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It is no lie when they say that Victoria Falls is the adventure hub of Africa and its famous high wire activities definitely give that name more credit. There are so many Victoria Falls Activities you can choose from and one of the most unique out of all of them has to be the Canopy Tour. The Victoria Falls Canopy Tour offers fantastic views of Zambezi rapids, Victoria Falls Bridge & the spray of the Victoria Falls.

Ready for Canopy Tour Victoria Falls with Falcon Safaris ?

What Is The Victoria Falls Canopy Tour ?

A Victoria Falls Canopy Tour is a high wire activity that allows you to zip line in several different sections above, below and within the canopy of the thick trees in the Batoka Gorge. There are also a series of walkways and a footbridge that take you through the trees giving you that Jumanji Jungle experience.

This guided Victoria Falls Tour introduced long back in 2013 is a once in a lifetime experience, one that gets you in touch with nature and up close and personal with the riverine ever-green forests of the Zambezi Valley. It gives you a first-hand view of the river and the gorges from different viewing platforms.

Who Can Do The Canopy Tour ?

  • This fun activity is open to everyone of all ages. (Minimum age being 6)
  • It is a highly recommended family activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family.
  • The activity is suitable for groups or people travelling in big numbers
  • It is fun for adventure seekers and those that want a sense of thrill but not to certain extremes like the bungee jump and gorge swing.
  • If you love nature and the outdoors, you will appreciate this activity and enjoy it very much.

What To Expect on the Canopy tour ?

Before the Canopy Tour Victoria Falls, the knowledgeable and amiable team will give you a thorough safety briefing and walk you through your impending adventure step by step. You will have a minimum of 2 guides that will be with you during the tour.

The canopy tour will allow you to visit the Victoria Falls National Park while gliding through the air like a bird and experiencing a tranquil and pleasant environment.

The Vic Falls Canopy Tour has one cable bridge walkway in addition to 9 slides with variable lengths (the tallest is about 85 meters long and the shortest is about 40 meters).

What will you see during the Canopy tour ?

You will get a chance to see amazing views of the raging rapids, the Victoria Falls Bridge, and the spray of the Falls as you glide along. The Victoria Falls Canopy Tour on the Zambezi gorge is an all-in-one experience that allows you to see everything including one of the seven natural wonders of the world itself.

If you love birds then this tour will allow you to discover the forest's birdlife, which includes species like the Knysna and Purple-crested Turaco (Lourie), Peregrine Falcons, Lizard Buzzard, Eastern Bearded Robin, and Emerald-spotted Wood-dove among others.

It’s no surprise that up and above the trees you will also spot the highly energetic and cheeky red velvet monkeys and the baboons swinging by to say hello.

Where can I do the activity ?

Please be aware that this is accessible and bookable from the Zimbabwean side of Victoria Falls; if you are staying in Zambia or Botswana, please inquire and book in advance.

How Long Is The Activity & In Which Seasons Can I Do The Activity ?

The activity has a turnaround time of about is 2 to 2.5 hours.

The Canopy Tour Victoria Falls is open all year round in every season. However, when the weather is extreme, and it is windy the activity won’t run.

What you need to know about Victoria Falls Canopy Tour ?

What To Wear - For the canopy tour like most high wire Victoria Falls Activities, you are recommended to wear comfortable clothing that is light and free to feel the wind as you glide. Also wear comfortable running or hiking shoes and avoid loose fitting shoes like slippers that may slip off and fall in the river below.

What to Bring - It is always recommended to travel with sunblock and sunscreen as the activity is carried out during the day in the scorching heat.

As you will be in the Zambezi Valley, it is also advised to carry insect and mosquito repellent.

Lockers are available to leave your personal belongings, but it is generally advised to leave unnecessary items at the hotel and lodge where you will be staying.

The Canopy Tour Victoria Falls consists of nine slides, varying in length and one cable bridge walkway. The longest slide is about 85 metres long and the shortest 40 metres in length. Our friendly and experienced staff will give you a detailed safety briefing before the Victoria Falls Canopy Tour, taking you step by step through your upcoming adventure & give you a small insight of what to expect during Victoria Falls Tour.


Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Where: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Weather: Weather permitting

Things to Bring: Clients are advised to bring the following with: · Sunscreen · Mosquito repellent · Hair ties (for longer hair, which must be tied up) Lockers are available, but guests are encouraged try to leave valuables at home/the hotel.

When: All year round

What to Wear: Clients are advised to wear the following: · Comfortable attire that provides sun protection · Hiking/running shoes · Warm clothing in winter (April to August) Lockers are available, but guests are encouraged try to leave valuables at home/the hotel.

Inclusions And Exclusions

Inclusions A Victoria Falls Canopy Tour, Gear for the tour, guide & transfers from / to hotels in Victoria Falls Town.

Exclusions Excludes Park Entry Fee which is currently US$3.00 (Please settle upon booking). Items of a personal nature.


Minimum Age 15 years

Fitness Level No Fitness Requirement

Qualifications Not Applicable

Minimum Height 0.0 m

Maximum Weight 140.0 kg

Certification None Required

Experience Level None Experience

Maximum Height 0.0 m

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To see the beautiful island and beautiful wildlife. Visitors can enjoy Canopy Tour at the upper part of Victoria Fall.

The Canopy Tour at Victoria Falls included all safety equipment, life jacket, paddle and helmet, morning breakfast and refreshments. Your transport from and to the lodges is also included. The longest slide is about 85 meters long and the shortest one is 40 meters in length.

There is no special age limit for Canopy Tour, however, parents’ or guardian’s permission is needed for children below 16 years.

You can take mosquito repellent and hats. Try to wear clothes that will protect you from sun heat, hiking or running shoes.

You can book a Canopy Tour online. The canopy tour lasts for 2 hours. To make a booking call us on +268 83 284 1840/1.

2 hours. The duration of the Canopy Tour is 2 hours. The Canopy Tour at Victoria Falls offers a unique experience to see the seven natural wonders of the world.

60$, the cost of a Canopy Tour is 60$ per person. What makes a Canopy Tour special is the breath taking view of rapids in the Zambezi River.

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