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Elephant Encounters Victoria Falls

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Elephant Encounters Victoria Falls

The Wild Horizons Elephant Sanctuary and Orphanage is home to several rescued and resident African Elephants that have been cared for, in Victoria Falls, for many years and were formerly used for the elephant back safari activity.

Read about elephant conservation efforts in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Here, guests have an opportunity to learn about the beginning of this vital conservation program, the guides that have journeyed with the elephants that they have cared for, and the stories of the elephants themselves.

The elephant encounter begins with a presentation on the orphanage and how it came to be. Guests will have an opportunity to have a conversation with the very people that care for the elephants each and every day. The guides will give insight into the way the herd interacts, interesting facts about elephants and how they came to be where they are today. Learn about the threats to the African elephant in the region.

Elephants in the water at an Elephant Encounter activity in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Pachyderms enjoying a mud bath

After the informative presentations, take a walk alongside these magnificent animals - an opportunity to interact with the elephant on a personal level. Observe their individual behavior up close while marveling at their massive sizes, see how they interact with each other, and note the special relationship which the elephants have with their keepers.

At the end of the interaction, you will be offered refreshments and eats at The Wallow, while you cool down enjoying a view of the Masuwe River and beyond.

Elephant Encounter - Our Opinion

The elephant back safari activity used to be very popular, however, due to changing attitudes around the world, regarding human/animal interactions, the custodians of this elephant decided to withdraw the rides in favor of an "encounter". Elephants live to around 60 years old and even more in captivity, so the custodians, who rescued these animals in the first place, had to find a way to cover the enormous costs of sustaining these animals, now that the revenue from the rides had gone.

The elephant encounter became the way, and although it might not contain the excitement of sitting on the back of these enormous animals, it does still offer you the opportunity to get up close to these animals, look right into their eyes and get a waft of their pungent odor. You feel bonded to them. You get to learn about them and find out the real story behind this whole conservation initiative. If you at all interested or care about elephants, then we strongly recommend this activity.

Available Elephant Encounter Trips

  • Morning trip - Pickup 6:30am/Drop-off 9:30am - Includes tea/coffee/soft drinks and breakfast
  • Late morning trip - Pickup 9am/Drop-off 12pm - Includes drinks/beer/wine/tea/coffee and hot and cold snacks
  • Afternoon trip - Pickup 3:30pm/Drop-off 6:30pm - Includes drinks/beer/wine/tea/coffee and hot and cold canapés

All Trips Include

  • Return transportation from all major lodges and hotels to the activity.
  • Refreshments and eats.


  • Age Restriction - 5 years min. All children 18 years and below require a legal guardian to sign an indemnity form.

What To Bring

  • Wide-brimmed sun hat
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Booking voucher
  • Insect repellent
  • Conservation Fee of US$10 per person
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Elephant Encounters Victoria Falls

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