Destinations.

Prices vary based on how long the tour is, which places you visit, and the type of safari you choose. There are options for quick trips to a single park or longer journeys through multiple areas.

An Insight: Most Botswana Safari Prices include your Botswana Accommodations, meals, entrance fees for parks, and guided tours. This means you get a full adventure into Botswana's beautiful wilderness without worrying about the details.

Botswana Safari Packages Cost

When you're getting ready for a Safari in Botswana, choosing the best package makes all the difference for a memorable trip

The Cost of Botswana Safari Packages can fit any budget, whether looking for an affordable adventure or a top-notch luxury experience. Falcon Safaris offers a wide selection of 7-day Botswana Safari Tours that suit different tastes and budgets. You can pick from simple camping trips to fancy stays in tented camps and lodges, making sure there's something for your choice.

Here’s a simplified look at what you might expect from Falcon Safaris' offerings:

Package Type

Cost Per Person

Group Size



Heavy Budget

US$ 932

12 people

Shared 2-person dome tent

Visits to Chobe National Park, Hwange National Park, Kasane, Matobo National Park, and Victoria Falls


US$ 1,899

12 people

Combination of

A tour starting at Victoria Falls, through the

range of

lodges and camping

Okavango, Chobe, and ending in Johannesburg with a visit to the Khama Rhino Sanctuary

High end

US$ 4,840

10 people

Comfortable tented camps

Exclusive experiences in private concessions, remote fly-in destinations, and wildlife viewing in Moremi, the Okavango Delta, and the Savuti Marsh in Chobe

You see Falcon Safaris commitment to providing exceptional safari experiences is evident in their carefully curated packages. Each of our Botswana Safari Packages has been crafted to offer a unique perspective on the diverse ecosystems, ensuring that every traveller's experience is nothing short of extraordinary

Botswana Safari Types and Costs

Botswana Safari Cost

In Botswana, visitor can enjoy safari adventures different in their flavor ranging from high-budget trips to affordable ones. You might plan for a group trip or prefer a private tour, still, you can easily choose from an array of unique and satisfying options as desired.

Look at what Falcon Safaris provides that is suitable for your long-awaited Botswana Safari Trip

Group Safaris (Starts from 2,500 per person)

Many tourists opt for Botswana Group Safaris as they are a budget way to view the country’s wildlife and fantastic landscapes. You will share the experience and the cost with other people, which might be the best option for those who love to go with new friends; light concerts, sports events and even cultural activities.

Private Safaris (Start from US$ 4,000 per person)

If you wish that extra touch then you can get a perfect Botswana Private Safari Tour customized for you at your whims and fancies. Perfect for family or couples it enables it to take you around showing you whatever you would wish to do and providing you the vehicle and guide.

Luxury Safaris (start from USD 6,500 per person)

Embraced by the ultimate in comfort and elegance, Botswana Luxury Safaris offer executive lodges, unique activities and a culinary art of feast. Exploring the country this way is the most practical way of grasping its beauty while not giving up luxury.

The prices inside the bracket give you a general idea of what to expect when budgeting for your Botswana Safari Trip. Remember, the final cost can vary based on how long you stay, where you go, and what you do. For the latest prices and to customize your safari, it's best to talk directly with a Falcon Safaris expert.

Botswana Activities Cost

The untamed wilderness of Botswana comes with a lot of activities to make your safari life fulfilling and worthwhile. The Costs of these Botswana Safari Activities vary depending on the selected adventure

Relaxing mokoro canoe rides around the waterways of the Delta to adrenaline-fueled helicopter ride that gives spectacular views of the Okavango make every activity a unique experience of this beautiful landscape.

While our Botswana Safari Packages contain a variety of these activities, it is important to have some extra funds allocated to additional activities to allow you to maximize your Botswana experience. With this quick table reflecting the prices for various activities, you can make a plan for including these extra activities that will make your safari one of a kind.



Mokoro Canoe Ride From US$ 80 (2 people as a minimum, pick up and some drinks included)
Helicopter Flight Per One Person US$ 325 for 30 min / US$ 490 for 45 min / US$ 640 for 60 min
(there is an additional charge like departure tax)
Horse Riding US$ 600 to US$ 1,000/day
Canoe Safaris US$ 160
Tented Camps From $ 300
Game Viewing US$ 200
Private Concession Game Viewing Area US$ 300
Hot Air Ballooning US$ 600
Gabriel Falls's Main attraction US$ 150
Water Safaris US$ 200
Scenic Flight over Makgadikgadi Pans $ 400 per hour per person

The above prices are offered as a viewpoint that will assist you in budgeting for your overall Botswana Safari Cost. To get the most up-to-date information and to include any of these activities on your safari, the best thing is to talk to our safari expert. They can give you instant prices and check if things are available to make sure your Botswana safari is a wonderful experience.

Botswana Safari Accommodation Cost

Botswana Safari Cost

A lot of lodges and camps in Botswana offer specials and discounts for people who spend longer days. So, the longer you stay, the shorter the cost and the shorter you stay, the higher the cost.

The cost of Botswana Accommodations also depends on where you are staying and what type of safari you choose. On average, an overland safari tour costs between $250and $350. A classic safari which has mid-range accommodation usually costs between $400 and $525 per day. A Botswana Luxury Safari with opulent accommodation and service on average costs between $700 and $1500 per day.





Moderate Camps(or Private Mobile Camping)




Premier Camps




Luxury Camps




The table above illustrates the variation in Botswana Safari Prices across different types of accommodations and seasons. Selecting the appropriate season for your visit can significantly influence your budget. It allows you to experience the splendour and thrill of a Botswana safari in a way that aligns with your financial planning.

When to Visit Botswana and the Cost Effects

Choosing the Best Time to Visit Botswana significantly influences your safari experience and the Botswana Safari Cost. Each season offers a unique perspective of Botswana's landscapes and wildlife, affecting accommodation prices. Understanding how the season impacts pricing helps in planning your safari budget effectively

  • Green Season: The months of December to March offer lush landscapes and vibrant wildlife. There is the possibility of rain. Prices are generally lower which makes it a cost-effective time to visit.
  • Shoulder Season: April to June and November is a transition time with moderate prices and weather. It is known to offer good wildlife viewing conditions.
  • Peak Season: July to October is considered the best wildlife viewing period with dry conditions. It leads to higher prices due to demand

Some camps have a super-peak season in July and August with even higher rates. However, it's important to note that there are options for every budget across the seasons. Consulting with Falcon Safaris can help you understand these variations to find the best fit for your preferences and budget.

Duration of Botswana Safari and the Cost Effects

Botswana Safari Cost

The duration of your Botswana Safari Tours impacts how much it will cost. Short trips are great for those on a tight budget or schedule, giving you a quick look at Botswana's beauty. Longer trips let you dive deeper into the wilderness and see more wildlife. Below, we show the expected costs for safaris of different lengths to help you plan your budget

Safari Duration

Cost Range

4-6 Days

US$ 1,200 to US$ 4,000 per person

7-9 Days

US$ 1,000 to US$ 5,000 per person

10-13 Days

US$ 1,500 to US$ 7,500 per person

Prices change based on where you stay, how luxurious your trip is, and when you go. Sometimes, staying longer can get you a discount. For the latest details on Botswana Safari Cost and to find a trip that fits your needs and budget, it's best to chat with our expert.

Additional Costs of Botswana Safaris

When planning your Botswana safari, it's important to consider not just the direct safari costs but also additional expenses that can affect your overall budget. These extra costs include visa costs, tipping costs, travel insurance costs, and Botswana flight costs. These are key parts of your budget.

Botswana Visa Cost

Travellers to Botswana may need to budget for visa expenses. Most nationalities are required to pay for a visa, which costs around $34 for a one-month, single-entry visa, and $68 for a five-year, multiple-entry visa. These fees are essential to factor into your Botswana Safari Cost.

Botswana Tipping Costs

Tipping is customary and appreciated in Botswana, contributing to the overall safari experience. It's standard to tip around 10% of the service cost. At camps and lodges, leaving a collective tip for the staff instead of individual tips is a common and accepted practice.

Botswana Travel Insurance Cost

Travellers should make sure they have Botswana Travel Insurance for activities they’ll do while on holiday. Most of the activities like horseback riding, bungee jumping and game viewing. It is important to be covered for incidents that relate to wild animals and injury. Visitors should check with their credit card company and workplace benefits to see if they have already done so. If not, it is strongly advised that travel insurance be purchased before departure.

Botswana International Flight Cost

One of the major costs associated with a Botswana safari is international flights. With no direct flights from Europe or North America, most travellers route through Johannesburg or Nairobi. Entry is typically through Maun, the gateway to Botswana Safaris Tours, with round-trip flights from major cities. Here’s what you might expect to pay for flights:

Starting Point


Cost (Round-Trip)

New York (JFK)

Kenya Airways via Nairobi

$ 886

Los Angeles)

Qatar Airways via Doha

$ 1,033


Ethiopian Air

$ 663



$ 916


Qantas Airways (Nonstop)

Starting at $1,250

Including these extra expenses in your planning will help make sure your Botswana safari is both enjoyable and stress-free.

Estimated Daily Botswana Safari Cost

Planning your Botswana Safari means looking at how much things cost each day. You can figure out your budget by understanding the daily expenses for different parts of your trip. Whether you're staying in a tent, a lodge, or going on special tours, here's a simple guide to what you might spend each day:

What You’re Paying for


Renting a 4WD

Starting at $100/day

Camping in Parks

Starting at $18/day

Camping Site

About $30/tent

Campsite Room for Two

Starting at $50g

Mid-Range Lodge for Two

Starting at $100/person

Four-Star Lodge for Two

Starting at $500/person

Luxury Lodge Suite for Two

Starting at $1,000/person

Flight (Maun to Kasane)

About $40

Scenic Delta Flight (45 min)

About $100

Delta Canoe Trip

About $100

Bus Between Cities

Starting at $25

Budget Dinner for Two


Mid-Range Dinner for Two


This table helps you see how much you might spend on your Botswana Safari Tours. Prices can change based on the time of year, where you stay, and what you do. To get the most accurate cost, talking to a Falcon Safaris expert is a good idea.

Factors Influencing Your Botswana Safari Cost

Botswana Safari Cost

Your travel style has a big impact on the prices that you incur during your Botswana Safari Tours. The more luxury you expect on your holiday the more expensive it might be. Generally, your needs and wants have a big impact on how much you will spend.

The major factors revolve around where you want to stay, the time of year you want to visit, transport and the activities you want to do. The Botswana Safari Cost will be calculated according to that.

Time Of Travel

Botswana has 3 main seasons in which you can travel, the green season, the shoulder season and the peak season.

The green season runs from December to March and is called so because vegetation will be greener due to the rains. Fewer people choose to travel during this time because of the weather but in terms of expenses, this season is very budget-friendly. Camps and lodges are less busy hence they can offer specials and discounts of up to 50%. Prices are generally affordable and you can even choose areas and private concessions which you cannot otherwise choose during peak season.

Shoulder season runs from April to June and is the changing season when business begins to pick up. Vegetation is still green but with little rainfall. The pricing in this season is also very affordable although not as cheap as the green season but it at least is better. You can take advantage of some great specials and packages on offer.

The peak season runs from July to October and is considered the Best Time To Visit Botswana. Wildlife movements are more predictable, there is no rain and water levels are good hence you can enjoy both water activities and game drives. Many people travel during this time and if you choose to travel during this time consider the fact that it might be a little too expensive.

Length Of Stay

The number of days you decide to stay on Botswana Safari also has an impact on your overall expenses. Generally, it is perceived that the more days you stay the more costly it is. However, with Botswana, it will depend on where you are staying and what you have decided to include in your itinerary.

Sometimes staying longer is expensive but in some cases, when things like flights and travel expenses are put into consideration, staying for 2 to 3 days in Botswana might be a bit expensive. Most people who go on safari prefer to camp and self-drive. This is a bit more budget-friendly and staying for a longer period will not have a huge impact on the overall cost if this type of safari is chosen.

Type Of Safari You Choose

Botswana has different types of safari options that you can choose from whether you are looking at a luxury or a classic safari, your needs will be well catered for. Your choice of Safari In Botswana will have an impact on overall cost

A Botswana Luxury Safari which has premium service and accommodation will be a bit more expensive than a classic safari. This also goes as well for activities that you choose on your safari, for example, a balloon safari will be more expensive than a normal game drive safari. If you prefer to cook for yourself and self-drive then you might as well save a little and reduce costs but if you prefer top-notch service and well-organized trips with transfers and all then you have to prepare to spend a little extra and add on to your Safari Cost Botswana.

Mode Of Transport

Another factor that can add to the Botswana Safari Price is the mode of transport that you decide to use. When travelling from one place to another or from one lodge to the other, you can choose to self-drive or opt for fly-in safaris. Depending on the distance either of the two can be a bit expensive. The longer the distance, driving might be expensive and time-consuming hence flying might be a cheaper option however if the distance is shorter then it is better to drive and not add costs.

Botswana Safari Cost- Inclusions and Exclusions

Understanding what's covered in your Botswana Safari Cost is key to planning your adventure. Our Botswana Safari Packages Prices clearly outline what's included in your journey and what additional costs you may encounter. This approach ensures you can budget effectively and fully enjoy the wonders of Botswana without unexpected expenses.

What Your Safari Package Includes:

  • Transfers: Includes all travel between Maun and the safari camps.
  • Accommodation: 3 nights at Deception Valley Camp in the Central Kalahari and 3 nights at Delta Camp in the Okavango Delta.
  • Meals and Drinks: Covers all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), tea, coffee, snacks, and selected beverages such as soda, water, beer, wine, and some spirits.
  • Activities: Offers game drives (day and night), canoe excursions, nature walks, and cultural visits with the San Bushmen.
  • Additional Services: Provides a private guide in the Okavango Delta and laundry services.
  • Park Entry Fees: All necessary park fees are included

Costs Not Included in Your Safari Package:

  • Premium Beverages: Special drinks not listed are extra.
  • International Travel: Flights to and from Botswana are not included.
  • Personal Expenses: Expenses such as travel insurance and any unlisted activities will need to be covered separately.

Knowing what’s included and what’s not helps you plan better for an unforgettable safari experience in Botswana with your tour partner, Falcon Safaris.

Calculation of Average Botswana Safari Costs

Taking a Safari To Botswana will cause expenditure in many directions including park entrance fees accommodation, and activities as well as international flights. The basic costs differ a lot if you are choosing a type of safari, number of days, and time when to be on holiday. To assist you in managing your costs effectively, we've put together a tabulation of typical Safari Costs in Botswana.

Cost Category

Minimum Cost

Average Cost

Park Entrance Fees






Safari Activities



International Flights








10% of service

Travel Insurance


Depends on coverage

Transport Within Botswana



Meals (Outside of Package)



The Average Cost of a Botswana Safari for 10 days, without including the price of international flights, can range from $2,200 to more than $7,000 per person. This depends on where you stay, what activities you do, and your personal choices.

To conclude it all, understanding the Botswana Safari Cost helps you access the luxurious and unique experiences Botswana has to offer. The price of a safari here includes everything from luxury stays to exclusive activities, making it an investment in the life-long memory of the event. By carefully planning and budgeting, you can enjoy a safari that goes beyond your expectations, offering an unmatched journey into Botswana's stunning wilderness.

Frequently Asked Questions

We Think You’ll Love

The Average Cost of a Botswana Safari varies widely, with expenses ranging from $250 to over $2,500 per day, depending on Botswana Accommodations, activities, and safari duration.

Botswana Safari Prices are high due to exclusive experiences, conservation efforts, and limited guest numbers, which contribute to a more private and impactful adventure

The cost for a Botswana Safari Trip typically falls between $250 per day for basic camping to $2,500 per day for ultra-luxury lodges.

To reduce your Botswana Travel Cost, consider visiting during the low season and opting for budget accommodations or camping. Despite these efforts, sustainable Botswana Tourism keeps prices relatively high.

When planning your budget for Botswana Safari Tours Prices, expect to spend from $250 per day for simpler options to over $2,500 daily for high-end experiences, covering accommodations, park fees, and some Botswana Activities

The Cost to go on safari in Botswana typically starts around $250 per day for the most basic experiences and can exceed $2,500 per day for luxury options

To explore Botswana on a budget, look for budget accommodations, travel during off-peak times, and choose activities that offer good value to keep expenses down.

For a two-week adventure, the Botswana Safari Packages Prices can range from $3,500 for basic camping to more than $35,000 for luxury, all-inclusive experiences, highlighting the wide range of options available.

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