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Gorge Swing is an insane activity which involves a free-fall from the Victoria Falls Bridge by one or two people at a time. After check-in, you go to the middle of the bridge where the jump operators will give you your safety talk and strap you in.

Imagine falling 70 meters from the sky in zero gravity while experiencing the wind on your face and the rush of blood to your head. Below you are heading straight into the Batoka Gorge and the raging rapids of the mighty Zambezi River. The feeling of flying and swinging in the air surrounded by pure nature is unmatched and cannot be explained in words but must be experienced during Victoria Falls Tour.

Victoria Falls Bridge Activities do not include transfers in the price (except the historic tour and packaged activities), so you can either book a seat on the Bridge Bus / Bungee Bus, or make your own way down to the Victoria Falls Bridge. When you get there, you will check-in at the Bridge Cafe where your weight will be recorded. Once you have registered and signed the indemnity form, there's no going back. After that, you will be directed to get fitted and harnessed.

Ready for Gorge Swing Victoria Falls with Falcon Safaris ?

What is the Gorge Swing ?

The Gorge Swing is one of the most thrilling things you can do during Victoria Falls Tours. This canyon activity loaded with adventure, is similar to the bridge swing. Instead of hanging from the Victoria Falls Bridge, you will freefall from the gorge's edge toward the Zambezi River before you are caught gently by the rope and swing back and forth in midair.

Why do the Gorge Swing ?

  • It is higher than the bungee jump hence provides more thrill
  • It provides a better opportunity to appreciate the gorge's grandeur when you reach the bottom.
  • Jumpers can opt to perform the gorge swing while standing, while moving backward, or, for the most courageous, while in a handstand while upside down.
  • It is an adventure filled activity suitable for dare devils and fun enthusiasts.
  • You get to see Victoria Falls in a unique way.

Where does it take place ?

The Gorge Swing Victoria Falls takes place at the edge of the gorge between the Victoria Falls Hotel and the Victoria Falls Bridge. You will be taken to the "Look-Out," café where you will receive a thorough briefing about safety, what to do and what to expect. You will check-in, sign an indemnity and enjoy refreshments on this cozy thatched platform with a magnificent view before and after your Victoria Falls Activity.

When can I do the activity ?

You can do the gorge swing anytime throughout the day every day. It will all depend on what time you want to go; you can always book in advance or still book last minute and be able to go.

How long is the activity ?

At most, the gorge swing is a one-hour activity, and this is from the time of pickup until the time you return to your hotel. It is suitable for those staying for a short time in Victoria Falls and even day trippers.

What about safety ?

You will be briefed about safety before you go for your swing. Highly professional guides will tie you onto jumping ropes, which pivot to the center of a cable that is connect to the gorge. You will be attached and safely held by a harness and subsequently by the jumping ropes making you very safe.

How many people can go at a time ?

You can decide to do the swing on your own or opt to do the tandem swing. The tandem swing is when two people decide to jump at the same time either an adult and a child, friends, family or lovers can do this together. Its good because it allows you to share the fun, the screams, the laughter and the experience together.

Is there an age restriction ?

To do the gorge swing you need to at least be 12 years and above. For children between the ages of 12 and 16, a parent or guardian should be present and will need to sign an indemnification on their behalf. The smaller children can go with an adult at the same time, and both will be double harnessed.

What you need to know ?


You can dress casually, in comfortable and free clothes like shorts, t-shirts, bathing suits and tights. You can also bring a hat, or a cap. Make sure to wear hiking or running shoes that are comfortable and avoid slippers. If you have long hair, it is advised that you pull it back or tie it back.

Park fees

You will be required to pay park entrance fees of just $3 USD

Videos and Photos

Videos and photos will be taken but can be purchased at a small extra fee.


It is recommended to leave your valuables at hotels, bed and breakfasts, and campgrounds where you will be staying.

Weight restriction

For safety reasons, the maximum weight to do this activity is 140kg.

People recommended not to do the activity

Participation in the Gorge Swing is not advised for those who have the following conditions:

  • Expecting mothers
  • Heart-related diseases patients

The gorge swing is definitely a true highlight and one of the activities you need to try during Victoria Falls Tour.

The Gorge Swing is definitely a true highlight and one of the Victoria Falls Activities you need to try. Leap into the wide-open air as you plunge into the mouth of the Batoka gorge, Victoria Falls. Scream as you break free of the fear and trepidation you felt before you threw yourself off the platform. Zero Gravity!


Duration: 1 hour

Where: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Weather: Weather Permitting

Things to Bring: Clients are advised to bring the following with: · Comfortable attire that provides sun protection · Sunscreen · Mosquito repellent · Hair ties (for longer hair, which must be tied up) Lockers are available, but guests are encouraged try to leave valuables at home/the hotel.

What to Wear: Clients are advised to wear the following:
* Comfortable attire that provides sun protection
* Hiking/running shoes · Hair ties (for longer hair, which must be tied up)
* Warm clothing in winter (April to August) Lockers are available, but guests are encouraged try to leave valuables at home/the hotel.

When : All year round

Guests or Spectators: Spectators allowed

Inclusions And Exclusions

Inclusions A Gorge Swing & Scheduled transfers from / to Vic Falls Town / Hotels.

Exclusions Excludes Park Entry Fee which is currently US$3.00 (Please settle upon booking). Items of a personal nature.


Minimum Age 6 years

Fitness Level No Fitness Requirement

Minimum Height 0.0m

Maximum Height 0.0m

Maximum Weight 140.0 kg

Certification Not Applicable

Experience Level None Experience Requirement

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1 hour. The time duration of the Gorge Swing is 1hr. It’s a year-round activity and a real adrenaline rush.

$95, the cost of Gorge Swing at Victoria Falls is $95. On request, tandem swing options are also available.

95 meters 312 feet this is how long Gorge Swing is suspended. It’s a free fall over the edge of 230 feet. It’s a must-thrilling activity at Victoria Fall.

Yes, it’s definitely safe to go on a Gorge Swing. It has a track record of 100% safety. The guides are fully trained and they will make sure that you have a great experience.

Wear comfortable clothes that will protect you from the sun. Wearing hiking or running shoes is Preferable. If you have long hair make sure it is tied up.

12 years. The minimum age is 12 years for Gorge Swing. The maximum weight of the person should be less than 140 kg. There is no prior experience needed.

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