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Ignite your creative side with spectacular scenery on the Zambezi River or a local Zimbabwean Village in this colorful Art of Africa activity in Victoria Falls

Art of Africa is a group of young artists in Victoria Falls who came together with the aim of exposing African art to the rest of the world. They offer great products which allow you to explore your artistic side in different environments within the Victoria Falls area.

Art of Africa Workshops

There are several tours offered, although longer and private workshops can be made available.

A river cruise painting workshop on the Zambezi River in Victoria Falls - ZimbabweBreakfast Cruise Workshop (Zambezi River) Just after sunrise, this exclusive breakfast cruise takes you on a 3-hour workshop on the Zambezi River. After a short cruise upstream, the boat will be moored at a chosen site. The guided art class will begin right after, with a local Zimbabwean artist showing you how to interact with your surroundings on a personal level. Your brush and paints in hand, absorb and capture the ambiance of the Zambezi. Allow your sketchbook or canvas to become a visual diary of your African experience.

It is very likely that you will have the river to yourselves - the perfect peaceful setting for the painting. Coffee and croissants will be served throughout the workshop

Painting during a river cruise in Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe You can opt for the colorful and creative acrylics, where you will be painting on either wood or canvas, depicting the bright colors and richness of Zimbabwe. Whether you want to use brushes or your own fingers, you get to take home a unique piece to remind you of Africa and its eccentricities. Most acrylic pieces also have the option of being made into clocks – an awesome souvenir of your time spent in Africa. The second option is the Watercolour and sketch, where you learn the delicate nature of watercolors, and their ability to transform reality into memory through brushstrokes. From postcards to A3 size paintings, capture the essence of the Zambezi.

Cultural Village Art of Africa Workshop (Ndebele Village)

Painting workshop at a village in Victoria Falls 15km on the outskirts of Victoria Falls town lies a beautiful Ndebele Village, belonging to the Mpisi family. Their traditional huts and communal living area truly depict the culturally rich lifestyle of Africa. Embark on a cultural experience, not only including a tour of the village but an interactive workshop with a local artist. Your tutor will be one of the Village Headman’s sons – a truly hidden talent on the Zimbabwean art scene. Catching your memories through oils, watercolors, beading, or finger painting, you will be able to take a piece of Africa home with you – in your own shade of expression. Spend your time immersing yourself in local culture, along with a traditional meal under the Mopane trees to conclude the workshop. A true African encounter.

Elephant Wallow Workshop (The Wallow)

In this workshop, you are taken to the Elephant Wallow where the Wild Horizons elephants are kept. You will be introduced to the facility where you learn how the elephants got to be there and the kind of work that goes on at the elephant sanctuary. Next, is a magical interaction with these huge but gentle creatures - you get to feed them and see how they interact with people as well. This is done safely behind an elevated deck - after all, these are still wild animals and they are huge. After the interaction, the art workshop starts. Sit under the shade with your easel, canvas, and paints which will be waiting for you. Finger paint the elephants while they play in the mud, or use your brush if you wish. The artist will direct you on how to do this and will guide you if need be. Lunch will be served at the restaurant before your departure. Read about our experience here.

Sunset Session over the Batoka Gorge (Lookout Cafe)

Painting on the edge of the Batoka Gorge with the Zambezi River below in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe In this session, guests are taken to the edge of the gorge at the Lookout Cafe for an opportunity to capture their appreciation for the impressive chasm and the Zambezi River flowing down below. The view over the gorge is absolutely breathtaking, especially towards and at sunset. Sketch and paint while you are into the sunset with your cocktail in hand. Dinner will be served at the restaurant after the painting session.

Riverside Picnic & Guided Safari (Zambezi National Park)

Take a ride into the Zambezi National Park on a guided walking safari or game drive. Then on a beautiful spot along the Zambezi River's banks, relax with your snacks and drinks, taking in the landscape and wildlife on the Zambezi.

Painting in the Rainforest (Victoria Falls Rainforest)

Painting the cascading mighty Zambezi in the rainforest, amongst the foliage, provides a complete sensory experience. Throughout the year, Victoria Falls embodies a variety of characters, all significant for the season, and all beautiful to capture. Spend the morning immersed in the smells and sounds of the iconic waterfall and its surroundings.

Additional Information

  • Included in the trip is a continental breakfast during the morning cruise, snacks and drinks during the cultural tour, lunch during the Elephant Wallow workshop, dinner after the painting on the edge session, snacks and drinks during the riverside picnic and safari workshop, lunch after the rainforest workshop, plus all materials and transfers.
  • National Parks fees are NOT included - River cruise $10 | Zambezi National Parks fees $15 | Victoria Falls Rainforest fees $30 (international), $20 (SADC) or $7 (Zimbabweans)
  • You may want to bring a sunhat, and be sure to wear warm clothes during winter.
  • Cameras are optional. However, they will most likely be a distraction.
  • You will not need any valuables for this trip - passport, jewellery, and anything expensive that you will not be using. Have the hotel lock your valuables in a safe.
  • There are no age restrictions.
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Art of Africa Victoria Falls

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