High-Wire Activities In Victoria Falls For Adrenaline Seekers

Victoria Falls | 25 / 09/ 2023

By Falcon Safaris
Victoria Falls Activities

Victoria Falls is known as the adventure hub of Southern Africa. No other place is more responsible for bringing thrill to its visitors than this place does. One of the biggest highlights of your trip there will be the Victoria Falls Activities, particularly the high wire activities.

There is something unique about being high up in the sky that gets your blood rushing and your heart leaping to your throat with a blend of excitement and thrill. While you explore the vast array of Things To Do In Victoria Falls, you’ll find adventure, and natural beauty, awaiting at every turn.

Bungee Jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge

Bungee Jumping

They say there are many ways of viewing Victoria Falls, but have you ever tried viewing it upside down? Of all the adventure activities, the Victoria Falls Bungee Jump has to be one of the most iconic ones yet.

Imagine taking a leap off the historical Victoria Falls bridge. Imagine freefalling at speeds of about 200km/h with just the support of a single elastic cord that rebounds and swiftly swings you high in mid-air. It is quite the experience and only until you do it, you can never understand the feeling.

For some who have tried bungee before, you should consider Bungee Jumping on your Victoria Falls Tours, you will absolutely love it without a doubt. The setting and scenery are what make the difference and add to the activity being unique.

You will be heading towards the white waters of the Zambezi River and having the largest sheet of falling water in the world as your backdrop. It’s the perfect setting for the perfect activity that you will remember for a lifetime.

Zip lining Over the Zambezi River

Zip lining

There are always so many things to do in the Falls and if you have to narrow down, at least consider the Victoria Falls Zipline. It houses some of the longest zip line rides in the world. Imagine the adrenaline sensation of speeding 425 m across the gorge at a speed of 106 km/h while dangling 120 m above the breathtaking Zambezi waters below.They will hang a cable from one side to the other as the river flows through the Batoka Gorge.In this activity, they will rope and fasten you to a pulley before launching you over the edge and accelerating you to 106 km/h as you plummet over the water.

Flying Fox Canopy Tour Victoria Falls Activities

Flying Fox Canopy Tour Victoria Falls

You can never say you’ve done the Victoria Falls activities if you haven’t tried the Flying Fox Canopy Tour. The activity consists of a network of slides, trails, and bridge walkways within the canopy of the forest in the Zambezi gorges. You will slide from one point to another multiple times and occasionally stop to trail on walkways looking for what lies within the hardwood forest.

The canopy tour gives you the prime opportunity to explore the Zambezi greenwood and zipline a couple of times whilst at it. You get to see the birds perched within the trees as well as meet the velvet monkeys and other smaller animals.

Gorge Swinging

Gorge Swinging Victoria Falls

One of Victoria Falls’ most popular tourist attractions is the Gorge Swing. This activity is literally a full swing across the gorge with an incredible height of 316 meters and a depth of 120 meters. As you begin, you will step onto a platform where they will fasten jumping ropes onto you along with a harness for safety.

A guide will lead you through the safety procedure and ensure that all is set. When you are ready you will jump off the platform and free fall for about 70 meters before entering a 95-meter-long swing that resembles a pendulum.

Bridge Slide

Bridge Slide Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls Excursions offers an exciting bridge slide that allows you to glide across the gorge parallel to the historic Victoria Falls Bridge. The bridge slide is unquestionably the most sedate activity on the bridge. Everyone can do it, from young children to senior citizens. It does give you a small adrenaline rush, not enough to make you doubt all your decisions in life, but just enough to make you want to try it again.

Before gently guiding you across to the Victoria Falls Bridge, the zipline travels 300 meters above the Zambezi River rapids in the Batoka valley below, offering breathtaking views of the Zambezi River and the valley. The Zimbabwean edge of the Batoka is then reached after a brief stroll under the bridge.

Preparing For Adrenaline And How To Stay Safe During High-Wire Activities

  • Make your reservation in advance.
  • Examine your health and any wounds, and get medical advice as needed.
  • At the very least, have someone there to support you. don’t overthink it and avoid binge eating before.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing and closed-toed shoes and pull your hair back.
  • Arrive early at the activity location and pay attention to the operator’s instructions and the safety briefing.

Aerial Adventures With High-Wire Activities At The Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls high-wire activities are quite the experience and though seem scary at first. It will give you much-needed satisfaction and a sense of achievement. If you are in the need of an adrenaline boost, then look no further because you are guaranteed that and more.

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