Victoria Falls Sunset And Dinner Cruise

Victoria Falls Sunset And Dinner Cruise

Victoria Falls

Sunset And Dinner Cruise

Victoria Falls is a beautiful destination offering everything you would expect from an ideal holiday, fun, thrill, adventure and most importantly, relaxation. What could be more relaxing than a laid back and chilled Sunset And Dinner Cruise on the Zambezi River. You get to sit back and soak in the natural aura of the Zambezi, exploring its banks and islands while enjoying the outdoors.

It is a wonderful way to unwind and take in the breath-taking splendor of the Zambezi River. There are great photo opportunities and you’ll be able to capture the breath-taking African Sunset during Victoria Falls Tour.

The cruise is one of the most popular Activities In Victoria Falls and is suitable for everyone. It is a fun family activity as well as a romantic and relaxing way to spend your time with loved ones.

What to expect ?

You will be picked up from your hotel or lodge and taken to the jetty site. There, you will receive a safety briefing from your captain or guide then shortly after, you will commence your cruise on the mighty Zambezi. Drinks and snacks will be served and are all included so you don’t have to pay extra. The drinks are unlimited, and you can drink as much as you can.

You can expect to spot plenty of wildlife within the river itself and along its banks. The African sunset is one of the major highlights and gives incredible photo opportunities during Victoria Falls Tour. You will be cruising 2km away from the falls and will be able to see the spray from a close distance.

What times are the cruises available ?

Sunset Cruises begin at 4 o'clock in the winter (May through August) and 4.30 in the summer (September-April). Depending on how close your hotel is to the jetty site, pick-up from your hotel will occur sooner than these timings. The cruises are around two hours and include transportation to and from your lodge/hotel.

Dinner cruises start at 4:30 in winter and then at 5 in summer. The cruise lasts for about 3 hours, and you will be out of the river shortly after 8pm.

What will you see on the cruise ?

The larger boats often travel upstream for a short distance before turning around and returning gently, allowing you plenty of time to see your surroundings. There are lots of crocodiles and hippos to see, and the birdlife is amazing. You will frequently witness elephants crossing the river to access the abundant vegetation on the islands. Elephants are good swimmers so this is a very common sighting. Other common sights include giraffes, baboons, and other wildlife.

For most of the cruises, you will get to cruise on both the Zimbabwean side and the Zambian side. You will be in between Zambezi National Park and the Mosi oa Tunya National Park. This allows you to see more animals than expected and on rare occasions, a python has been seen in the waters of the Zambezi.

The fact that none of these cruises offer a view of the falls does perplex and disappoint some tourists. All cruises are located above the actual Falls, so all you will see is their rising spray. Because of the strong currents towards the falls, big boats are not allowed to go close to the falls but will only remain upstream.

Which Type of Boat will be used ?

Boat sizes for Zambezi Sunset Cruises range from large boats that can hold 120 or more passengers to smaller, essentially private boats that can accommodate 8 to 10 individuals. If you desire a larger or smaller boat experience or have a specific size in mind, check in advance and ask about the boat and its size when making your reservation.

Additionally, some boats are more opulent than others, some are more antique, older vessels that have their own allure. The experience differs greatly depending on the number of people and companions you share the sundowner cruise with, and each boat has its own special experiences.

Sunset And Dinner Cruise ?

This is one of the most unique and special moments you can ever have. A small number of the luxurious cruise liners have been granted permits to provide Sunset Cruises that are followed by meals on the river. After taking advantage of all that a sunset cruise has to offer and the sun has sunk beyond the horizon, you can stay on the river and eat while gazing at the stars that have taken its place.

Dinner cruises will demonstrate to you that the sky is a wilderness just as big as the African plains. While cruising peacefully through a blue and silver universe, eating delectable food and wine, it can be difficult to distinguish where the river ends and the night sky begins.

These cruise ships are incredibly well-liked, and for good reason because they provide excellent value.

What you need to know ?

  • Time of the cruise is two hours
  • Children under the age of 3 go in for free
  • Children under the age of 12 pay half price
  • Children above 13 pay full price
  • The current Parks River Usage Fee per person is $10.00 USD
  • It is available all year-round depending on the weather. In harsh weather conditions, the cruise might have to be cancelled
  • Clients are advised to carry the following items with them: Comfy clothes that protect you from the sun, winter clothing (April to August)
  • The following items are suggested for clients to bring Sunscreen, insect-repellent, and comfortable shoes.


All ages are permitted

Level of Fitness aren’t required

Level of Experience No Experience Requirement

Dinner cruises will show you that the sky is just as much of a wilderness as the vast African plains. It is hard to tell where the river ends and the night sky begins as you cruise quietly along in a blue and silver world, indulging in exquisite food and wine. Make Sure to Book Victoria Fall Tour with us.


Duration: Approximately 3 ½ – 4 hours

Where: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Weather: Weather permitting

Things to Bring:Cameras (spare film/SD cards/disks!), Binoculars

When: All year round

What to Wear: Warm clothing in winter (April to August), Polarised sunglasses

Inclusions And Exclusions

Inclusions Scheduled transfers from/to Vic Falls Town/Hotels; a four-course dinner (choice of soup, starter, main and dessert); cocktails, imported spirits, beer, wine, water, soft drinks, coffee & tea.

Exclusions Items of a personal nature. Parks River Usage Fee which is currently US$10.00/person.


Minimum Age all ages allowed

Fitness Level No Fitness Requirement

Experience Level None Experience

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Zambezi River. The Victoria Fall and the Dinner Cruise can be enjoyed at Zambezi River. The sunset looks stunning from the cruise and makes the entire moment more romantic.

The highlights of Sunset and Dinner cruise are -

  • A great variety of dinner and drinks
  • Watch the wildlife such as hippos, elephants, and Crocodiles.
  • Visitors can get pick and drop service from their hotels.

4 hours. The Sunset and Dinner Cruise lasts around three hours. The Sunset and Dinner Cruise starts at Zimbabwe hotels in the evening.

The Sunset and Dinner Cruise is an all- year- around activity. The Sunset and Dinner Cruise starts at 16:30 and ends around 20:30.

The Sunset and Dinner Cruise includes-

  • Your transfers from Victoria Falls
  • Four-course dinner and all kinds of drinks.

At 8 pm. The Sunset and Dinner Cruise ends at 8pm, and visitors are transferred back to their hotels.

Wear warm clothes during winter, cameras, binoculars, and mosquito repellent. Do not forget to bring your booking voucher.

$86.The Dinner and Sunset Cruise cost around $86 per person per day. Children below 12 years old need to half of the cost.

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