Victoria Falls Zimbabwe Vs. Victoria Falls Zambia - Which Side is better?

Victoria Falls | 18 / 08/ 2022

By Falcon Safaris
Victoria Falls Tour

The question arise in mind as to which side of the Victoria Falls is better and the debate over it seems to be on-going as more and more opinions spring up. Looking for an adventure of a lifetime? Look no further than Victoria Falls Tour!. As you know, Victoria Falls forms the border between 2 countries, Zimbabwe (to the west) and Zambia (to the east). This gives travellers 3 options to choose from when deciding to view the falls;

  • Viewing From Zimbabwe – Victoria Falls Zimbabwe
  • Viewing From Zambia – Victoria Falls Zambia
  • Viewing From Both Sides – Victoria Falls Zimbabwe & Zambia

At Falcon safaris, we would like to present you with this Victoria Falls Travel Guide to help you decide for yourself which side you think is better and which side you will choose to view from. In all honesty, both countries Zimbabwe & Zambia offer different and unique experiences. That justify why either of them could be the best. If you do have the time, we would recommend you have the best of both worlds and experience Victoria Falls Tour in both the countries but if it doesn’t permit then you have the ultimate task of picking one side.

Victoria Falls From Zimbabwe Side

Zimbabwe Side

If you want to see Victoria Falls and marvel at its beauty then you have to go to Zimbabwe. This Victoria Falls Zimbabwe side contains 75% of the falls and has 16 different viewing points including the main falls which offer impressive views all year round, the Devil’s Cataract, Horseshoe Falls and Rainbow Falls. It is at this side of the falls where there is the famous David Livingstone Statue overlooking the falls at the 2nd viewing point.

Zimbabwe Side Highlights

  • Iconic view of the Main Falls
  • Water flowing all year round
  • Entrance fee is $30

The falls on this side never dry up. Whether it’s the dry season or during the peak of the hot summer. The falls will always be flowing and you are guaranteed to see them as well as feel them. The misty spray showers over the rainforest. This makes Zimbabwe an ideal place to visit at any time of the year. In most situations, whether it was a last minute trip or you don’t have enough time on your hands. Zimbabwe is best as you will not get disappointed.

Many Victoria Falls Accommodations on the Zimbabwean side are a walk-able distance from the entrance of the fall and Town, making it easier and cheaper to travel from one place to another.

The Zimbabwean side has better game viewing opportunities; there is the Victoria Falls National Park and the Zambezi National Park that stretches about 80km towards the Kazungula border in Botswana.

Victoria Falls From Zambia Side

Zambia Side

If you want to experience Victoria Falls Tour, then you have to visit the Zambian side. This Victoria Falls Zambia side allows you to get extremely close to the falls and be completely drenched by the rising spray. This side contains only 25% of the falls but offers double the experience if you get a chance to visit during the height of the wet season. The falls will be at their mightiest and the volume would be so incredible that even though you don’t see much as compared to Zimbabwe. But you would have experienced a lot.

Zambia Side Highlights

  • Exceptionally close-up waterfall viewing
  • Swim in the Devil’s Pool during dry season
  • Entrance fee is $20

In the dry season, the falls on this side can completely dry up depending on the water levels and this becomes the perfect time to open up the rafting season and the very popular Devil’s Pool and Livingstone Island. The Devil’s Pool is a natural rock swimming pool right by the edge of the waterfall and you can swim in it as you watch the water cascading over the waterfall. The experience is exhilarating and thrilling if you fancy an adventure. 

The Zambian side is also the only side where you can get access to the beautiful Livingstone Island and it is on this Island where David Livingstone first set eyes on the Victoria Falls Besides that you will also get the chance to see the beautiful views of the falls from a whole different angle. The falls are a beautiful place to see from a whole different angle.

Victoria Falls From Both Sides

Victoria Falls From Both Side

This has to be by far the best choice there is. We believe you cannot truly say you have visited Victoria Falls if you haven’t had the full experience. Visiting one country will leave you with half the experience and half the excitement. Yes both countries offer different feels and views but that’s what makes them unique, special and worth it. It is even easier now to experience both countries thanks to the KAZA Univisa. This allows you to cross the border even into Botswana as well.

Factors To Consider In Making Your Decision For Victoria Falls

Best Time To Visit

Time of the Year you travel

The time of year Victoria Falls Tour will have a significant impact on your experience and decision. During the peak flow months of February to May, you will see a beautiful cascade of water and will most likely get drenched by spray. And also this is the Best Time To Visit Victoria Falls. If you visit the falls in June, the spray will be so thick that you can’t see the falls clearly. If you visit during the dry season, such as November, the water volume is low. The falls can feel underwhelming.

Activities you wish to do

Length of your stay

Most of the Victoria Falls Activities that you can do in Zambia, you can also do on the Zimbabwean side. The only exception is the Devil’s Pool, Microlight Flight and Livingston Island, you will only find these in Zambia. If you care for adventure or might not be keen enough to see much of the falls during the dry season then these activities are for you. Then these activities are for you. It will be easier to head to the Zambian side.

Where to stay between Zimbabwe and Zambia will also depend on the number of days you decide to visit. If you are visiting for a few days it will depend on what your priority is. If you want to see the Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe will be very good and if you want to experience them, Zambia is your best option (only in the wet season). If you have more days, it gives you ample time to explore Victoria Falls from both sides. Which is the best decision in our opinion.


Another factor to consider during Victoria Falls Tour is the budget. If the budget permits, then why not have the best of both worlds and have the time of your life. It is always good to grab the opportunity if you can. For some however it might be a bit expensive to see Victoria Falls from both sides. So they will have to pick one. This will depend on what you want out of your trip and what you want to see.

So in summary when you are deciding between the Zimbabwean and the Zambian side of Victoria Falls, the main things you need to consider are: the time of year you plan on visiting, activities you wish to do, length of stay and budget. Falcon Safaris do recommend you to try to Visit Victoria Falls from both the countries if you haven’t and enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

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