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Upper Zambezi Canoeing

Upper Zambezi Canoeing is a popular water sport where a person will be in a small, narrow boat called a canoe that moves by paddling a single bladed paddle sideways down a river or a stream. Nowadays, it has transitioned into a more recreational Victoria Falls Activity that gives people the chance to get in a canoe and close to the river channel.

Experience the tranquillity of the upper Zambezi River above the Victoria Falls on a half or full day canoe trips. The pace is gentle and allows time to take in the quiet and calm surrounds. There is a good chance you will spot some wildlife while heading down stream.

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Upper Zambezi Canoeing

Whether or not you have tried canoeing, you will definitely have to try canoe upstream the mighty Zambezi. The Upper Zambezi River has become a very popular place to go canoeing. The section of the river that flows over the fall is quite beautiful. Although it lacks the views of the Lower Zambezi, it has more diverse wildlife and vegetation as well as charming islands, congested channels, and a few white-water rapids.

On the 70 km section of the Zambezi River between Katambora and Victoria Falls, Upper Zambezi Canoe Safaris are offered. The Zambezi River enters Zimbabwe at the Botswana border, and the Zambezi National Park in Zimbabwe and the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park in Zambia are both located close to Katambora.

Where can I go canoeing ?

Both Zambia and Zimbabwe offer canoeing safaris. On the Zambian side, canoeing safaris pass through the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park and on the Zimbabwean side the canoe trips are conducted along the Zambezi National Park.

The Canoe Options Available ?

Full day canoeing Safari

This is available both in Zambia and Zimbabwe, clients are picked from any hotel in Victoria Falls or Livingstone between 07:00 and 07:15. A competent river guide will then give you a safety briefing after breakfast which you will have on the banks of the Zambezi. You will spend the day paddling through the canals and navigating the rapids.

Lunch will be served as a buffet again on the riverbanks. The canoe trip through the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, where rhino sightings are frequent, is the highlight of the day. After snacks and sundowners, the tour will then come to an end.

Half Day canoeing safari

The same protocol as the whole day is followed on this excursion, however clients will do their activity in the morning and will be done by 12.30 in the afternoon

Afternoon sundowner safari

This is for clients that wish to go for their activity in the late afternoon when it’s a bit warmer and want to cool off. Clients are picked up at approximately 12h30 and by 13h00 you will be canoeing upstream the Zambezi. Snacks and sundowners are served before you come to the end of your Victoria Falls Tour.

Multiple day Canoeing Safari

This has many options in which you can choose from. You can either choose between a full day and overnight safari, a two day and one night safari or a three days and two nights safari. You will get the chance to fully explore the river and at night you will stay at tented river side bush camp by the river with ensuite facilities.

What wildlife will I see during the activity ?

All the canoe trails travel beside the Zambezi National Park's banks, and the half-day and full-day trips also terminate at the Zambian side of the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park. Customers thus have a fair chance to see a variety of creatures, including elephants, buffalo, impala, kudus, hippos, and crocodiles. There are several bird species, at least 50 of which can be observed from your ship.

What Type Of Equipment Is Used ?

The inflatable crocodile type canoes, double-sided paddles, and X-treme high flotation life jackets are the sorts of canoes utilized on all excursions. 16-foot inflatable rafts are available for groups. The overnight gear includes sleeping bags and 2-man tents, it is advised however that clients to bring their own that they feel comfortable unless they don’t mind.

What is included ?

Meals, soft drinks, water, tea, coffee, and some alcoholic beverages are all included with camping trips. As the Canoe Trails are in a National Park, a wildlife region, and as such, we do not advise heavy alcohol use, the alcoholic beverages are rationed. Beers, gin & tonics, and wine are included with the meal. If customers have any specific drinks they prefer to consume, they are allowed to bring their own since we will only provide a reasonable amount of these drinks to customers.

When is the canoeing safari available ?

This Victoria Falls Activity is available all year round. Trips may begin and end at various locations throughout the year depending on water levels; the itineraries below provide a general overview of how the trips are conducted. The wet season lasts from December to April, which makes entry more difficult. The National Park is sometimes closed during this period.

Multi day Victoria Falls Tours are available to anyone that may be keen. These overnight trips include camping on an island or alone the Zambezi National park. Spending the night beneath star filled African skies.

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7 am, the upper Zambezi Canoeing starts at 7 am and ends at 2 pm. An Upper Zambezi Canoeing is a unique experience to see the wildlife.If you really want to spend some time with nature, far away from crowds, this Canoe adventure is definitely for you.

12 years, is the minimum age restriction for the Upper Zambezi Canoeing. There is no maximum age limit and also you don’t need to have any certain fitness level.

No, there is no special skill needed for Upper Zambezi Canoeing. Anyone above 12 years can go for Upper Zambezi Canoeing.

$140. The Upper Zambezi Canoeing Costs around $140. It’s a unique experience to see the wildlife around Victoria Falls.

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