Victoria Falls Helicopter Tour – The Call Of The Sky

Victoria Falls | 22 / 08/ 2023

By Falcon Safaris
Victoria Falls Helicopter Tour

Say hello to the start of a new day and answer the call of the sky on a Victoria Falls Helicopter Tour. Experience the awe of Victoria Falls with a soaring tour above this breathtaking natural wonder—truly unforgettable! Let the excitement build as you prepare to take off into the vast African sky, where the magic of flight awaits.

Taking Off – Preparing For The Helicopter Adventure

As you arrive at the helipad, a sense of eagerness fills the air. The friendly crew greets you with warm smiles, providing a safety briefing and fitting you with a comfortable headset.

Cameras ready, you board the Victoria Falls Helicopter Ride, and the engines hum to life. Adrenaline surges as the aircraft ascends, offering a bird’s-eye view of Victoria Falls Attractions—a thrilling experience awaits. Victoria Falls Helicopter Tour Options – 12/13 minutes (called the Flight of Angels, Victoria Falls) and the 25-minute ride (called the Zambezi Spectacular)

The Magic Of Flight – Embracing The Freedom Of The Sky

Helicopter Over Victoria Falls

Once airborne, an overwhelming feeling of freedom washes over you. The Helicopter Over Victoria Falls reveals the vast landscape below, leaving you mesmerized by its sheer beauty and expanse. The wind in your hair and the panoramic views unfold before your eyes – it’s a moment of pure magic as you become one with the sky.

The Heart Of The Falls – Hovering Over The Gorge

Victoria Falls, the thundering sound of falling water grows louder, signalling your closeness to the heart of this natural wonder. The helicopter hovers over the gorge, revealing the falls in all their grandness.

  • The mist rises, painting rainbows in the sunlight, and you can’t help but be awestruck by the sheer power and beauty of Mother Nature’s masterpiece.
  • Here, witness water and rock’s timeless dance—a spectacle shaping the landscape through ages, visible from this remarkable vantage point.

The falls’ raw power is humbling, and you are grateful for the chance to witness this marvel of the natural world from a perspective experience on Victoria Falls Tours.

Scenic Beauty – From The Falls To The Zambezi River

Victoria Falls Activity

Next up the Victoria Falls Helicopter Tour ventures beyond the falls, where the Zambezi River flows serenely. From the helicopter’s vantage point, you witness the seamless transition from the falls to the tranquil river, creating a distinctive landscape during this Victoria Falls Activity.

The contrasting beauty of nature unfolds before your eyes. The vibrant green of the vegetation against the deep blue of the river captivates your senses. You marvel at the coexistence of untamed wilderness and the life-giving waters of the Zambezi.

Best Sightings you should Expect

The Zambezi River, Batoka Gorge, the iconic attraction of the Victoria Falls Bridge, Zambezi National Park, etc.

Wildlife From Above!

You wouldn’t think it but a Victoria Falls Helicopter ride is a great way to see animals along the dotted grasslands of the national parks in both Zimbabwe and Zambia.

  • From the air, you spot graceful elephants roaming peacefully, giraffes elegantly grazing, and herds of antelope moving gracefully through the savannah.
  • The thrill of spotting these majestic creatures from above adds a unique touch to your helicopter adventure.
  • With each sighting, you become a silent observer of the animal kingdom.

The helicopter’s gentle presence doesn’t disturb them, allowing you to witness their natural behaviours. The experience deepens your appreciation for the balance of life in the wilderness.

Sunrise And Sunset Flights – The Golden Hours

For those who want an even more magical experience during a Tour of Victoria Falls, sunrise and sunset flights are the answer.

  • Sunrise unveils golden falls awakening, sunset adorns sky with myriad hues bidding day farewell—flights framing nature’s beauty.
  • These moments of celestial beauty enhance the helicopter adventure, leaving you with cherished memories.
  • With the first light of dawn or the warm glow of twilight, the world takes on a surreal quality.

The falls and the surrounding landscape transform under the ever-changing hues of the sky. The memory of witnessing nature’s most brilliant performances from the sky will stay with you forever.

The Grand Finale – Landing With Gratitude!

As the Victoria Falls Helicopter Tour gently descends to the helipad, your heart overflows with gratitude for the extraordinary journey. The call of the sky will have left a mark and you’ll forever treasure moments spent during Victoria Falls Tours. Filled with wonder and nature’s beauty, you exit the helicopter, grateful for this thrilling, appreciative experience of a lifetime.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this epic experience – book your Victoria Falls Tour Package with Falcon Safaris today!

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