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Everyone fantasizes about having a superpower, and nine times out of ten, the ability to fly is the power they choose. The Flying Fox, also known as the Superman Zip line, is a high-wire activity that allows you to fulfil that desire and gives you a sensational feeling of flying. The name "flying fox" comes from the fact that this Victoria Falls Activity puts you in a flying position with arms and legs spread wide, like the flying fox (one of the largest bat species in the world).

You get clipped into a harness that is attached to a pulley which then glides along an almost horizontal cable across the gorge, 125m above the valley floor. Flying Fox Victoria Falls gives you the sensation of flying. It looks tame in comparison to the Foodie slide and Gorge Swing, but we promise you this is still a thrilling experience and requires great courage.

Ready for Flying Fox Victoria Falls with Falcon Safaris ?

Imagine taking a running jump into thin air over the chasm, soaring horizontally through the air over the turmoil of the Zambezi below. The gorge at this point is 200 meters wide and 120 meters deep. This is a great appetizer before you try the Zip Line and Gorge Swing.

How Is The Activity Done ?

The adventure starts on a wooden platform where you can see the gaping gorge's mouth and hear the raging rapids below. Your heart will be pounding, and your palms tingling before taking your first steps toward the sensation of flying. You will be fastened to a harness that puts you into "superman posture" when your feet leave the platform.

You will get clipped onto a harness which is attached to a pulley that glides along a horizontal cable for 125 meters across the gorge. This allows you to fly while dangling horizontally in the air. As you glide between the jaws of the Zambezi gorges above breath-taking scenery, any fear you may have previously had is whisked away by the wind.

Why Do The Flying Fox ?

The Flying Fox is a thrilling introduction to the high wire activities in Victoria Falls. The activity moves at a leisurely rate that allows you to completely observe the greenery that grows out of the rock fissures and ascends the black basalt. The sounds of the birds flying at what is now eye level blend with the noises of the churning rapids below.

The Flying Fox Victoria Falls is ideal for anyone who wants just a little bit of an adrenaline thrill but aren’t up for the bungee jump or the gorge swing. The 200 m wide and 120 m deep portion of the gorge usually rekindles your desire for the faster, more thrilling high wire activities. It is considered the tamest activity of all, but it still requires courage to take that first step.

Where can I find the flying fox ?

The flying fox experience takes you over the Gorge which separates Zimbabwe from Zambia. You can do the activity between the Victoria Falls Hotel and Victoria Falls Bridge right above Rapid Number 3 and 4, the location is perched high up on the breath-taking cliffs of the Batoka Gorge. 120 meters above the rushing waves off the Wild Horizons "Look-out" café.

What You Need To Know ?

At most, the gorge swing is a one-hour activity, and this is from the time of pickup until the time you return to your hotel. It is suitable for those staying for a short time in Victoria Falls and even day trippers.


The Flying Fox is one of the short activities in Victoria Falls and is only for one hour. It is a good activity to squeeze in your busy schedules or that you can do quickly allowing you ample time to rest.

At What Times

You can do the flying fox from 8:30am to 4:30pm daily all year round. Only closed when weather conditions are extremely bad.

Age Restriction

The Flying Fox Victoria Falls is generally a fun filled activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages from the very young and timid to the elderly. It is considered as an activity for everyone regardless of age, level of craziness or amount of courage. There is no age restriction per say with the flying fox, although at the management's discretion, kids might have to ride in a double harness with an adult.

Any child under the age of 16 who needs to sign an indemnification must have their parents or guardians present. Should management determine that a youngster is not capable of handling the experience in any way, they may decide to send them away. No upper age limit applies.

Children from the ages of 6 to 11 pay half price and those above 12 pay full price.

Weight Restriction

High wire activities usually have weight restrictions and for the flying fox, 140 kg maximum total weight that is allowed to do activity.

Other Restrictions

For safety and medical reasons high wire activities like the flying fox are not suitable for the following people:

  • Not advised for people with back problems
  • Not advised for pregnant women and expecting mothers.
  • Not advised for people with heart problems or other serious medical related conditions
  • It is recommended for travellers to have a moderate physical fitness level
  • The flying fox experience requires good weather. If weather conditions are bad to the extent that you are unable to do the activity, you’ll be offered a different date or a full refund
  • The activity can be done by a maximum of 2 people at a time.

The gorge swing is definitely a true highlight and one of the activities you need to try in Victoria Falls.

What To Wear & What To Bring ?

Travellers are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing that protects against the sun as well as running or hiking shoes. It is also advised to have hair bands (for longer hair, which must be tied up). In winter, (April to August) warm clothing is recommend and in summer shorts and t-shirts will do. Although there are lockers available, visitors are advised to keep valuables at home or the hotel.

Items To Pack The Following Items Are Suggested For Clients To Bring: Hair ties, sunscreen, and insect repellent (for longer hair, which must be tied up) Although there are lockers available, visitors are advised to keep valuables at home or the hotel. Guests or observers’ spectators are welcome.


Duration: Open Ended

Where: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

What to Wear: Clients are advised to wear the following:
* Comfortable attire that provides sun protection
* Hiking/running shoes
* Hair ties (for longer hair, which must be tied up)
* Warm clothing in winter (April to August) Lockers are available, but guests are encouraged try to leave valuables at home/the hotel.

Weather: Weather Permitting

When: All year round

Things to Bring: Clients are advised to bring the following with: · Sunscreen · Mosquito repellent · Hair ties (for longer hair, which must be tied up) Lockers are available, but guests are encouraged try to leave valuables at home/the hotel.

Guests or Spectators: Spectators Allowed

Inclusions And Exclusions

Inclusions The Flying Fox & Scheduled transfers from / to Vic Falls Town / Hotels.

Exclusions Excludes Park Entry Fee which is currently US$3.00 (Please settle upon booking). Items of a personal nature, videography and photos of the activity


Minimum Age 0 years

Minimum Height 0.0m

Maximum Height 0.0m

Experience Level No Experience Requirement

Fitness Level No Fitness Requirement

Qualifications None Applicable

Certification None Required

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Yes, you can enjoy flying fox throughout the year. You will be attached to a horizontal cable that is 125 meters above the valley.

No, flying fox are not dangerous. You will be attached to a strong rope. The guides are also specially trained. All tourists are under Medical Air Rescue Service (MARS).

You can book online for a flying fox adventure. It must-do adventure at Victoria Falls. You can also call us on +263 83 284 1840/1.

If you are afraid of Bungee Jumping or Bridge Swing then Flying Fox is an adventure that you should definitely try out. You will feel like a flying human./p>

Yes, if you are going in the cold or rainy season, a wetsuit is compulsory to protect yourself from hypothermia. But in summer you can go without a wetsuit. If the water temperature goes below 70 degrees Fahrenheit prepare to wear a wetsuit.

1 hour. The time duration of Flying Fox is 1 hour. This is also a year around activity.

47$. The cost of Flying Fox is 47$. Feel like a bird and enjoy the bird view of Batoka reserve.

Flying fox includes your pick and drops from your lodges. The entry fee and all the necessary gear are also included.

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