15 Most Exciting Victoria Falls Tours You Should Try

Victoria Falls | 11 / 08/ 2022

By Falcon Safaris
Victoria Falls Tour

When coming to Victoria Falls Tour, the highlight of your trip will most definitely be seeing and experiencing the falls themselves. Nothing can top that for sure, watching the sheer force of water power down the rocks like a champion skier on the downhill and having the privilege of being showered by nature’s greatest wonder, simply amazing right?.  

But what if we told you that, that’s not all? Aside from the falls, the area is well known as the hub of African Adventure. Bustling with so many fun-filled activities that provide the cherry on top feeling to your entire trip. You can go for White Water Rafting just below the falls or decide to go above the falls for an iconic aerial view. You can even decide to see the falls upside down if you like. On a heart pumping bungee jump off the historic Victoria Falls Bridge, the list is endless. As Falcon Safaris, we want you to let us be your guide and help you choose. Some of the best Victoria Falls Tours with this Victoria Falls Activities Guide.

Guided Victoria Falls Tour

Victoria Falls Guided Tour

A Victoria Falls Tour is a must-do experience when visiting Victoria Falls. You will learn about the formation of the Zambezi and the falls. The history of exploration, adventurers, and rituals that were performed at the site. As you enter the Victoria Falls Rainforest you will automatically feel different and you will notice a change in the vegetation. It becomes more green and dense. The continuous spray from Victoria Falls created this natural rainforest. You will be taken through the rainforest and given the option to stop at various viewpoints along the way. You will be in awe as you take in the sheer magnitude of Victoria Falls. This is a truly inspiring experience. Between April and June, Victoria Falls will be completely submerged. During the Victoria Falls Trip, you can wear a raincoat if you don’t want to get wet.

Sunset Cruise On The Upper Zambezi River

Victoria Falls Sunset Cruise

This is without a doubt one of the most recommended Activities In Victoria Falls. Not only is it a laid back and chilled activity. It also gives you an opportunity to view the wildlife living in the surrounding areas like the hippos, crocodiles, elephants, giraffes. Water bucks and you can even spot a python if you are lucky. You will be cruising between two national parks. The Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park in Zambia and the Victoria Falls National Park. In Zimbabwe so there is such a great chance that you will not miss any of the animals. You will also cruise on the Zimbabwean side and Zambian side before setting your eyes upon the lovely African sunset.

The Boma Dinner And Drum Show

Boma Dinner & Drum Show

The Boma Dinner & Drum Show in Victoria Falls features a four-course traditional meal followed by an interactive African drumming experience.

You will be given a traditional garment when you arrive at the Boma to help you get into the spirit as well as prepare you to be surrounded by a stimulating environment. You will be filled with the aromas of regional specialties and barbequed game meat as you enter the restaurant. The Boma, which is partially open to the African skies, offers an unforgettable experience. African tastes, sights, sounds, and scents will assault your senses. Guests are encouraged to participate in a hand-washing ceremony and sample a local brew after being seated. The food is prepared and served in the style and quantity of a sumptuous traditional feast.

For a little bit of fun: One of their special customs at the Boma is eating a dried Mopane Worm, it’s actually a delicious snack but the thought of it makes so many people cringe. If however you are brave enough to try this scrumptious worm, you will receive a certificate. The real highlight of the night begins after your meal. You’ll enjoy traditional African drumming and get a chance to sing along and dance as Well. With the traditional singers and dancers.

Helicopter Flight Over The Victoria Falls Tour

Victoria Falls Helicopter Tours

This spectacular Victoria Falls Helicopter Flight, allows you to see the stunning Victoria Falls, the Zambezi River, and the Batoka Gorge from high above. The general procedure is, before the flight, a member of staff will provide you with a quick safety briefing and point out the route your helicopter will take on a well detailed map. Following that, you’ll board the helicopter and the thrill begins.

You’ll make your way to Victoria Falls where you can appreciate its enormity and greatness. The helicopter will perform a sequence of circular turns to give you a full sided view of the falls and Batoka Gorge below. After completing a series of orbits, the helicopter will then begin to return to the helipad and prepare for landing. Once you’ve landed safely, you’ll be able to see pictures and a video that would have been taken during your adventure.

The Jet Boat In Victoria Falls Tour

Victoria Falls Activities

The Jet boat is by far one activity that leaves you feeling like I want to go again and again. The jet boat is powered with 465 horsepower and it will take you up the rapids and directly beneath the falls to the boiling point. The true force and ferocity of the Victoria Waterfalls can only be appreciated from below. Covered in their spray. After leaving the boiling pot, the jet boat will take you down rapids and around tight turns as you travel down the Batoka Gorge. Because safety is of the utmost importance in this activity, the jet boat was especially custom-built for the Zambezi, and the captains have undergone additional training. They will ensure you have the trip of a lifetime and then safely transport you home.

Go On Walking Safari To See White Rhinos

Victoria Falls Walking Safari

The white rhino is the second largest land mammal after the elephant and is also the largest of the 5 remaining species of rhinoceros. Over the years the white rhino has become endangered as a result of heavy poaching and there are only a few remaining in the world. It is one of the animals you will most likely not get a chance to see on a safari or game drive as they are heavily protected. You can however get a chance to see them in Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park which is just a 20-minute drive from Livingstone in Zambia. The park isn’t really as famous as other parks such as Kruger National Park. But the small herd of white rhinos make it special and worth visiting.

Livingstone Island and Devils Pool

Devil's Pool

Get a chance to swim out to Devil’s Pool, a secluded natural swimming pool on the edge of Victoria Falls. This is one of the wildest and thrill filled activities you can do in the area, nothing tops this. This activity allows you to tour Livingstone Island and see iconic views from where David Livingstone himself first viewed the falls. The tour to Devil’s pool allows a maximum number of eight people to ensure that your guide/s can give you personalized attention.

Feast Of Beasts

Victoria Falls Wildlife

This is an experience like no other and has recently been added to the list of must Things To Do In Victoria Falls. Who would not want to feast their eyes on the king of the jungle as he and his pride devour their meal from just a few metres away?  You will be in a caged game drive vehicle and you will see the big cats in their natural habitat. With this activity you learn a lot as well as become part of spreading the word of conservation. Victoria fall Activities such as walking with lions have since been replaced as they were associated with animal cruelty and if you care for the lions this is a better activity to do. If you are in Victoria Falls, this is an activity not to be missed.

Bungee Jumping Victoria Falls

Bungee Jumping Victoria Falls

This is one of the most dreaded Activities In Victoria Falls also one of the most exciting that you should try. You get to jump off the 110m long bridge and see the Victoria Falls. Upside down while you take a free fall towards the rushing rapids of the Zambezi River with the scenic Victoria Falls behind you as a backdrop. You will be safely secured with a bungee rope and it is considered a very safe activity.

White Water Rafting Victoria Falls

White Water Rafting Victoria Falls

This activity takes you on a wild ride downstream of the Zambezi River. Due to the rising and falling of the water levels, rafting season is opened during the dry season. It closes in the wet season since the water levels would have increased. During this Time and it is very safe and fun to do. August to early January is the best time to experience the thrills and spills. Choose between a half-day or full-day excursion with an expert guide to fully enjoy.

Lunar Rainbow (Moon bow)

Victoria Falls Lunar Rainbow Tour

Are you looking for a unique activity that is found in only a few places in the world? Then the Lunar Rainbow is what you are looking for. Victoria Falls is one of the only 2 places in the world where you get to see the Lunar Rainbow on a continuous basis. You can see the moon bow when there’s enough spray to create the moon bow effect during a full moon. The moon bow appears when water droplets in the air refract the light from the moon to form a Rainbow. The Falls are only open for three nights during this time of the full moon, the day before and the day after. For safety reasons, this activity is available only with qualified guides.

Victoria Falls Village Tour

Victoria Falls Village Tour

This is another highly recommended Tour In Victoria Falls. You get to experience the local culture and customs of the people when you visit. A village just 20 minutes out of town. At the village, the chance is given to interact with the local villagers in their rural homes and a chance is given to see how they live and go about with their day to day activities.

Victoria Falls Township Tour

Victoria Falls Township Tour

Chinotimba Township is home to a substantial percentage of Victoria Falls population followed by Mkhosana. The Township Tour will take you to visit some of the local bars, the market and some churches. Visiting the local primary school is a highlight during the school year.

Chobe Day Trip

Chobe Day Trip

Chobe National Park in Botswana is only 80 kilometres away, making it an ideal addition to your Activities At Victoria Falls. It’s ideal to travel during the dry winter months, when wildlife needs to drink from the Chobe River. Improving your chances of seeing elephants, buffalo, antelope, and lions.

Hwange Day Trip

The Hwange National Park is one of Zimbabwe’s biggest game reserves and is just 150 kilometres away from Victoria Falls. It offers a great addition to your Victoria Falls Trip and gives you an unforgettable experience. There are more than 100 species of animals , including elephant, ostrich, hyena, lion, leopard, buffalo, cheetah, wild dog, zebra, wildebeest, and antelope such as eland, kudu, and sable. Also there are over 400 species of birds making the visit there worthwhile.

There are so many Victoria Falls Tours And Activities that you can do. The list is endless and the good part is. Falcon Safaris cater for all your needs as Victoria Falls values diversity so no matter what. There is always something for you.

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