Chasing The Roar – Exploring Victoria Falls At Its Peak During The Wet Season

Victoria Falls | 14 / 08/ 2023

By Falcon Safaris
Best Time to Visit Victoria Falls

Get ready for a wild ride when you visit Victoria Falls during the wet season. It’s no wonder why it is called the Best Time to Visit Victoria Falls when you consider features like heart-pounding adventures, vibrant rainbows, and misty wonders guaranteed to leave you filled with awe. This read takes into account all these factors and gives you reasons why you should visit Victoria Falls this season.

The Mighty Falls Unleashed During The Wet Season

Best Season to Visit Victoria Falls

The wet season, which runs from November to April transforms Victoria Falls into a spectacle of cascading water. Just imagine 5 million litres of water per minute and a spray of water that extends 35-60 kilometres from the Falls. This is exactly what you’ll experience in the wet season, making it the Best Season to Visit Victoria Falls.

The water levels peak around the month of February. This offers the most dramatic display as the falls stretch over 1.7 km. in width, earning the nickname ‘The Smoke that Thunders.’

The following are the water levels that you should expect during Victoria Falls Tours in the wet season:


Highlighted Experiences – Amidst the lush greenery that flourishes during this season, the vibrant flora and fauna create a fabulous setting. The chirping of birds, the calls of primates, and the rustling of leaves add to the symphony of nature.

All in all, these major takeaways answer the question of What is the Best Month to Visit Victoria Falls.

Adventures In The Mist – Best Activities In The Wet Season

Best Activities In The Wet Season

Victoria Falls Day Tours during the wet season transform into a playground for all adventurous souls. The increased water flow opens up an entirely new possibility for Victoria Falls Adventure Activities that takes visitors right into the centre of the action.

  • One such adventure is the iconic Devil’s Pool experience. This thrilling activity takes you right to the edge of the falls where you’ll look down over the 108-metre drop.
  • This Victoria Falls Guided Tour will be led by experienced guides, ensuring your safety while you indulge in the ultimate rush of excitement.
  • For an exhilarating adventure, white-water rafting is the go-to pick. The gushing waters of the Zambezi River create a challenging yet enjoyable rafting experience.
  • With varying levels of difficulty, this Vic Fall Activity caters to both beginners and seasoned rafters.

Here are some of the other Things to Do in Victoria Falls during the wet season. We’ll go over a brief activity description, approximate duration, level of difficulty, and some safety precautions.

Devil’s PoolSwim on the edge of the falls, gazing into the abyss below, guided by experienced professionals.1.5 hoursModerateLife jackets and safety ropes are provided.
White-water RaftingNavigate through exhilarating rapids on the Zambezi River, offering varying degrees of difficulty.Half/Full DayHighProfessional guides and safety gear.
Helicopter FlightsSoar above the falls for a breathtaking aerial view of the cascading waters and the surrounding landscape.15-30 minutesEasyExperienced pilots and modern aircraft.
Bungee JumpingTake a plunge off the Victoria Falls Bridge, experiencing an adrenaline rush like never before.5-10 minutesHighCertified operators and safety harnesses.

Go Beyond – Want a dedicated read that compares the experiences of every Victoria Falls Activity? Then this blog will help you out greatly –

Spectacular Rainbows Of The Wet Season

Best Times of the Year to Visit Victoria Falls

The wet season brings with it a display of rainbows that arch across the falls. As the sunlight interacts with the mist, vibrant rainbows emerge, adding a surreal touch to the already attractive landscape. The rainbows dance with the falls, creating a captivating interplay of colours that seem to reach from one side of the gorge to the other.

Expect this with Us – The spray from the falls, combined with the moonlight, creates a phenomenon known as Lunar Rainbow. Witnessing these unique sightings during a Lunar Rainbow Tour is an experience of pure wonder and magic.

Choosing Your Wet Season Safaris

The wet season is also one of the Best Time To Visit Victoria Falls for safaris. The surrounding national parks and game reserves come to life with a profusion of wildlife, as animals gather around the water sources. Elephant herds, buffalo, antelope, and numerous bird species can be spotted roaming the lush landscape.

  • To make the most of your wet season safari, consider exploring the nearby Zambezi National Park. A Day Trip to Chobe National Park works well too.
  • Game drives, boat safaris, and walking safaris allow you to observe the diverse wildlife up close, creating an unforgettable safari experience.

Here are some of the wildlife sightings you can expect during a Tour of Victoria Falls in the wet season:

African ElephantsAbundant sightings as they gather around water sources for drinking and bathing.
Cape BuffaloOften seen in large herds grazing near the rivers and waterholes.
ImpalaFrequently spotted throughout the parks, especially near lush vegetation.
African Fish EagleA majestic bird is often seen soaring over the waterways, hunting for fish.
HipposFound in rivers and waterholes, exhibiting their territorial behaviour.

Safety Precautions For The Wet Season

It’s a fact that you will want to make the most out of your Victoria Falls Tour when travelling during the wet season. To help you out with this, here are some of our personalized recommendations:

  • The increased water flow can create strong currents and unpredictable conditions.
  • It is crucial to adhere to the guidance of experienced guides during water-based activities.
  • Wear appropriate safety gear and follow all instructions meticulously to ensure a safe and enjoyable adventure.
  • When exploring the pathways near the falls, be cautious of slippery surfaces due to the mist.
  • Stay on designated trails and viewpoints to avoid accidents and respect the natural habitat.

Our Way – At Falcon Safaris, we prioritize your safety during the wet season by meticulously adhering to all safety protocols, ensuring your trip flows seamlessly without any hitches.

Feel Alive In The Wet Season Wonders Of Victoria Falls!

As the misty curtains of Victoria Falls unveil their grandness, our commitment to offering the best of Victoria Falls Tours ensures a seamless and secure experience throughout your wet season expedition. Book your adventure during what is considered the Best Time to Visit Victoria Falls and have yourself a cherished experience.

Until we meet again, keep chasing the roar of Victoria Falls!

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