Top 5 Reasons To Visit Botswana During The Green Season 2023!

Botswana | 10 / 10/ 2022

By Falcon Safaris
Botswana Safgari

Botswana Safari will delight all safari goers, from the crystal waters of the Okavango Delta to the dry pans of the Kalahari.

Botswana is a place of lucid blue skies and has close to 330 days of sunshine a year. Though, right around December needed summer rains to begin to fall after a long dry season. Also called the ‘secret season, the rain makes the landscapes stay green and lush till April.

The green season takes place between October to late March. Rain is crucial in maintaining the ecosystem of Botswana. When deciding on the Best time to visit Botswana, consider the green season. We’ve curated a list of reasons to visit Botswana during the Green Season.

1. 5 Reasons to Visit Botswana Safari During The Green Season

There are many reasons to visit Botswana in the Green Season. Like witnessing Botswana Wildlife and Botswana Safari from a different angle. And best of all, reasonable prices. Here are the top 5 reasons to visit Botswana during the green Season:

1.1 Better Wildlife Sightings

Botswana Safari is a great way to experience the rich and varied wildlife that Botswana has to offer. Botswana Wildlife during the green season is richer in number. Heavy rainfall brings out new life into the landscape of Botswana. Especially in semi-arid regions like the Kalahari.

  • With more vegetation and water, there are many animals.
  • There is also less number of crowds and you get to witness Botswana Safari in a unique and comfortable way.
  • With many species of antelopes and impalas out in the wild, there is a significant amount of predator activity as big cats look to prey on the vulnerable.
  • You will also be able to spend more time during the safari and the game-viewing experience will be like no other.

1.2 Affordable Rates For Safari In Botswana

With less number of visitors, you will enjoy the luxury of space. And the opportunity to explore quiet landscapes during your visit to Botswana.

  • Green Season is the off-season. You can take advantage of reduced rates for many of the Botswana Safari Packages.
  • You’ll also get a chance to immerse yourself in the unique Botswana Game Safari.
  • Many Botswana Accommodations will also have reduced rates.
  • Most of the camps and lodges won’t have many people. So, you can enjoy more privacy and witness the outstanding Botswana Wildlife.

You will also notice affordable prices for many Botswana Safari Packages. Like the – Botswana Private Safari, Botswana Self-drive Safari, and Botswana Family Safari. Look out for lodges and camps that offer special deals during the Green Season.

1.3 Birthing Season
As dramatic as the storm-clad skies so is the reaction of the Botswana Wildlife to the heavy rainfall. Antelopes like the lechwe and gemsbok take advantage of the green season to give birth. This is great news for you as you can witness the miracle of life. Right in front of your eyes during your Botswana Safari.

  • But, it can also turn bittersweet very quickly.
  • As the birthing season is also great news for predators. And they can with little effort find and head for the nearest herd.
  • You will get a chance to see nature at its most ruthless and witness ‘the circle of life’ first-hand.

This is the peak season for dramatic sightings of Botswana Wildlife. And you will certainly get the most out of your Botswana Trip.

1.4 The Great Annual Zebra Migration

You should have an understanding of the migration during the Green Season. As it will enhance the experience of your Botswana Safari. One of the largest zebra migrations on the planet occurs during the Green Season.

  • When more than twenty thousand zebras leave Chobe and the northern Makgadikgadi. They’re in search of water. It’s known as the longest land animal migration in the world.
  • Many herds converge around the Okavango Delta. Near the salt pans where the mineral content of grass is the highest.

The Kalahari also blossoms with life, attracting antelopes and zebras in masses. The Savuti area of Chobe also blooms with Botswana Wildlife as well as the Nxai Pan National Park.

1.5 Pristine Conditions for Light and Photography

There are vivid colours thanks to the lush landscapes, great light, and clean air. And it’ll allow for some outstanding Botswana Photographic Safari opportunities.

  • Spectacular clouds make for some of the most impressive sunset shots. The desert flowers bursting with colours set against the plain sky make for some picturesque possibilities.
  • So, many shades of green set against a dark cloudy sky during a rainstorm, followed by colourful rainbows are every photographer’s dream.

But, make sure to be careful regardless of the weather conditions during your Botswana Safari. If your vehicle gets stuck in the mud, the guides and drivers are sure to get it out safely.

2.Even More Reasons to visit Botswana during the Green Season

  • The ideal time for Birdwatching

Botswana is famous for its varied birdlife with over 400 bird species hovering over the skies during the Green Season.

  • During this time, plenty of birds migrate from Asia and other African countries to Botswana’s rich grasslands to breed and nest.
  • Also, you’ll get a chance to see the majestic sight of more than 50,000 flamingos flocking to the swamps.
  • Birds like the colorful kingfisher, sliding kites, and loud cuckoos can be seen along the zigzagging Chobe River.

Other locations where you can also enjoy birdwatching are the plains of the Okavango Delta and the swampy regions of Linyanti and Savuti.

  • Enjoy a Peaceful and Relaxed time

Botswana Green Season is also the quiet season.

A time when there are fewer tourists around allowing you an opportunity for an exclusive and comfortable Botswana Safari.

  • Get Value for your Money
  • You will also get far reduced rates. Along with value for your time and money. From things like Air Travel. As Botswana Flights during the Green Season are significantly cheaper.
  • Botswana Safari Cost and Botswana Safari Packages will also experience reduced costs. Because the season is not meant for peak travel.

You’ll also experience the best Botswana Accommodations. As some of them introduce great offers during the Green Season.

A visit to Botswana in the Green Season ensures a personal and exclusive experience. For more details and/or queries feel free to reach us at the following details

+263 83 284 1840/1 or



Lastly, if you’re planning a visit to Botswana and researching for the Best Time to Visit Botswana. Look no further, as a visit during the Green Season will most certainly be worth your time. The wildlife and landscapes are injected with life—the cost of the Birding Safari Packages. And Botswana Birding Accommodations are considerably lower. You will experience the trip to Botswana privately and comfortably. And, in a more relaxing and exclusive way.

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