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Safari Cost

A Botswana Safari is one of the most unique safaris that you can ever be on in Southern Africa. Most people before they travel are keen on finding out how much the Safari would cost so as to plan within budget. This Botswana Safari Cost guide outlines what you need to know about the cost of a Botswana Safari.

Factors Affecting Botswana Safari Cost

Your travel style has a big impact on the prices that you incur during your Botswana Safari Tours. The more luxury you expect on your holiday the more expensive it might be. Generally your needs and wants have a big impact on how much you will spend.

Botswana Safari Cost

The major factors revolve around are where you want to stay, the time of year you want to visit, transport and the activities you want to do. The Botswana Safari Cost will be calculated according to that.

Time Of Travel

Botswana has 3 main seasons in which you can travel, the green season, the shoulder season and the peak season.

The green season runs from December to March and is called so because vegetation will be greener due to the rains. Fewer people choose to travel during this time because of the weather but in terms of expenses this season is very budget friendly. Camps and lodges are less busy hence they can offer specials and discounts up to 50%. Prices are generally affordable and you can even choose areas and private concessions which you cannot otherwise choose during peak season.

Shoulder season runs from April to June and is the changing season where business begins to pick up. Vegetation is still green but with little rainfall. The pricing in this season is also very affordable although not as cheap as the green season but it at least is better. You can take advantage of some great specials and packages on offer.

The peak season runs from July to October and is considered the Best Time To Visit Botswana. Wildlife movements are more predictable, there is no rain and water levels are good hence you can enjoy both water activities and game drives. Many people travel during this time and if you choose to travel during this time consider the fact that it might be a little too expensive.

Length Of Stay

The number of days you decide to stay on Botswana Safari also has an impact on your overall expenses. Generally it is perceived that the more days you stay the more costly it is. But however with Botswana it will depend on where you are staying and what you have decided to include in your itinerary.

Sometimes staying longer is definitely expensive but in some cases, when things like flights and travel expenses are put into consideration, staying for 2 to 3 days in Botswana might be a bit expensive. Most people that go on safari prefer to camp and self-drive. This is a bit more budget friendly and staying for a longer period of time will not have a huge impact on the overall cost if this type of safari is chosen.

Average Daily Cost Per person, per day


One Week Per person


2 Weeks Per person


One Month Per person


Type Of Safari You Choose

Botswana has different types of safari options that you can choose from whether you are looking at a luxury or a classic safari, your needs will be well catered for. Your choice of Safari In Botswana will have an impact on overall cost.

A Botswana Luxury Safari which has premium service and accommodation will be a bit more expensive than a classic safari. This also goes as well for activities that you choose on your safari, for example a balloon safari will be more expensive than a normal game drive safari. If you prefer to cook for yourself and self-drive then you might as well save a little and reduce costs but if you prefer top-notch service and well organised trips with transfers and all then you have to prepare to spend a little extra and add on to your Safari Cost Botswana.

Chobe National Park

Average Price From

Tour Duration


$ 380

3 Days

Chobe National Park Safari

$3,600 to $4,400

7 Days

Safari Chobe, Okavango, Moremi

Central Kalahari

Average Price From

Tour Duration



3 Days

Central Kalahari Safari


8 Days

Central Kalahari, Okavango and Maun

Okavango Delta

Average Price From

Tour Duration


$ 2600

6 Days

Kasane, Chobe, Moremi and Okavango Safari

$ 2,800

5 Days

Okavango Delta Safari & Chobe

Moremi Game Reserve

Average Price From

Tour Duration


$ 4,500

9 Days

Makgadikgadi, Moremi, Okavango, Chobe

$ 2,230

6 Days

Moremi Game Reserve Safari, Okavango, Khwai

Makgadikgadi Safari

Average Price From

Tour Duration


$ 2,730

13 Days

Makgadikgadi Safari, Okavango & Chobe

$ 1,440

6 Days

Makgadikgadi Pans & Other Safari Destinations

Maun Safari

Average Price From

Tour Duration


$ 7,830

12 Days

Maun To Victoria Falls Safari

$ 1,440

6 Days

Maun To Victoria Falls Safari

Mode Of Transport

Another factor that can add to the Botswana Safari Price is the mode of transport that you decide to use. When traveling from one place to another or from one lodge to the other, you can choose to self-drive or opt for a fly in safaris. Depending on the distance either of the two can be a bit expensive. The longer the distance, driving might be expensive and time consuming hence flying might be a cheaper option but however if the distance is shorter then it is better to drive and not add costs.


  • 4WD rental per day: from US$100
  • Camping in national parks and reserves: from US$18 per person
  • Camping in a campsite: around US$30 per tent
  • Double room in a campsite (self-catering): from US$50
  • Double room in a mid-range lodge (half-board): from US$100 per person
  • Double room in a four-star lodge (all-inclusive): from US$500 per person
  • Suite in a luxury lodge (all-inclusive): from US$1000 per person
  • Scheduled flight from Maun to Kasane: around US$40
  • Scenic flight in the Okavango Delta (45 minutes): around US$100
  • Canoe trip in the Okavango Delta: around US$100
  • Intercity bus: from US$25
  • Dinner for two in a budget restaurant: around US$10–20
  • Dinner for two in a mid-range restaurant: around US$25–30

Botswana International Flights Cost

One of the major and obvious costs you will incur on your Botswana Safari are the Flights To Botswana. The lack of international flights keeps the country off the radar of many travellers. Maun is the main entry point to Botswana for an African safari. You can fly there from Johannesburg and Cape Town, as well as a few other Southern African cities.

Many visitors that come to Botswana enter via Victoria Falls, which is only 50 kilometers away in Zimbabwe and Zambia. So another option is to catch a Flight To Victoria Falls or Livingstone, followed by an overland journey which is the most convenient and cost-effective way to Visit Botswana from Europe.

If you are traveling from the United States, there are numerous ways to get to Johannesburg, South Africa. It all depends on your starting point. Most of the time, you'll want to travel to the East Coast.

JFK New York is a popular airport, and flights on Kenya Airways and through Nairobi are currently only $886 round-trip. Traveling from Los Angeles to Doha on Qatar Airways will cost you $1,033. The costs are estimates and subject to change hence it is important to research upon arrival. If you're coming from Europe, flights will be a little less expensive. A round-trip flight on Ethiopian Air from Frankfurt costs $663, while a flight on Lufthansa costs $916.

Round-trip airfare from Australia to South Africa costs between $1150 and $1500. Prices in Australia and South Africa are comparable to those in the United States. Qantas Airways nonstop flights start at around $1250. Flights to Maun cost between $200 and $350.

After arriving in South Africa, you must take another short international flight (two hours) to Maun, Botswana. While Air Botswana is usually the cheapest option, we recommend flying South African Airways for a better guarantee that your flight will arrive on time.

Food Costs In Botswana

While food costs fluctuate in Botswana, the average price of food ranges from P180 to P200 per day which is basically around $16 USD. Based on previous tourists' spending habits, an average meal in Botswana could perhaps cost around P71 per individual when eating out. Breakfast is typically less expensive than lunch or dinner.

Food In Botswana is frequently more expensive in sit-down restaurants than it is in fast food joints or on the street. So your costs for food will vary depending on where you want to eat but generally food is not as expensive compared to other countries.

Transport Costs In Botswana

A taxi ride in Botswana is significantly more expensive than public transportation. Previous visitors to Botswana spent an average of P48 per person, per day on local transportation. In Botswana, commuting between cities and towns costs an average of P314. Prices vary depending on the length of the route, the mode of transportation used, and the date.

Botswana Car Rental

The cost of car rental in Botswana is determined by the dates, type of vehicle, location, and your age. Kayak is recommended because it can find the best deals from all rental car companies.

Botswana is generally a good country to visit hence the need to save and plan in advance for your trip so that you don’t go above budget.

Botswana Safari Accommodation Cost

A lot of lodges and camps in Botswana offer specials and discounts for people that spend longer days. So the longer you stay, the shorter the cost and the shorter you stay, the higher the cost.

The cost of Botswana Accommodations also depends on where you are staying and what type of safari you choose. Averagely, an overland safari tour costs between $250 and $350. A classic safari which has mid-range accommodation usually costs between $400 and $525 per day. A luxury safari with luxurious accommodation and service on average costs between $700 and $1500 per day.

Type Of Camp

Green Season

Shoulder Season

Peak Season

Mid-Range Camps




Premier Camps




Luxury Camps




Botswana Activities Cost

Travelers are also interested in knowing the cost of activities that they can do in Botswana. There are many Things To Do In Botswana from which you can choose from such as canoe trips, Victoria Falls day trips, or eco safari walks.

A one-hour chartered scenic flight over the Makgadikgadi Pans costs $400. A canoe safaris costs around $160 and a typical water safaris is around $200. A game viewing safari is around $200 whilst a private concession game viewing is around $300.



Canoe Safaris


Tented Camps

From $300

Game Viewing


Private Concession Game Viewing


Hot Air Ballooning


Might Victoria Falls


Water Safaris


Botswana Travel Insurance Cost

Travellers should make sure they have Botswana Travel Insurance for activities they’ll do while on holiday. Most of the activities like horse-back riding, bungee jumping and game viewing. It is important to be covered for incidents that relate to wild animals and injury. Visitors should check with their credit card company and workplace benefits to see if they have already done so. If not, it is strongly advised that travel insurance be purchased prior to departure.

Botswana Park Entrance Fees

Botswana charges a premium to visit its national parks. To visit most of Botswana's national parks, expect to pay around £8.50/$11. Entrance to private reserves and concessions is limited to lodge guests, with concession entrance and game viewing drives typically already included in the price.

How To Plan An Affordable Safari In Botswana

If you want to plan an affordable safari you first of all need a travel budget. You need to know how much money you are willing to spend so as to not go off budget. It is also important to know when to travel. Traveling during the green season is best as you can take advantage of discounts and promotions.

Estimated Daily Botswana Safari Cost In Us Dollars

The costs below are some estimated costs of a Typical Safari In Botswana. Considering that the costs differ with the time of the year and the type of camps or lodges you stay, we have tried to incorporate that in order to give a clearer picture.

Minimum Price/Person

Average Price/Person













10-day safari

£165/$220 PP/Day

£520/$690 PP/Day

Tips For Saving Money On Your Botswana Safari

  • Try eat out and avoid fancy restaurants
  • Opt for newly opened camps and lodges to take advantage of specials and discounts
  • Do activities as a comb, it’s cheaper
  • Travel during the green season

A Botswana Safari is definitely worth it and the Botswana Safari Cost should not be your major limiting factor. There are many ways and different factors that you can take into account in order to stay within budget and still enjoy your safari.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A vacation to Botswana for one week usually costs around $361 for one person. So, a trip to Botswana for two people costs around $722 for one week. A trip for two weeks for two people costs $1450 in Botswana.

Botswana’s government tourism model focus on the conservation of wildlife and nature, so the government does not allow to build of a large number of hotels and lodges. Thus the safari becomes more expensive compared to other neighboring countries.

Botswana is relatively expensive to travel. But if you plan effectively you can save a lot of bucks. For more information visit our website.

If you are planning a safari trip in Botswana in peak season, it would cost you around $9000 to $10000 per person, for eight nights. In Shoulder season the cost decreases to around $5000.

The average price that travelers spend in Botswana is $54. The cheapest safari in Botswana starts at around $250 per day per person.

If you planning for 7 days safari in Botswana, it will cost you around $4000-$5000 per person. The price may vary depending on the season of your visit.

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