Things To Do In Zambia

Things To Do In Zambia


Things To Do In

Zambia, located in central Africa, is a land of unspoiled wildlife and picturesque landscapes. If you think, that Zambia is only famous for Victoria Falls, wait! There is a lot to discover. From wildlife to adventure, this county is having many more surprises, that visitors can unbox on Zambia Safaris.

Join us on this beautiful journey and find out some of the best Things To Do In Zambia.

Things To Do In Zambia’s National Park

Things To Do In Zambia

Kafue National Park

Kafue National Park is the largest national park in Zambia and offers visitors an abundance of wildlife, diverse landscapes, and various activities to do. Here are some of the things you can do in Kafue National Park:

Game Drive

A game drive in Kafue National Park is the best way to explore the wildlife and wilderness.  In search of wildlife and wilderness on a game drive, you will spot a wide range of animals such as leopards, lions, and buffaloes

Best time – July to October

Commonly seen animals – leopards, zebras, elephants, buffaloes, lions, spotted hyenas, wild dogs, wildebeest, hippos, crocodiles, cheetahs, and many others

Experience – Give you a highlight of Kafue National Park

Baat Safaris

The boat Safari, on the Kafue River, is a unique and unforgettable experience that should be at the top of your list of Things To Do In Zambia. This safari provides the opportunity to spot a diverse range of animals that come to the river to drink water.

Best time- Dry season (July to October)

Commonly Seen Animals – lions, hippos, zebra several other antelope species –impala, puku, hartebeest, and many others.

Experience- A different way to spot wildlife and wilderness of Kafue National Park

Walking Safaris

A Walking Safari In Kafue National Park will take you close to this national park's vast and varied wildlife. Walking Safaris are mostly organized at night, so you get an opportunity to stay in the night camp in the midst of wildlife.

Best time – generally the dry season (from July to October)

Commonly seen animals- the nocturnal animals, mainly the leopards, lions, genets, spring hares, hippos, aardvarks, and bush babies.

Experience – It gives you a chance to spot the nocturnal animals and lets you stay in the bush camps

Balloon Flights Safaris

One of the Best Things To Do In Zambia is to experience the Balloon Flight Safaris that offer breathtaking views of the vast landscapes and wild horizon of Kafue National Park. It is the only safari in the country that allows you to spot wildlife from the air.

Best time – Prefer the dry season

Commonly seen animals –large herds of that rooms in this national park, mostly elephants, pride of lions, leopards, and many more.

Experience – a unique adventure that lets you see the wildlife from above.

Fishing trips

If you love catching fish, you should not miss the fishing trips in the Kafue River.  Some of the fish that live in this river are Killifish, bream, barbel, and freshwater pike.

Best time – June to November

Experience – one of the best fishing safaris experiences in Zambia.

Lower Zambezi National Park

Founded in 1983, the Lower Zambezi National Park is an incredible safari destination in Zambia. This National Park is located in the northwestern part of the Zambezi River.

Game Drive

One of the Things To See In Zambia is the Lower Zambezi National Park, which is named after the lower Zambezi River and boasts a diverse range of wildlife that roams freely. A morning game drive here offers the opportunity to witness the thrilling spectacle of predators hunting their prey.

And on an afternoon game takes you close to the pride of lions, that takes the nap. As the sun submerges in the far horizon, the leopards prepare for the night hunt. And the visitors prepare for the night game drive.

The night game drive in the Lower Zambezi National Parks lets you encounter wild animals like hyenas, aardvarks, civets, genets, and Giant Eagle Owls.

The best time- is the dry season, from July to October

Commonly seen animals - Lions, leopards, elephants, zebra, buffalos, and others.

Experience – Exploring the vivid wildlife and picturesque landscapes of Lower Zambezi National Park through game drives is one of the Top Things To Do In Zambia..

Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park

Established in 1972,

Game Drives

Roughly 2 Hours in length, the game drive is finished in an open 4x4 safari vehicle with a certified safari guide. It offers an exhilarating encounter with the diverse wildlife. On a game drive here, you will get to spot 3 of the Big 5 animals, elephant, buffalo, and white rhino.

Best Time – The Dry season (from July to October)

Commonly seen animals - elephants, buffalos, white rhinos, giraffes, baboons, crocodiles, the waterbuck, zebra, monkeys, impala, and many others

Experience – close encounters with the 3 big five animals and an exceptional wildlife photography experience

Birding Safaris

Being home to more than 300 bird species, the Mosi – oa – Tunya National Park is a haven for bird lovers.  Furthermore, the Zambezi River boasts many aquatic birds like African finfoot, herons, and lapwings.

Best time – November to April

Commonly seen birds – African Finfoot, Black Stork, Chestnut-backed sparrow lark, collared palm thrush and others

Experience – Gives you an exceptional bird-watching experience,

Shopping at Mosi- oa – Tunya Market

If you love collecting, handcrafts, and old artwork, then don’t miss visiting the Mosi – oa – Tunya Market. This marketplace has a wide collection of African-flavored artwork, jewelry and other handcrafts product.

Best time – all year around

Experience - lets you explore the artworks of Zambia and its ancient culture

Trails at Mosi – oa – Tunya National Park

This National Park stumbled with a lot of trails that will visitors close to Victoria Falls. The trails are fairly maintained, however, the mist from the falls can make them slippery so you must pay attention to your footing.

South Luangwa National Park

Game Drive

Home to the highest densities of leopards n the world, South Luangwa National Park is a haven for a game drive. On a day game drive you will encounter vast herds of wildlife like elephants and buffalo as well as a pride of lions.

While on night game drives you will spot nocturnal animals like hyenas, mongooses, civets, bush babies and genet. Rivers are plentiful with hippos and crocodiles.

Best Time- July to October (the bush is dry, and it is easier to spot the animals)

Commonly seen animals – Elephant, Cape Buffalo, hippo, lion, impala, spotted hyenas and Nile Crocodiles.  

Experience – both day and night game drive options, where you will see diverse wildlife and scenic surroundings.

Walking Safaris

Walking Safaris in South Luangwa is the most impressive experience in Zambia Safari Packages. A highly trained guide, coupled with an armed Government National Parks scout will ensure your safety during walking safaris.

Walking Safaris is always an enthralling experience, where you can spot both wildlife and birdlife.

Best time – the dry season

Commonly Seen animals – Giraffes, buffaloes, lions, elephants, leopards and many other animals.

Experience- a unique adventure activity, that lets you discover the wildlife in your footstep

Photographic Hide

Not to be confused with Photographic safaris, the Photographic Hide is a completely unique experience. As the name goes by, in the photographic hide you get a chance to take photographs of animals without disturbing them.

Your lens can capture some of the most uninhabited behaviours of animals. This activity is nothing less than an adventure to capture some of the iconic moments of large animals like elephants, buffalos, and lions.

Best time - the mostly dry season when the game-driving experience is optimal

The animals that you can capture –  Lions, Herds of elephants, and buffaloes.

Experience – capture the un- seen moments of wildlife

Safari Sundowners

A Safari Game Drive is incomplete without the Safari Sundowners. Sundowners is basically a break in the evening game drive. Watching the African Scenic landscapes and holding a glass of your favorite drinks, is a different feeling.

Experience – get a taste of the delicious variety of snacks and drinks

North Luangwa National Park

Walking Safaris

Walking Safaris in North Luangwa National Park is the best way to observe the wildlife and wilderness.  With an experienced safari guide, you can spot the vast array of wild animals. The time duration of the walking safari is 3 to 4 hours.

Best time- from July to October

Animals you can spot – wild dog, hyena, wild dog, hippo, rhino, giraffe, lion, wild dog, elephant, and special species of Cookson’s wildebeest.

Experience – a personalized safari experience for those who love pure wildlife and wilderness

Some others activities like hiking, bird-watching, and fishing.

Kasanga National Park

Game Watching

Game Watching in Kasanga National Park is done in a very unique way in comparison to other national parks in Zambia.  You will observe a vast array of wildlife through a tree hide at Fibwe, which is probably the best vantage point in Zambia to spot the wildlife.

Best time- The dry season (from May to October)

Animals you can spot – crocodiles, waterbucks, buffaloes, and elephants and the birds that you can spot – Coucal, Mousebirds, Bohm’s bee-eaters and other bird species

Experience – an exceptional wildebeest and bird-viewing

Canoeing Safari on the Luwombwa River

Canoe Safari on the Luwombwa River is perfect for birds watching, fishing, and wildlife-viewing.

You can hire a moto bike with a guide to experience all these activities.

Best time- the dry season usually May to October

Animals you can spot – Crocodiles, otters, vervet, Blue Monkeys and many others

Experience – a unique safari experience for bird watching, fishing and game-viewing experience

Things To Do In Victoria Falls

There are numerous Things To Do In Zambia Near Victoria Falls, ranging from adventurous activities like George Swinging to cultural experiences like the Boma Dinner Experience. With each new day, visitors can expect a new adventure packed with exciting activities.

Adventure Activities In Victoria Falls

Things To Do In Zambia

There can be no better place than Victoria Falls, for those who love extreme sports and pure adventure. The adventure activities begin with the White-water-rafting, one the most exciting and daring adventures in Victoria Falls.



Best Time for this activity  


Want to know more

White water rafting

$100 per person  

July to Feb


Click here

Gorge Swinging from Victoria Falls Bridge


$90 per person

May to June


Click here

Zip Lining across the Zambezi River

$56 per person

All year round


Click here

Bungee Jumping

$160 per person

March to June


Click here

Heli copter flights over Victoria Falls

$150 per person with $20 park entry fees

December to March


Click here

Micro Light Flight over Victoria Falls

$179 per person

April to November


Click here

Devil pool swim

$95 per person

Mid–August and Mid – January


Click here

High-Speed Jet Boat

$100 per person plus the park fees

July to Mid – January


Click here

Victoria Falls Canopy Tours

$60 per person

May to mid-August


Click here

Zambezi River Canoeing

$105 per person for a half-day safari

June and November


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Safari And Wildlife Viewing Activities In Victoria Falls

If you’re planning a Zambia Safari, just for the adventure activities in Victoria Falls, then you’re probably wrong. Besides Adventure activities, here you can choose a safari and wildlife viewing activities to discover the vast animal lives in the surrounding areas of Victoria Falls. Even you can extend your Zambia Safari Tour to Botswana, where you can discover the Chobe National Park.



Best Time for this activity 


Want to know more

The overnight Canoe Safaris  

$105 per person

June to September


Click here

Siduli Hide

$50 per person

All year round


Click here

Zambezi Wildlife safaris

$55 -$100 per person

June to September


Click here

Chobe National Parks safaris  

$11-$50 per person

April, May and November


Click here

Horseback safaris

$50 per person

June to November


Click here

Crocodile Park visit  

$5(entry fees)



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Scenic Activities in Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls itself is a natural marvel, from all around this Fall looks stunning. And, to experience its beauty from closer, here are some activities you can take part in.



Best Time for this activity 


Want to know more

Victoria Falls Tour

$20 per person

February to May


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Lunar Rainbow Tour

$65 per person

Jun, July and August


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Zambezi River Cruise

$45 to $60 per person

June to September


Click here

Stream Train Tours

$199 per person

Years around


Click here

Victoria Falls Bike Tours

$45-$50 per person

April To June  


Click here

Historical Bridge Tours

$85-$87 per person



Click here

Lunch at Lookout Café

Starts from $33



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Cultural Activities in Victoria Falls

From mouth-watering food to lively dance, Zambia has a vibrant culture and tradition, to explore.



Best Time for this activity 


Want to know more

Boma Dinner Experience

$49 per person

Years Around


Click here

Meet the people tours

$40-$60 per person

Years around


Click here

The Living stone Island Tours

$40 to $100 per person

Years around expect the end of March and middle of June


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Our Top recommended things to do in Zambia

There is no doubt, A Safari In Zambia houses a lot of activities right from the safari activities like game drives to adventure activities like white water rafting.  And not to mention cultural activities like Boma Dinner Experiences.

From each category, there is something that visitors can enjoy on their Zambia Safari Tours. But the real question is which one to choose?

To answer this question, we have selected the top recommended Things To Do In Zambia, which will help to you planning your itinerary.

The White-Water Rafting

The White -Water Rafting is the most thrilling that you can experience on Victoria Fall Tours. Started in the early 1980s this is the first adrenaline activity that started in Victoria Falls.  Since that time White-water rafting has been alluring all adrenaline junkies from all over the globe.

Best Time -The most optimal time for White -Water -Rafting is from mid-August to late December).

How long does It last -6 to 7 hours depending upon what you choose – full day or half day

Age Restriction – minimum 15 years and the weight limit is 140 kg

To know more about White -Water – Rafting clicks the following link


Safari and Wildlife Activities

Zambezi Canoeing Safaris

Zambezi Canoeing Safaris is the most relaxing way to explore the scenic surrounding of the Zambezi River banks and spot its wildlife. The river current will take you close to the wildlife that comes here for drinking.

You just have to lie down in the back and the river current will take you forward. Sitting down comfortably, you will get to see a wide range of animals. Some of the most frequent animals like hippos, elephants, zebra, impala, waterbuck, baboons and crocodiles.

Best Time – April to November rains (the seasonal rains may impact the timing)

How long does it last - 2 to 3 days including the nights

Age restriction – the minimum age requirement is 12 years

If you want to explore more about this safari activity follow the link –


Spot the Big Five

On a safari in South Luangwa National Park, you will most probably encounter the famous African Big Five. Besides the big five, here you can discover other diverse wildlife like impalas, waterbucks, giraffes and buffaloes.

Furthermore, for the bird lover, this national park accommodates over 400 bird species.

Best Time- The dry season, (from Late Jun to October)

Cultural Excursions

Meet the people and discover their culture and traditions. Zambia is home to 18 million people with the most vibrant cultures. One of them is the Kuomboka festival of the Lozi people.

Best Time-

July to October, most of the traditional festival falls during these months. Zambia celebrates the Kuomboka festival in March or April.

Explore the City – Lusaka!

The Lusaka National Museum is the perfect place to know about Zambian Culture, history and politics.

The Biggest Mammal Migration on Earth

If you think that, Great Wildebeest Migration, is the biggest migration in Africa, then you’re probably wrong. The Kasanka National Park, holds the largest mammal migration, called the Bat Migration in December.

With over 10 million bats, flying over the sky, creates a unique phenomenal event.

Best time- Late October to mid-December

Meet the last remaining Rhinos

The UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mosi- Oa- Tunya National Park, is the only place in Zambia to spot white rhinos. Besides the white Rhinos, the other animals that you can spot here are – elephants, giraffes, buffalo and zebra.

The, best thing about Mosi-Oo-Tunya National Park, you get the most scenic game viewing experience on a game drive.

Discover the Zambian Heritage at Livingstone Museum

Being the largest and oldest museum, in Zambia, the Livingstone Museum, is where you can discover the Zambian Heritage. This museum is built as a tribute to Zambian culture. Furthermore, this museum holds a lot of exhibitions that reflect the culture of local tribes.

There is a large collection of David Livingstone’s letters and memorabilia in the Livingstone Museum.

Plan a Birding Safari in South Luangwa National Park

With more than 400 bird species, the South Luangwa National Park is one of the best birding destinations in Zambia. At the end of the dry season, you can spot the bird species like Re-faced yellow-billed storks, pelicans and great white egrets.

And with the start of November, migratory birds come from European Countries to enjoy the warmth of the rainy season.

 Best time- November to April

Birds you can spot – African Broadbill, African Skimmer, Horus Swift, Lilian’s lovebird, Cardinal quelea,Black–throated wattle-eye and many other migratory birds.

Kafue National Park – the largest and oldest

For the best wildlife sighting and bird viewing, there is no better place, than the Kafue National Park. This National Park is also the largest and] oldest national park in Zambia.

Lions, leopards and cheetahs, are a prominent part of the large diversity of wildlife. While wild dogs and antelopes also play their part in this vast diversity.

Best time – July to October

Wildlife – lion, cheetah, leopards, hippos, buffalo, zebra, and other antelopes’ species like impala, puku, sable, hartebeest, bushbuck and others

Things To Do In Zambia According To The Season

If you’re planning a Safaris In Zambia, you should know which season is best for which adventure activities. Knowing the season safari activities will help you plan your itinerary in a much better way.

In the High Season/Dry season
  • Game drives/ wildlife sighting
  • Walking Safari
  • Canoe Ride Safari
  • Photographic safaris
  • Devil Pools swim at Victoria Falls
  • Jet Boat adventure at Victoria Falls
  • Micro Light Flight
In the Low Season/ wet season
  • Bird watching
  • Zambezi River Cruise
  • Helicopter flights over Victoria Falls
  • Bungee Jumping

Note – All safari and adventure activities depend on the weather condition. So, we advise you to confirm safari guides before booking any adventure activities.


Over the years Zambia has proclaimed itself as the finest safari destination in central Africa. No matter what you’re looking for, wildlife or adventure, there is too many Things To Do In Zambia.

In search of adventure and wildlife, you will discover some of the most unseen animals, the friendliest people and their vibrant culture. And, all these and more make Zambia Safari a truly unforgettable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

We Think You’ll Love

On the Lower Zambezi River, visitors can go on a Canoe Safari. This is the most relaxing safari experience that you can enjoy anywhere in Zambia. On this canoe ride you can spot wild animals like elephants, zebra and waterbucks, baboons and crocodiles.

The Kafue National Park is the largest and oldest national park in Zambia. Boasting large diversity of wildlife, the Kafue National Park offers a superb game viewing experience. Apart from Game-viewing, here you can enjoy the safari activities like balloon safaris, guided walking safaris, night game drives, fishing and canoeing.

Starting from White water rafting to the jet boat, helicopter flights, bungee jumping and David pool swim, there are a lot of activities to take part in the Victoria Falls.

Kafue National Park is where you can go on a guided walk. Guided walks are short excursions in Kafue National Park, with a guide. Walking Safari guides the best ways to immerse yourself in the wild. Along with spotting the wildlife, you will get a chance to know about the smaller fauna and flora of the Kafue National Park.

12 years. Anyone opting for an Adventure Jet Boat must be above 12 years. Though there is no weight limit, no high standard of physical fitness is required.

Mosi- Oa- Tunya National Park, is where you can spot white rhinos. These White Rhinos are some of the last remaining rhinos in Zambia. Elephants, Zebras and Giraffes are some of the common animals that can be seen in this national park along the white rhinos.

On the Devil Pools Swim, you’re going to experience the most thrilling swimming of your life. The pools allow people to swim at the edge of Victoria Falls. Swimming on the edge of Victoria Falls is an exciting and the same time it is death-defying adventure.

Kafue National Park- for being the 5th largest in Africa and the oldest and largest national park in Zambia.

Lower Zambezi National Park – Known for canoeing, boating and fishing on the Zambezi River.

South Luangwa National Park- Zambia’s most famous national park and home to many safari activities like Walking Safaris

Kasanka National Park – Home to the largest bat migration in Africa.

Lusaka National Park- located just outside the capital city, the most accessible national park in Zambia.

The high season (from July to October) offers a great-viewing experience across all major national parks in Zambia. The following are the activities that visitors can enjoy during the high season –

  • Game drives/ wildlife sighting
  • Walking Safari
  • Canoe Ride Safari
  • Photographic safaris
  • Devil Pools swim at Victoria Falls
  • Jet Boat adventure at Victoria Falls
  • Micro Light Flight

July to February is the most optimal time for White-water rafting. During this time of the year, the current flows at its highest level. The cost of white-water rafting is $140 (for half a day), including $10 national park fees.

The capital city of Zambia, Lusaka – the capital city of Lusaka is known as a transit hub for visitors coming to Victoria Falls. In this beautiful city, travellers can discover local artwork by visiting the galleries, Chana, Lechwe Trust and The Start Foundation.

The Lusaka National Museum is the perfect place to know about Zambian Culture, history and politics.

The local art galleries, Chana, Lechwe Trust and the Start Foundation. If you’re curious to know about Zambian Culture, history and politics visit the Lusaka National Museum.

The Kafue National Park. The Kafue National Park offers the most sought safari adventure, the Balloon Safari. You can experience this Balloon Safari, Busanga Plains, in the northern part of Kafue National Part. On a safari ride, you will the eagle view of herds of animals, the wetlands and the wooded island. The best time for balloon safaris is from August to November.

From July to October, the peak season is the best time for a Safari In Zambia. This is also the dry season, in Zambia, which is perfect for wildlife viewing. During this time, you can spot a large herd of animals, gathered around the waterholes.

The helicopter flights over Victoria Falls are known as the Flight of Angel. The Helicopter Flights over Victoria Falls are a magnificent way to see Victoria Falls from the sky high.

As you fly over the largest sheet of falling water, you will experience how glorious and big this waterfall is. The whole trip lasts for 20-30 mins. And it cost $150 per person.

For an immersive Zambia Wildlife-viewing experience, Kafue National Park, South Luangwa National Park, and Lower Zambezi National Parks are the best for wildlife-viewing or game drives. Some of the most seen wildlife are lions, leopards, giraffes and other bird species.

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