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Victoria Falls

Overnight Canoe Safaris

For those that enjoy canoeing, they would agree that the experience is worthwhile and spending a half day or just a day does not do enough justice. The Overnight Canoeing Safari trip is so exhilarating that now it has even extended to being an overnight safari.

This is where you can spend two days or more navigating the upper channels of the Zambezi during Victoria Falls Tours. For those that want to explore more of the upper Zambezi and its wonders, then this Victoria Falls Activity might be something you are looking for. And what better way to do it than in a canoe up close and personal with the river.

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What Is The Overnight Canoe Experience ?

As the name suggests, this is where you canoe on the river and get the opportunity to spend the night by the river outdoors. The main point is you get to do the activity and spend the night.

How Many Days Or Nights Can I Stay ?

The Overnight Canoe Experience allows you to canoe for a day or two, or three on the river and spend a night as well or two on special safari tents by the river.

What Makes The Overnight Canoeing Safari Special ?

Because you will have more time, it allows you to truly experience the upper Zambezi River and appreciate its environment a little more. You will be canoeing through class 1 and 2 rapids while taking in the views and sounds of the huge Zambezi River. You will be just a few kilometres upstream of the magnificent Victoria Falls in the Zambezi National Park.

The inflatable canoes are unsurpassed for observing birds and other wildlife because of how gently they glide downriver, and they are perfectly sturdy to handle any little amounts of white water.

This activity itself is unique, exciting and beautiful and it gives you a personal experience on the river that you wouldn’t otherwise feel if you were on a cruise.

Is It Safe To Be Canoeing On The Upper Zambezi ?

Professional canoe guides lead the overnight canoe journeys, and you paddle your own boat according to their guidance and directions. If you are not comfortable, you will sit back, and your guide will sail you through. You may get to encounter a few minor rapids (depending on the trip), but nothing intense or comparable to the lower Zambezi River rapids that are the main draw of Victoria Falls White Water Rafting.

Where will you be staying ?

On the Zambezi River’s banks, 25 kilometers upstream from the fall, is a mobile camp called Kalai River Camp and this is where you will be spending the night. It is more like a cozy, primitive bush camp than a fancy resort. It is supported by staff who sets up the venue for you and makes your food and drinks.

Large walk-in tents with mattresses and prepared bedding are available at Kalai River Camp. A water basin that is filled with hot water for you every morning, a light, a bedside table, and hand towels are also provided. A portable toilet and a hot shower are also available for your comfort!

Where will you eat ?

A table is set up by the riverbank with breath-taking views of the river for an al fresco (under the stars) type of dinner. On beautifully secluded sandbanks, lunch will be served as you sit calmy enjoying the outdoors and to the Zambezi gently flowing past. Continental breakfast will also be served in the mornings at the camp.

What is included in the trip ?

  • All meals and beverages, except for days spent camping when beer, soft drinks, and mineral water are limited. 1 bottle of wine every 2 visitors each day.)
  • Transfers from Victoria Falls town back home
  • Accommodation is provided for on a sharing basis
  • Canoes and safety gear

What to Bring ?

Sunscreen is essential, and warm clothing for the winter. A hat is highly recommended. Polarized sunglasses, sandals or shoes ideal for rafting, a t-shirt, shorts, swimsuit, and a towel.

Important Things To Note About The Overnight Safari ?

  • In order to do an overnight safari, there should be a minimum of 4 participants.
  • Kids 7 years and older who can fit in a life jacket and are accompanied by an adult are allowed to canoe. Management reserves the right to deny participation to any child they deem inappropriate for the program for any reason.
  • Prior canoeing knowledge is not necessary in order to do the activity.
  • Safaris typically run from April 1 through November 30 (depending on the seasonal rain; contact us for availability).
  • It will be very cold in the evenings, at night, and in the early mornings during the winter months (April, May, June, July, and August). Customers are required to bring their own warm gear.

Discover hidden channels between the islands of the Zambezi River above the Victoria Falls on our Overnight Canoeing Trips. Enjoy a leisurely cruise during Victoria Falls Tour by following your qualified guide, in search of abundant wildlife!

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The overnight safari starts around 8 am and the drop-off time is 11 pm in the evening. Discover the abundant wildlife around the Canoe safari on a beautiful evening.

April to November, are the best months to experience Overnight Canoe Safari. In the winter months April to August, the temperature drops down, so make sure to carry warm clothes.

4 people. The minimum number of people allowed on an Overnight Canoe Safari is 4 people. The Overnight Canoe Safari costs around $250 per person per day.

Sunscreen lotion, hat, and Sunglass. You can also bring cameras if you want. Carry a waterproof bag for your electrical devices.

The minimum age for an Overnight Canoe Safari is 7 years. However, it depends on the management team to decide whether to consider a child to allow or not.

All meals and drinks, Return transfers from Victoria Falls town, Accommodation, Game drive, and also include all the canoe equipment.

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