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The Zip Line Victoria Falls is arguably the most common of all the highwire activities during Victoria Falls Tours and a favourite for most travellers. For those that do not know what this is, from the name, just imagine the action made by a zipper on a jacket as you zip it down. This Victoria Falls Activities is similar to that as it lets you slide down a zip wire or cable in mid-air at about 106km to 110km per hour.

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What is the Victoria Falls zip line ?

The Victoria Falls Zip Line is a highwire activity that is classified under gorge activities. It is similar to but not to be confused with the bridge slide. The difference between the two however, is the distance of the slide and where you are sliding from. With the gorge swing, you will be sliding across the gorge and the bridge slide, across the bridge.

What makes the Victoria Falls Zip line special ?

  • The Victoria Falls Zip Line is the second longest zip line in Africa after the (No 6) Lake Eland Zip line in South Africa.
  • It is also considered one of the longest zip lines in the world as it measures 425 metres in length and it is suspended 120 metres above the Zambezi River.
  • What makes it more special is that, you get the opportunity to glide across the astonishing beauty of the Batoka Gorge with the might Zambezi below and one of nature’s seven wonders, the Victoria Falls in the background.
  • The location; it is located close to the beautiful Look out Café and it gives you an opportunity to relax and get refreshments before or after your activity.

How is the zip line done ?

For Zip Line Activity, to begin with, you will be firmly strapped into a harness which puts you in a sitting position. The harness will be attached to a pulley system on a cable line above which spans across the gorge. Once you are firmly strapped and your guide has checked everything, you will then be propelled on a sliding descent across the gorge with the wind in your face, the experience will have begun.

How many people can go at a time ?

Like most of the highwire activities you can do the zip line on your own or go with someone else on the tandem zip line. On the tandem zip line, a parent and a child or two adults can be double harnessed and go at the same time to share the experience.

Where is the Zipline ?

The Zipline is located in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, not far from The Lookout Café. The cost of the activity includes scheduled transports to the place from Vic Falls Town hotels and lodges. In the case that you wish to go own your own, be sure to let the operator know well in advance.

Issues of Safety ?

Safety when doing highwire activities is very crucial and because of that, you will attend a brief safety lecture before your zipline over the enormous Zambezi River. You will be advised on what to wear, how long it takes, and what to anticipate throughout your slide.

Instructions on what to do and how to utilize the equipment in case of an emergency will be provided to you. It is very important to always abide by these rules to ensure your safety. A guide however will be with you monitoring everything to ensure everything is in order.

When can I do the zipline ?

All year long, visitors to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, can enjoy the zipline. It is not a seasonal activity but however it can be disrupted in the case of adverse weather or extreme weather conditions. Group reservations are also accepted.

What to bring and wear during the activity ?

Make sure your backpack is filled with the appropriate supplies if you intend to zipline in Victoria Falls. This includes footwear that is suitable for running and trekking, clothes that offers sun protection, and warm gear in the winter (April to August).

Hair bands (for longer hair, which must be tied up). Although there will be lockers available, we advise people to leave valuables at home or the hotel.

While waiting for your turn, wear sunscreen, insect repellent, and a wide-brimmed hat to protect against the sun.

What you need to know about zip line ?

  • There is no age restriction for ziplining. (Smaller children may however be required to go with a parent on the tandem zip line)
  • Ziplining does not require a certain height requirement or level of fitness.
  • To zipline, no training or certification is necessary.
  • No Prior Experience Necessary

Finally, your Zipline Adventure In Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, will thrill you and provide you lifelong memories. It might be considered a little frightening! However, the experience is definitely worth getting over your fears for.


Duration: A few minutes, but be prepared to spend loads of time in awe of the amazing views & possibly enjoying cocktails at The Lookout Café!

Where: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Things to Bring: Sunscreen · Mosquito repellent · Hair ties (for longer hair, which must be tied up) Lockers are available, but guests are encouraged try to leave valuables at home/the hotel.

Weather: Weather permitting

When: All year round

What to Wear: Comfortable attire that provides sun protection (remember painting can get a bit messy!) · Hiking/running shoes · Hair ties (for longer hair, which must be tied up) · Warm clothing in winter (April to August) Lockers are available, but guests are encouraged try to leave valuables at home/the hotel.

Inclusions And Exclusions

Inclusions A Zip Line, Scheduled transfers from / to Vic Falls Town / Hotels.

Exclusions Excludes Park Entry Fee which is currently US$3.00 (Please settle upon booking). Visa fees (if applicable) & Items of a personal nature.


Minimum Age None

Fitness Level No Fitness Requirement

Qualifications Not Applicable

Minimum Height 0.0m

Maximum Height 0.0m

Maximum Weight 140.0 kg

Certification None Required

Experience Level None Experience

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Yes, the Zip line is a horizontal jump. It is the longest zip line in the world. Zip Line is definitely an adrenaline rush at 120- meter suspension over the rapids of George.

Yes, the minimum age restriction for Zip line adventure is 12 years. There is no need for experience or fitness level.

1 hour is the time duration of Zip Line the adventure. Visitors can also book online for Zip line adventure.

$87. The cost of a Zip Line adventure is $87 per person. Experience the rush adrenaline rush at 60 mph.

Zipline is more exciting than Gorge Swing. In the Zip Line, you can really see the breathtaking view of the Zambezi River at a speed of 106 km.

Zip Line includes your transfer in the Victoria Falls area only. All necessary gear and the entry of $3 are also included.

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