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Helicopter Flights

The Helicopter flight is one of the best ways ever to view the Victoria Falls. The idea came from the man who first discovered the falls Mr. David Livingstone himself. In his words he said, “Scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by Angels in their flight” and from there, the idea of an aerial view of the falls emerged. Sadly he died before he could view the falls in a helicopter, but he paved way for many others to enjoy this activity.

The Helicopter Experience

Over the years, the Helicopter flight has become one of the best ways to really appreciate the size and grandeur of one of the most well-known waterfalls in the world, the Victoria Falls. Several different flying options are available as helicopter rides leave from a helipad outside of Victoria Falls as well as Livingstone in Zambia.

On this exhilarating helicopter trip over Victoria Falls, you will have the opportunity to take in the view from the top. You'll get a bird's-eye perspective of not only the area but even into views of what is beyond one of the seven natural wonders of the world. An aerial view of Victoria Falls is an indescribable feeling that not only brings thrills but also appreciation of nature.

Difference between the Helicopter and the Microlight flight

The difference between the Helicopter flight and the Microlight Flight is that the Microlight is an open aircraft, and the helicopter is enclosed. With the Microlight, it is only a two-seater craft meaning that only you and the pilot will be able to fly at a time but with the helicopter, It can take up to a maximum of 4 or 6 passengers depending on the Helicopter. This makes the Microlight a solo experience whereas in the helicopter, the experience can be shared with family, friends and loved ones.

Another difference is that Microlight can fly lower and can get a bit closer to the falls compared to the helicopters which have to fly from above and don’t really get lower. In a Microlight, you are not allowed to bring a camera but the whole experience will be captured for you and in a helicopter, you are allowed a camera and in addition videos and photos will still be captured for you.

What to expect ?

For the helicopter ride, about 30 minutes before take-off, a courteous driver will pick you up from your hotel or pickup point and drive you in comfort to the helipad. Depending on which company you are flying with, you will drive for about 5 to 10 kilometres outside of town.

Upon arrival, you will first get a safety briefing and then afterwards, you'll go out on an adventurous journey across one of the continent's most breath-taking sights. View the roaring Zambezi River from above and hear the thundering falls from above.

You will see the beautiful landscapes of the gorges, the wide stretch of the Zambezi National Park and as well as the icon Victoria Falls Bridge in all its beauty.

How many people can go at a time ?

The number of people that can go at a time depends on the type of helicopter you will be using and the company you are flying with. People can go in 3s, 4s or even 6 at a time.

What time can you go for the helicopter flight ?

The Helicopter Flights are available any time of the day that is between 8am and 5pm. The Helicopter flight is also suitable for those on day trips to Victoria Falls and don’t have much time. Day trippers can make this an addition to the magnificent Victoria Falls Tours to make their day more stupendous.

What are the flight options available ?

There are two options for flying: the short flight and the long flight.

The Short flight

The short flight lasts 15 minutes and offers more views of the Victoria Falls and the Zambezi Upstream. You will appreciate how the water gracefully flows from the mighty River and see as it meanders and then cascades over what is known as the largest waterfall in the world. The aerial view is simply amazing, and it connects all the pieces of how the landscapes come together. You will really appreciate flying.

The long flight

The long flight is 25 minutes long and is in addition a game flight as it takes a closer look at the Zambezi and Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park. You will appreciate the wildlife going about its business on the hundreds of islands in the area of the Zambezi. You will also fly to see the zigzag of the gorges and appreciate how Victoria Falls has developed over time.

Are there any age and weight restrictions ?

There are no age limits for this activity, however minors need an adult's supervision to be able to fly. Flying is free for kids under 3 as long as they are flying on a parent's lap. Children Over 3 years are charged full price and are given a seat. The standard per-passenger weight restriction is 120 kg, but depending on the weight of other passengers, this can frequently be worked with.

What to Bring ?

Do not forget to bring your camera to capture all the moments.

If you haven’t already done so, you will need money to pay park fees.

Pictures or videos of your entire experience will be captured but are purchased at an additional fee

Try not to carry with you anything that is large, heavy or takes up extra room in the helicopter.

The so-called ‘flight of angels’ is undoubtedly the most breath-taking way to see the magnificent Victoria Falls in all their glory, and to get those picture postcard panoramic photos you have always dreamed of. This is also a great way to see the Zambezi River as it leads up to the Victoria Falls, as well as the formation of the spectacular gorges that are carved out below. Make Sure Book a Victoria Falls Tour With Us.


Duration: Short 12-13 minutes, Long 20-22 minutes

Where: The flight takes off and lands at the Batoka Sky aerodrome.

Weather: Fair weather, the flight may be delayed should there be a thunderstorm or heavy rain.

Things to Bring: Sunglasses

When: Throughout the year, subject to availability

What to Wear: Comfortable clothing

Guests or Spectators: Visitors not joining the flight are welcome to browse the curio shop at Batoka Sky, or purchase refreshments while waiting for the flight to return.

Inclusions And Exclusions

Inclusions Return road transfers to Batoka Sky from accommodation venues in the Livingstone area.

Exclusions DVD of the flight.


Minimum Age 2 years

Fitness Level No Fitness Requirement

Qualifications Not Applicable

Maximum Weight 100.0 kg

Certification None Required

Experience Level None Experience

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Definitely yes, a helicopter flight at Victoria Falls gives you a bird view of one of the Seven Wonders of Africa. Imagine seeing the largest waterfall in Africa from above. It should not be missed.

The Helicopter flights at Victoria start at 8 am in the morning and it operates till 5 in the afternoon. The duration of each flight lasts about 1 and half hours.

$150 for 15 minutes and cost of booking a Helicopter Flights is $150 per person. The time duration of each flight is one and half hours.

Yes, the helicopters that operate at Victoria Falls are considered to be one of the safest helicopters. The flights are also equally trained.

100 kg. The maximum weight allowed on Helicopter Flights is 100 kg. Only two people can board can flight at the scheduled time period. Weight is taken per helicopter and the maximum weight per helicopter is 600kgs. The front seat of the helicopter can only take up to 95kg.

The Helicopter Flight at Victoria Falls includes the flight ticket and From and to transfer to the hotels close to Victoria Falls.

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